Local Democrats Angry Over Relocation of Voting Site for Delegates; Claim It Is Designed to Keep Progressives From Power

ADEM Poster
Call to Action from local Democratic Delegates:

Following months of appeals, petitions, and finally a formal challenge to the California Democratic Party’s Compliance Review Commission, local Democrats must drive to either Crescent City or Santa Rosa to vote for their delegates to the California Democratic Party Central Committee. The outcome of this and other Assembly District Election Meetings (ADEMs) will help decide the direction of the Party for years to come. At stake is the selection of a new Party Chair (the previous chair resigned under allegations of sexual harassment and bullying), drafting the Party Platform, and endorsement of the 2020 Presidential candidate.

AD2 ADEM date is January 12th, with doors opening at 10 am, speeches at 10:30, and registration / voting from 11 pm – 1 pm. Voters will select 14 delegates and one executive board member for a two-year term. All registered Democrats (on-site registration is available) from Assembly District 2 are eligible to vote. No proxies or vote-by-mail options are allowed. Past ADEMs have been held in Eureka and Ukiah. However the new Regional Chair first decided to relocate the election to Santa Rosa only; following the successful challenge to the Compliance Review Commission, she then added a second site in Crescent City rather than restore the Eureka location.

With the two sites at the extreme northern and southern boundaries of the 320 mile long district, voters in Humboldt, Trinity, and Mendocino counties will have to drive some distance to participate. This mirrors the very voter disenfranchisement decried by the Democratic National Party. This decision is even more suspicious given that Del Norte County has less than 4% of the registered Democrats in the district, while Humboldt has over 27% of those voters. Crescent City also does not appear to comply with the “centrally located” provision for ADEMs codified in Party bylaws and procedures.

Discontent is boiling over among Democrats who feel disenfranchised by this action, and who suspect that the progressive wing is being deliberately shut out of winning positions of power with a voice at the state level. Those re-entering politics with the Bernie movement effectively swept the ADEM elections in 2017 and have been working for change within the Party structure. This recent action is seen as but one tactic in the much anticipated push back from the establishment status quo of the Party.

Progressives throughout the district have organized a solid Progressive Labor slate of candidates. All eligible voters are strongly encouraged to attend this decisive upcoming ADEM; shared transportation to either the Crescent City and Santa Rosa location can be arranged. More information can be found at https://www.facebook.com/VoteAD2/ and https://www.adems.vote/ad2/

Helene Rouvier
AD-02 delegate



  • What is the definition of progressives here?

    • Socialist/Communist Marxist

      • Marxists, like FDR or Eisenhower. People WAAAY to the left of current DNC leadership.

        • Fake news. Eisenhower was a republican. And a capitalist.

          • Hopefully these two groups will implode on each other, and we can get some people in here that will fix this mess. Get rid of the illegals, that lowers taxes. Get rid of environmentalist whackos, that will lower taxes. Stop the illegal gas tax, that will help the poor. Lower the school pay for superintendents and give it to the real workers, the teachers. By sending the illegals back, our schools could have smaller class sizes, this would improve our schools. The democrats and progressives have hurt this state so much, especially with the illegal sanctuary cities, or state. Ask the family of the cop who was just killed on Christmas. The murder of that cop is on the govt of Calif, from gov Brown on down to the assemblymen.

            • oh my, those are the words of a scared little boy in my mind.
              the gas tax keeps us from driving so much which helps keep the climate calm which helps keep people from needing to migrate. or to put it in your gracious vernacular: keeps the illegals home.
              immigrants kill far less frequently than citizens do, so that cop died as he lived…on the job. it was his calling and we thank him, but he is no one’s victim, least of all my victim for standing up for the disenfranchised.

              you want to dig at progressive politics while your nincompoop president brings the economy to a crashing end? lies about deals with china will only prop up the disaster for a few weeks.

              • No one’s victim? The disenfranchised? So in your view an illegal immigrant is to be considered a disenfranchised victim because the country dared have rules about immigration he chose to ignore while the policeman who was killed, himself a legal immigrant, was not a victim because he had the nerve to stop an illegal for DUI?

                This sort of extreme partisanship is why such men have a free pass to destroy. It’s absolutely corrosive to tolerance, not conducive to it.

                • Oh so high and mighty are your words. However…

                  your People came without invitation and stole this land.

                  So your rules about who can come next are NULL AND VOID.

                • By your own standards, so are yours. Your ancestors, presumably from Mexico since that is the one note you constantly sing, would have been met with resistance had they ventured here prior to the white man’s advent. You can not honestly declare yourself just like the natives so you have a right to their land either. You consulted just yourself about that too.

                  Basically you continually base your self serving remarks on race awhile condemning others for their doing the same thing. If you were honest with yourself, you would simply say that you want all power to go the group you see yourself as belonging so that you get the opportunity to be the big bully on the block. Because you apparently intend to sabotage anything else with your divisiveness.

                • Keep On Dancing 🕺💃 🎼

                  Is that all you so-called “conservatives” have to offer these days? Hating Latinos and tax cuts for criminal corporations?

