Everyone Invited to 2019 Women’s March

Women's March 2017

Women’s March 2017 [Photo by Stormy Taylor]

Press release from the organizers of the 2019 Eureka’s Women’s March:

Let your voice be heard!! Everyone is welcome to join the 2019 Eureka Women’s March, Saturday, January 19th at noon at the Madaket Plaza (foot of C St.). There will be a short rally at noon with the March to follow. We march to encourage: equal opportunities for all people, women to support other women, reproductive rights and women’s healthcare, cessation of violence against women, immigration reform. We also meet to celebrate the increasing diversity of our Congress! For further information: Facebook: 2019 Women’s March Eureka, lindaatkins61@gmail.com. Donations to gofundme.com, 2019 Eureka Women’s March.



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  • watched a good movie the other day, battle of the sexes about womens rights and equal pay. seems woman have the same rights as men even back in the 70s. a group of women tennis players did not like being offered less than the men so they created their own tennis league. see same rights as males. no need to march.

    • Oh well I’m glad that’s settled, Antichrist watched a movie you guys!

      You have a bad history of misaprehending the media you consume. Remember when you thought the FBI had declared the NAACP and the SPLC hate groups? Not just thought, but stated as fact.

      • it had . did you bother to read the links provided ? if not i can look the. up again for you. also remember when you said that the sun wasnt shrinking causing our planets to expand away from it ?thats right i also provided a link to a published artical proving it. but again either you did not read it or decided that it doesnt apply to your world.

        • You are entitled to believe that. But what you originally said was that they were on the FBI’s list of Hate Groups. http://kymkemp.com/2019/01/04/after-national-controversy-eurekas-womens-march-back-on-track-for-january-19/#comment-727010

          They are not.

          This opinion piece you link to is a perfect example of free speech. The author lays out his argument for calling the SPLC a hate group. You are entitled to believe it is. BUT, the facts are that the FBI doesn’t list them as a hate group. So, to be clear, logically you can say that you believe the SPLC is a hate group and we can argue the merits of that. BUT you are objectively and categorically wrong when you stated that the FBI lists them as a hate group.

          Now, in an ideal world, you would say, “Whoops, I made a mistake. I must have conflated some information. I’m sorry. The FBI does not list them as a hate group. But I still think they are a hate group and should be listed as such.” Then we would all move on from there. But as it is, we are stuck trying to get to the same common understanding of reality. We can’t discuss reality if we don’t have the same understanding of it.

          • back in the early 2000s tje fbi did have a list and naacp splc adl as well as the kkk and the other normal hate groups were on it.i do not have the time to dig through the way back machine but i lost money on a bet about it and did my damest to prove that they were not listed.

            • That is not indicated by the evidence you provided, nor by the public record.

              It looks like your friend tricked you. Time to get your money back.

              • describe excatly what a hate geoup is please since you seem to have all the answers. then explain to me how these groups do not fit the meaning of a hate group.

                • You wrote that the FBI declared the SPLC and the NAACP hate groups. That was a lie, and that was what I disputed.

                  I don’t personally give a shit if you think Ben & Jerry’s is a hate group.

                • The definition of a hate group is? You gave me a wall to separate us . Then a pipeline to move your tar Sands said it was good for the environment then a nuclear power plant said it was good clean energy. Clean Coal from the pits of hell. A group of people who do not give sht about the planet or its people. Some of us still Care

                • Do you care about fellow citizens who work for minimum wage and without benefits because an employer can always find someone else who will from illegal immigrants? Do you care for the refugees who came here and are now terrorized by those coming in illegally to spread the same violence? Do you support human trafficing victims brought in unscreened? Do you support smuggling people across the border and abandoning them to their deaths when they become incovenient? Do you support out of sight high housing prices because caused by rich immigrants buying houses in order to have their children educated inexpensively in the US? Do you really think that the US can take in all people needing services without those services being overwhelmed?

                  I agree with you about tar sands. And probably coal too but also think our resources should go to develop good replacement jobs for our fellow citizens before creating an economy of low wage , unnecessary service jobs for immigrants. That is caring.

                • @guest
                  1.Net immigration from Mexico is currently negative, and has been for more than a decade.

