Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Addresses the Netflix Show “Murder Mountain”

Screengrab from the Netflix page for Murder Mountain showing HCSO Sgt. Kerry Ireland.

Screengrab from the Netflix page for Murder Mountain showing HCSO Sgt. Kerry Ireland.

Information from a Facebook post by the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has received several inquiries following the recent release of the docudrama ‘Murder Mountain’ on Netflix. In this television show, multiple members of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office were interviewed along with other members of the public.

The original plotline of this series, as presented to the Sheriff’s Office upon consideration of our participation, was to examine the changes in the county as a result of marijuana legalization, highlight the challenges of law enforcement in rural jurisdictions, and present a historic comparison of the county’s “green rush” and timber rushes. At some point during their time in Humboldt County, the producers of ‘Murder Mountain’ decided to change the scope of the series to focus on the ongoing homicide investigation of Garret Rodriguez.

To those of you who have seen this series, please understand that you heard one side of a highly sensationalized story. The Humboldt County’s Sheriff’s Office did not provide this film crew with any pertinent facts or evidence regarding this case because it is an open investigation. As a matter of standard operating procedure, we will not jeopardize the prosecution of a case because of the media pressure or desire to run a story. By relying on unofficial and biased sources, the producers of this series presented information that was not credible nor could be used in a court of law.

While we are unable to address case-specific questions, here is what we can answer for viewers who are left with some questions after watching this incomplete narrative.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office relies on information provided by witnesses and informants every day to author warrants that we serve in Humboldt County. This could be referred to as “hearsay” in court. The Hearsay rule prevents us from presenting out-of-court statements to be brought into court for consideration by a judge or jury. Witnesses have to testify in court and law enforcement cannot provide a jury or a judge information that was provided through a third party or rumor.

We cannot rely on hearsay to successfully prosecute any felony case. We need independent evidence that proves the case beyond a reasonable doubt. Just because we have reasonable suspicion or probable cause does not necessarily mean that we will make an arrest and attempt to persuade the District Attorney to prosecute. If the Sheriff and the District Attorney present limited facts and evidence in a jury trial that does not prove our case beyond a reasonable doubt, a defendant could be found NOT Guilty and then double jeopardy prevents us from bringing the case to trial when and if more evidence is discovered. Thereby making it so that true justice can never happen.

The producers of ‘Murder Mountain” did not accurately report our involvement in the Garret Rodriguez case, nor did it report the FBI involvement. Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office investigators forwarded this case to the Humboldt County District Attorney’s Office for review. The District Attorney’s Office determined that it would not file charges at that time due to the lack of evidence.

The FBI is working alongside us on the this case and they attempted to get a case to be reviewed and filed as a Federal case by the United States Attorney out of San Francisco. The United States Attorney also would not file on this case because of the lack of evidence.

The Sheriff’s Office is not deterred from working cases in the Alderpoint / Rancho Sequoia area. Unfortunately, it appears a false message was construed in this documentary by private investigators and members of law enforcement that are not and have not been associated with the Sheriff’s Office. The men and women of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office swore an oath to serve and protect all people. Our deputies often work in a rural areas where backup may be a half hour or more away. Additionally, being in such a rural county, many community members own firearms and legally carry. Our deputies frequently encounter members of the public who are legally and illegally carrying firearms. The presence of firearms, whether legal or illegal, does not deter our deputies from working in that community or neighborhood. Deputies are trained to professionally de-escalate situations in which a suspect may be armed and are equipped with the necessary tools to do so.

One unique quality about the Alderpoint / Rancho Sequoia community, otherwise referred to as “Murder Mountain” by the series, is that many residents do not like deputies in the area asking questions. They often do not want to speak with deputies, even though it may help us to solve a criminal investigation involving one of their acquaintances. This makes investigating crimes and securing witnesses to testify in court very difficult. However, this too does not deter us from conducting investigations in this area.

In specific reference to the Garret Rodriguez case, during the time when Garret Rodriguez was reported missing, the Sheriff’s Office served many search warrants in the Alderpoint / Rancho Sequoia area for illegal cannabis growing operations. We believe that this increased pressure on the community is what caused the vigilantism, because the community wanted the Sheriff’s Office to stop looking for Rodriguez and leave the area.

The Sheriff’s Office continues to serve search warrants in the Alderpoint / Rancho Sequoia area and continually responds to other cases in the community.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is made up of a diverse staff, many of which have lived in this county for their entire lives. Additionally, the County of Humboldt is a community made up of many different ethnicities, viewpoints and professions. We are committed to serving all people and do not discriminate when enforcing the law.

We will continue, however, to educate the public about the risks associated with working on illegal cannabis farms in Humboldt County. By nature, some of these farms are associated with missing persons, violent crime- including murder and robbery, sexual assault, human trafficking and narcotics crimes. With legalization, there are many farms that are legitimate farms in Humboldt County. We discourage the public from working on illegal cannabis farms because of the dangers listed above. We highly discourage visitors from out of the area to come here and do so as well. However, the Sheriff’s Office is committed to investigating crimes that do occur on these farms and will do everything in our power to seek justice for victims.


Humboldt County Sheriff's Office graphic showing homicides from 2014-2018.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office graphic showing homicides from 2014-2018.

Out of our dedication to transparency, we have compiled the following statistics for all homicides occurring between 2014-2018. (photos attached)

Arrest Made 4 (3 convicted, 1 acquitted)
Open With Suspects 2
Open Without Suspects 2
Closed, Determined Self Defense 1
Closed Per District Attorney for Review
Awaiting DA Review

Arrest Made 5 (4 convicted, 1 awaiting trial)
Open With Suspects
Open Without Suspects 1
Closed, Determined Self Defense 1
Closed Per District Attorney for Review
Awaiting DA Review

Arrest Made 3 (awaiting trial)
Open With Suspects 4
Open Without Suspects 1
Closed, Determined Self Defense 1
Closed Per District Attorney for Review 1
Awaiting DA Review

Arrest Made 3 (1 convicted, 1 awaiting trial)
Open With Suspects 1
Open Without Suspects
Closed, Determined Self Defense 1
Closed Per District Attorney for Review
Awaiting DA Review

Arrest Made 3 (awaiting trial)
Open With Suspects 2
Open Without Suspects 1
Closed, Determined Self Defense
Closed Per District Attorney for Review
Awaiting DA Review 1

Of course, after a series such as ‘Murder Mountain’, there are still many questions you may have. We will continue to answer those questions as best as we can, however as previously stated, the status of this case being under investigation seriously limits the information we are allowed to disclose. If you were the victim or family of the victim of a serious crime that was under investigation, we’re sure that you would expect the same privacy and professionalism.

Finally, as all things in Hollywood, please know that ‘Murder Mountain’ is a Hollywood manufactured drama based on a true story. It was designed to be sold to Netflix for a profit. The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office was not paid to be part of this series and participated out of our commitment to transparency.

Despite the dark side of our county that this series attempted to portray, if you do not live here, we encourage you to come visit, see the true beauty that Humboldt County has to offer and meet the incredible people that live and work here. For those of you who do not live here, but clearly have a passion for justice and an extensive knowledge of how policing should be done- we encourage you to get up and take action. Go to a police academy near you and join the force, become a community champion and make change in your city or county, advocate for laws or changes in laws that serve to make your community safer, and of course, get to know your local law enforcement and see what you can do to help prevent crime in your neighborhood.

For those of you that do live here, as always, call us if you need us; we’re here to help.

#murdermountain #netflix

Stats on Homicides in Humboldt County that are the responsibility of the Sheriff's Office.

Stats on homicides in Humboldt County that are the responsibility of the Sheriff’s Office.



  • Disgusting supervisors.

    LIARS !!!!!!!!! Thank you Netflix for publicizing the truth !!!!

    • The retired Sheriff Downey looked like an inept leader in the series. Explains why this is still an active case. With all the witnesses being killed there will be nobody to testify on the actual account. Very sad.