                  You can see why Democrats 🇺🇸 picked up 40 House seats. “YES WE CAN.” And yes we did! 👍🏿

              • No, the gas tax is a burden of the working poor. They have to drive everyday so they can eat. But they do not have the food budgets of people in other states because they pay so much more for fuel. The increase in auto registration is a burden on the poor. The illegal alien is a burden on our working poor. They are fleeing evil socialist government policies. The “climate change” has not hurt anyone in central America, nor has it stopped them from food production, nor has it flooded them out, nor has it flooded out Miami, or New York. The brave officer who was killed by an illegal alien was not just doing his job. He was saving us from being killed by a drunk illegal. He has been arrested twice for DUI, and he had no plates on his rig. Since you obviously will stand for the law breaking illegals, and not the hero law enforcement people, I suggest you go to the leftist governed counties in central and South America and check it out. Your way of thinking puts you to blame for his death, yes. And as for Trump, we all have benefited from his new economy. He has made things so much better.

                • Keep On Dancing 🕺💃 🎼

                  🇺🇸👍🏿 The American people CLEARLY disagree with you.

                  BLUE WAVE, BABY!!! 🌊 🌊 🌊 🐘 🌊 🌊 🌊 👋🏻

            • Hey stubby, this veteran wants you to stop standing on people’s graves to make yourself sound more informed than you actually are.
              He calls you out for your hypocracy specifically.


              • How many rapes does it take, dui killings, other killings will it take? Build the wall, round these freaks up, and rid ourselves of this crap. That tuber is entitled to his opinion, but we teach the kids in our school he is wrong and his way of thinking hurts people. Everyone who is now against the wall, like Pelosi and Schumer and Clinton, were for it, just 3 years ago. They do not want it now because we real people want it, and we elected him to build it. Now he has the ability to fund the wall with and executive order because our country is under attack, and it must be stopped. Go Donald Go. Q17

                • Keep On Dancing 🕺💃 🎼

                  How many rapes does it take to keep a Republican judge off of the Supreme Court?

                  # IMPEACH BRETT KAVANAUGH

                • Brett Kavanaugh never raped anyone in his life. Nor did he ever assault anyone, or hurt anyone. Ballsy Ford is a liar and a progressive hack who was paid handsomely for her performance. She talks like an immature little freak. Her lawyers, demoprogressives who lied to her, used her bullshit to hurt an innocent man, broke the law while representing her, and she knew it, and went along with it because of unwaranted hate against me, and others like me for voting for the greatest president in a long time. And even with all the little animals who screeched and clawed at the door where he was sworn in, and all the lies that Balsy Ford told, and all the bullshit from Kamala Harris, Nadler, and other democrats, he is a Justice, and has already ruled on decisions. He and we have won. Good has triumphed over evil. Children in our schools know this, they saw Balsey lie, and learned how much democrats hate justice and freedom. Ginsberg will be going soon, and then we will have another good conservative justice on the bench. We are winning, justice is winning.

                • You aren’t literally gloating over the possible imminent death of a woman who has served this country for years are you? That seems unworthy of the fine person that I know you are.

            • Could that comment possibly be more cliche?

          • He expanded social security and deemed FDR’s New Deal (socialism!😱)policies to be essential to maintaining order and sustaining capitalism. Yes, Capitalism and Socialism can coexist! They need each other.
            And he warned of the dangers of the Military-Industrial complex. Can you imagine a modern president doing that?

            • Yes. Isn’t Trump removing troops from Syria and Afghanistan? Good luck to him in succeeding at that. We’ll see.

              • Keep On Dancing 🕺💃 🎼

                Apparently you must have missed John Bolton’s trip to Israel 🇮🇱.

                Yeah, that inspires confidence in an Administration, when the new no-military-experience National Security Adviser and the soon-to-be indicted Israeli Prime Minister overrule the soon-to-be indicted & impeached American President. 🔥🇺🇸🔥💰🇷🇺💰

            • No, I was’t gloating. Nor do i want her to die. But she will probably retire soon, which leaves an opening. Her time on the bench has been wonderful, she worked hard to balance the court. And you are a fine person too, Kym.

              • Fair enough. Thank you for clarifying. I feel better. I wasn’t a fan of Judge Scalia but Ginsburg’s friendship with him made me know that whatever political disagreements we may have had, he was likely a human that I would have respected.

          • Eisenhower called for progressive conservativism

            • We used to have the delusion that that was possible. Careful changes I mean, where what has provided good for most is steadily expanded to include all without killing the good. However political development in the last 20 years have shown there is no limit as to what overfed progressives, no longer having to worry about supporting themselves, think ought to exist even while not seeing that it can’t. It’s like being stuck as a parent to masses of adolescents, where cries of “not fair” are believed to be the basic operating principle of the universe. Indeed, as Walt Kelly put it- “We have met the enemy and he is us.”

      • Will be interesting to see what type of attention/corrective action this designation gets, if any.

    • they did say bernie movement so that means they want to tax the top 2% with a 90% tax. the top two percent make a household income of 192k a year. so good bye small business owners. now how will the 98% get jobs? will everyone work for the gubment?

      • Incorrect.


        His highest proposed tax bracket is 52% at 10 million. Someone making 192k would be paying 27%.

        Where are you getting your numbers?

        • those were his original numbers. the numbers you refer to are the ones he walked it back to.

          • Wrong. That’s his current website.

            • whoever, whatever, however and howmuchever:
              when the people who control 50% of the wealth are paying 50% of the taxes, most of our social problems like homelessness will go away.

