EPD Searching for Suspect That Struck a Pedestrian Last Night and Fled

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Background photo by Oliver Cory

Press release from the Eureka Police Department:

On 12-30-18 at about 2052 hours, officers responded to a vehicle vs. pedestrian traffic collision at the 1600 block of 4th Street.

Upon arrival, officers located a female pedestrian in the roadway on 4th Street, just west of R Street. Medical aid was summoned and the pedestrian was transported to St. Joseph ER for treatment. The pedestrian was ultimately treated and released for minor abrasions.

As a result of the investigation to this point, it appears that the pedestrian was crossing 4th Street, just west of “R” Street, and she was outside of the crosswalk. The suspect vehicle was traveling southbound on R Street and turned westbound on 4th Street, when the suspect vehicle struck the pedestrian in the roadway. The suspect vehicle then fled the scene. The suspect vehicle was described as a larger dark colored pick-up. The vicinity was checked by officers, but the truck was not located.

This is an ongoing investigation and anyone with information is urged to call Officer Ben Omey at 707-441-4060.



  • Gonna guess one of the multitude of homeless that hang out in that area, wearing dark clothing, walking wherever they want to, hoping for insurance settlement from driver. No sympathy.

    • I got in a fender bender on 5th and O for the same reason, someone decides to walk into traffic in the middle of the block. If you are feeling suicidal, there is help available. Definately don’t make someone else pull the trigger for you.

      Don’t hit and run, either. Bad karma all around.

      • your fender bender wasnt because someone stepped out in traffic it was because you were either following to close or were not paying attention while driving.

  • political moderate

    WTF? Why doesn’t anybody stop anymore?

    • Dont meth addicts use crosswalks anymore? You will have extensive criminal and civil hassels of you stop after hitting a jaywalking tweaker. Hell they might end up suing you and living in your house. Then you’d have to to try to get hit and sue someone else.

  • hrmm night driver training for the crew of the new bearcat is my guess

    • I’m certain that if it were the New Bearcat the victim would have received more than minor abrasions!!!

      • i wouldnt be so sure about that. you would be suprised at how little somesone gets injured when you attempt to run them over in a truck with a brushguard. nothing like running them over just to have them still shoot at you.. having to stop get out and end them personally while trying to casulity evac sucks arse.

  • They may want to consider putting signs up “cross with caution, cars may not stop,” for the pedestrians and “drive with caution frequent stops due to pedestrians darting out into the road,” consider reducing the speed limit and maybe adding something reflective to the street markings and consider adding more lighting.

    I drive carefully and stop for any pedestrian and honk really loudly to alert the cars behind me why I’m stopping so I don’t get rear ended.

    The motorist has to stop regardless but they want to consider making it a bit safer for cars and pedestrians.

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