      • You think the sheriff looks inept….. look at bong hits! Don’t pay your workers, late starts on growing crappy weed, all the while looking like a drug addict.Lmfao

        • cranky is the new black

          well emp, lmao at you too.
          if you know so much, at least pay attention.
          the man who took the bonghit got his license (which is quite hard to do and he had every reason to celebrate) and then the cops came to his house “accidentally” (right Ireland?) and if the bonghitting man hadnt been prepared and taught his employee to be prepared, he’d have been “fudged.”

          it was a whole other strange character that was the drug addict, jailed, late planting weirdo. he was there to make the black market growers look like they are all tweeker zombies, which is not my experience.

    • Humboldt County Sheriff
      First off, busting people in Alderpoint for cannabis is no way to get to the bottom of a murder investigation. No wonder why no one will talk to you.
      Second if you never try to prosecute anyone you will never solve the murder.
      Next time you need to borrow Mendocino counties Bearcat you should ask them how to solve a crime. They don’t put up with the garbage you are making excuses for. But deal with a similar cannabis driven economy

    • wow just wow only when there backs are up against the wall is when they start to care

      • cranky is the new black

        yo Honsal! why are the police talking all day about burden of proof before you have even talked to a witness?
        it has been clear to locals for five years now, you are unwilling to go out there, or anywhere else, and ask a question or basically do your jobs. you can bla bla bla until your balls fall off, but we can see you

        for instance, we saw who the investigator was. she was polite, but she clearly thinks you are full of shit. and anyone who knows her knows she’s one of your own.

        maybe since your own detectives are so poor at their jobs, you could hire her to train them?

        And Honsal, why does Humboldt County never bring in outside help looking for missing people? in Mendocino County, the sheriff’s department invites trackers from other departments to come help. They say they have never been invited to Humboldt. Why not? Clearly you need help.

        as the caller said, “eff you and eff the po-lice.” especially if you are going to spend all that ink up above lying and making excuses.

    • What a bunch of idiots inepts. They didn’t move a finger to solve a murder case but went wild after the people that took that matter into their hands. All those sheriffs appeared in the series should be fired and put them to court for incompetence. Bofoons. Sheriff Mike Downey hide you pathetic worm. You’ll never get any evidence if you just make up excuses and sit yin your assssss

  • Locals Know Better

    like many of us don’t have missing loved ones, friends, or acquaintances? Like Humboldt’s Missing Persons rate isn’t sky high?

    Who do these cops think they’re kidding?

  • It reminds me of the Kitchen case. I had at least a dozen people tell me they knew exactly what happened and how it should be prosecuted. All from heresay

    And I thought there was only on person in her car but there must have been hundreds!

    • Actually according to what I read about it, there were 2 people in her vehicle, herself & a “friend” as well!!!

  • Truth hurts!! I lived down there for a little over 20 years and I think Netflix docu-series about Murder Mountain is spot on. The sheriff’s were only concerned with busting the marijuana farmers. Hell, I even witnessed with my own eyes, sheriff’s taking some of the pot and keeping it instead of destroying it. To protect and serve, my ass!

    • cranky is the new black

      well, i did find it rather galling that Netflix made it seem like redneck Rancho was a representation of all of the emerald triange and a reason to treat mj growers like you would gun dealers.

      and that they represented non-permitted growers as tweeker idiots.

      by the way, members of our community, we see who led netflix to believe the growers without permits are your enemy. it makes you seem like fucktards who are willing to betray your neighbors who are also doing the best they can.

      While you were bombing their prices by illegally dumping your junk in the black market because your market wasn’t ready, they treated you like neighbors and helped you find buyers. how dare you?

      now then, your market will never be open to them. they can never hurt you, but youre willing to hurt them and blame them for your problems. keeping it classy right?

  • I appreciate the sheriffs issuing this.
    Tho if the guy called dookie brothers in second episode is who gets to be permitted then the county needs to address it. He performed multiple illegal acts on tv, im really surprised no one has arrested him. He has illegal grows too.
    Whaz up with that HCSO??? If thats the face of permitting then who wants it? Is he the representation of who we want representing permitted grows?
    To be honest, i have heard stories of him yelling at someone that all his grows are “white market” permitted. While touting his 2 broken arms from beating someone up.

    Keep hollywood BS reality shows out, they go for shock value everytime, & encourage more movies to be shot here!

  • Know Your Rights!

    Self critique is hard to swallow. Although I have seen some improvements w/ the HCSO this year, I felt it was pretty on spot when it comes to rural service. To get help around here, you have to call them everyday to make sure they follow thru with your report. If you don’t, it will never get taken care of. If you feel your issue or case has been mishandled for bias or negligence, you can file a complaint against the officer in Eureka.

  • I back the badge because I was raised to respect officers. When I encounter an officer whom is behaving unprofessional, which is rare, I actually feel sorry for them because they will be judged by their Creator in their after life. That being said, I respect the police and hope for their safety because there is many bad people that are a lot worse then a bad officer with an attitude. Bad people like rapists, ChoMo s, and killers. Back da badge, and pray for conversion of dA world

  • The humboldt county sheriffs have zero interest in actually investigating homicides. Their only concern is busting people for cannabis and DUIs. Thanks to Netflix for exposing the truth.

    My favorite part was when Ireland and a few other idiots showed up at full force at a completely legal cannabis operation. They looked like such jackasses. Do your homework next time guys. The parcel lines on google earth arnt very accurate.

    • Sheriff Ireland is a CLOWN!

      U want trust? Don’t come in guns blazing to the wrong address. This is the ultimate goal of prop 64? To be goofy goofersun?!?

      • It is a standard procedure. They have a warrant but the driveways doesn’t have a address in plan view. They can claim they mistakenly go down the wrong drive. It’s like three for one warrant day. This most often happens with open gates they don’t like to cut a lock and leave proof of their mistake unless they really want to get in there.

  • Binge watching this now it’s gripping! The sheriff owes everyone an explanation and this press release isn’t it. Sheriff Downey failed this community !! The ALDERPOINT 8 did the fucking work for Downey. All they did was fail the Rodriquez family. And Scott Johnson and his family . Sheesh. Don’t even get me started on the Zach Harrison debacle. Downey is sure not anything like my heroes on forensic files and dateline . C’mon!!

  • As a retired Police Lieutenant and a graduate of the DEA Drug Unit Commander Course who was attached to a DEA Task Force investigating OCDETF cases, I have pretty good common sense.

    I don’t buy the “drama” smokescreen 100%. I have read other’s accounts in places other than the Netflix series. I thought the Sheriff’s office came off pretty poorly in my opinion. I didn’t like the legal double-speak by the retired sheriff. He came off as LESS than believable.

    It just doesn’t pass the “gut-test”, in my book. The retired sheriff REALLY left a bitter taste and seemed deceptive in his answers.
    And you are correct, Ireland comes off as a less than capable front-line supervisor!! That was a huge mistake on HIS PART and he tries to deflect the blame….not cool! Walk a mile in others shoes IRELAND!

    • cranky is the new black

      yo HONSAL, here is another cop telling you, you are full of crap. you wont run unopposed again any more than Ms Fennell will.

      my favorite part was you saying the answer to the mess in Rancho was more of the eradication efforts that caused the civil distrust that eradication began and fostered for 40 years. Brilliant Watson.

      what a marooon.

  • Christopher Rivera

    I am a Retired Deputy Sheriff. I lived and worked in Humboldt as a Law Enforcement Officer. I worked Marijuana Eradication for many years. This series is the most real, accurate, truthful, and insightful I have seen, to date. The atmosphere in Humboldt Co. Is thick with fear and distrust. The beauty is clouded by out of control crime from marijuana. It is a beautiful County Sheriff but, we need to speak the truth. The whole truth.
    More segments please! Interview Retired Officers!

    • Real, the truth, lol. You eradicated for many years based upon the lies of your federal government classifying the plant as a schedule one narcotic that has no medicinal value. Lying is perjury a criminal offense. You helped tear the families of my community apart based upon your lies to the American people. Raided our homes with assault rifles, helicopters and mass law enforcement all because of lies told by the federal government. All in support of big pharm lobbyist, your proud, you wanna hear more from your fellow hoodlums like you. You gonna talk about the abuses your officers committed while on my property and others. Oh, I am sure you did not do anything like that, right, not you, you would never. Protect and serve my ass!! You protected your funding by supporting lies and served injustice. You should be stripped of your livelihood (retirement) and jailed, like we were!!! Yea, I could say more but I have to much respect for Kym to continue.