              • no they will merely stop. stop employing stop donating stop spending which takes away all the retail jobs that rely on such spending which will mean the bmw dealer will dont need as many employees which mean the honda dealership will not need as many and so on and so forth. but hey socialism worked so well for every other country that tried it….. guess we should just blindfold ourselves and join them in failure.

                • Neverending growth is killing your planet. It’s all going to stop and the middle class will not be have any resource “to help themselves.”

                  The street people will help you because they know the pain.
                  I won’t,but they will.

              • Hey, the taking of this land, as awful as it was, has nothing to do with me. That happened hundreds of years ago. Like the Mongols destroying the Muslim city of Bagdad in 1256 AD. They slaughtered 880,000 Muslims, destroyed the caliphate, library’s, canals and agriculture, hospitals, the whole place was leveled, all by people who did not understand a city way of life, which they feared, and destroyed. Or the Vikings slaughtering thousands of Brits, Irish, and Scots. Or the Mayans and Aztecs going at each other. Or the millions of slaves bought by Muslims for trade in Egypt and other middle east countries. Or the Japanese crushing Korea, many times, slaughtering and enslaving them. The white Europeans were slaughtered by the Mongols and the Muslims. Vienna was almost flattened. The Mongols raped so many women, slaves or otherwise, that most Europeans have a bit of Mongol blood in them.

              • Homelessness won’t go away if we continue to allow more people to come to the US. How many of them end up living on the streets? & How many have taken housing away from legal citizens that are already homeless? Is the migration problem adding to the homeless population? Serious questions everyone should be asking.

              • The top 20% of income earners pay 80% of the taxes. That means that 80% of Americans only pay the remaining 20% . Sounds like a good deal to me. But we teach the kids in our schools how to not pay taxes, state, local, and federal. Shop classes like wood, metal, electronics, mechanics, equipment operators, animal husbandry, and gardening for food. We make our own, and grow our own, we do not pay taxes. I drink fresh raw goats milk, no taxes. Our farmers market people pay no taxes. MAGA, Q17

        • Obama is the least affluent President since Jimmy Carter. Any other modern president would have been a better example for you to use, why did you pick Obama?

          • Maybe because within 3 months of leaving office Obama’s net worth was over 12 million dollars now it’s over 40 million!!!!
            Think about that for a minute!
            Who does a public serpent get that rich so fast. Does not seem that he has used any of that money to help out chicago or anything else.

            • Any ex-prez with a book deal.

            • And just think how much Trump has made since taking office W? Now he can have real wealth instead surfing debt on the backs of his voters and all the rest of us!

              • He’s lost millions and has fallen out of the top 10 richest and still refuses to accept his Presidential paycheck. (he donates each check).

                • Here’s a good article about the drop in Trump’s fortunes despite his attempts to make bank on the presidency. https://www.forbes.com/sites/chasewithorn/2017/03/20/trumps-net-worth-falls-200-million-since-election/#7c19e5e95ba4

                • “Attempts to make bank?” Rather a loaded statement based on raised fees at a business that he theoretically does not manage. So the article supports shak’s statement but the difference between you and shak is one in assigning virtue or incompetence based on political partisanship. The worst that can be said from this article is that the rising waters of the economy raised Trump’s boat along with everyone else’s. When there is a crash- and there will be one- I guess he will suffer the losses along with everyone else too. Curse him! Can’t let a whisp of something positive about Trump pass without shooting it down.

                • I think you misunderstood me. I was supporting Shak’s point that Trump’s fortune dropped and yes, Trump does donate $400,000 per year salary. This article is from Forbes, a slightly conservative leaning media organization. If I look something up in response to what a commenter says and find a solid article either supporting or proving them wrong, I share it. (As I wish my commenters would do, it’s helpful to everyone.)

                  As to making bank being a loaded statement…Yes, I do personally believe Trump is attempting to profit from his presidency. Yes, I find that personally despicable and embarrassing. Loaded has negative connotations and I’m not sure why you think it is wrong that I express that opinion. The article supports that he is attempting to profit. But if you would prefer a more direct piece from Forbes: https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2018/10/02/how-trump-is-tryingand-failingto-get-rich-off-his-presidency/#11f9d7923b1a

                • The reason I do not think you should express that is because whether you consider it an evil is totally based on who is doing it, not what is being done. The trouble comes not from us disagreeing with the articles facts but in going further to assign intent or morals to them.

                  First you have to believe Trump is active in the businesses. Even the last article you cite reports his son saying he’s not, while adding that the son also said he would report quartly in a snide attempt to imply that it’s a lie. Of course reporting quarterly is not as implied, evidence of active participation but just the opposite as no business of any substance is “managed” once a quart. I don’t know how active Trump is in his businesses but then, despite the hints, neither does the reporter.

                  No. My objection comes from the usual double standard where what Trump does, or even could possible do whether he does on doesn’t, is condemned while more kindred politicians get a pass. Hillary Clinton actually sold her office access when she was Secretary of State. Another in a long line of sleazy influence peddling scandals in the lives of the Clintons. The Obamas made 10 million dollars while in office, not to mention the bank they made from the office after they left it on books they must have written while in office , using the power of the office ( https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2017/01/20/how-barack-obama-has-made-20-million-since-arriving-in-washington/#18927c985bf0 ) Remember Obama changing the law to ensure personal protection at government expense forever? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/obama-restores-lifetime-secret-service-for-former-presidents/ As someone opposing this free by at government expense said “”I think we have seen that being a former president can be a pretty lucrative career, and I feel that after 10 years, if these former presidents feel the need for additional security, they should pay for it themselves,” said Rep. Howard Coble, R-N.C., in a statement. He led the fight in 1994 to limit protection for former presidents to just 10 years.” Not to mention all the attention to writing books while in office to take advantage of the hot market immediately upon their leaving. Now those things are a pretty sad abuse of the office IMO.