                  2. You know what defeats a 22 billion dollar, 3100 mile long border wall in less than a minute? A ladder.

                • Apparently you are trying to make some point the illegal immigration of Mexican nationals has leveled off or even gone down. While it was true the a lot of Mexican nationals went home when the unemployment rate shot up from 2007 through 2011 ( matching your link article graph showing a drop in resident illegals from Mexico), that does not reflect what is going on now that employment has picked up, it seems the rates have also picked. And does not reflect the continued illegal residents from other place. A whole lot of them cross at the Mexican border too. Besides just about the whole drop in illegal residents can be accounted for by programs like DAC and Family Reunification. These participants did not leave but their status changed. Considering this, it is unlikely that there was a significant drop after all despite the Pew stats that they themselves say are indefinite.

                  The point was the post that said hate was evinced by building a wall. I responded that hate for our own citizens was shown by refusing to reduce the flow of competition from illegals suppressing the value of their labor.

                  Then you assume that I want a wall built, which is not true. It would be much more effective to do what Canada does- fine the employers of illegal workers. As to ladders defeating a border wall, if it were that simply there would not be so many risking their lives crossing in packed vehicles or deserted stretches of unguarded land if it was as easy as you said. I would think you know this and the remark was just an attempt to belittle those who think a wall would help.

                • @Guest
                  Where do the pew stats state that they are “indefinite?” What does that even mean in this context? I searched the article for “indefinite” and found nothing. Since you provided no new immigration data to back up your assertions, I have to assume you are talking out of your ass.

              • Jaekelopterus- the stats you link to are about Mexican nationals, not all Mexican border crossings. Plenty of nationals from Central America, south American and all over the world cross at the Mexican border because they see it as the least likely place to get caught.

                And there have been pushed such as DACA and Family Reunification policies that have changed illegal status to legal that account for most of your touted drop. These individuals just changed status, not went home. Then unemployment went from about 4.5% in 2007 to 9.5% in 2010 and has only dropped to pre 2007 levels recently. During that time many Mexican illegal immigrants, without employment, went home. Now that the economy has improved and jobs are plentiful, there has been a dramatic increase in illegal crossing again. And that doesn’t account for the Obama Administration’s policy of not arrested people the intercepted after they crossed illegally. Even the Pew Foundation has a disclaimer on their site about the unknowns and unreliability of their data.

                You make lots of assumption, to what point is not always clear. But one of those is apparently that I support a border wall, which I don’t. I think that a much better approach is to fine employers of illegals as does Canada.
                But as to ladders, I guess those smuggled by vehicles or tunnels or treks across deserted areas without a wall are foolishly risking their lives when -duh- they could throw up one of your ladders.

                Still all this back and forth totally ignores, as usual, the negatives of too many workers flooding a job market. Which should be the first priority of those constantly carping on the evil of low wages.

                • If there was an “dramatic increase” in immigration recently, none of the major scientific polling organizations seem to have noticed it. You can’t just point to a stated margin of error and say, “See, it’s unreliable!” then hold yourself to no standard at all.

          • “Until there is no first-class and second-class citizens of Any Nation. There will be War”
            Bob Marley breaking down the barriers walls steel slats in fences that divide us.
            In the eyes of God We Are One so what makes you think you are better. A job pay rate the government that oppresses you. Sucking the blood of our children. a Alot of the people in Mexico are enjoying more freedom and less oppression. Then we in the United States. Where the government wants us to live in fear and oppression. It is how they tune up their War Machine.
            The ways of Peace… Is not to play that game it is not a art it is a bloody shame

    • It baffles me that anyone has a problem with women marching to support each other… Baffles me. I’m just wondering what is it exactly that your problem is? Why do you care if people march to support one another? You should probably get over it. It’s happening.

      • I think the reason people have a problem with it is that it’s all based on the notion that women do not have equal rights. Many people, of both sexes, do not see evidence of that claim. Thus the march seems divisive and pointless.

        I understand that medical issues around reproduction are an issue in many states. But healthcare is not viewed as a right for any American, male or female. Women have reproductive rights that men are still lacking.

        I think calling clear attention to exactly which rights women are lacking is an important steps that the marchers seem to completely overlook.