      • Christopher Rivers

        You should use your real name. What are you afraid of…..murder?

        • It is because of the stigma of being a grower. I still have a proffessional career and it would be severely looked down upon if my employer knew. Sad isn’t it because of a lie by my government I live a hypocritical life. One belief of of a plant that it heals and the other heavy hand that it does not.

          How does it feel knowing all the misery caused by doing your job of eradicating at a time that contradicts everything you did?? Eh, why would you give a shit. My friend gets to see his daughter soon she was 3 the last time he saw her she will be 19 in may, [edit]!!!

          • cranky is the new black

            yes legallettuce!, and because they lied about this plant and the people that grow it, legalization was encouraged to treat it like whiskey or weapons.
            “they are just crooks who will just lie and cheat and bla bla bla.”
            it makes me so irritable, i just want to take honsal by his boyscout kerchief and swing him in circles.
            weed should be legal to grow. there should be a market. buyers want a goddam storefront to go to. with a store, or a wholesale market, it s really easy to collect taxes. buyers do not want to wait for dealers, they want instant access just like they want to burgers, furniture and everything else.

            growers do not want to deal with selling. taxes are a cheap price to pay for the convenience of getting rid of a crop in one stop. jeezuz, get a grip. now we have this mess that is really hurting our local economy.
            and yo FENNELL we heard YOU telling everyone in the BOS meetings that they should distrust the growing community.

            Looking in the mirror again? whered you start?

      • Can we plz get a thumbs up or hearts on here, cause the face crushes against the corrupt out of town [edit] that “serve” this community are such jokers! All they really wanted with their ego driven biased bro behavior, by agreeing to being interviewed, was just so they could be on tv. Idiots, assholes, liars, and luckily so easy to see thru. SMH 🤦‍♀️

    • You might know what happened to Chris Giaque.. the ‘word on the street’ was that it was the sheriff who did that one. Was it Dennis Lewis? That could be another Netflix miniseries , that story. Anyone else remember that guy? From salmon creek I think?

      • I have not once heard the rumor that the sheriff “did that one.” And I was a friend of Chris and Becca’s. That one is really wild.

        • cranky is the new black

          well Kym, up in northern humboldt, that was the primary rumor. he really had the hcso flummoxed with his continuing demands to get some weed they had siezed from him returned. that was the earliest days of medical marijuana and the hcso was not ready. farmer was still the DA, etc. just a different time.
          i have no idea if the rumor was accurate, but it was the rumor, and he did have them furious.

        • I did hear that. It’s a bit hard to remember it all at this point. But I believe Chris donated some ‘medicine’ on the courthouse steps, was arrested and his medicine confiscated. Sherriff Lewis was ordered by court to return said medicine, and he refused. He was facing jail time for contempt of court for not returning medicinal mj. Then, Chris gets raided in Salmon Creek, does a little jail time, gets out and promptly disappears, never heard from again. Is that basically correct?
          So Lewis, the old-west sherrif type (as I remember him) …. facing jail time for not returning mj to a dreadlock grower… must have been pretty pissed, that’s my memory of the story. I’m sure the sherriff being involved was just a ‘rumor mill’ thing, I think it was also assumed that he narced on someone to get out so quickly also.
          Anyway, that one never got solved did it? I knew Chris as well, not closely.

  • funny to me is they wont grab a murder because of hearsay but have no trouble running in weapons drawn to steal money and weed form grows with little less than what they have about this murder. the burdurn of evidance should be the same.

    • Not taking sides in the greater issue, but those are two very different things legally… one involves an arrest of a person.

      • arrest and allow 12 jury members to decide. the other the stealing with weapons merely destorys lives not just those ofthe parnets but the children as well. merely look at the raid they showed on the series. wrong place …… bunch of boots kicking shit around weapons drawn all for the wrong place. i would take arrest and trial over that experance.

  • Been waiting for a thread on this show. Good watch, especially while trimming. I think that Austin(their Mormon “outlaw grower”)is an actor. Did you see his plants and pounds? And he’s narc-ing people off in the hotel parking lot. If that’s a random sample of the population no wonder the price is down. And then when they’re trying to differentiate between back to landers and green rush they have a fucking shot of the cookies family. What a joke.

    Clearly big money Hollywood don’t know shit about shit. Good cuz then we’d really be fucked

  • just go out and become a police officer. yeah right like it is that simple.

    these are the reported numbers of murder, not the actual numbers. someone was murdered in front of my house and the sheriff stopped by for less than five minutes and told the chp to write it up as an accident. clearly not an accident but hey we dont want to look like there is serious crime in humboldt.

    so back to the sign up and become a cop argument. how can you make a difference if the people in power are telling you to make false statements and the five chp officers were all agreed on the made up story. they did it right in front of me and i said thats not how it went down so they changed a few points of the story and ran it anyway. the only thing chp was upset about was that it wasnt their job, not the fact that they clearly lied for the sheriff, so that he didnt have to do an investigation. they even had the murderer right there and let him go after he said i dont want to sound insensitive but how long do these things normally take? (it had been less than a half hour) then they said ok you can go. i am pretty sure they didnt but they could have at least red flagged this guy.

  • Oh wow, everyone's an expert

    Ha ha ha, 50 year AP resident. To those of you that choose to swallow the Netflix sensationalized made-for-tv story verbatim and aren’t privy to the nuances and truth of this sad chapter in Sohum history I say, SUCKERS !! All sorts of comments here and on loco with people talking out their asses, the multiple comments made by one person ( the usual Trolio) are hilarious and so off and ignorant it’s incredible. These comment sections are so full of dumb ass bullshit posturing .

  • It’s right there in their own statement. They were serving a bunch of warrants in the area which of course is going to have a chilling effect.

    The sheriff believes that if you don’t want them busting pot farms, you also don’t deserve their help when people are being murdered.

    I hope we can elect a better sheriff next time.

    • Have we ever? Piss poor choices.

      • cranky is the new black

        just fwiw, anyone can run for sheriff. you don’t have to be a career cop. you have to be sensible and popular enough to be elected county wide, but you don’t have to be a career cop.

  • Well, its undoubtedly a #depleted #depressed #zombiewasteland, to quote the sheriff. A State of Emergency in the face of the #opioidepidemic and the #crimewave would be appropriate. Our LE is overwhelmed, and the citizens live in fear. #makeeurekasafeagain #whycantwehavenicethings #homelesscrisis

  • I think hearing Garrett’s dad sharing his experience with the Sheriff’s Department was pretty convincing as far as their lacking motivation and investigation. I appreciate those individuals who work for law enforcement who face great danger at times but they definitely failed Garrett’s dad who had to hire a P.I. to get any answers and retrieve his son’s body. Never would’ve happened if he hadn’t gone outside of the box.

    • Agreed. The father definitely spoke what he thought about the Sheriffs and their competency. But hey, I wouldn’t want to deal with the pill billy tweakers of Rancho either so I don’t blame them in not really giving a shit unless the evidence fell into their lap. I think it is truly telling in that they didn’t do anything for the murder of Garrett, they didn’t do anything about Brown murdering Neil, they didn’t do anything about Scott Johnson getting gunned down on accident, they only started doing anything when Zach killed Bob. Which at that point their lack of doing anything was becoming very suspicious and obvious that all those people killing each other off is what they wanted.

      One last thing, when the response letter said “the Alderpoint / Rancho Sequoia community, otherwise referred to as “Murder Mountain” by the series”, I had to call bullshit. The nickname of Murder Mountain for the Ranch Sequoia subdivision was and has been used by the Humboldt County Sheriffs office to refer to that area.

      • I am with you on that. I don’t really blame them that they didn’t (strongly) pursue the case. Put yourselves in their position and think about what a pain in the *** it would be to try to help a bunch of people who don’t want to be helped. That said, Garret was an outsider, so I think it would be easier to find motivation to solve his case than the others.

      • What are the chances these people were paying taxes on their illegal (at the time) weed profits ? Obviously our government needs to be blind to that to have society function, but I don’t really feel they deserve the services of a government and don’t feel much sympathy for the lack of an investigation if they weren’t.

