[UPDATE Wednesday] 30 Acre Fire Burning in Humboldt County, According to Cal Fire

Pilot Fire

The Pilot Fire burning earlier today. [Crop of a photo by Cal Fire]

Indicative that fire season is now a year long event, a large wildfire is burning in Humboldt County on January 1 of 2019.

Cal Fire reports that there is a 30 acre fire burning “off Pilot Ridge Rd & USFS Route 1, southwest of Willow Creek.”

At this point Cal Fire hasn’t released much information. However, one woman posted that her husband is leaving Ukiah at 3 a.m. to go fight the fire.

UPDATE Wednesday: The latest information shows this fire is west of Hyampom and north of Dinsmore.
Here’s a rough map.

2nd UPDATE Wednesday 3:25pm:  CalFire says, “The Pilot vegetation fire is 100% contained at 30 acres.  Crews were able to quickly establish control lines last night with the assistance of the cool temperatures and increased humidity.  Please remember to be fire safe and aware of all potential ignition sources capable of starting a fire.”

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  • Crap. Please let it be put out soon. Scary.

    • sorry, not scary

      it is January. it has rained. it is freezing at night. if its burning now it needs to, and will burn out some fine fuels before it is summer, and hot, actually dry, and actually risky.
      As you evacuate your bungalow in Eureka, consider how many roads it will have to cross to escape it’s box. before you leave, turn your thermostat down from ninety to, like, sixty five.

      • Have you lived here long?
        We dont see fires this size in january much.
        If you did live here long youd understand why someone would find it scary. Being assumptive and rude helps no one.
        When you live somewhere for 50 years you kinda get the patterns.
        It being humid and wet and still produce a 30 acre fire IS scary for this time of year.
        Friends at 4000 ft by willow creek have usually had enough snow to need to plow their road at leaat 5 times by now. No need yet this year.

        I personally dont think it needs to burn now, none of the plants and animals are adapted to winter fire season. Just cuz its burning doesnt mean it “needs to”. In fact fires like this in winter, even big burn piles, can persist unnoticed underground until summer&then ignite above ground again.
        Dave Kahan, please share your wisdom on those type of fires if youre reading this.

        Maybe learn a little about our area and fire ecology before you’re so rude&assumptive. That person prob doesnt live in eureka.

        • Sharpen your pencil

          Lol, like you’re not being rude or assumptive yourself there asshat!

        • been here at least ten hours

          It was windy, and dry for a few days. It rained hard as recent as last week. There are what is known as 1 hour fuels, 10 hour fuels, 100 hour fuels, etc. A one hour fuel will dry out enough to burn in one hour of lower humidity, and sun heat. a 10 hour fuel takes 10 hours. a 10 hour fuel will also take ten hours to come into equilibrium with higher humidities. Grass is a one hour fuel. Pencil diameter sticks are 10 hour fuels. a windy night, a warm breezy day, will prepare fuels to burn any time of year. during the wettest year, during a “drought” year, either way.

  • Stay safe first responders

  • The Pilot Fire
    Large, 30 acres

    Kym, do you know when it started?

    ”CAL FIRE Government Organization” – homogenized into non-recognition of any responsibility.

    ”Indicative that fire season is now a year long event.” The tyrants impose this ideology firm in minds of Californians. Why would any thinking people trust so blindly those who have prove to be so untrustworthy? Bought and paid for media press release -“The new normal”, Moonbeam’s current mantra.

    Everybody raise your hand if you smell brainwashing.

    • ….i smell brainwashing, complacency AND selfishly unnecessary, and widely tolerated — illegal — New Year’s Eve fireworks .

    • Well I usually wouldn’t drop to your level of uneducated babble and conspiracy theory bs; but this is something that bothers me. The new fire danger that is increasing very rapidly should be concern for everyone. No one is trying to win any political points here. Are you from around here? Do you know that fire season doesn’t usually last here until late November? Have you noticed way less mushrooms in our forests? Mt. Shasta has barely had snow for the last five years? Plenty of other indicators out there too btw. Anyone in tune with the natural world should be noticing that things are changing here, very very quickly.

      • The frogs that use to chorus so loudly that you couldn’t hear people talk in the house have mostly disappeared.

        • Still have ’em at my house.

          • Less frogs, sadly, yes. Everyone who can should create safe habitat for them, however small.

            Even just a couple buckets of water, if you don’t have a pond. They need places maintained where the tadpoles can reach full maturity.

            If they run out of algae to eat, add nitrogen. (just a little! and not from a bottle. A cowpie works fine.) The more algae they have to eat in Spring, the faster they’ll grow up and hop away.

            Their population crash is one we CAN do something about, if enough of us actually make the effort.

            • I have a permanent little pond for them (actually a large old horse trough). It used to full of eggs. No more. I did notice that duck weed has made its way into it in the last years. Could that be the issue?

          • I’m not that far from the river, so I’ve especially noticed the silent summer nights. When i did hear some frogs a couple of evenings, i rejoiced. Over the decades, the forest critters have diminished. The profit motive of mindless logging has destroyed their habitat. Micro, macro – as the evil washes over Humboldt, we too will be scrambling for safety – and may not get out in time to find it.

            • What you condescendingly call profit motive, others call jobs. Profit motive is what has driven and created the greatest example of good for humanity in the history of man-kind, pulling millions out of poverty and saving and sustaining millions of people around the world. All this as you sit there in your blissful ignorance surrounded by the very luxuries created because of profit motive.

              • J. Dubbs,

                “Our planet is a mysterious orb of mind and spirit, a world of hope and love – but, unfortunately a world of clashing thoughts and feelings. If our world is to survive and find its destiny, new ways of achieving harmony must be found.”
                John McConnell, ‘’Minute for Peace’’ speech to the National Education Association
                29 June 1965

                A ‘job’ is eight to five as an employee. Employees are not profit motivated no matter what the cost.

                @10:37 I meant to follow profit motive with; no matter what the cost.

                Happy Hallmark New year

      • Last year was an average precipitation year. It came late but averaged out. The year prior was a stellar year with well above average precipitation. The 2 precipitation years prior to that were dismal. And this year is a good start with, for Mount Shasta, reporting a 39% above average snowfall.

      • Hi Emily-

      • Anyone in tune with the natural world knows it is always changing, sometimes slowly, sometimes frighteningly fast.

      • EXCEPT TRUMP…..

        • Sigh. People are discussing things and bringing politics into it stops everything in its tracks. Not subscribing to man made climate change does not mean that he doesn’t believe the climate is changing.

      • look up from the phone, look around

        have you been to Shasta? its full of snow. even if you wait till july! I snowboarded
        lassen in June two years ago…” anyone in tune with the natural world…” doesn’t count unless you actually tune in, Not just make shit up.
        So many of these smarty comments are from folks painfully out of touch with the outside:
        Has anyone noticed how there are never any tulips on Mars anymore, Ugh such a shame’
        You can’t make sense when you start with a false premise. I’ve responded to fires in January several times over the years, just cuz you weren’t paying attention from Cafe Brio, during your brunch four years ago doesn’t mean it has never happened before.

        • Wildfires in January are part of the new normal but…ask some of the older firefighters you know, it never was normal before.

          • I’ll bet that depends on how far you go back. What about a thousand years ago? 10,000? 100,000? 1 million? Thinking 200 years of records shows us what is “normal” often is a mistake.

            • I agree that 200 years isn’t a good amount of time to sample “normal” weather for geological purposes over the span of the entire earth’s history but…for the span of most humanity that are hoping that the plants they put in the ground this spring put out tomatoes this fall, then…it’s probably a sufficient amount for discussion. (For the first billion years the earth was probably molten lava. That’s roughly a quarter of its lifespan–if we go with averaging temperatures, that is going to pretty wildly skew things to too hot for humans.)

              • That is what makes it harder to say. There have been long lasting droughts before. Maybe such a long period of wet is the anomaly.

                • Well, the redwoods indicate that the area is pretty dang wet as a whole. You can’t have 2500 year old trees that need a wet climate without having a wet climate as a whole.

                • “The average redwood tree lives to be between 500 and 800 years old. However, there are some old-growth trees that have lived even longer. The oldest living redwood trees are between 2,000 and 2,200 years old. ”


                  For coastal redwoods to be an indication of a damp climate, the age of the forests would need to be mapped. If the was a 200year drought AND it was sufficient to eliminate redwoods in many areas, there would still have been enough time in the hypothetical wet “anomaly” for the coastal red woods to have recolonized many areas with what looks to be ancient woods. Redwood colonies would shrink from the hill tops down, leaving lines of trees snaking through the valleys to repopulate them through their range during wet times.