        • Unequal pay is still at the top of the list

          • yet of all the companies with females as the ceo none of them seem to be equal. however all goverment sector jobs have equal pay. it would seem then that it isnt equal pay you are looking for but a lazy way of getting more pay working for someone who doesnt value you as much as someone else. which leaves you the choise of working somewhere else or creating your own company and paying your employees as you wish competeing unfairly in favor of female owned companies. again i dont see the problem. there are no laws forbidding females from owning or starting corperations companies or anything in this country,infact there are special programs to help females to do this. so again no unfairness towards females at all.

            • Female CEO pay is more or less equal to male CEO pay, but women are still statistically underrepresented in those positions.

              • His comment states that ‘CEO as a job title is often not based on any corporate decision of promotion, rather the CEO is often the person who started the company. Women are equally entitled to start companies, but they simply don’t as much, and therefore are in those positions less.

                To this point, women have been proven to be statistically less risk adverse. Wether or not this is a good trait as a CEO, I am not sure, but I know it’s not a good trait for being a founder of a start-up, and the data proves that. Starting a company is all about taking risks with the little money you have to disrupt existing industries.

                So go ahead and march for empowering young risk taking women, but don’t blame the boys when they turn out not to care. And surely some of the risk-adverseness is nurture over nature, but I don’t see how men as could really be blamed for that, considering teachers are predominantly female, and young girls spend more time with their mothers than fathers. If anyone is nurturing them in that way, it’s women.

                • They don’t have to care much (which would be represented by silence and good luck with that) but they can darn well stop the intimidation, ridicule and harassment. They could also step up a lot more to take actual care of children so that the burden does not fall so exclusively on women.

                • You guys are citing a bunch of advantages that Women supposedly have, yet the numbers don’t bear that out at at all.

                  As for risk aversion, corporate culture is obsessed with risk-taking because unregulated finance capital creates a gambler’s economy. That is not a good thing.

                  Maybe a housing market that was more attuned to risk wouldn’t have cratered in 2008.

              • so you are saying they are being paid equally for the same job? nice. have you ever thought maybe less women want to be a ceo?

          • Join a union.

  • Wonder how many are trying to grow beards for the march?

  • Amimissingsomething


    • If you are an ally. In this context that means you accept that as male you are inheranty sexist and incapable of understanding a womans perspective. Thus it is not your pace to think or question but just listen and do as you are told.

      • It’s just that some men see any demand for anything from women as taking things away from men. They take it personally. They go from a woman saying they want something to thinking that women directly want to take it from them. They get hostile and a few very, very angry. Such things feed into the paranoia so many people inherently feel.

        Frankly making a circus out of anything can lead to outrageous claims. And a parade is certainly more circus than not. But what alternatives are there? Either make noise and be accused of all sorts of nasty things or keep quiet and be ignored?

      • In this comment section, I sometimes feel like I am in a bizarre upside down world in which everything that is known and factual has been tipped on its head.

        Just a simple example: Can you remember Michael Moore speaking at the first Women’s March in Washington, DC? Does that even make a bit of sense in the context you just stated? https://www.cbsnews.com/video/michael-moore-speaks-at-womens-march-on-washington/ That man (not one of my heroes by the way) definitely doesn’t listen and do as he is told yet he was a main speaker at the event.

        • bizzaroworld is a word. it was used in a superhero cartoon referring to the world where the superhero’s are bad. even aquaman.

      • Do you really think that speakers who object to the venue and the purpose of any rally is going to be welcome? Does that even make sense?

        However if you wish to march for your own version of what men demand, I would be most interested in seeing how that goes.

    • Welcomed

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
    Peter Salemi’s Commentary and Analysis of News and Politics in Canada and the World.


    • That has nothing to do with the article. Stop spamming garbage, please. You posted like 20 in a row on the page about the fire, just pages and pages you replying to yourself, rants and articles that a child wouldn’t take seriously.

  • This march thing is sexist and triggering
    I neeed a safe spacr.

  • Feminism is a product of Zionism. All the lead feminists were Jewish women. This is a fact. These beliefs – murdering children in the womb, female “equality,” environmental tyranny – all stem from the same source, which of course is anti-Christian and this anti-American.

    • Off the top of my head, I’d say you were a racist troll looking to get people stirred up. But let’s see if you do logic or just want to spew hate.

      First of all feminism is not a modern construct and early American feminism isn’t based in Zionism. Think Susan B. Anthony.