        • hrmm learn tax code. federal income tax doesnt fund sheirffs. but property taxes do, and i bet you that they were paying their property taxes. Welfare however is funded through federal income tax, are you upset that you did not get a larger welfare check ?

      • SearchingforBobby

        And they did nothing when Chris Harrison murdered Bobby Tennison.

  • Is the Island mountain area safe to leave a car at for a couple days?

    • As long as it doesn’t look like a broke down piece of junk. Because, if it does, it will be stripped for parts, rammed, shot up, set on fire, and graffitied. In that order

      • Lol, so it’s worse if it’s broke down?

        • I think the point missed is we care enough not to ruin what is considered a not broken down vehicle, we are not animals. Yea if it looks like a broken down piece of shit I say fair game, it is a tradition.

          • Good deal. Hard to tell from afar and with this site’s headlines being the only source of information on the area. Just a rafter passing through.

            • It is not a good idea to leave your ride unattended around here.

              Rick, the preacher @ the Alderpoint church, will help you out with a shuttle. I’m sure others will too. I don’t know how to contact Rick but you should be able to figure it out if you want to. Maybe someone on here can help.

              Have fun. The river is beautiful.

            • I would never leave my vehicle unattended on the back roads of Humboldt. They always get trashed or stolen.

      • Yes – it’s shocking how quick it happens, broke down looking or not – get it towed!

    • Try it and see what happens

    • Sure bring er on out 😉

    • I need a new set of tires and rims.

    • It’s not safe to leave to leave a car in Manila, or Fields Landing, or McKinleyville, for a couple of days. It’s not just Island Mountain.

      • On the other hand, it’s perfectly safe to abandon a car on the street in Eureka. No one will touch it.

        • My dinky little Escort was stolen off the street two blocks from the library. Two blocks further north, towards Samoa bridge, my friend’s car had the passenger window broke out just to steal his radio apparatus.

  • Hahaha now the sheriffs want to talk again ?? Didn’t they have more than one interview on the show… OH AN WAIT DIDNT SHERRIF HONSOLL SHARE ON THE SHOW HOW COOL IT WAS TO PARTY 30 min before he was voted in. I would call that an this violation thing he’s doing… makes for a very insecure man. He must never be able to sleep with how crappy his crew an staff look what a joke coming out after the show trying to make it look good for him. Go team humboldt #booCops #goGrowers

  • Disgusting supervisors.

    World wide (international) shame for our sheriff’s Dept !!! Carma comes in all forms. Destroying peoples lives by the thousands. And the commenter that stated hopefully we’ll be able to ellect a new sheriff couldn’t agree with you more.after all this one stold the election by waiting till it was too late to get the undersheriff on the ballot before naming an undersheriff!!!!! Netflix should do a special on the supervisors, abatement,and unconstitutional aggregouse fines next!!!!

    • Even better, Honsal named the Under Sheriff position to take effect on a holiday when the courthouse was empty. What is it -double time pay on a holiday? Paid to a male who wasn’t sworn into office until 2-3 weeks later. Manufactured reality at its finest.

    • “Netflix should do a special on the supervisors, abatement,and unconstitutional aggregouse fines next!!!!”



  • Saw the movie and was shocked how bad things have gotten. Twenty years ago in Humboldt and Mendocino county growers were connected to the community. Now we have green rush people who could care less about the area, nature or locals. My brother used to live behind two locked gates on a private road. The new people never once stopped to talk with the last few locals working or the road or gate. They are there just to make money and the hell with you. He is so happy he sold and got out when property prices were up. Best of luck to the locals that care because you are screwed.

  • I can’t wait to watch the “docu”series, and chime in… Alderpoint, has become a lawless, crime ridden, drug infested shithole, because of… Wait for it, wait for it… Lack of law enforcement, rampant grweed grows, meth, poverty, booze abuse, and fucking stoners thinking inside the “Fuck it. I’ll just grow Ganja and be a tax-free ten-thousand aire box, ” or, the real reason, ladies and gentlemen, people just suck. Keep your pitbull guarded county, I promise to NEVER again visit your hellhole again. Fuckers. Can’t wait for summer… Keep up the good work, and stay the fuck out of Oregon.

    • Yup. The good news is these idiots will be broke and on the street soon. The quicker we can encourage everyone to grow their own weed, the quicker we can get the place back.

    • Oregon, ha!! which little meth city ya wanna talk about its infested. Ignorance in the south matches the greenrushin growdozer fools out here. Go walk the north side of Portland at night and tell me how safe you feel. How bout Burnside or the open water treatment facility every transient pissed in!! Please stay in Oregon.

      • And here comes Oregon wanting to saturate the Cali market..

        • The market has been saturated for a while now. There has never been a better time to be shopping for export to another part of the country where prices haven’t crashed yet. Buy low, sell high.

    • “Has become?” When? In 1950?

  • Eight convictions in 4 years..out of how many homicides? There were 21 in 2016, 7 in 2015…

  • Rest in piece Garret💖

  • Nowhere is safe to leave a car on side of road for a few days. It will get stripped.

    HCSO has been confiscating things for their own personal gain for a long long time. Thats why so many in the hills dont trust them. Sometimes they offer you the option of buying it back in exchange for no charges. I know someone who paid 30,000 to get his excavator back even tho the warrant used waa for a neighbors property, hcso said they saw a few plants on his property so they confiscated everything worth value.

    HCSO are the new Pinkertons, their work private policing for MAXXAM was disgusting. Pepper spray qtipped into local 14&16 year old girls eyes while they were locked down was made worse by how close the cops crotches were to the girls heads. Watch it yourself in doc fire in the eyes & treesit by earth films. Even the simpsons mocked it.
    I was on the road during a few EF actions & will never forget when a crew of eureka drug enforcement unit rolled up to hide in woods to grab activists. They told us how bad we were because we pulled them off a serious drug bust. I remember saying how is that our fault, its your superiors making the decisions not us, not our fault your captains are being paid off by maxxam to do their bidding. Didnt go over too well as you can imagine! This was maybe 10 mins after a logging crew pulled up to talk to the 2 sheriffs on the road and loudly said hey ive got 2 bullets here in my gun if you want me to take care of them (referring to myself&another person), then the loggers and sheriffs laughed loudly while staring at us.
    We were on a county road not trespassing. I never even thot of trusting them ever again, nor do i ever call them. I know ten people whose homes werebroken into&the sheriffs wouldnt even fingerprint the crowbar/ax/bat/hammer used.
    If you want them to help you offer them money or something for their endless police auctions.

    Don’t forget the coroner got caught selling dead peoples estate items to sheriff&courthouse employees. Found guilty for real. Why do you think they then made the head sheriff the coroner??? He can hide it better!

    I guess the bored of supes does the same. If you pay all the money to get a permit but cant afford to complete all the upgrades whatever structure you have need to be “legal”, the county will broker the deal for you to sell permit to another farmer for $250,000.
    Wonder how many of their buddies got permit just to sell it.
    Then the buying farmer gets to increase their size by that permit amount. The huge farms you see are the legal ones!!! How else could the county actually get the money theyre asking? Gotta grow around 4000 pounds minimum just to cover costs. For real.

    • Wowzer you are 100 percent on target . Don’t ever trust them . They will shoot your ass and cover it up . There’s a reason they call it a thin blue line .

    • No actually there are many many many places where a vehicle could be safely left on the side of the road for days even weeks without being stripped, vandalized, or torched.

    • I had forgot about the MAXAAM fiasco, their HCSO support, and the Q-Tip to the eyes of the young girls.

      Our [edit] have two priorities: extorting growers and racking up cheap street addict arrest stats for DEA grants.

      Yes, kind Sir, we DO want you solving homicides, rapes, home invasions… we DO NOT want you taking our shit.

      Is that confusing?

      For SHAME “LEO’s”. Good post Wowzer.