                • I know that Steve Sillett has been decoding redwood rings to discern climate but I couldn’t find a good article that explained that (including one I wrote) but here’s one that shows how scientists used Blue Oak trees in California to prove that the recent drought years were worse than any that existed within 1200 years. https://psmag.com/environment/finding-climate-change-answers-in-the-trees

                  Dendrochronology is fascinating. Scientists can even tell by the isotropes laid down in tree grain whether specific years in an area were high or low fog years (as separate from high or low rain years.)

                • How can 500 year old trees record facts about droughts in the 1300s? But still I would think that redwoods would provide some timeline for drought but apparently they are living up to their reputation as survivors no matter what-
                  “Redwood studies thus far have come up with some confounding results. Redwood trees are known to thrive on summer fog, and it was believed that they grew more slowly as they aged, but studies by Sillett and others show redwood growth increasing, in some cases doubling, over the past century. That’s despite a 33 percent decrease in the amount of fog along the Northern California coast since the early 20th century, according to a study by Dawson.” https://www.sfgate.com/green/article/Scientists-look-to-redwoods-for-answers-on-warming-3164776.php

                  But that still doesn’t say what some of these 1800 year old trees have to say about periods of drought. Maybe their survival skill make them impossible to read. There should be something somewhere about it but the only link I can find that hints about it will not open on my computer.

                • Wait…stop. “How can 500 year old trees record facts about droughts in the 1300s?” You did not read that article if you still have that question. Read the part about using stumps etc.

              • Euro-Americans have only experienced “normal” here for about 160 years or so. I attended a talk once by a meteorologist from Humboldt State who pointed out that the last 200 years in CA have been wet by historic standards. there have been periods of time that lasted almost 3 generations apiece, one about 90 years, and another for about 70 years, some time around 700 years ago, and maybe 1200 years ago, that we would consider a draught now-a-days. these events did have profound consequences for native people, and wildlife. we start hurting after only a couple of dry years! ( And people can’t help but cry ‘draught’ 5 years after the rains return!)

          • OK, older firefighter here. It was not normal, but it did happen – usually control burns that got away. With CDF seasonals (Cal fire now) laid off, state and BLM engine crews were usually one captain and or engineer or two engineers, and more emphasis on con crews to build hand lines. Also gave a chance for some of the newer back country fire crews to do their stuff – the winter fires were (and remain) good fires to train less experienced people on: they move slower, stay on the ground, burn cooler and are easier to control. When possible, we would just work from an existing road and use the road as a fire line/containment and let the black burn out underneath the larger, taller vegetation (or let the grass burn to you) and knock it down at the road.
            I could ay a lot more about the need to do a LOT more control burning during this part of the year, but I won’t.

          • Thanks Kym. I fought fire during the nineties. The only thing burning then in northern California was perscribed burns. It was the worst part of our job. 2+ feet of snow burning handpiles with driptorches and alumagel.

        • Sorry buddy I have no idea what you’re talking about. No false premise here- I’m talking about facts on the ground. Do u measure rainfall every year? I do. And snow as well.. way down, over twenty years I have notes. Climate shouldn’t change that fast over just twenty years. Ask any real local- it doesn’t snow where it used to anymore. I know these things change over thousands of years. But twenty years? That’s not right.
          Fire season, snow levels, mushrooms, bloom time on trees. These things are not political.

          • yeah well figure in a axis shift of .5 degrees to the south annunaly plus the shrinking sun causing our planets to expand their orbits,factor in the solar flare dtorms on the surface of the sun as well. not to mention increase volcanic actitivy….. and the normal increase in glaciar shrinkage fo to loss of mass in addition to above stated factors and sure northern areas are warming faster than before. but to say any of those are manmade is hardly truthful

    • Moonbeam huh? You know governor Brown got that nickname when he proposed satelite phones for first responders? It was a good idea then, and it is a good idea now. Keep repeating the words of your master the great orange baboon.

      • Not even close.

        The “nickname was coined by Mike Royko, the famed Chicago columnist, who in 1976 said that Mr. Brown appeared to be attracting “the moonbeam vote,” which in Chicago political parlance meant young, idealistic and nontraditional.”
        -NY Times, 6 MAR 2010

        • Royko later apologized when most of what Brown was saying and proposing turned out to be true. Fact is, they’ll always be ‘Flat Earthers’!

      • I did not know the origination of that nickname. Thanks. And right on…

      • Emily,

        As when a chick breaks through the shell of the egg they’ve been in, it doesn’t happen to all of the eggs in the nest at the same time.

        Now that i am no longer asleep i cannot pretend to fit anymore where i do not belong.

        As for lumping those w/eyes and ears together as uneducated conspiracy babble, compared to what? The American dream? Where you’d have to be asleep to believe it.

        It is because the public are a mass – inert, obtuse and passive – that they need to be shaken up from time to time, so that we can tell from their bear-like grunts where they are – and also where they stand. They are pretty harmless, in spite of their numbers, because they are fighting against intelligence.
        -Alfred Jarry

        The truth is extreme, to make moderate of it, is to lie. Tell me please, hasn’t it crossed your mind that everything we have been led to believe is a lie? Or do you prevent anything that doesn’t fit in the box from taking hold?

        The ideas i stand for are not mine. I borrowed them from Socrates. I swiped them from Jefferson. I stole them from Jesus. If you don’t like their rules, whose would you use?

        The world as we know it . . . the manufactured reality of fear, debt and scarcity . . . is going, going, going .

        • The world is a scary place. You need a tough skin and some common sense… I’m talking about things I see on the ground. I LIVE here. Like, I notice things, record things, watch where the water runs down the road and things like that. I have NO IDEA what you are talking about, and I think you might need to get out of your bubble a bit. Not being snarky, just honest

          • HumCo has a serious, well-documented making-stuff-up problem.

          • I explained at the most basic level – chickens hatching. Some are born, wake up sooner than others.

            I LIVE HERE.

            Each one who can be woken is one more who may be of help in the survival of our species.

            Also not being snarky. Just honest.

            • You never explained how the government was supposed to have paid off or threatened the tens of millions of people who would have had friends and relatives in a fire that killed tens of thousands of people. A conspiracy of millions of people, created over night.

          • Reality is not a lie.

        • You are manufacturing fear:

          You say the Camp fire murdered thousands.

          You say the Supertanker didn’t fly for the Camp and Carr fires.

          You said more, and it’s ALL FALSE. Demonstrably so.

          You say so much bullshit that is the basis of fear.

          You fear the truth.

          So you try to scare us with lies.

          I’m not scared.

      • Baboon??? I was under the impression he was an Orangutan!!!

      • Scooter,

        You can’t serve two masters. If i repeat something, i put the word ‘Repeat’ in front of it.

  • Did someone forget to notify the proper authorities of a planned prescription?

    Is it actually so dry up there that this is an issue?

    Two weeks ago SoHum was sopping wet, and leaves right next to a fire weren’t even drying out. This is kinda crazy and more information should be given to the public from CalFire

  • Be safe first responders. 👍🏾👍🏾🇺🇸

  • No. We here in Concow have community members who fled from Camp fire to Humboldt. This is frightening thought. Pray they fight this one and get a containment quick.

  • South of Dinsmore..

      • I think he means, based on the map, that the fire is South of Dinsmore and not North of Dinsmore as reported.

        • Dinsmore versus Dinsmores

          • I see the issue. Thank you, Ullr. The fire is reported to be north of Dinsmore on Hwy 36 and south of Dinsmores, a place that Google shows north of the red marker.

            • It’s out rt 1 mile marker 28. By pilot rock. It started sometime around 5 yesterday. Saw USFS headed that way

          • Both of which are still south of pilot creek

            • HumboldtBiologist

              No, Dinsmores is northwest of Board Camp Mountain, which puts it northwest of Pilot Creek. Dinsmore, CA is south of Pilot Creek.

              • Thanks for the clarification. I assume that the possessive apostrophe has been omitted from the place name Dinsmore’s which might be the location of John Owen Dinsmore’s popular sportsman’s resort. Does the Green Bartlett Ranch still exist?

                • HumboldtBiologist

                  Haha, I just replied to your lower comment with basically this exact same answer. I did a little more research and found the Green Bartlet Ranch on the USGS map. It is northeast of Dinsmores and directly east of Snow Camp Lake. I would guess they settle multiple sites in the area, Dinsmores being one of them.

  • Good. The more to burn now the less to burn come summer.

  • Yes let this one burn. Don’t put it out in the rainyseason . Then you don’t have devastating dry season wildfires. This is how the Indians have done it for thousands of years till they were made to stop 100 years ago.

    • Pharmstheproblem

      Wait someone used to have fire management, wow.

    • It on private property. The owners dont want it to burn. So it will get put out. No accidental man caused fires are left to burn anyway..

