Accident Blocking One Lane of the Avenue South of Miranda

As of about 6:30 p.m. there is a full size pickup overturned on the Avenue of the Giants, south of Miranda and north of Firhaven. The northbound lane is closed one-way traffic control is in place. Please be careful if driving in the area



  • “Firhaven”. Brings memories of the small organic grocery store on the Avenue at the X of Maple Hills. Susan D. behind the register. And the proprietor, ummmm, his name starts with an A……. Then there was Xotchil (sp?) hanging out. Wow. Loooooong ago. (That’s why they call me, Ben Round!).
    Is the area the current glass shop (that occupies the same building) is in known as Firhaven?

    • I believe so. I used to walk with my mom to that market from Miranda when I was 2 years old.
      Sometimes she would carry me part of the way there. I was too heavy with the bag of groceries she carried home.

    • And Wally who lived under the bridge who would come up for supplies and a little conversation. I often think of the many people who lived in the area and moved on. The Firhaven Coop was in its day a wonderful hub for many back to the landers to get supplies & news of local events. Ahhh the good ole days 😊

    • I bought a membership to the co-op there, just before it closed😊 1988

    • Remembered! The Fir Haven Proprietor was Gene Sky! Oh, what a guy.

    • Ya when used to work there . It was the most Awesome store . I miss it.

  • WOW. Memories. Ruby Valley CoOp expanded to FirHaven Market…

    I hope no one was hurt.

    • I never heard that Ruby Valley Coop was associated with Fir Haven. You sure??!!? Has always heard that Ruby Valley had ‘expanded’ in ways that put it in debt, but not about buying or operating Fir Haven.
      Got historical details I/we can learn from?

  • “Harry F. Woods” ran a Texaco station there in the 60s. I cut my foot really bad on the river one day and he didn’t want to let us use his phone to call my parents. He finally gave in, though.

  • I drove home from work to Miranda at approximately 9:30. One flare was still burning but there was no one around. The scene was completely cleared.

  • A rollover could occur because there was a tire blow-out or the driver over-corrected in an attempt to avoid something in the road – but more than likely this was NOT an accident. However, Merriam-Webster dictionary frames the word accident that is something avoidable when it happens with an automobile:

    an unfortunate event resulting especially from carelessness or ignorance
    “// was involved in a traffic accident”

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