      But let’s just start from your poster that purports to show that all the major modern feminists are Jewish.
      Where’s Audre Lorde, a very famous black feminist?
      Gloria Anzaldua a famous Chicana feminist?
      Cherríe Lawrence Moraga, also Chicana?
      Simone de Beauvoir a Frenchwoman born a Catholic?

      Yes there are some famous Jewish women feminists who made very important contributions to the movement but to say they are a product of Zionism rather than as a response to a patriarchal system seems odd. Equality with males isn’t something aspired to by some odd subset of women. But rather a natural response to discovering that women aren’t treated equally.

      • I think the top of your head would be right on this one, Kym! Every clause and word of that post was constructed to incite anger–at falsehoods. I think that’s about the definition of trolling.

    • My radical feminist Gentile wife would beg to disagree. Your post is an antisemite’s fantasy.

    • Keep On Dancing 🕺💃 🎼

      Oh Jeez. Bud Rogers has been reading Mein Kampf again! 🔥📖🔥 Are “Globalist Jewish Bankers” responsible for chemtrails now too?

    • This comment is not American. But, if the stars were yellow, it certainly would be so Nazi Germany.

  • here is the thing. women today have it made, from special rights to perfered status for woman owned companies in reguard to goverment contracts being awarded not just federal but state county and city as well. there are special loans and extra help afforded to women who wish to start their own companies. grant monies avabile all because of their gender.
    In my personal eyes i ser all this claiming women have it so bad as a way of opressing women. womwn are told day in and day out how bad they have it. not from men but from each other to the point many womwn dont even look for what they do have and swallow the line that they are somehow oppressed or disadvantaged by their gender. this merely is not the case. amd it is offensive to me to my daughter even to see a group of women who litterially have more prilvilage than any other geoup on the planet complaining.

    • Those “having it made” rights you mention are offered to try to get opportunities for women to reach even a small percentage of the opportunities that men have. This is an effort to make it possible for women to get a foot in business whereas doing nothing left the ol’ boy network operating intact and excluding women.

      Somehow your post leaves the impression that you consider women are better off simply being taken care of by their spouse. However I have seen way too many women controlled by their partner’s control of the money and even more women left in poverty when their spouses left them for a younger model but still trying to raise children. A woman needs to be able to earn a good income on her own to avoid poverty. And your daughters will be better off if they see other women have made a success without depending on men.

      • yes a woman needs to be able to make a good income. so go make it. there are no laws or rules requiring you as a female to settle for less than what you feel you deserve or preventing you from starting your own company. go work for it create expand enjoy all that you have. now if banks werent lending money for start ups based upon gender or there were laws rules or regulations barring your way merely because of your gender protest the hell out of that. but i can not see what the problem is other than lack of will in creating a company you want. and running it how you feel it should be run. if you read my words and think i am being anti female you are wrong. i am attempting to fire you up to create your future on your own here in a nation where litterally there are no barriors to it yet you still seem to be unsatified.

        • I think you are unclear of the barriers that exist. In my family, I got a credit card before I got a spouse. I added my spouse to that credit card but somehow…He became the primary person on that card. I had to get him to okay certain things I did. My bank account that I had since I was a child, I added my husband to when we got married. I do all the check writing. I do all the banking (barring once or twice a year.) Yet, his name during the change when one bank bought out another got added as the primary person, I now have to get him to say that certain transactions are okay.

          My family of three sons and a otherwise delightful husband just laugh when I tell the newest outrage because they are so used to it.

          Don’t just take my experience. Here’s an article talking about the barriers women business owners face: https://www.fundera.com/blog/women-entrepreneurs-arent-getting-funded or how about this one–women are better at paying mortgages but have a harder time getting them than men. https://www.marketwatch.com/story/women-are-better-at-paying-bills-so-why-is-it-so-hard-for-them-to-get-a-mortgage-2016-09-15

          • debt to income ratios and a lack of viabial buisness models doesnt mean there is a problem with access it means that the ideas for creating their company is not right or their models are wrong. cant ezpect someone to throw money at a company that they do not see a way of getting it back or making enough money off the loan.

            • Morgages don’t require the recipient to file a business plan. If you are implying that women shouldn’t get loans *because* the pay gap exists, then you’re contradicting all the instances that you said that a pay gap doesn’t exist.

              If you are implying that women are worse at making business plans than men, I’m gonna need to see some evidence of that.