                  These things get a free pass on condemnation, while condemnation is heaped on a man who you assume is trying to make money out of his office while adding to the contempt expressed because he is actually losing money instead. Sheesh a real Catch 21.

                  I look on it a bit differently. I believe Trump got active in politics in the first place because he saw that the country was changing and negatively affecting his ability to succeed. He felt his personal loss was also a similar loss for the country. He saw the country giving away its advantages with both hands and gaining nothing but war in return. So off he went to tilt at Democrat windmills.

                  Anyone who requires that he would (or should be required) to cease activity in his prime motivating activity is not much aquainted with people who live and breath dealing. Few people who have made businesses have no trouble letting it go. They are reluctant to give it all up when it has been their lives. It would not surprise me that he has a hunger to know about how it’s doing and offering opinion on it. Nor am I unsympathetic about it.

                  However that some of his businesses adjust to profit out of his notoriety when that very notoriety caused many losses elsewhere is not the awful thing that hating him would try to make it. It is not, as Obama and Clinton did, using his Presidential authority to create advantage for themselves. It is using an existing fact and adjusting his business to take what advantage of it he can. Whereas Clinton and Obama used their power to make the advantage AND to take advantage of the prestige of the office.

                  Do I think that such involvement in his old business can be abused? Yes. Do I think it has been abused? I see no evidence of it yet. Whereas you seem to be eager to assume that what you find distastful is immoral in his case but not when others do worse. I would not find it as bad as the Obamas’ and Clintons’ behavior if Trump did raise his prices where he could. He would be adjusting his business to what exists, not adjusting his office to create opportunity.

                • Sorry, I missed this coming in as I was rushing through the comment section yesterday and you didn’t use my name.

                  I think you are making some unwarranted assumptions. Do I think Obama and Clinton profited vastly from their offices? Yes, it is obvious and one of the reasons why I chose to vote for Bernie until forced to chose between the crass and venal and not bright Trump and the merely venal Clinton. BUT, while their profiting continues to bother me, Trump’s crass exploitation and lack of concern for others makes them look like shining beacons in the night. Much as his Presidency has made George Bush’s look stellar. Though both Bushes and the Clintons and to a lesser extent the Obamas profited none of them outright hawked their businesses to foreign countries (maybe they would have had they had the opportunity but they didn’t.) Note: the Obama’s money is explainable–see Forbes article: https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2017/01/20/how-barack-obama-has-made-20-million-since-arriving-in-washington/#746661665bf0 while the Clintons rise is much more troubling.

                  Note: here’s what the Economist has to say on Trump profiting unethically from his presidency. https://www.economist.com/business/2017/07/20/how-donald-trump-is-monetising-his-presidency Here’s just one quote from the 2017 article that is troubling:

                  An example of how such deals raise questions about Mr Trump’s motives is the current Gulf spat over Qatar’s alleged support for terrorists. Mr Trump has firmly backed Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and others in their boycott of their neighbour. It is reasonable to ask if it is a coincidence that he has strong business ties with the Saudis and Emiratis but few with Qatar. Saudis are big buyers of Trump apartments, and the kingdom is investing $20bn in an American infrastructure fund. A Trump-branded golf course in the UAE made Mr Trump as much as $10m in 2015-16. By contrast, Mr Trump’s past efforts to break into Qatar have failed.

                  And please remember that the Economist is not liberal by any stretch of the imagination.

                • BTW I have to add that there is a sizable contingency of Conservatives who hate Trump too. Especially the entrenched political ones. Trump is a loose cannon to their agendas too. So pointing out that a conservative press says it’s so does not mean they don’t have Trump derangement disorder too.

                  I suppose if being hated equally by all sides is a characteristic of a good compromise, Trump is the all time champ of compromise. For good or evil, I suspect that is exactly what he is.

                • Darn it. I thought I had the last word. Regarding crass, do you not think that Obama favored certain groups because of his personal history? Experience taught him his biases too. Everyone not a political sycophant knew the Iranian deal was a bad choice.

                  Or that he was not pretty crass about his personal advantages. But as a politician, not only did he have the money dealing for people to be suspicious over, he had practice on avoiding public scrutiny over them.

                  “Obama’s mortgage, which he took out in 2005, carries a 5.62 percent interest rate—significantly higher than the current rates that are around 4 percent for a 30-year mortgage. In 2015, USA Today estimated that Obama could save almost $2,100 a month by refinancing. But though he was not prevented from taking advantage of the lower rates, he chose not to do so. He had learned his lesson. Years earlier, when he first entered office, his 5.62 percent mortgage was heavily scrutinized, with the question being whether he had received a below-market rate as an act of favoritism. A Federal Election Commission investigation determined that Obama had obtained a discounted rate but that it was legal because it was within the range offered by Obama’s bank to customers who may provide the bank with additional business.” https://www.motherjones.com/politics/2016/12/how-obama-handled-conflict-of-interest-issue-trump-faces/

                  Trump actually has business connections to assign as a reason to suspect self interest in his dealings. A lifetime of them. While Obama had none. Being in business IS crass- it deals with money. That Trump had dealing with money his whole life. Lots of opportunity to search out hidden meaning in that.