      • So…we all get to pay for putting out a fire on private land in a wet January when allowing it to burn a little bit until the next rain (this weekend) would actually be good for the forest and good for fire management? This is an honest question. Who’s land is burning and why should I pay for it? I have no problem chipping in when it really is fire season. Despite the statement above about “fire season is now all year”…this is not fire season, not this winter at least.

  • Stay safe first responders.

    There always the supertanker.

    • The supertanker didn’t take flight during the Paradise massacre. What makes you think Cal Fire w/the recent addition of undefined “Government Organization” guarantees morality over unconscious Order Followers?

      • More HumCo lies and misimformation.

        “..supertanker didn’t take flight during the paradise massacre.”

        But it DID.


        HumCo also said it didn’t fly during the Carr fire. It did.

        HumCo also said tend of thousands were murdered in Paradise. It was 86.

        He still does not acknowledge simple facts.

        He also says 47,000 people lived in Paradise. It was less than 27,000 people.

        Why is this mis and disinformation by HumCo allowed? It’s fear-mongering and false. It makes America dumb again.

      • Inspiring others to use critical thinking to stir their curiosity enough to research things on their own instead of taking another’s word for it is making America dumb again?
        Silencing those who inspire others to do their own research is what’s dumbing America down.

        True: Light orbs seen (video taped) over the first whisps of smoke at the Campfire? fire.
        True: Light orbs seen over the transformer in NY? that recently blew.

        Critical Thinkers: Photo shopped? Gaseous particles caught in mysterious bubbles? SciFi top military weapons? Enemy weapons? Who, what, when, where, why? Earthquake sensitive animals sense an eq before it hits, maybe the ‘orbs’ are a phenomena to alert us too.
        Dictators: STFU, you’re stirring up too much curiosity that stirs up too much critical thinking.
        Typical reader: Wow dude, maybe I live in a bubble and need to … oh, wait, no, my tv and favorite news blogs tells me to STFU.
        Awakening reader:: Wow dude, that’s kind of interesting. I hope the smart people can slide around the dictators and debate the wtf’s.
        Poster: No! It’s MY version that’s true!
        Poster#2: NO! It’s MINE that’s true!
        No, Mine!
        You’re an insult word.
        No! You are!

        • my neighbors transformer blew 5 or so years ago and it lit up my entire property (7 acres). it arced after someone hit a power pole down the road during a storm. if you were following the “booms”, which I was and I even got to see one, they sky lit up white. I originally thought it was redneck tweakers with Thermite, but I was wrong.

          • That would have been, for lack of a better word, freaky.
            Did the safety shut off switch shut down the area’s power like it’s supposed to?
            Did a major fire break out?
            Were you and your neighbors safe and okay?

            Those booms. What can we say about those booms? They’re nation wide, possibly ww but I forget. What are they? The polar shifts making the earth moan and groan and pop? Water thieves stealing our aquifers? Everybody suddenly building war bunkers? Criminals tunneling high speed rails to move their trafficked items? A mass hysteria of hearing things that aren’t really happening?
            Whatever the answer(s), they certainly raise multiple questions and perhaps even alarms.
            Tweakers in underground meth labs sounds about right for Humboldt though, I’ll go with that one until proven differently.
            Aliens needing grow space due to their over population, booming out larger underground alien cities sounds about right for Humboldt too.
            Question is, how can it be proven correct or proven wrong? Who’s lived to tell about it?
            I’ll keep an open ear to the net for all answers, but so far, all we hear about are the speculations. Which are fun in their own way, to a certain extent.
            Hopefully those in the know will put in their data.

            • it was raining hard so no fire. my property has never naturally burned. if climate change persists I have 9,765 cubic yards of forest floor litter to rake up. I was told the booms were transformers that were not compatible to the recent changes made with third party generators like RCEA. I don’t know if it true or not, but the timing matches up.

          • Orbs. Round balls of lights hovering over the plant.
            Several different fire balls were also recorded throughout time. One recently in the states. I don’t remember if it was the same plant where the transformer blew, but the important thing to know, is to know that it can happen. The more inquisitive wonders why the automatic safety shut off doesn’t switch it off. Was it hacked? Only time will uncover the mysteries I suppose.
            In the meantime, it gives rise to question our own predicaments. Are our power sources installed with automatic emergency shut off switches? Are the computer apps for it unhackable? Do they need to be updated? Reconfigured to work as hoped?
            An HSU student team could probably write an unhackable program, easily enough. Are there any scholarships for such worthwhile goals? Did they already do that and that’s what’s installed now?
            The more we question, the more questions pop up.
            The more we question, the greater the odds that a dictator will show up too.
            Which leads to more questions.

            • Why dont you slow down and answer one question you have?

            • What plant? You were talking about a transformer, which blow out all kinds of glowing metal particles when they explode, and the Camp fire. I was in Weaverville before and during the camp fire, and I saw no orbs.

              • The transformer that just blew in NY or NJ the other day had orbs hovering above the transformer plant before it went kaboom. (taped by citizen videos)
                One of the Calif fires, the Campfire fire?, also had similar orbs hovering over the area until the wisps of smoke grew into a monster. (satellite or plane video. Ariel view).

        • Why do say that?

          All I ever wanted was proof of exotic claims.

          (Like the media puts an orange tint on Trump, or lasers were used to light up dry areas of california)

          You never provided.

          No names needed.

          Logic in full swing.

          **It’s so interesting to note and notice how you’re defending HumCo who is the biggest outright fact fabricato. Yet, you always say “seek the truth.”

          It’s not so funny, actually.

          • CH has every right to speak CH’s truths, and the viewer/listener has every right to research those truths to confirm, clarify or correct those truths. But, I would never stoop so low as to attack CH’s rights to share CH’s truths. I don’t know CH’s truths, they’re CH’s truths. CH has the right to research more, clarify more, seek out others who might have more data or better data, or any other truth that slides into CH’s truths.
            As far as seeking truths, you’re free to go seek your own any time you like. Nobody has to do it for you. In fact, nobody else can. It’s YOUR truths you seek, not the truths of others.
            And… that’s my final answer to you … e v e r.

            • “Truths” are not made up statements.

              “Truth” is objective.

              You claim to care about the “truth” and you defend the lies. Hmmmm.

              You call me a liar, and dictator and name-caller when all I wanted was proof, or as close to it as you got.

              You still havnt come up with any proof that the media tints Trump orange, so I’m not surprised you don’t debate me anymore.

              Your long diatribes that change the subject don’t work on me.

              You lied. I caught you. You denied. You are the politicians you love to hate.

              By any measure, you and C.H have lost the credibility of many readers.

              For good reason too. If you make a claim, back it up or backpeddle it. But don’t insist your right when it’s so obvious your wrong.

              You guys need to practice your preaching.

          • does this prove that Trump in not anymore orange than most white people

        • Kym,

          How much further out of balance does it have to get?

          My ignoring the overboard and uncalled for rude interference of verminous public attacks, has, so far, just sped up one-way mud slinging . . . that inevitably other commenters, out of the goodness of their heart, take the time to set the records straight again. Also, to no avail..

          Not so long ago, unless the decision to take action is made on a selective basis, comments were deleted if the comment was totally attacking another commenter. Have RHBB’s rules changed?

          Some may see it as a preventable blemish on the RHBB’s community-connected communication blog.

          I’m appalled.

          • You don’t get it?

            Here’s how it goes:

            1)You make false claims.

            2)I ask you to prove it.

            3)You don’t.

            4)I give you links that show your wrong.

            5)You say I’m attacking you.


            • *Ullr, i edited this because I was too excited by HumCo lies when I wrote it.

              too excited? Like preying?

              Btw, i didn’t name names in my post to Kym. To Kym. Not to you. But since you get ‘too excited’, you have no control.

              • Countering your lies takes energy and time.

                I’m volunteering.

                Volunteering isn’t always fun.

                Just as you feel like I’m “preying” on you;
                I feel like you are preying on information, readers , and victims with your disregard for accuracy.

          • Central,

            I have deleted some insults. But questioning statements and providing counter arguments is part of free speech. If you see an insult, please point it out to me. I’ve been gone a lot and sometimes I miss things.

            • CH has been called names and has been chased across your forum by the name caller. The name caller doesn’t take time to seek out what truths can be found, what confusions might be found, or any such thing.
              Speaking of truths, this article might help clarify why the big old plane was late to the party.

              • Comment underneath one of those name calling comments with my name. I don’t recall any but I do miss things.

              • “The name caller doesn’t take time to seek out what truths can be found”

                This is exactly, i mean EXACTLY opposite of what’s happening.

                You guys can’t provide any proof of your claims! I’m waiting;

                You claim: “media tints Trump orange, they added it 30 minutes into a rally”

                Evidence provided to date: None.