  • So.. these guys begged the Sherriffs department to do something.. and the Sherriffs office did NOTHING… It’s not like they went straight for vigilante justice. They tried desperately to get the law out thier to do thier jobs. Couldn’t the Sherriffs office arrested the perpitator as a person of interest in the very beginning? You think if they would have gone up there in the very beginning and searched the perps property extensively they would have probably found the weapon. It seems the Sherriffs department has no problem going out there for litter, 150ft from a creek.. all based on hearsay. Or using your own spring water.. I mean google earth is Hearsyay right? How do they know what is under those hoops… technically hearsay.
    I also think that, ok yes.. there are definitely problems with the Underground Market,
    However.. how many murders happen in the city.. all the time.. MANY. It is not just the triangle that has a probablem with violence.. I mean one Of the ‘permited’ Guys beat his worker so hard, he broke both his hands.. and they still gave him a permit… so a lot of good his ‘legal’ contracts did him.
    Very interesting series. I really feel for the victims family..
    But as for the Sheriff office, sincerely disappointed. I mean HONSELL went OFF about how he wa gonna get all the “unpermitted growers”.. But did not even mention taking down this killer. Shameful…

    • If the media continues to listen to one side this is how we are looked upon by the people paid to protect and serve. Even admits we the community have to do their work they are generously paid. Here is what the SF folk got to hear on their news about us. (My rebuttals)

      Lt. Steve Knight of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department told CBS San Francisco “The local growers don’t want law enforcement coming in to where marijuana is at. They are afraid that we will see the marijuana and will take it from them (yep, ya will), and that is their living (yes, true, now can ya understand),” and explains that there are also vigilantes within the community working outside of the law and won’t serve as witnesses for crimes tried in a courtroom (nope cause it is usually not the reason you would win the case since as you stated the jury would be told the witness is a vigilante.).

      Knight told CBS, “Many of these communities will try and solve their problems on their own (well, ya, cause you guys suck at your job). And by the time that happens unfortunately the problem has magnified (based on the above reasoning the only justice we have is our words which sometimes is enforced by our weapon).” While Humboldt County may be popular the world over for their marijuana output, their primary export is attached to a great deal of tragedy and death throughout the region (which is caused by the lies of the federal government to the people of America that marijuana has no medicinal value, ffs).

      We do not need legalization we do not need regulation we need the federal laws repealed. All are based upon lies about the plants medicinal value alone. Not even gonna discuss the derogatory immigration policy that brought forward the marijuana stamp and more lies to the American people in the 30s.

      • Agreed Frederal laws need to be appealed. Unfortunately the state of California pretty much made a deal with the devil when they enacted legislation that the state would basically throw all the black market growers to the wolves in order to have legalization. The feds basically stated it was going to not mess with Cali if Cali cracked down on the black market.. There is a big Market in Cali. Oregon is moving in on it fast.. but.. the problem the state created, is that big money growers have access to that market, and have essentially made it impossible for the little guy to access it… They way I see the laws that were written.. it has nothing to do with anything but appeasing the feds..
        None the less a huge Black market is thriving in Cali.. because the taxes are gianourmous..
        I think it’s sad that.. of all the documentaries that could have been made, Netflix chose to make one on one of the dogiest neighborshoods in Humboldt. There is a perception that people moved here because they were unskilled or uneducated, and that could not be further from the truth. There are many talented educated people who moved her from the city for a better quality of life. I guess it is just not sensational enough to do a documentary on people who have succeeded and have lived in bliss for 20years or longer.. I mean the story needed to be told…IMO
        But Personally, I actually think the Cano industry here needs some regulation.. I mean just take a walk on the river in the summertime.. discraceful.. But this heavy handed approach is strangling Humboldt to death.. both permited and non permitted farms..

  • And what about Gypsy Chain? Or David Josiah? Other example of failure to do thier jobs, and bias from the HCSO.. I know that Josiah’s case falls upon the APD.. but, with it being unsolved, you think the county would step up and put resources toward the case.

  • HCSO raided a licensed grower on Netflix. There is both a county and state public records database available to look up the license. The director was not at fault, HCSO commanded their own presentation very clearly and from my experience very accurately. What we saw was the last vestiges of shakedowns that have been going on for years. I’m glad Downey’s corrupt ass and his ‘take peoples shit and let them die’ attitude was present for the whole world to see. Some people in the community are too self conscious of what this looks like to the outside world but in reality this was long overdue and God’s Justice will now prevail for the better of Humboldt. Shout out to my fam in McKinleyville, love you!

  • HCSO hung themselves on Netflix for the world to see, the director didn’t even set it up, they did it all on their own. God’s Justice for Humboldt. Downey & Friends stole property from people for years through CAMP and I’m glad his ‘let’s take peoples shit and let them die’ attitude hasn’t faded so everybody could see just how corrupt he is. My favorite part is when they raid a licensed grower in the last episode for shakedown money, completely unsolicited. There is a local and state public database that publishes all of the licenses so playing dumb isn’t going to work. We all know why the cops let the killer go too, remember the buried buckets of cash? Beautiful documentary and long overdue, be proud Humboldt, what goes on in the dark always come to light and the community is better off for it.

  • Just courious. There was a segment in the documentary when a farm called Humboldt Cure got raided… I remember an article on this site from a few months back that showcased a owner from that company getting raided for pot and guns on the east coast. Were they charged with conspiracy, interstate trafficking and racketeering like a lot of the local boys that grew up around here? Or is the case still under investigation?

    • cranky is the new black

      no you didnt. there is a search feature on this site. i just ran “humboldt cure” and no articles come up. soz dude. youre getting stuff mixed up again.

  • It was definitly sensationalized. I know first hand of someone who has several timez driven through that hood on official county biz and not once have they been escorted by masked bandits with big guns slung on their shoulder wbile driving 4 wheeler ATVs. For a 48-hrs type of documentary it sure was interesting though!

    • Hey bud, I know people that have been escorted for none weed business, it’s scary, those people are not right..

      • The sheriffs office is terrified of a lot of southern Humboldt, they want the big gun and shiny badge, but are cowards when it comes to crime fighting… I talking about real crimes, not weed…..

      • meh. the hood has it’s reputation, but there aren’t armed guards on ATVs at the entrances. Hype. Still kept me entertained though!

    • Ya but in the 48hr docudramas the detectives actually care!! And will “vow” to get justice . Even for prostitutes that have been murdered. Our Humboldt county LEO’s seem like they look down on others and think they are more worthy , and can’t be “bothered.”

  • That no one has been charged for the murder of Garret Rodriguez is frustrating to me and I didn’t even know him. I can’t imagine how his loved ones must feel.

    The fact that the young man kidnapped by the AP8 knew the location of the body suggests to me beyond a reasonable doubt he was involved. I’d like to see him punished.

    • How do you know justice was not served. I know nothing about any of this nor have I watched the series, I am just from these hills for almost two scores. Justice is served frequently and I assure you it is swift. Everyone I know has no issue of putting an animal down. I am saddened for the loss of a child I unfortunately know this pain. I also know from past experience details in court are not what a grieving family sometimes should hear.

      As for justice from the hill any hill person worth their soul would sit that father down and fill in most of the blanks as much as they could. The father knows the starting point. Leave your PI and the police and go to AP and let a few locals know who you are that is how I would start. It may take some time but I guarantee within a week he will have more answers than he did when he started. They had the decency to find the boys body and bring him home. The next step seems obvious to me. All of this is just my opinion of course and means really nothing outside of where I am from.

      • As I understand things, Q.L. is still alive and a free man. Unless you think the killing was somehow justified, justice has not been served.

        Do you have any reason to think Rodriguez “had it coming”?

        • As I stated I know nothing and have not seen the series just what I have heard which is all hearsay. I know my hill and again seems obvious to me. The good people in AP seem to have decided justice in my opinion. I respect the decisions made. They recovered the boys body and returned it to family. For whatever reasons the individual who is accused as you put it is “free” now rests on the souls of those 8. Those are hill souls and I will take the judgement of those souls over any soul carrying a badge especially around these parts. Again, the starting point for the father seems obvious to me. Based on the comments their seems to be a shared sentiment of authority a good ice breaker for the father.

      • Sleepy Alligator

        Why bother commenting when you haven’t even watched what you’re commenting on? Had you watched it you would know that the father does go to AP.

      • I like it, L.L.!

