Application Window Opens for Cannabis Cultivators in ‘Cannabis Accommodation Combining Districts’

This is a press release from the County of Mendocino:

Seal of Mendocino county CaOn November 19, 2018, the Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance establishing Cannabis Accommodation [Combining] Districts. These newly established districts provide greater flexibility for setback and lot sizes for cannabis cultivation sites and are intended to support continued operation of existing cultivation sites. 

As of January 3, 2019, the Mendocino County Department of Agriculture will be accepting applications for cultivation permits within the Cannabis Accommodation Combining Districts in the following areas:

• Covelo Core

• Covelo Fairbanks

• Laytonville

• South Leggett

Please use “Cannabis Accommodation District” in the subject of your request for an **appointment to and include the Accessor’s Parcel Number (APN) for the proposed location.

Application period for Cannabis Accommodation District will be open until July 1, 2019. 

For more information, please contact the Department of Agriculture at (707) 234-6830 or Planning and Building Services at (707) 436-6650. Please stay tuned for additional information regarding outreach opportunities and satellite offices in early 2019!


**Application appointments are held on Wednesdays in the Department of Planning and Building Services.



  • Thank you Oliver for that info.

  • Hi Kym, Combing? 5 lines down from top.

  • More lies from the lying sacks of excrement.

    No thanks.

  • I’d rather they made it so marijuana could only be grown no less than 29 miles from the next property and could only use reclaimed water trucked in.

    This proposal is really the best common ground for everyone.

    That and each grow must donate $54,000,000 to the nearest school for Just Say No To Drugs education classes the children affected by this criminal enterprise can take.

    Take these dope growers for all they got and send them on their way.

    Cults that worship golden pit bulls driving Toyota trucks, aren’t welcome.

    • “Cults that worship golden pit bulls driving Toyota trucks, aren’t welcome.”

      Did you try shaking your cane at them while cussing? Maybe that will work.

      • Keep On Dancing 🕺💃 🎼

        LMFAO!! 😆🤣😭😅😁

        I guess Grandpa Simpson’s oatmeal must have been too mushy this morning. Marijuana is legal in CA (and many other states) now. Get used to it. The people have spoken. You know, there still are plenty of states where marijuana is illegal. Feel free to give them a visit sometime, and if you find some place that you like better than here, just remember – we will miss you. 😘 Best of luck! ☘️

    • 54 million? I dont think hardly any marijuana growers ever make that much in their lifetime…. otherwise they wouldn’t drive beat up Toyota trucks

  • That’s funny-Applications on Wednesdays…along with planning & building. How many months/years will it take to get that permit?

  • Humboldt Original

    The Trinity Action Association announced in a press release Friday it is suing to compel Trinity County to follow state environmental laws spelled out in the California Environmental Quality Act when it comes to issuing commercial cannabis cultivation licenses.

    Soon, Mendo, soon.

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