                CH claims:
                -20,000 murdered at Paradise
                -47,000 population levels
                – no supertanker at camp fire
                – no supertanker at Carr fire

                And I did the research that shows he’s absolutely wrong, np debating left.

                And here you are calling me out?

                Shak, good luck, you need it.

              • Stop wasting Kyms time and find proof of Trump being turned orange by the media!

                You claimed it.

                I’m calling your bluff for the last 4 weeks and your still evading the “truth”, which is you lied.

                *the easiest way to shut me up is one of three ways:

                1)prove your right
                2)admit your wrong
                3) Stop lying in the future.

                • @Kym, here’s another one. Calling people liars just because the info gathered is different from the info gathered by the name caller.

                  To refresh:
                  Video & Photographers use different colored filters to balance the way the light is influencing the colors. https://priceonomics.com/why-every-movie-looks-sort-of-orange-and-blue/

                  They even use it at rallies, imagine that.

                  Name caller wants proof that media uses filters to balance their color light. If said person doesn’t ‘prove’ it, then said person is a liar.
                  So, I gave a link to the search list of OAN’s recorded videos on YT. One of the video’s (at least during live TV) went from noticeably white to an orange cast in the first 20 or so minutes of the rally. (even the audience turns orangish). Plus a link to the light casting cameras use.


                  Despite my directive that it was in the last series of the rallies and at the very beginning (20 or 30 minutes) of the rally that was so noticeably changed, the name caller who wanted the proof didn’t bother to play the vids and find the noticeable one.
                  Name caller demands I use my bandwidth to find it for him, and has demanded I find it for him or I’m a liar.

                  Usually when someone’s interested in a particular, they search through the leads provided and continue on until they’ve exhausted every lead found.
                  Usually, when someone just wants to bully and assault others, they waste their time and effort bullying others instead of doing their own diligent research.

                  It’s not nice to call people names just because the info found on the w/e road varies from the info found on the n/s road.
                  It’s fun exchanging the truths found from each road and then comparing notes at the crossroads.

                  I won’t talk on this more. I’ve made it obvious that orange people are sometimes orange and sometimes white or green and WHY they sometimes are orange and sometimes are white or green.
                  We use to have to calibrate our old color tv’s. It’s not a ‘new’ or a strange or a conspiracy type concept.

                  Why is it so important though? Is it the ‘sign’ of the end of the world if he’s orange or green or white or blue?
                  If it’s so important to ‘know’, then why isn’t it important enough to do the needed research in order to arrive at conclusions that suit?

                  I try to stay away from conclusions, but sometimes the conclusions are too obvious.

                  The saddest part to me? You, yourself, don’t see the problem with calling people names who’s information differs from yours.

                  Have a nice day.

                • Shak,
                  First, saying someone has lied is not an insult (That doesn’t mean you can’t be insulted by being called that. Kymmie is an insult to me. But might not be to someone else. However, I’m not here to protect you from feeling bad over someone’s opinion of your statement.) When Brian says you lied that is a statement of his perception of what you did. People lie and others have to be able to state that they did that in order to carry on rational discussions. However, Brian didn’t name you “Liar.” That would be an insult about your entire character and would be removed. But stating that a statement is a lie, untrue, is an opinion and allowed.

                  Second, I’ve reached the point where unproven statements that I believe you make frequently have frustrated me. Do I know for a fact that every single media organization in the US has never tinted images of the Donald orange? No. But do I know that Donald Trump’s skin on it’s own without any help from the media has an unnatural orange cast? Yes. Here: This shows the spray tan line. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/02/14/donald-trumps-fake-tan-line-mocked-social-media-forehead-exposed/

                  Does it matter? Not really. Who cares if a man has a spray tan? I don’t.

                  Does it matter if you insist that the media (which in this case you throw into a giant mass that all seem to think and act alike which you know is impossible given the spread between Breitbart and Mother Jones) is deliberately trying to make Donald Trump look bad? Yes. It does. The media’s job (and that includes both Breitbart–if I can choke down the idea that what they do approaches news—and Mother Jones) is to tell the truth. Some fail miserably at it. Every one makes mistakes. But to deliberately lie is a huge deal. Photo journalists lose their jobs over editing photos without telling the viewers—even minor edits to landscape images. (I think that goes too far but many don’t.)

                  If you want people to believe you, then you have to do the research to prove that you are right. Otherwise, they are free to think you are giving false information.

                  And no, it is not okay to insist they search through a long video to find the proof that you think is there. If it is there, find it, note the time the change occurs and give it. Otherwise, you are free to believe that the information is there and Brian is free to think you lied in this case. Personally, I think you are a victim of confirmation bias which is a lesser sin in my eyes than an outright lie but Brian is entitled to his opinion.

                • @Kym, you’re lying. I never said they edited the photos or films. I said they changed the filter that casts the colors, during the live stream.
                  It’s what professionals do. They calibrate for the lighting situation.
                  Sometimes they don’t have time before beginning to film, sometimes the lighting changes and they have to adjust for it, and sometimes a new camera person is on staff learning the ropes.
                  You’re saying they don’t adjust their cameras to suit the lighting.
                  Prove it.

                  editing to add:
                  As far as media goes, I prefer to follow THE journalists from any given media who is being up front and non biased as possible. YOU prefer to assume that if so and so says a media channel is cool, then every journalist/editor/article is cool. YOU follow the channel. I follow some journalists. I follow some channels until I find the journalist who sounds down to business of the day instead of down to punch of the day. THAT is not categorizing ALL media as loonies or ALL media as saints. Again, you lied. Truth: I don’t TRUST any channel, only parts of each and even those parts are always under scrutiny because they all seem to take turns at selling out.

                • Here’s your exact comment so we can be clear together: http://kymkemp.com/2018/11/18/man-who-alleges-his-humboldt-county-marijuana-was-stolen-by-police-filed-a-federal-lawsuit-friday/#comment-675075

                  Let’s be again clear. I don’t care if President Trump’s tan comes from either a spray or from the sun but it is obvious he does have tan lines. Why quibble about it?

                  Commenter dogglife said, “Our current president intentionally turns himself orange…”

                  You replied, “You can’t be serious. Nobody’s that … gullible. If you are serious, then I challenge you to watch him on livestream video’s such as RSBN or others where his hair is almost white and his skin is … OMG… his skin is normal pigment. It’s the MSM that puts the orange tint overlay on him. Even OANN cast the orange about 20 minutes into the broadcast of one of his rallies, for whatever reason. Step away from your orange casting tv stations, far far away.”

                  The implication is that main stream media is trying to make Trump look bad by giving him unnatural coloring. Don’t get me wrong, many liberal sites do take his words out of context or give them the worst possible slant. But I don’t see any evidence that main stream media is tinting the president orange. If you have some, let me know.

                • Shak, it’ll take me some time, but i will find the post where you said, “the media tints Trump orange.”

                  You did say that.

                  I would not debate you about changing filters for casts, or whatever you’re trying to say you think you said.

                  *that didn’t take long. Here you go:


                  You said:
                  “where his hair is almost white and his skin is … OMG… his skin is normal pigment.
                  It’s the MSM that puts the orange tint overlay on him.”


                  “Step away from your orange casting tv stations, far far away.”

                  Yes sir. There you go. Should we go back to the Carr fire posts about lasers?

                • Like I said before the sarcasm remarks… “then I challenge you to watch him on livestream video’s such as RSBN or others where his hair is almost white…”
                  Why did you leave that part out? It doesn’t fit your narrative or something?

                  Let me repeat that so it one day soaks in “then I CHALLENGE you to WATCH him on LIVESTREAM video’s such as RSBN or others where his hair is almost white…”

                  crap, now you can truthfully call me that insult, because I said the LAST time was the LAST time I’d ever respond. Good grief, here I am responding. My laughter took me off guard.
                  My bad.

                • I think, if we had been playing chess, I would have said checkmate already.

                  But then, you’d probably argue it’s checkers we were playing.

                  The not-so-funny ironies of a truth-denying-truth-seeker….all wrapped up into your comments for us all to witness and be headached by.

                  Happy New Year.

                  Sorry Kym for wasting your time.

                • Kym quote “The implication is that main stream media is trying to make Trump look bad by giving him unnatural coloring.”
                  That’s not only a big fat lie, it’s confirmation bias in the true sense of the word.
                  The RSBN is NON-MSM, Amateurs, Newcomers who LiveStream for the people. They probably use the “automatic” lighting settings. I don’t know, but they have a high percentage of streams where he’s not ‘orange’.
                  The OAN is fairly new to the MSM, still not that well known but are growing in popularity. They’ve been at it for a few years and are learning the lighting tricks. Part way into one of the rallies, they changed the light filter, which cast the orange cast.
                  The MSM is old and have their ‘game on’. When it comes to the rallies the highest percentage of their videos cast the orange tint.