                  Obama had lots of dealings with Islam. The conspiracy theories about his “hidden agenda” ran wild too. What you are doing is the same- assuming that Trump is choosing policy based on his wanting a profit because he was a capitalist as a profession. Well, he has business dealings all over and you assume- and I mean assume because all you ever supply as proof is that someone thinks it raises a question that is never answered- that automatically means he is dishonest. You assume he is guilty then search for things that might be made into something when it could only be a coincidence because he has a lot of international connections. While you dismiss the clear crass dealings in Clinton and Obama AND Bernie Sanders, who had a much less opportunity for coincidence, simply because – well for no reason at all.

                  It’s like the years long searches to prove that Trump is guilty of treachery with the Russia. Innuendo is treated as fact and the worse that so far as come to light is that some people around him lied to some official when they were pressed. Clinton did much worse with no consequences at all.

                  There is no difference between the people who insisted on Muslim conspiracies about Obama because they hated him and were determined to suspect the worse and the people who look for capitalist conspiracies about Trump because they hate him. The intensity of the outrage over nothing proven is exactly the same. And apparently neither will ever agree to be more rational about it. No holding back waiting for evidence because it is clear it must be true. Or at least they are willing to hang him anyway because he deserves it. Sheesh.

            • So you criticize him because his book sells?

          • How about a Republican then. He’s been in the news a lot lately, which makes it easy enough to recognize him.
            Corker’s ‘investments’ being scrutinized. http://tennesseestar.com/2017/12/23/question-posed-how-did-bob-corker-go-from-dead-broke-to-69-million-net-worth-during-11-years-in-u-s-senate/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
            Corker’s $8mil mansion https://virtualglobetrotting.com/map/bob-corkers-house/
            If Corker’s iran deal involvement doesn’t clue us in to what Alexandria keeps harping on about (lobbyists that make laws in order to pad their wallets), then maybe his attempt to disarm every citizen by putting them on the unconstitutional fly list might. https://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/melanie-hunter/corker-we-can-still-get-bill-protects-2nd-amendment-rights-and-keeps

            There’s plenty more, but posts only hold 3 links.

            Not every ‘conservative’ is a conservative.
            Not every ‘democrat’ is a democrat.
            Not every republican is a republican.
            Neo’s, Rhino’s, Infiltrators, etc in every party, every group.

            BTW, the Dems want their party back.

        • Shak, surely you are mistaken. We all know that walls do not provide any additional security whatsoever, and large amounts of ammunition and Firearms only make a person less safe. How could you scrutinize Obama for buying a mansion, we all know, unlike Trump, he works very hard his entire life to earn that money. It’s not like he got Rich becoming the president or anyting… I mean it’s not like his dad left him an inheritance. Can you believe the audacity of trump accepting an inheritance from his father. I mean if I had a father, or a relative that works his whole life occurring a fortune and he left it to me after he died I wouldn’t accept it, I would be embarrassed to take their money… ;>)

        • If you’re quoting breitbart you’re not credible. Fake news from the fascist right.

        • Oh, breaking fake news! It’s not a ten-foot-tall wall, its a regular fence. Required by the Secret Service for legal curtilage.


          • Yup. Not Obama’s choice to have a fence with a guard house that he at one point called a wall when he was building it. Sheesh. The border wall is just a fence too. Lighten up. This is a pretty silly attack on Trump even by Slate standards.

      • That’s the plan. In a marxist state the middle class is eliminated through taxation and intimidation and replaced by the bureaucracy. The one percent oh they’re still there, but instead of innovators at the top they’re replaced by party operatives with the bureaucrat doing their bidding. Then the process of economic and social degradation begins and bingo, you’ve got Venezuela. Rinse and repeat.

        • You’re spot on right you are.

          • oh shak, i’m sorry you are wrong, there it is, you are wrong. just like a number divided by zero doesnt actually exist.

            it’s so close to right, that is sounds good, but that is just partof the diobolical nature of the right.
            they give pablum that sounds right,b ut keeps the numb from noticing what is actually killing them and their future.

            the corporate state has garnered control of your government, have sequestered 50% of the worlds wealth into the hands of about a dozen individuals. they then shifted the taxes they should be paying onto the middle class, killing it and telling them that the poor and disenfranchised are taking their money.


            let the progressives tax the hell out of the 1 and 2%. hurry.

            • Please show me how this state is doing better, as a democrat progressive state
              , than Texas, or other prospering republican states. Poverty, low school scores, drugs and gangs rampant. The gang banger who killed the officer is a direct result of sanctuary cities. his gang buddies would not help the cops. Illegals, probably, now 8 more have been arrested for helping him. The blame is on those who support the illegals from coming here and hurting us.

        • Marx though revolution was impossible without a middle class. That’s what he had only guarded support for the Russian revolution. Not that Bernie is a Marxist, or even close to one.

      • It should be a percentage with no loopholes of any kind.

    • Dems aren’t progressive. They are corporate whores like the republicans.