  • helen McCarthy Cade

    –am i wrong, or did he confess, AND take the men to the place where Garrett was buried in a shallow grave. What more do you need ? I do understand that his confession was made under duress -but..he is still the person who showed everyone where the grave was located. There were witnesses there- at least one is willing to testify to the confession and the directions to Garrett’s grave.. so it isn’t hearsay. I’m confused.

    • cranky is the new black

      and there it is there. Wanna talk back to this lady Honsal? explain to us all, why is it that when a man brings his neighbors to an unmarked grave, why you don’t chat him up, even five years later, and find out what he knew and how he knew it?

      i am curious if any of the AP people will let out who the killer is.

  • ” For those of you who do not live here, but clearly have a passion for justice and an extensive knowledge of how policing should be done- we encourage you to get up and take action. Go to a police academy near you and join the force, become a community champion and make change in your city or county, advocate for laws or changes in laws that serve to make your community safer, and of course, get to know your local law enforcement and see what you can do to help prevent crime in your neighborhood.”

    I love it! Basically a big FU to those morons who have no training or experience but basically try and tell cops how to do the job.

    • Well this moron with no training had to go find the man who attempted to rape a family member and seek individual Justice myself by using the perp to sweep the street with his hair. The attempted rape was interrupted by a witness who ran to help and stopped the assault. The perp was released within 24 hours even with witnesses. I shouldn’t have had to take justice into my hands especially when there where witnesses to the assault. You have no idea what people have to live with down here. You should take your own advice, don’t comment on something you don’t understand or know about.

    • You have no idea what your talking about, wave cable has a better response time then the sheriffs office.

    • I am not a police officer but have many family members that are. I am also from L.A. Sorry about that. This sherrif office is the worst I have ever encountered. I have lived in 6 other states and have lived from San Diego to Alturas in California . This is the only place I have lived in my 60 years that I not only know 4 people murdered in the 10 years I have lived here, but they know who the murderers are and do nothing. Anyone can kill and get away with it here, but please do not grow marijuana. I do not smoke pot and have not for over 30 years. There is heroin and meth that I do not know what it looks like, but know where to get it. If I do they have to. I could go on for days, but the bottom line is this sherrif dept is worse than the criminals that live here. They see, but do nothing unless money is involved. None of which goes back to our schools that are suffering, and our roads that are horrendous at best.

  • Blackberry Amnesia

    As Humboldt was presented in MM, it looks to be:
    1) Uninhabitable by regular people.
    2)Possessed by career criminals, drug gangs, narcissist whack-jobs, and cowboy assholes with too many guns.
    3) Stoked on drugs, bent on making extreme intoxication ordinary, and totally focused upon breaking all laws.

    Murder Mountain contains so many comments and statements that are complete lies, that I nearly turned it off in disgust. The producers of this program are a disgrace, and, the slant against the LEO’s and the Humboldt County Sheriff is reprehensible and completely incorrect!

    Garrett Rodriguez has been painted with the face of an angel, but, in my opinion, he was another gangster, a bald faced drug dealer, and a criminal. It is obvious that he was transporting cannabis to San Diego, and, it looks to me like he was moving “other drugs” to Humboldt. He may easily have been involved in a Humboldt Drug Gang, and he obviously was attracted to the worst elements of Humboldt, and was involved up to his hairline in many illegal and quite shady operations, which were not presented in the series.

    Mr Rodriguez was obviously, very much in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and with the wrong people! How on earth could the HCSO have protected him? How could they have changed the outcome here?

    Just the presence of the three men who acted to find Mr Rodriguez’ corpse, was enough to muddy things, and the fallout was three more men shot to death by drug dealers and drug addicts, at least 2 more men in prison, and the ruination of several families, the widowing of more women etc.

    How on earth can a place as un-policable and frightening as Alderpoint be affected by the presence of LEO’S?
    How can Humboldt be gotten under the control of law enforcement, at this point?
    How is this Sheriff Downey’s fault?

    In Humboldt County there are several different societies, and all of them operate pretty outlaw, from Alderpoint, to Jerold Phelps Hospital, to Shelter Cove and North out past Orleans.

    Humboldt County is not uninhabitable, but, it operates in a different universe of law!

    I would like to see a careful analysis of the many lies presented on Netflix, or perhaps another film from a more rational, local (Northern CA) point of view.

    Using Alderpoint for this presentation was also unfortunate, and causes the viewer to focus on the worst aspects of the Cannabis Business and the County as a whole. The net effect here was not anti-Sheriff but it was anti-pot-farmer, and very much, anti Humboldt. The focus will soon fall on anti-cannabis hysteria, mark my words.

    Persons promoting Cannabis Tourism should be advised that Netflix is poised against you, and the scare tactics used in this ridiculous film series, were merely bait to be used to bring in the National Guard or Black Ops to eradicate the evil growers, in the future, so be advised!

    Also, please hope that Mr Trump, your favorite President ever, does not watch this series, as there could soon be a wall around sections of your county!

    Murder Mountain was irresponsible, incomplete, wildly biased against law enforcement, and folks, it was created to make you all look like terrorists, make you look stupid, and to make Humboldt appear to be in need of Martial Law!

    “Murder Mountain” made Humboldt look very bad, made Alderpoint and Garberville look like enclaves of narco-terrorism, and made Humboldt residents look like slobbering drug-addicts in need of serious time in correctional institutions.

    There has been little blow-back in the local press, but I think some local push is needed to correct the irresponsible and the “wow, really?” factors presented by Netflix!

    “Sixty Minutes”, it was not!

    • Concerned Business Owner and Resident

      Get a Cease ad Desist Out To Netflix!

      Totally agreed with your assessment of the Netflix series Blackberry Amnesia. The only interesting and valuable part was the historical bit on old growers and the cultural aspect of 1960’s and 70’s Humboldt.

      I can’t believe local hotels “allowed” their business names to be included in this Netflix hit piece. Did Sherwood really allow a crew to come in and show MJ being processed in their rooms?

      They didn’t show one decent neighborhood or interview any ordinary residents. Focus was on street people and back hills junkyards.

      Truthfully, Garberville business and residents – as well as others featured in this series should have a cease and desist drafted by an attorney to get the Netflix series pulled. The representation is very damaging to the community and future development.

      About the focus on “missing persons,” as mentioned in the series, many of these people do not want to be found. That is part of the reason to come to the mountains and live off the grid.

      It’s sad that some of these people met unfortunate endings, but let’s get real. When is it EVER advisable to head out to a stranger’s isolated property with the offer of work and money in a black market industry? You can’t do that and expect a good outcome anywhere in the world!

      Some personal responsibility needs to be assigned to people who come here looking to make a quick buck and find more than what they bargained for! Every community has bad actors — these seasonal workers rolled the dice in a dangerous game without any rules!

    • Oh wow, everyone's an expert

      Nailed it !!!!

    • I imagine the producers are big fans of low budget B rated sci-fi films. I didn’t even have to watch MM to be reminded that sometimes I feel like I’m living in the movie “The Hills Have Eyes”, …II and …III.

    • My son worked for the killer and was friends with Garrett. You may not like it but his story is worse than portrayed. I see some stuff that was exadurated, but for the most part pretty true. Hard to swallow, but murder is pretty popular here with no repercussions

    • Concerned Business owner and resident:
      Not sure where you live, or maybe it is because of where you live that you are not affected by murder in Humboldt that happens way too often. I am 60, grew up in LA and have not known 4 people in the 50 years before here. Only 1.
      In the 10 years I have been here 4 people I have known have been murdered. Not to mention the other 3 that died of heroin overdoses. I have still never seen heroin but can tell you where to get it. Do you think the sherrif does not?
      My son was working w Garrett at that grow. No matter what you think of him, or I should say your opinion of him. He was a person who came to make some money on a farm. When he asked to be paid (which is why he came here) He was killed. My son left less than a week earlier for non payment. He took his losses and left. That could have been my son, or yours.
      There are some parts of that show that may have been exadurated , but the story of Garrett is true, or worse.
      I would never go to Alderpoint because I know what happens up there. If you live here you should too.
      Also coming from a family of law enforcement, southern Humboldt has the worst of any of the 30 places and 6 states I have lived. They have not tried one of the 4 murders in garberville/redway that I know about
      personally. Maybe because they feel the same way as you. He was just a drug dealer that was bad and did not deserve to live anyway. Shame on you.