                  Later in the thread, when asked about the orange/not orange, I took it upon myself to research the orange cast. That’s when I posted my finds about the Lighting. That was not what was wanted, however. The answer didn’t suit.

                  The insinuation is. Amateur live streamers don’t have the same orange tinting that the MSM has. The reasons why, as I posted earlier, are probably due to the professional camera persons doing the manual lighting. But, that’s not good enough for you either.

                  You refuse to do your own checking, to do your own research, connect all the dots between amateur, pro, filters, lighting, contrast, surrounding main colors (red hats a plenty), and everything that makes a director scream as he tries to coordinate the elements of any scene.

                  This has got to be the stupidist and pettiest theme on your forum.

                  A quote from WRich on another forum comes to mind: “… I would have to say that a deist is someone who assumes the truth in all things, an agnostic is someone who assumes that everyone is a liar, and an atheist is someone who would deny such a thing as truth, thereby rendering a true/false distinction impossible.”

                  S/he’s the only one that makes any sense.

                • How deep a hole will you dig yourself into?

                  You said:

                  It’s the MSM that puts the orange tint overlay on him.

                  Go back and read the thread for context you wonderful guy you.

                  You are straight up lying to yourself and everyone else if your going to keep trying to spin as a lesson in lighting for directors.

                  Fucking incredible you are.

      • Central humco,
        according to the newspaper the supertanker was used for the Paradise fire.
        Do you have personal knowledge that it wasn’t?

        • I receive emails sometimes twice a day from aplanetruth w/a link to a Youtube documentary.
          I think the number of documentaries this guy has chronicled on Paradise Lost is up to 53. Many of them are interviews with the people of Paradise telling their hell on earth experience. What they said was there no emergency notice to evacuate, no police, fire trucks, power was not shut off until after the second day – not one helicopter, plane, or the supertanker came to the aid of Paradise or her people.

          This link is #16 The Victims Speak -it may be in this one about the supertanker.


          Nothing can now be believed which is seen in a newspaper. Truth itself becomes suspicious by being put into that polluted vehicle. – Jefferson

        • youtube has videos of the reload process while it was assigned to the Camp Fire. “Blancolorio” has made some good documentary shorts, with fly-overs etc.

      • Central Humco, Fake news.
        Delusional spin.

        • she gets two emails a day from a freak site that is crazier than the national Inquirer called aplanetruth. now I know where the government lazer beam story came from. it seems shak is one of the same.

          • During the Carr Fire, Shak and HumCo were spreading info about DEW (lasers, laser planes, space lasers, etc).

            Kyms fire posts receive a lot of attention, and for good reason: They’re incredibly informative.

            To let these guys spew such obviously bad information without critique is not helping anyone. Id argue it hurts us all slowly.

            Shak, this concept doesn’t mean I want you banned or moderated. (Though I’ve advocated fact-based moderation, which is idealistic anyhow)

            This concept means if you can’t prove it, it might not be true.

            Further, if I or others prove otherwise, you may be wrong.

            If you can’t admit to being wrong, or not having proof of exotic claims, than you need to be tough enough to handle what follows.

            • I guess if you don’t believe in global warming all you got is lazerbeams to blame. but realistically they are providing disinformation which is intentional and a Russian tactic. shak has previously said he only listens to trump so it all adds up. I stopped fact checking both of their comments a long time ago, its a waste of time.

              • shak,

                i see you and Kym have been ironing out what is kosher and what is not. I sorta, kinda scanned – enough to read Kym’s statement that being called a liar is not an insult.

                • No, you totally misrepresented what I said. Being called a liar is an insult. However, being able to say that a statement is untrue, a lie, has to be part of discourse. We know that people do lie so what kind of discussion would it be if one could not say that a statement was a lie? That has to be allowable.

                • Are you are banning a post of mine this evening, that will turn down the noise from the peanut gallary?

                  My post is quoted comments from the grass roots in Paradise. Are there any truths you don’t want to know?

                • I went back and checked in the software. No comments from you have been deleted since before the first of the year.

                • That sounds about right, CH.
                  It’s the old one two that shills use in order to try to incite. All ad hominem remarks are insults meant to deconstruct all debate. By using an archetypal style of underlining another party, they’ve already lost the argument to anybody who has a bit of common sense.

                  editing to add: Oh nice, now the ad hominem includes russian bots and so forth? LOL, so very creative! NOT.

                • Yes, both of you are under scrutiny for your outlandish claims without evidence.

                  Imagine that, check and balance.

                  It’s amazing you don’t get it.

                  To reiterate;

                  The Supertanker showed up to fight fires.

                  There was not 47,000 people in Paradise.

                  Thousands or tens of thousands of people were not murdered in Paradise. It was 86.

                  Lasers were not used to start fires.

                  The MSM
                  does not tint Trump Orange.

                  And posting links to racist authors fired from Brietbart for being too racist looks bad on your research ability.

                  Enjoy your little club, where your scared of everything real, endorse everything fake, and call everyone crazy.

              • Local non-participant,

                It looks like you’re talking to yourself, since my post of comments from Paradise is where?

                “There is perhaps no phenomenon which contains so much destructive feeling as moral indignation, which permits envy or hate to be acted out under the guise of virtue.”

  • I remember when, as a kid in the late 80s and early 90s, the world seemed like a hopeful place. A place where anything could be accomplished, including saving the rainforests, halting nuclear proliferation, the fall of the Berlin Wall, saving the Ozone layer, the growth of public recycling… etc. We were taught that the United States of America could lead the way. Now, I can’t help but be continually blown away by folks arguing about climate change, especially the argument that “climate change is normal/natural, so quit your complaining, Lefty.” Sure, some degree of climate change is a natural phenomenon, but with the growth of scientific knowledge and the fortunes made in technology, it’s become a given that humanity is leading the charge toward extinction and moreso, that the means exist to slow it down.

  • Wow another fire…. how typical . 🙁

  • The reason they say its year round fire season is to increase funding. That is the only reason. Its not neccessary. Unless they eliminate the volunteers. But we dont need both

  • The suffering of those from Paradise did not end when the flames were extinguished. Go to the Facebook Group– Adopt a Paradise Family. There are hundred of persons in mass shelter slated to be closed on January 31st. Many of Paradise’s residents were seniors living in retirement community who suffering many ill effects from the smoke and fire. Many have pneumonia from living in cold, overcrowded, unsanitary conditions with portable toilets for bathrooms. They are scrambling for any trailer whether it leaks or not to get out of the shelter or motels. Many are waiting for FEMA checks that are not coming. Their insurance companies are trying to cancel their policies because there is no longer any structures on the property. Mortgage companies are still sending bills. Butte County has relaxed regulations, but the cities have not to allow folks to live in tents, cars, trailers or whatever they can find that they can afford. But the clincher is Haz Mat waste removal is happening so slowly that folks cannot get cleared to move back onto their property if they owned land. In the meantime developers from the bay Area are trying to cash in by offering a mere pittance of what their place was worth before the fire. Many folks are relocating out of the area whether temporary or permanent they do not know because their jobs disappeared with the fire as well as their homes. Do not think it couldn’t happen here. A natural disaster has become an opportunity for the wealthy to redevelop blighted areas. Think New Orleans and Rob Arkley.

    • Thank you for sharing that with us, Guest. It’s a good thing the fire news keeps being shared or I wouldn’t have a clue, I don’t do FB.
      Just found them on Twitter. https://twitter.com/AdoptFire

      • Darth Zuckerberg


      • shak,

        Do you have memory of posting in here on this thread last eve? After i saw the day’s exchange of posts between you and Kym, i posted that i saw them and briefly scanned over. Stopped after reading Kym’s statement that calling someone a liar isn’t an insult. She commented a defense for the on-going posts aimed at you and me, mostly. flat-out bullying from bullies.

        The last one i posted last night, i asked Kym is there any truth you don’t want to know? Coming in the back door she merely pushed delete, delete, delete.

        My larger post was quoted comments from the grass roots of Paradise that was in reply to crude, rude and lude Brian and don’t know Jack – who, for whatever drawn-out reasons of circular logic, have Kym’s blessing.

        Lame stream media continues w/black-out of the murdered people in Paradise.

        CIA Director William Casey Reagan Administration 1981-1987 “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”

        Go Kym!

        It’s easier to burn the heretics than it is to question authority.

          • Kym,

            “I’ve told you I didn’t delete any of your comments last night,” Past tense.

            How could you have told me about something before I questioned shak about it?

            None of my three comments are posted last night are on this thread.
            You claim you didn’t delete them, that you’ve already told me this.
            And provide three dysfunctional links to three posts that don’t exist on this same thread.

            I’ll wait to see if shak remembers posting a comment to me on this thread last night . . . that also no longer is a part of this thread’s conversations.