    • Marching to lift women up does not equal marching to push men down.

      We want to be good parents to our sons, and live in a culture where our daughters and mothers have the same opportunities as our sons and fathers. And of course, if our sons suffered injustice, we would work to end that, as well.

      Taking a day to celebrate Christmas does not mean that 4th of July is abandoned and victimized. And in the same way, women can show up to support each other, and still have plenty of love and affection for other causes,events and people in our lives.

  • I listened to an interview about 20 years ago with the former warden of Pelican Bay Prison. The part of the interview which has stuck with me is the racial (group) division within the prison and all prisons. The ratio of prisoners to guards is pretty extreme, maybe 100:1. So with a dozen guards looking over a thousand people it doesn’t matter how many guns the guards have, 1000 people acting in concert could overrun the guards. So the strategy is to foment the racial groups (gangs) and have 100 whites wary of 100 Hispanics wary of 100 blacks, etc. And keep them from focusing on the guys with the guns.

    Modern political dialogue seems to parody this strategy.

  • Are whites allowed?

  • I am going to protest the march!! We will be wearing t-shirts that say “NO MAAM”
    Al Bundy is a great man,lol.

    • Keep On Dancing 🕺💃 🎼

      Don’t you mean Jay Pritchett? Jay is a great man 👍🏿. (🔥👈🏼 GLORIA PRITCHETT! 💋 Hello?)

      Al Bundy was a LOSER! (Except of course for that one game in high school when he scored four touchdowns. 🏈 It was just downhill for Al Bundy from there.)

  • crowd does look unseasonably white,,,,

    • White…like the majority of Humboldt county, even tho there were 1000s of native Americans when the [Edit] arrived. The [Edit] gave zero respect for the Locals that had been living sustainably for 1000s of years! 8000 years of known history before [Edit]. In less than 100 years, over 90% of ancient redwoods were cut down, just for starters…

      • Some of them might have good intentions but. They might want you to be a token so they can feel good about themselves.
        Now after we lost Paradise the government want’s they’re Buddies To cut more of the forest because it’s a fire hazard.

      • Kym , is whitey a racial slur?

      • Don’t remember the acrimony of the Yurok – Hupa fight over logging profits? People, and that includes native Tribes, always scramble and battle for power and land as much as they can. And defend their own as much as they can too. And do as much damage as they can along the way. The grafting on of western technology- especially the better killing weapons and easier traveling means- before much contact with the invaders is pretty good evidence that it was not principle that kept the environment less damaged than the firing of woodlands to make room for more useful plants and animals had already left it but just that they hadn’t yet developed destruction to a fine art. They would have given time. Pre Columbian archeology is full of records of population collapses or migrations based on exhausted resources or wars. Your idea of what history was like is based on self aggrandizing fantasy. And hate.

        • Nope, based on Lucy Thompson’s book, To The American Indian, from 1916. She was witnessing the last generation of Native Americans that were passing away from knowing how it was before the white people invaded& pushed them out of the Eureka-Arcata areas. Eureka was originally named Bucksport.

          • I remember a time of peace and plenty in my youth. Of course there were wars going on elsewhere. As RHBB herself said many times about the halcyon days of pot growing in her youth. None of which was exactly realistic or complete anymore than Gone With The Wind is a history of the antebellum a south. But by comparison to their lives after the white man overran them, it must have been truly a much more satisfactory life.

            “For example, because native groups usually altered the landscape in a way that mimicked nature, Europeans mistakenly assumed natives lived in an untouched “wilderness.” ” As I said, they did what was in their power to change nature to suit their needs:-P. As has done by any successful people. This inspire of an unusual natural bounty created by the ocean and rivers.


            • The pre-white indians weren’t idyllic in any way…they had a major caste system, including slavery of their own lowest castes. But environmentally, they knew that Mother Earth was sacred. The invaders had no respect for Indians or the land, & greed has been the way ever since. What happened to aiming for simplicity?

          • When you say ‘native American’ just who are you referring to? Anyone that was born in America (north, south, or central) is a native. The Indians were immigrants also. They migrated from Asia crossing the Bering Strait. They also migrated from the region of Southern American. So you don’t have to be Indian to be a native American.

    • step one

  • Ol’ Remus says, “Stay away from crowds”.

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