      • In general that is true. But they make it so much more irritating by pretending in their case it’s a virtue.

        Sigh. People fond of exerting their power to “make things better” seldom are willing to notice that they feel very entitled to use that power for their own gain along the way. Scruples are dangerous to getting elected anyway. Better not pay attention to them if things are to get done.

    • I am asking again. Why would I vote democrat or progressive, when they have given us a failed horrid state. Schools are failing, and are ranked 45/46 in country. The highest poverty rate in US. Crime is awful, illegals everywhere. Over 9000 companies have left Calif, as have hundreds of thousands of people, taking their over taxed incomes with them. Toyota just moved their corporate headquarters to Texas, They and their money are gone, good for them. And then there are the failed politicians who do nothing but run for president, and attack Trump, and do nothing here to help us, their constituents. Trumps policies have helped us more than our own congressmen. My brother moved to Texas. Milk is $1.10 a gallon, gas is $1.90 a gallon, food is so cheap, no CRV tax on water bottles, it’s great. The children in red states, running under Trump and conservatives, do better than kids here. The children in Calif do not have the food opportunities that children in other states. The gas tax, property taxes, registration increases, all take away from the food purchasing power of parents for their children.
      So go ahead, tell me why I should vote for people who hurt us, cause children and the poor to suffer by their policies, and think they are so much better than us? I won’t, and we teach as many kids as we can how evil our representatives are, and that they need to be replaced.
      I constantly hear democrats say they are running on jobs and helping families. Trump has already done this. He has created millions of job opportunities, lowered unemployment for all demographics . There are now more jobs than people. Trump also gave so many of our prisoners hope with the prison reform act. Progressives just build more prisons. More women have started their own businesses because of Trumps economic business friendly environment he created. Only in Calif do we suffer at the hands of progressives with their hurtful taxes and regulations. Under Trump, wages are going up, manufacturing jobs have come back in droves. Remember Obama asking how this could happen, and those jobs are not coming back? Well, Trump got them back. So tell us exactly why, LOL, right.

  • Sounds interesting and informative, thank you.

    • Look what the democrats and progressives have done to this state. Highest poverty rate in US. 9000 companies have left Calif because of oppressive taxes and regulations. Crime rampant. People have left in record numbers. Our schools are in the tank, like 45th? There is so much political corruption. Why would I vote for a progressive or a democrat? Gas is a dollar more than almost anywhere, my brother lives in Texas, he pays 1.97$ a gallon. it’s $3.50 a gallon here. We must rid ourselves of these people who hurt us, hurt the poor, and get some real humans in here to fix this state. it is not sustainable. I will never ever vote democrat or progressive. It just does not make sense.

      • “We must rid ourselves of these people who hurt us, hurt the poor, and get some real humans in here to fix this state.”

        it’s wishful thinking on my part to hope and pray that in those 69,000 sealed indictments, that are being opened and acted upon, the local devildoers will be picked-up with the rest of the disconnects in office and just be hauled off to Gitmo. More like, we should see this as an opportunity to self-educate and remove them ourselves. It’s corrupt far more than most could ever imagine, or, care to look at.

        • You applying for dictatorship, Central HumCo?

          • Heavens no. I have great hope that when the opportunity presents itself, those who are awake, patiently watching the spectacle of fiction, will come forward as temporary Wayshowers and fill the vacant de facto office positions. They know who they are, know what needs to be done and how to do it – lawfully. No more Executive branch representatives usurping the legislative and judicial branches. People who know how to facilitate a public meeting adhering to Rules of Order, that, not unlike the original Supreme Law of the Land, hasn’t changed since penned.

            From De Facto to De Jure.


            • How anyone can hope for what has never existed nor can possibly ever exist is beyond me. Humans are not going to turn into unified, self sacrificing saints on sustainable, effective level ever. They can’t even agree to what a saint is in the first place. It is better to see what can be made of what exists because at least it has proven itself useful by existing.

              That is not despair. It is optimism. Heaven help us if any one vision of what people ought to be is capable of being achieved. Extinction would soon follow even the attempt at it.

              • Technocracy, the science of social engineering,exists. Useful for mind control.

                Consciousness can be defined as awareness projected onto a vibratory dream. As more and more of us in concert move forward THAT would become the transformation we have been unconsciously hoping for. That would relentlessly make community over. That would eventually shatter the influence of all cartels, and monopolies of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience. Not because we wished it were so, but because we make it happen.

                • I’m not at all sure what a “vibratory dream” is. I assume you mean some sort of social constructive interference if most people think similarly about something.

                  Being a person who is a contrarian or at least somewhat of a quibbler, I can not ever believe in mind control on a mass level. I suppose, if someone stuck magnetic paddles on my head , I might feel differently but would not have different thoughts. I suspect I would object to the same stuff but it might not bother me so much. For Pete’s Sake, that’s the effect of pot use now. Too change the emotional response. No one needs to inflict that on the masses because the masses already seem to embrace it.

                  If course social engineering occurs. It has always existed. Mass media makes it more uniform but I still can’t see that there is any effective technology to line up human beings like atoms in a metal. We are just too agitated. Humans are too incompetent in general to either run a large scale conspiracy or to form orderly lines if told to. Crap happens not because someone plans it but because humans are designed to produce it.

        • https://www.theamericanview.com/q-what-does-article-iv-section-4-really-mean/

          (I don’t know the background of the site or author, but the aritcle itself seems spot on).