            • I discovered what the problem was. I had deleted a marginal comment from someone else that you had replied to and I had replied to your comment. The way my software works, if I delete a comment, all the responses to that comment don’t show to the readers but they do to me. I didn’t realize that those comments had been affected. Now that comment has been restored and all those links work.

            • Why, yes CH, yes I did.
              There’s an archive site online that might be useful. https://archive.fo/

              I noticed the thread’s post numbers changed, or I wouldn’t have noticed they’re back. Looks like Kym realized she’d forgotten how her delete app works.

              Did you ever post that list of witness quotes?
              Did you see the Chico article I posted about the big planes being told to stand down due to high wind and smoke?
              One of the skills that we curious ‘diggers’ need to hone up on, is the skill of leaving all ‘conclusions’ out of the speculation tables. It’s really hard, but the conclusions are not our job, they’re the court’s job. The connecting of the dots is our job though, to be in the awareness loop. Always be aware, but always remain open to more incoming researched information.
              In the case of the witnesses, they went through experiences that others did not. Others had other experiences that are just as honest. Time Stamps and other pieces of info, like maps, scanner recordings, etc always have a valuable spot. You probably know this, but I don’t think the bullies do… or apparently don’t seem to care. But, that works in the favor of those who seek truths over dogma, by making it easier to discern.

              • Shak,

                Gee I thought you would have taken the last week for either:

                1)Self reflection


                2) validation of your claims.

                It’s a bummer to see a “truth seeker” dig in to such fabrications and lies as you and HumCo do.

                There’s only 2 people that think you two were harassed for no reason: you two.

                The rest of us are tired of your exuberant claims with no evidence; thousands killed in Paradise, lasers on planes, media tints, population numbers, everything!

                You guys are beyond wrong or innacurate.

                You’re lying to yourself. I proved it, and you proved it.


                By not coming with any facts and not admitting it. Yup, you even started digging in deeper:

                Asking for Kyms help, calling me names, and assuming I have powers other than exposing your falsehoods as just your opinions based on fears.

                Shine a light on yourselves boys, you’ve been keeping your head in the sand too long.

                Otherwise I’ll gladly volunteer my time to fight your “infowar” bullshit back to the Russian / Saudis.

  • HumboldtBiologist

    They should have let it burn. It was out on Pilot Ridge, this is a massive Oak woodland that is currently suffering from conifer encroachment. Fort Baker did prescribed burns yesterday directly west of this location across the Mad River. Pilot Ridge contains one giant private ranch and at least one if not a handful of small private holdings which are almost all seasonal homes. The majority of homesteads are south of Pilot Creek on Eight Mile ridge. The forest needs low intensity winter burns like this, let it burn!!

  • Originally posted last night January 3.

    THE WEST COAST’S 9-1-1+
    PARADISE LOST 11-8-18

    It is a criminal enterprise that is responsible. Not political. Not religious. Not philosophical.

    The time the fire started in Paradise is reported as starting at different times, depending on which website you’re looking at. Even the day it started has the 8th of November in one article and the 9th in another. The number of people in Butte County, Paradise and/or including the surrounding area, also differ. In conclusion; the skewed numbers of people reported on MSM as missing or dead are not reliable either.

    Comments by the people of Paradise and surrounding countryside:

    Fred Jaminson 3 weeks ago
    Forest Fire my ass, it would be very evident if you lived there, but looking at the evidence online it is apparent that a natural fire does not do what this fire did. Shows the American People that the Main Stream Media is connected to the perpetrators.

    Winds or no winds?

    Rebeca Cobb 3 weeks ago
    I KNOW FOR A FACT PGE CALLED ON WEDNESDAY NIGHT BEFORE FIRE . THEY CALLED 7 TIMES SAYING POWER WOULD BE TURNED OFF DUE TO 40 MPH WINDS. THEM CALLING THAT MANY TIMES TO SAY POWER WOULD BE TURNED OFF BECAUSE OF 40 MPH WINDS WAS VERY STRANGE TO ME. THAT IS WHY I LAID AWAKE all weekday night listening to the 10 wind chimes outside my window. There was no wind. A 2 mph breeze came through about 2 am Thursday morning but it was very brief.
    L Cochran 3 weeks ago
    2:10 “Northern California fire is growing at a rate of about 80 football fields per minute” is illogical: football field=360 feet long x 80 lengths per minute = 28,800 feet per minute. Divide by 5,280 feet in a mile = 5.454 miles per minute x 60 minutes in an hour means the Paradise winds would have had to have been blowing at 327 miles per hour. Does not compute. This fire defies logic.

    MacTV 4 weeks ago
    People don’t stay in a vehicle when fire comes: they’ll get out and try to run at least.
    MacTV 4 weeks ago (edited)
    They trapped them people..Purposely.

    The real number of fatalities?
    Silent weapons for silent wars

    Chris B 3 weeks ago
    Thank you for your work….what are the true numbers? 200 found dead first day -a school bus full of kids and multiple cars with whole families…..but another point, all motels for many towns around were full with evacuees/survivors?

    Chitown Cat 2 weeks ago All agencies are complicit. The death count was in the hundreds two weeks ago, then nothing. This is a test drive, and if Americans do NOT speak up and question their Representatives/Senators, we are doomed. SPEAK THE FUCK UP!
    jesus fuentes 3 weeks ago
    The caravan was a really good distraction, some ppl don’t even know this mass murder just happened. Btw their media will never tell us the real number of casualties.
    esus fuentes 3 weeks ago (edited)
    Of course they got all the technology to do shit like this. I only wonder what’s the real number of innocent human beings that lost their lives in this mass murder? My Lord Almighty have mercy on all those souls.

    3 hrs. ago today:
    Daniel Andre – My dad was in west Sacramento and said he moved w/out telling authorities and he knows so many more people like him and that’s gonna be a reason why so many are missing, but the body count is definitely off by the thousands. People located to family and friends houses some out of state. I couldn’t locate my dad for weeks cause he left so fast and his phone was lost in the fires. But the authorities are lying about the body count and it is by the thousands but not 50,000.
    marks79luv 1 month ago
    I lived on Edgewood, there was 10 people that died on our street.
    Israel Geddes 3 weeks ago
    It would take at least 2 or 3 hours for a forest fire to burn bones to turn to ash and as fast as this fire was moving no way was it there long enough to burn so hot. It would have to burn at least 800 to 1200 degrees for at least an hour or two to turn the bones to ash, doesn’t add up… .

    Constance Curry 3 weeks ago
    Why would cops tell other cops to leave their car and RUN? Whatever caused these fires, it’s naive to think that first responders will respond as we expect them. Sure..maybe one or a few..but majority of 1st responders won’t engage until told ..or if someone they know is in danger.

    GetReady4LiftOff 3 weeks ago
    Kmart no fire there yet, and 1 tree just ignited. It turned really blue. 1 lone tree. Nothing around it caught it on fire. Only 1 Officer screamed, get out of your cars! Cars backed up. Only 1 lane was open. Everybody in cars were going downhill towards the fire. Never told to take alternate routes. No animal rescues allowed after fire.

    Rick W. 3 weeks ago
    This is as bizarre as it gets. Every building burned to the ground, every car disintegrated, SURROUNDED BY GREEN UNBURNED TREES EVERYWHERE. Jesus come soon

    Jeffrey Stroman 3 weeks ago
    Even if this knowledge is run over by mass media and our collective subconscious, some of us are asking some important questions. What is concerning is if they simply burned the trees as well many of us wouldn’t be discussing this. I’ve heard they are lined up to harvest the trees quickly, maybe why they were left alone. That or just like 911 they went big and obvious to create a population of disbelief so the masses can fight amongst themselves for years, effectively hiding undisclosed facts from a unified population .

    A Billion Dollar Fortune From Timber and Fire

    Fun Stuff, Keep Munchin, Be Thankful 3 weeks ago
    Why was the water planes grounded and not given permission to take off?

    Hell’s Inferno commenced consuming Paradise and her people, early Thursday morning November 8th. November 11th, after three days of Hell on Earth in Paradise, a military agent of Satan made an offer to contract with the spokesperson for the 747 Global Supertanker.

    Mortacracy: A type of political system that habitually and systematically murders large numbers of its own citizens.

    Push Forward 3 weeks ago
    Did anyone see the sign in Chico saying ” WILDFIRE WILL SET. GET READY NOW AND GO EARLY”? It was on the corner of 15th and park ave. I saw it all summer long. They always give hints . . . it’s up to us to pay attention.

    ~This same sign was on 36 at the northbound entrance to 101.

    Pratnamac 3 weeks ago (edited)
    Did you notice that only object with electronics have been hit? Maybe everyone must turn off smart meter, smartphone and destroy all wifi antennas.