  • Disgusting supervisors.

    Blackberry amnesia—-. Garrett Rodriguez is an American citizen regardless of what and who he was involved with. He should be given the same respect and rights as Joe blo that works anywhere.your guilty of minimizing his existence just as our LEO’s have done for years,and that’s why they have been INTERNATIONALY shamed . They are theives and liars and are getting the attention they deserve.they had tons of time and opportunity to do there jobs (what public funds pay them to do) and could not and refused to deliver. And now Netflix has pulled the covers to the world on how fucked this band of theives really are !!!!!! Love it.

  • Banjo Music from Deliverance.
    Very accurate documentary.

    • Those days are almost gone. FYI, Humbolt County #1 export is weed. We grow it because it has medicinal properties and is helping cancer and epilepsy patients all over the globe. Not to mention 1000s of other ailments.

      We grow weed and we grow a lot. Many growers in this county are the best growers that walk this planet. Humbolt County took home many of the top spots at the Emerald Cup. Our weed is highly sought after internationally. Embrace it for a change is a coming!!

      You should be proud. Humboldt growers make many fantastic products all while under scrunity and a war that has lasted over 75 years. I am a Humboldt County Grower and damn proud!

      • I couldn’t have said it any better. I salute you!

      • Ok legal lettuce- I’m happy for you. Let’s check back in in 5 years and see how proud you are. 10-1 odds you won’t live in this county anymore. Like Ed Denison said- best quote in this series of mostly total idiots- (paraphrasing) “its amazing that legalization has accomplished what years of CAMP and criminalization couldn’t- destroying the weed culture in the hills” True words! All the legal sellouts out there are wasting their money. Even sherriff Downey is telling you! ‘The smart guys stay illegal!’ Anyway, let’s check back in 5 years and see where your legal lettuce is.

      • Yes LegalLettuce Yes. Unfortunately, we are blowing that inheritance. That hard earned name that is Humboldt County Cannabis. We are to Cannabis what Napa is to Wine. Unfortunately, we are blowing it. Abatements, tracking, tracing, testing, fees, and fines… How’s about we get in on this multi-billion dollar industry!?! We will never have the production capacity of central Cal, but that *cannaisseur* market is US! Where are the infused dining options? Where are the garden tours, cannabis colleges and smoking lounges? This should be a BOOM time not an economic depression. Both of my jobs (neither on a cannabis farm) are cutting hours, staff, pay… For Shame BOS. (Failure to) Planning Dept, John Ford. HCSO, et al.

  • Billy Casomorphin

    Your entire county has been shamed. The Sheriff has only been defamed. No proof of anything has been presented, except, that Netflix has been irresponsible, and has presented slanted and largely false opinions.

    When I arrived in Humboldt, it was obvious that many Humboldt citizens are clinging to the past, and are lost in their perceptions and experiences of and from past times. Like many others, everyone needs to let the past go, and work towards a future where the Gestalt of Humboldt is improved. You and everone else should endeavor to evolve, and creat a new standard of behavior for yourself, the “industry” and, law enforcment.

    I note an attitude of improvement, a spirit of compliance, in the folks on both sides of law enforcement. Will you join the future, or simmer in the stew of your old feelings for life?

    Only when the community evolves, and embraces cooperation, with LEO’s and within industry itself, will the situation improve.

    As for the narco-terrorists we see operating 16 ton grows out towards Honeydew or out in Island Mountain, I offer no solutions, but in my mind, Netflix is pushing government to act, and act out of fear.

    Be aware, be wary, and don’t wait for a quick solution. Hating the LEO’s who are local will improve nothing.

    • “Hating the LEO’s who are local will improve nothing.” Hate the game, not the players. “Law” Enforcement –
      Really? You believe these officers would recognize law if they found it in their sock drawer? They are Order Followers -nothing more. Incapable of drawing their own conclusions, Order Followers are the most dangerous entities on the planet. Unconscious, low IQ, cowards.

      “Legal” is the color of law -not law. But the willingly ignorant refuse to distinguish the difference. Compliance applies to the weak ones joining in the fraud and are just as guilty as the perpa-traitors.

      No injured party of interest – no jurisdiction.

  • Netflix should do a whole comedy show featuring the dumbass with bandana and the piece of Dookie. LOL! Straight comedy those two.

    The workers that didn’t get paid by the piece of Dookie should turn his ass in. Also, I hope Humboldt Co. supes and planning dept watched this show. They can see a some of the trash people and farms they have permitted.

    • Seriously, you dont go check on your garden for months and leave people you dont know “with your recipe” and expect everything to come out perfectly. That dookie bros guy is an idiot and he shouldn’t have been given any attention. It just makes it look so bad here and some people can’t or won’t tell fact from fiction. There are idiots in every group.

  • My big four takeaways from the series.

    ONE the series focused on the impact of marijuanan, yet almost everybody they interviewed were tore up meth heads. Not one mention of methamphetamines and the problem it causes.

    Two, when the Sheriff’s posse busted the farm and held everybody at gunpoint for hours, only to later find out they had all the proper paperwork already in order. Isn’t that something they should cross check before they spend the resources and money detaining people at gunpoint for no reason. To top it off the sheriff gives all his boys an attaboy for doing their job right. If I was their boss, I would fire every one of them for incompetency!

    Three, if you’re going to kidnap somebody and torture them for information, don’t drop them off at the hospital and expect the sheriff to do anything positive about it.

    And four, when abused, any drug is bad M’Kay…..

    • I keep reading comments from everyone about number 2 (fitting you numbered it 2). They have a scene showing them raiding a permitted grow, serious! Wow, Karma, no way! Bet they were polite though wouldn’t wanna buttstock anyone in front of camera.

      Cool, I have been displeased with everything surrounding this series but if that is one of the scenes then almost worth it. Still not gonna watch it but am definitely curious how they conducted themselves during raid. Made for tv I bet.

  • My favorite part was that they HAD to put a grey/blue filter on everything to make Humboldt appear scary and not it’s gorgeous self!🤣😂

  • There is a lot of buzz about the HCSO ’raiding’ a permitted farm.. that was so obviously a PR stunt.. like.. oh if you have your permit the Sherrif is going to turn around and go the other way… but in real life I doubt it would be that easy if they turned up at your place.. they are going to sniff around and find something to ‘Violate’ you on… then FINE the heck out of you and take your property..

  • No doubt the Sherriff’s Department looked terrible in MM. It’s also no doubt that MM was sensationalized. Did the HCSO think it would not be? Good gosh the evening news is sensationalized. In any event the HCSO should not be making excuses (the “hearsay” excuse is in inexcusable). Hearsay is always the tip of the iceberg when it comes to investigations. Successful investigations and competent investigators follow-up on every reported “hearsay” tip. They (HCSO) made mistakes, a lot of them in the Garrett Rodriguez case. That’s undeniable. They should admit it and promise to turn over every stone is seeking justice not only for the Rodriguez family but every other family who has been a victim of a crime.

    In regards to the comments about LEO corruption, there are a number of retired LEO’s who have stories to tell about the corruption of their fellow officers when it comes to raids and personal property being taken and not accounted for, cash being under reported. In fact, “Hearsay” has it that a book is being written and someday will be released. Another NetFlix story? There’s corruption in all walks of life and the Sherriff’s Department is not excluded. Whether it’s the Coroner’s Office, Correctional Officers or Deputies, corruption happens, happens everywhere, not just Humboldt.

    Just a reminder, cannabis is legal is the State of California. Cultivation of more than six plants without a permit is a misdemeanor (Health & Safety Code § 11358) unless you have a violent felony on your record, you’re a registered sex offender, you have more than 2 prior cultivation convictions for cultivating more than six plants or if you violate certain environmental laws. BTW, hard to believe the place Deputy Ireland was about to wrongfully bust was a permitted grow. What a mess!