          “1. There is a strict separation of powers, horizontally and vertically.
          2. The government is run by officers governing for a term and only during good behavior.
          3. Offices are selected by our election, and not by the appointment of the government itself.
          4. The government recognizes that power resides originally in the People (immediately from God).
          5. There is a deliberativeness in action and that it is, by the checks and balances, not subject to the whimsical fancy of a few.
          6. The government acknowledges the final right of the People to alter or abolish it whenever it usurps the rights for which it was instituted by the People to administer God’s Law.
          7. The government does not grant entitlements.”

          Any govt that refuses to adhere to the constitution, can be replaced after all avenues of readdress have been petitioned.
          The Constitution stands. The govt is replaceable. All who take office, whether local or fed, take an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, not the govt.

          Article 4 section 4:
          The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government, and shall protect each of them against invasion; and on application of the legislature, or of the executive (when the legislature cannot be convened) against domestic violence.

          (no, that does not mean ‘republican party’ form of govt, it means non-mob ruled form of govt, where the rights of the people are to never be considered for ballot vote).

      • Jesus Christ, talk about dehumanizing you political rivals. Thit’s a pretty clear warning sign that your political views are based on hate.

  • Discontent eh?? XD *rumblings and tumblings increase* heuheuheuheu oh my gosh! at their wits end myaw? Disenfranchised? These democrats are such a pleasure!

  • AD2 ADEM date is January 12th, with doors opening at 10 am, speeches at 10:30, and registration / voting from 11 pm – 1 pm. 11 *AM * – 1pm, as the subhead says.

  • Nothing better than the thought of some lib on a 325 mile bicycle ride to vote for some Marxist nonsense.

    Let’s hope they get pulled over for speeding coming down the hill.

  • Beating a dead horse. Democracy ended the day Bush took office February 2, 2000. He was appointed Prez. of the U.S. Inc.

    international bankruptcy dates back to 4,700 B.C. Countries may declare bankruptcy three times – 70 years each. The Post Master General is the highest position on the planet. Second is the Dept. of Transportation – they move commerce. The pictures on the Fed. Reserve Notes are – Benjamin Franklin on the $100, he was the first Post Master General. Grant during the Civil War, a country divided in half, was put on the $50. George Washington was a letter carrier and first President of the first International bankruptcy w/England, was put on the $1. Lincoln was Post Master General of Springfield, Illinois and placed on the penny because he was the first President of the second International Bankruptcy.

    A Trust expires after a 90 day grace period.

    1859 + 70 = 1929. October 29,1929 + 70 = November 2,1999 Thirty-eight states did a (media) recount to cover the 90 days. A $6 trillion dollar surplus was reported.

  • they should just hold this at the local looney bin so they can register them to both at the same time

  • Question: Why does the Regional Chair have solo power to make this decision?

    Question: What reasons (if any) were put forth to explain or support this decision?

    Question: Why were more centrally-located Eureka and Ukiah nixed as ADEM locations?

    Answer: Could it be the new Regional Chair is unfair?

  • Crying Democrats and the March of the Unicorns 🦄

  • I would provide a 1 way trip for any progressive liberal democrat who is not happy living in the United States…. If you are a partisan progressive who is discontent with the current arrangements in the United States, like the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, CAPITALISM; like Greedy gopher gut entreprenours or any other form of it; any sole individual trying to better his/her current situation with ideas that better society, than I will provide to them, Communist Marxist a one way trip to the Country of their Choosing; Communist China; Communist Russia; If you are not happy, you best leave back to your roots: I read life is real good for those Communist folk…

    • North Korea, they should all immigrate, they would love it.

    • Right you are, except Russia itself isn’t a Communist country anymore. The party still campaigns there, but they’re no longer in control. Maybe that’s why they pick on Russia so much, to get some kind of strange revenge for ousting them?

    • Isn’t it odd that all you guys have this knee-jerk reaction to call democrats communists, in an article about how right-wing democratic party leadership is? Most of Obama’s policies were more conservative than Ronald Reagan’s. This is an indication they want to defy their party’s membership and go further to the right.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Trump is the one kissing Putin’s butt and kowtowing to every dictator he can, while simultaneously insulting and deriding our long-term economic and political allies in the fight against tyranny and totalitarianism.

      It’s the Dems/Liberals resisting this mess. Are you paying attention? WTF are you talking about?

      • On the range of modern government on one end of the spectrum is liberalism on the other end is authoritarianism. It is only in the U.K. and the U.S. that the word liberal has been equated with the left. When liberalism first appeared in Europe in response to authoritarian rule it championed the concepts of freedom and the rights of the individual. The Declaration of Independence is a classically liberal document.

        • Like liberalism doesn’t act as a cover for authoritarianism as much as nationalism does. Confusing communism with liberalism is a natural because the fundamental attribute of liberals in the US is that they want government to enforce their ideas of personal freedom by law. That is an unsolvable conflict. You can’t force people to act on two different interpretations of freedom without forcing the one to not act to the benefit of the other acting.

          The opposite of liberal is conservative, not authoritarianism. And the difference is to what use force is put. Liberals don’t just want to “be” liberal like an existential personal choice. They want to force everyone to be liberal and change by force those who don’t want to change. There is no upper limit to what they want changed. Something always will need liberal intervention. Conservatives, on the other side, want to use the government to maintain the status quo even if it results in society suppressing some individuals.