    TBull Cajunbreadmaker 3 weeks ago
    They are not using lasers. They are using particle beams that create a spontaneous fire on whatever the beam hits. The particle beam changes whatever materials they come in contact with immediately and their molecular structure goes from ambient temperature to immediate combustion and plasticizing and melting metals. These weapons are coming from space-based platforms that are remotely controlled from the ground. Also, they are in high altitude, manned and unmanned aircraft. The longer you hold the beam on a structure the higher the temperatures goes until the materials start being gaseous after the complete breakdown by the high intensity of the highly concentrated particles moving at light speed. You can’t see a military laser beam because they are invisible to the human eye. If you see a laser beam, it’s only being used for targeting the main weapon, and it also confuses the public as to what is actually happening.

    It’s the land that has value. Not the funny money

    Ownership of private property is essential to guaranteeing individual liberty. Without private property, no other rights are possible.

    J Kri 1 month ago
    For the people with property loss in Paradise, they can sever their mineral rights from the land immediately and put those rights into an irrevocable trust for their children or heirs. A good local broker and escrow service will have a title company and notary public. For more information watch…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=–2_TPEiuxw

    Jonh Wick 3 weeks ago
    I noticed a beam of light shine on the forest south east of this fire about two weeks after the fire was burning.so I am convinced direct energy weapons and it will happen again if we don’t get are heads out of our asses this is war on our people, our California state.

    VaN DaNgo 3 weeks ago
    This footage of this vulgar display of power- literally makes me physically sick! Ffgffffuk!! Let’s rage ! Suit-up & Boot-up and head to the front lines! These mutha fukers must be stopped NOW!!! God damn them.

    CIA Director William Casey, Reagan Administration 1981-1987 “We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false”.

    ~ the info is there, relying on others to interpret the data points for you is the same as relying on MSM for political news. YOU HAVE TO THINK FOR YOURSELF.

    We are at war and we are not prepared to fight.

  • Their experiences are so devastating, so heartbreaking. Too freaky for my ears, but I believe they believe everything they’ve been through. I hope the new Admin is seriously looking into this… and the lack of help since.
    Guest mentioned they’re facing eviction from the emergency shelters at the end of January. WHY would that be allowable? It doesn’t make sense.
    What can we do to help, besides raise awareness?

    • I find it almost comical when people add two plus two and it equals four, then wonder why the controllers can’t figure it out. THEY ARE NOT HERE TO PROTECT AND SERVE. They function to protect the corporation’s bottom line, no matter what the cost. We keep looking for logic in criminals and thieves.

      This might also be ‘too freaky’ for ya:

      Deputy Special Agent intercepts $4.5 – 6 Trillion dollars worth of pure Adrenochrome, trying to cross an international border.. OMG!!
      15 tractor trailers carrying 44.1lbs of Adrenochrome.

      Besides raise awareness? That alone is next to impossible in the merry ol land of Oz. Myself, for what its worth, i get it on public record. Did you pick up on what the Deputies were told? And what they told the people in their cars?

  • They told the people to get out of their cars and run. The roads are blocked ahead? Another bigger fire is heading their way and they can’t turn around fast enough? It does seem like there’s an information gap that needs to be addressed.

    Yeh, I’ve been in many different chats where those subjects were brought up, but I never stuck around to learn more than a general skimming’s worth of awareness info. I do know that is one of the major issues with the ports and why POTUS is demanding tighter security everywhere. That’s one of the rabbit holes I refuse to dive into. One really needs to put on the full armor of God for that, mine needs a few holes patched here and there. I leave all that to the totally prepared researchers. (there are thousands upon thousands of them fortunately).
    POTUS was ( this ) close to mentioning some of the things, but fortunately held back. I feel it’s safe to say he’s informed his entire cabinet and congress on it though. (as if they didn’t know lol).

    The minerals under the homes? Yeh, that’s been documented & mapped by researchers too.

    The Salvage Logger dude? He might be an evil doer, I don’t know. His name hasn’t been mentioned like the really big ones have been. In fact, the hit piece on him makes me think he’s been on the up and up but that he’s too much ‘competition’ for the monopoly. I’d take the article with a grain of salt and a dash of pepper.

    I’m new to ‘digging’, & am terrible at it, but I’ve found hubs of diggers who are so fantastic they make the 470 look shabby. 🙂

    Keep up the good work of raising curiosity, and sharing important to be aware of info. Hopefully others will feel free to step away from the parrot masters and start digging in too.

    There’s only so many posts a non reporter can type out imo, allegedly, potentially, perhaps, maybe, supposedly, before dying of redundancy… but it’s something we need to get into the habit of doing lest some idiot decides we sound like some pro expert or something lol.

    • The comparison to 9-1-1 is the fact that the order to stand down (over the most protected air space), was followed. Hence, the public serpents knew in advance. It’s not like there aren’t tons of pictures of melted vehicles from wherever else the desecration of life took place. Hwy. 5 was closed last summer because there were so many melted freight trucks all over the road. “Camp Fires” must be labeled as “Wildfire” as opposed to Forest Fire, since the trees are left standing for quick harvest. Even ol Smokey the Bear’s “Only you can prevent forest fires”, has been changed to “Only you can prevent Wildfires”.

      17 years to get to a Grand Jury for 9-1-1, where the number of deaths was reported as 3,000. Paradise, at minimum, is three times that. Wikimedia’s population count is 20 some thousand. From the mouths of those who lived there, they say it was over 40,000.

      Yeah, the irrelevant Trump haters aren’t worth the time. However, none of the other “Wildfires” drew the Prez., the Gov., and the next Gov., for a visit. Why Paradise? No witnesses. The people either got out or they were eliminated.

      California Smart Meter Close Up Camp Fire 2018 and other mutations.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbFnpMK_RYA 12:24 December 28, 2018

      The dirty electric providers didn’t shut off the power in Paradise until the third day –just in time for the fire trucks to arrive, but unable to do much without the electricity being on. Too little. Too late. Our firemen, probably, have no idea what they’re up against.

      Mark Anthony 5 days ago
      bro…..I just watched several of your videos….I broke down and cried….got mad and cussed this evil madness…the dog trapped in the house sent me to a place of utter despair…. then I got mad again and broke A LOT OF STUFF while crying, cussing, plotting, begging, praying until numb and resolute, but still unable to stop sobbing. I just wanted to tell you that THESE VIDEOS are witness to something VERY DEMONIC and if THESE won’t wake ‘em up, then NOTHING WILL.

  • I don’t know what was said in the af1 skiff, but the two sure had a hard time looking him in the eye afterwards.

    • Truth-based moderation would delete this comment.

      Misinformation comes from Russia and Saudi Arabia, regurgitated by pawns in the countries that are targeted.

  • Dustin Nemos Interviews Ginny Silcox on DEWs, the WTC and NorCal Fires

    This is a very interesting conversation, that deserves that one set aside some time to listen to it.


    • ^^^ This! ^^^ So much this!

      • Seems the dots are getting connected everywhere except Humboldt. 🙁

        • She even covered the missing link of info re the reason why they were told to get out of their cars and run like hell. I have a strong suspicion that the cop will be having flashback nightmares for the rest of his life, if I’m correct in assuming he connected some of the dots. Seeing is believing.

          Yeh, the noisy anti’s try to buffalo the curious, but they’re only raising more curiosity through their endeavors. The silent, yet awakening, majority is too busy researching. God works in mysterious ways.
          Stay strong, keep up the searching. I assume you’ve found the .pub site and the others?

          • I’ve found more than i want to find in this hellish demonic scenario.

            Yep, the cops knew ahead of time, as did the “leaders” of Paradise. They led the town’s people right to their demise.

            No, i’m not familiar with .pub site.

            • That’s a perspective I didn’t consider, but will put it on the back burner so that I won’t be in a state of shock if your speculation is correct.
              My own perspective, was that the cop probably witnessed first hand, people dying before their cars did.

              • I say that because in one of the #57 Paradise Lost documentaries it shows the houses that didn’t vaporize – you can guess which ones they were.

                Paradise Lost #57 ~ Origins …. An Explosion Not a Forest Fire

                https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O2dprXhDCQo&feature=em-uploademail January 8, 2019

                It is beyond belief what this regime of psychopaths can do, and years later quietly release obvious proof that they did it, as in the case of inadequately compensating those who lost family members in 9/11. Given the magnitude of that atrocity, to never be taken up by the ‘legal’ system is just beyond belief, while the main stream media sits back and totally ignores the issue.
                Woe to Babylon!

                • Had they of put the ariel video into slow mode, they would have seen the orbs over the first plumes of smoke, but at least they have a screenshot that was captured by someone else. (I feel the photo was enhanced though, because in the video itself, they’re not as large).