  • Emotional manipulation = choose a side.
    What’s changed since then? Back then, the characters that were in charge of investigations, are being investigated, fired, force retired. They will have their day in court. The new guard has replaced or is in the action of replacing that old guard. Many cold cases will be reviewed again.
    What hasn’t changed? The blaming & dividing of the people? The group labeling of all involved?
    There are good ones and bad ones in every group, as we’re all aware.
    There are also the ridiculously corrupt in every group, which very few acknowledge while being emotionally manipulated into choosing a ‘side’.
    They want us divided.
    They want us distracted.
    They want us blaming groups instead of the individuals in those groups who are responsible.
    They want us silenced.
    Who’s ‘they’?
    He who controls the money, controls the people.
    Where do the they get their money?
    Here’s looking at you taxpayers.
    Why do we send billions of tax payer dollars to foreign countries while our own country falls into poverty and deeper corruption?
    Why do the foreign countries donate to USA political ‘foundations’?
    Why do foreign countries have some of the same technology as we have?
    What are slush funds?
    How are slush funds created?
    Here’s looking at you taxpayers.

    I’m going to root for HR 25. I hope others join me.

    Disclosure: I haven’t seen the series, due to boycotting Netflix many moons ago. It’s no longer a non-biased, non-political business. To each their own.

    • Just hope Trump is imprisoned.

      • For wanting to decriminalize mj?
        For wanting to return to the gold standard?
        For wanting to abolish unconstitutional taxing?
        For loosening the over tight regulations that brought creativity and production to a halt?
        For not wanting to contribute to the never audited orgs?

        For reducing the amount of agencies and workers that mooch off the tax payer dollars while the tax payers sleep in their soon to be repossessed cars?

  • On the bright side, that series may encourage less people to come here, and we can have gorgeous, breathtakingly beautiful Humboldt to ourselves.

    • we will need implants from places where they made a lot of money selling their home to come here and infill or we have hard times coming our way. we need to focus on our future at all times.

    • Tourism feeds us all… certainly all along the Ave, and in the Cove. That and cannabis. We need our visitors. Canna tourism is an obvious next step for us…. once the snake-eating-its-own-tail county quagmire abates.

  • Holly shit theres a lot of commets on this one, I totally forgot what my bitch was! So I guess I I just say I have always hate humboldt, I always hate Humboldt, I will never move back, I was born raised there & it took 50 years to get out so I wont ever have to go back. & I wont.

  • My kid was used as an an example of a person being targeted for sex trafficking” and/or “labor trafficking” . You can see it about 20 minutes into episode 1. Really? He was getting off the bus after visiting his girlfriend in the Bay Area. This is a kid who was born here, raised here, and thank the powers that be, has moved to the Bay, and is doing well there. I was picking him up. It was my car he was getting into. He told me he saw a “big ass camera”…I was the typical mom going “whatever..get in the car”. I don’t watch any weed documentaries as they irritate the crap outta me. My nephew told us about it so we checked it out. There was my son, plain as day. Also putting him in this doc without his permission was wrong. Not sure what to do about that either. The really messed up part is that it’s right there with the extremely sad story about a lost son..and my son’s brother had died a couple months before this footage was shot. Just sharing this to put it out there. “Labor trafficking” and “sex trafficking” indeed.

    • If you would like to talk to me about this, my email is They don’t need his permission or yours to photograph him on a public street so I don’t think there is anything you can do about it. But, it would be nice to put the truth out.

      • Hi Kym. Thanks for the info. I’m glad to know about it. Looks like the worst thing to happen is my kid’s phone is blowing up by his friends kidding him about it. Also I have been called a pimp a few times..We all find this really funny so we’re rolling with it. By the way he is a 21 year old, so no harm done. We live for the funny.

  • Reality tv is as real as the deep state, chem trails, and big foot. But go ahead and “believe in” whatever fantasy sucks you in; it’s still a free country.

  • Ain’t got sht on lake county

  • Sticking to the existing system is unrealistic. Corruption isn’t the problem. It’s the acceptance of the corruption that’s the problem. Manufactured consent IS the Matrix, at its most profound level. One would have to believe in a state of delusional insanity if one believes the creation can have greater authority than the creator.

    The validity of a corporation as valid government; when a county/city is a corporation, and a court is a corporation, and police depts.. are corporations, who created them as corporations? With what authority or approval and what effect does that have in their legitimacy? Aren’t there conflicts of interest, as profiteering corporations, acts of treason, and their monopoly on the community’s “gov’t” means of invalidating them? Since there is a Supreme Being, then the living spirit in the flesh, then contracts, then governments, then fabrications of government, such as corporations, how does the bottom feeder (corps), have authority to create policy enforcers as a lawful authority?

    “The whole commerce between master and slave is a perpetual exercise of the most boisterous passions, the most unremitting despotism on one part, a degrading submission on the other. Our children see this, and learn to imitate it. ” -Jefferson.

    The truth once realized is difficult, if not impossible, to stop.

  • The series appeared to be a type of “unadvertisement” for Humboldt county; maybe somebody could submit some type of response show to Netflix or something.

  • I’m commenting too!

  • Just binged it, and the whole thing was fake. Every aspect except the meth lab rats in AP, the og’s and the cops were staged fake bullshit. Yes, especially the “raid”. Jokes on you. But I still know better than to leave my car on the side of the (any) road overnight.

    • My son worked w garret. This was pretty accurate in that story. He worked for the murderer and only left less than a week before garret was killed. He left because Quinton the murderer would not pay him. He took his loss thankfully and left. Garrett did not. Quinton was losing his cookies on speed, and a very scarry person as my daughter in law tells me who was also there at the time. Some may be fabricated, but the story is not.

  • I wish they would do a documentary on all the wild and scenic nature Humboldt has, and also something on all the cutting edge natural science that is happening here. Oh, but wait, that means Americans would actually need to sit down and watch something educational and directly relevant to their daily lives – HOW BORING! I think I’ll just go shopping and purchase shit-tons of crap and go into credit card debt.

  • The Sheriff’s department didn’t come off very well in this doc at all. I totally understand why they were not able to build a case against the killer, and that the AP8 basically mangled any evidence that could have been used, and that all the testimony and confessions were all heresay. But damn, that botched inspection/raid at the end makes them look pretty clumsy in their approach to legalization.

    At least Billy Honsal is more likable and telegenic than Downey.

  • Instead of looking at the nightmare that AP has become, from the peaceful OG’s in the late 60’s to the “new” grweed growers, try looking at the perspective of some poor bastard who would like to park his/her rig for the weekend to do a little hiking, biking, rafting on the turnout and return to a fucking burned out hulk of their 40,000 dollar rig because of the bored, junkie assholes that seem to rule the region. Time to fix this problem! Vigilante tactics do work, it is called a bait truck… And trust me, it works wonders!

  • HCSO is a disgrace. We want to see justice for Garrett! His murder and acomplice are still roaming free!
    Downey should be ashamed and Honsal as well.
    Justice for Garrett!

  • My son worked w garret at that grow where garret died. He left because Quinton the killer would not pay him. He was friends with garret. It is sad that our sherrif dept does nothing about murders. I moved here 10 years ago, bash me of you will but I come from a family with police officers and have never seen a more horrible police force in my life. I have had 4 people I know murdered in this small community of Garberville/Redway/Alderpoint rd. I am 60 and have not known more than 1 in the rest of my life and raised in LA. The sheriff’s office does nothing. I also know of several heroin deaths. I have never even seen heroin in my lifetime, but I know which motel, or house to get it from. If I do, they do. They are only concerned with busting marijuana grows because there is cash there. More cash than we have seen in our lifetimes, yet our roads and schools suffer. The police are more corrupt than the criminals that live here. I do not understand why no one is screaming it from the mountain tops.

  • I called the sheriffs when a woman was being assaulted outside of a store I worked at in Redway. They didn’t show up. I had to handle it. Not cool!

  • Just saw the Netflix doc. Bizzare place. There are some good people, but the Sherriffs are sniveling cowards (do they carry guns or Billie clubs?). Need evidence? You have it – what you need is a set of balls. The rest of the area is a white-trash-athon, theives, and Punks. I’d venture to say the smell would be a combo of pot, meth and poo. Never been there, never going. Have at it and kill and steal from each other. What a shame to trash such a beautiful place. Shame on you all. Oh, and I know a corrupt police force when I see one. [edit] Feel bad for the Vietnam vet. Good man. Same with that Fasho dude.

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