                  Rumors have it that the atrocious fires are tied in with the loss of govt funding due to the sanctuary state act. It took a tremendous fire to get POTUS to cave in to the demands for money. God help us all now that we’ve been cut off again. (did you see the tweets?). I hope everyone can purchase the items that the Scientist Ginny mentioned in the earlier video. It’s going to be a long 10? years, according to Jerry.

            • You’ve been lied to, and now your spreading lies like wildfires.

              Good job you Russian tool.

    • [edit]

      Find some logic.

  • No i didn’t see the tweets.

    I doubt that many of us will survive.

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aoEnEMRpLY8 46:54 January 7, 2019

    We fled the USA and Moved to Mexico
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1&v=CdQ0Sb2FeC8 11 mins. Dec. 23, 2018

    • Nearly a quarter of this page is now an unreadable circlejerk about orbital lasers and “orbs” comprised primarily of random comments plagerized from other forums. None of it has anything to do with the fire in Willow Creek.

      This is the future of these message boards if something isn’t done. They’ll just be a permanent InfoWars news ticker.

      (Edit: Why would anybody need orbital lasers and demons to start a fire, anyway? You could use a lighter or a magnifying glass FFS)

      • Moderate!

        The bullshit lies from HumCo are too much.

        Zuckerberg is in deep shit for not doing enough to counter disinformation. It’s a real threat. Many, like Shak and HumCo, think they are doing good, but actually are spreading fear and false info.

        I have shown that HumCo is beyond wrong, he is a purposeful liar.

        I dont want to ask, beg, or bother Kym, but I’ll say if this was my yard I would kick HumCo out, and put Shak on serious notice; stop with the misinfo.

        If you’re going to claim something fantastic like cops knew about the Camp fire before it started, or lasers were used, or the media is tiniting Trump, you better be ready to be put to task for evidence.

        HumCo is doing serious damage to these threads.

        I hope that is realized before this year’s fire season.

  • Against logic there is no armor like ignorance.

    • You repost videos from Aplanetruth.

      He takes videos from other people without their permission, alters and edits them, and misrepresents them.

      He is accused of being a shill by many individuals in many different conspiracy-based forums.

      He advocates the Earth is flat.

      Do you think he has proved the Earth is flat?

  • I think it’s an interesting concept.

    I’m more concerned about survival.

    • It seems your surviving ok. You have more than enough time to watch YouTube and comment here very often.

      I’m surviving ok too.

      Central, what I’m really concerned with is that you’re taking this information around and promoting it, but you’re not investigating it.

      You’re not thinking about it.

      Which is kind of what you want everyone to do.

      Let me now ask:

      Why is the concept of a flat earth interesting?

      • Because Everything else we’ve been told isn’t true.

        For if you (psycho-rulers) suffer your people to be ill-educated, and their manners to be corrupted from their infancy, and then punish them for those crimes to which their first education disposed them, what else is to be concluded from this, but that you first made thieves (& outlaws) and then punish them. Utopia Book 1

        • I think if you are not comfortable enough to know that the Earth is not flat than you are actually also not comfortable with knowledge in general.

          I recommend you muster the courage to understand and KNOW a few things, rather than spread what you don’t deny might be absolute propaganda.

          • Circumcised and bottle fed.

            https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmnOgPcwLtc 55 mins. December 19, 2018

            • There you are. A lot of noise in between our last correspondence, but I found you.
              Ginny the Scientist mentioned wearing special filtering masks, but ouch, they’re expensive. A thread on Quora mentioned that most masks filter 90% & that we need to pay strict attention to our water and food. So, next search is the search for great water filters. Always more to learn isn’t there. While adventuring about for info, I ran across an article or two that mentioned that a SuperFund site, a Nuclear Waste site (lab) facility burned in the Woolsey fire. The video you shared shows the Woolsey smoke blowing out to the ocean, so the next step was to search for how long it takes for radiation to disolve into a nothing burger. Ugg. Not good. So, that led me to do a search for the wind currents, which are at this time blowing towards SF. I don’t watch the SF news anymore (too slanted imo), so am not aware if or when they have posted any ‘minor’ alert warnings for the citizens who might be concerned. Then I got to thinking about other toxic dump sites in Calif and how can we know in advance what ‘extra’ chemicals might be in the smoke, or on the wind, ready to settle down into our water and plants. Not much helpful info there, because Calif labels everything under the sun as toxic lol. We already know that house fires are more toxicity dangerous than typical forest fires, yet even so, the media smirks at those wearing masks. (Santa Rosa fire news woman smirked as children went by her wearing masks. Maybe she was nervous because she wasn’t wearing one?).
              I’m just skimming the articles and helpful tips for now, hoping to find bloggers or articles with solid advice. For instance, this article pits experts against each other, while citizens are going crazy wondering what to do, who to listen to. https://antinuclear.net/2018/11/17/did-the-woolsey-fire-disturb-a-nuclear-waste-site-california-says-no-and-a-group-of-doctors-say-yes/
              When it doubt, put a mask on is my only educated guesstimate. Don’t forget extra filters and water filters. I hope our fire and rescue teams have stocked up on them.

              Your Jett link was interesting, but … his site is weird. (reminds me of telemarketers lol). Long story short, I found a fascinating and compelling interview online that helps to explain a lot of the same talking points. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zc61Dl7Odj8&feature=youtu.be&a=

              What’s up with the flat earth talk? Why is it important whether or not it’s true, false, trendy, fantasy, or whatever else it could be called until proven one way or another? Is it a religion or something? I don’t understand the fuss.

              • Me too – the flat earth, the domed earth, the round earth – idk, or care at this point.

                Looks like we’ll have to wear masks and other protective gear. That fireproof sleeping bag sounds good – but, up against microwave heat, probably not better than my down sleeping bag.

                I’d really like to have a meter that measures radiation. I looked this morning, when the news release pictured a male and a female with their faces all picked, for an article that puts the blame for a lot of the mental illness and addiction on radiation. I saved the link – now, just to find it again.

                Agree, the Jett link is drawn out. I watched it twice and included it here because they talk about the Paradise “Firestorm” at the end. I’ll watch the new link you provided.

                • Day 10 of Shak and HumCo’s InfoWars copypasta festival: We no longer can be sure of the shape of the Earth, but tin foil hats will no longer be enough. We need tin foil sleeping bags!

                  Is this still a forum about a fire in Willow Creek?

              • The seven minute video – ‘Did the Woolsey fire disturb a nuclear waste site? California says no, and a group of doctors say yes’ – was way more informative than the two hour one. I have many years at this kind of stuff. It’s the radiation that i don’t know much about.

                Thanks for the link.

                • Is this the info you were talking about re the substance abuse? https://www.sharecare.com/health/impact-of-radiation-poisoning-on-body/how-radiation-poisoning-mental-health
                  I’ll try to find more info on it.

                  Yeh, the long one covered mostly the stuff that the other ones keep referring to. I found it an interesting enough lead that might lead to other leads re the various topics.

                  We’ve gathered important info on how to prepare selves and others. Hopefully the fire fighters and rescue teams will prepare too.
                  We’ve also gathered info about strange anomalies that sometimes occurs before the fires break out. (The Lionel Video is one, but I can’t seem to relocate it). If those are warning signs, hopefully the fire towers look outs will take notice instead of dismissing.

              • “The fuss” =

                Common ground.

                The earth is either flat or round.

                No room for ambiguity.

                There are facts, completely objective.

                If you are not comfortable knowing one of the two answers are correct, and the other wrong, you are not mentally capable of knowledge in general.

                That’s the fuss.

                Further, the choice you guys make to shut out local media, vs. YouTubeers who are spreading total BS that flies against logic first, research second, and scrutiny 3rd, is a horrible choice.

                If someone is spreading bad info you have to have courage and knowledge to call it out. That’s why I’m hitting you guys so hard.

                How can you not feel comfortable with knowledge like the Earth is not flat?


                How are you so gullible as to think the Earth may be flat?

  • off subject



    He gives you this fair warning
    it is the poor who gave
    now you must give it back to them
    for no one is your slave

    banks do not lend money
    it is a total lie
    money comes from the signature
    of the signing guy

    encapsulate the little ones
    plus business big and small
    the evil one will not be done
    until he controls us all

    so run and hide you evil ones
    though you already know your fate
    for the ones who fought and died before
    are going to rid this world of hate

    this is the year of the jubilee 2019
    all debts must be forgiven
    the world no longer for the dead
    but for all those that are living
    -from my friend Brian in Nova Scotia

  • Yes, that’s the link i was looking for. Thanks.

  • Off subject. Yes.,

    ~i haven’t watched this til now. It’s super-dooper, fascinating.

    Ancient Sumerian Tablets Decoded (2h well spent on a Monday eve)

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VdAbp3ea4YQ 1:49:37 October 10, 2017

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