          • How pathetic. What kind of sad coward would want to preserve the status quo.

            Lots of conservatives want a Christian version shiria law btw.

            • The person who knows enough history to see that humanity is longer lived, less desperate, more secure now than it has ever been and wants to keep it that way (ie a conservative) going forward. On the other hand, people who think they know exactly what change will fix every problem and intend to force everyone to immediately do it without thinking it through (ie liberals) have been responsible for devolving society backwards much of the time. They are destructive buggers. Sometimes through great effort, the world is reconstructed to be better than it was. Sometimes it’s never made whole and the society sinks to a Dark Age.

              “How pathetic. What kind of sad coward would want to preserve the status quo?” Why the person who is afraid of the moron only complains, whines and pisses about everything. Like the person who would make such a comment. And think making unfounded insults is the way to look wiser than they are. Now that you have gone all liberal in your comments, is anything better for it?

    • None of those countries are communist. Russia was going that way under lennon for a short time. You know there are lots of false democracies as well.

  • The real division in the world today is not between socialism and capitalism. It’s between freedom and totalitarianism.

    • The division is knowledge.

      [edit] like you fall for silly shit and are just as polarized as any other.

      You post absolutely uneducated research-shy claims that border the line of paranoid insanity.

      And you think you can help others.

      What you do is keep bad information thriving while suppressing facts.

      Belief is a sickness. Facts are facts.

      Objective truth would help us all.

    • Succinct and true. I would certainly move society some towards less coercion if I could though I would never go to anarchy.

  • Democracy is the art of running the circus from the monkey cage. – H.L. Mencken

    As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy.
    – Abraham Lincoln

    Democracy substitutes selection by the incompetent many for appointment by the corrupt few.
    -George Bernard Shaw

    Democracy is the worst system of all forms of government. – Robert Welch

    Our real disease —which is democracy. Alexander Hamilton

    Democracy means government by the uneducated, while aristocracy means government by the barely educated. – G.K. Chesterson

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Lincoln was referring to the actual human bondage of about 4 million slaves in the southern slave States, soon to be the Confederacy, codifying their heritage of hate. Lincoln was an advocate of government, because people can do things together that they can’t do alone. You misconstrue his message to suit your plea for what? Anarchy?

      So what is your point? What is your alternative? Participatory democracy and regulated market economies are the way to go. Trump is a minority president since he lost the majority vote but won in the archaic and undemocratic Electoral College.

      So what do you want? Just an excuse not to pay taxes or vote? What?

      • He’s a Soverign Citizen™. He sees the founders as demigods to be invoked and the constitution as a series of incantations.

      • The majority didn’t vote.

        Hillary took a plurality of votes, but that’s not how it works and she knew it. She lost at a game she knew well how to play and played it poorly.

      • ” You misconstrue his message >>>to suit your plea for what? Anarchy?”

        You could have stopped with “You misconstrue his message” – and let me reply. If you are correct, then Yes, i did misconstrue the quote. I apologize.

        Then you stumble on with the pandemic branding and labeling disease. Only, you either don’t know the definition of anarchy, or it’s beyond your scope of comprehension. What is it with the one to three of you in here? Afraid of the light? No original thoughts of your own? If you live your life in a manner where you can SEE the public theater, you come to the logical conclusion, or should, that less would be more. Then, one day, it occurs to you, that, you don’t need government. Does that scare you? What will you do if your imaginary external authority isn’t there to tell you what to do?

        Why do the willingly ignorant grunt out the word democracy and guard it like it’s their life savings? It’s not in the Declaration of Independence, the Supreme Law of the LAND, or the Bill of Rights. It’s mob rule. A majority doesn’t decide what is right and what is wrong. Your conscience does.

        We have a regulated market. An over-the-Rainbow regulated market. How’s that workin out for the grower’s on the land, in Humboldt? — the growers who kept Humboldt County afloat through the years of fake “economic” down-turns? Economics -that’s a laugh. Can you tell me what economics is? Not the textbook version spouted by the public fool system, because if all of these professional experts on the corporate governmental payroll have a clue what they’re doing, the overall picture, things wouldn’t be so unbalanced. If you tried to find one corporate governmental service provider who can tell you what economics is, you won’t find one.

        America is where our forefathers came to leave the three-wit warmongers behind. All government without the consent of the governed is the very definition of tyranny.

        Trump’s label -“minority” prez. Don’t care. The Electoral College you say is ‘undemocratic’. When Amendments amend the Constitution, which is what XII (1805), does to the Electoral College Article, and then XX Amends XII (January 1933), it’s not being changed by the wordsmiths for the benefit of the people. The Bill of Rights really isn’t Amendments per se, it has it’s own Preamble. The first ten didn’t amend to change the language in the Constitution, they secured protection for the people against the totalitarian grip that we’re in up to our necks. Best to leave the documents that made America great in the drawer. Thinking hurts the brain.

        So what do i want? Immediate, or end goal? If we don’t take this historical opportunity in time and reign in and separate the three branches of gov’t., organize our trial juries and a Grand Jury (missing since 1956), we’ll live to regret it. Future generations of slaves will look back upon our apathy and spit on our graves.

        Could it be the reaching-fever-pitch of the uneducated, wearing it like a badge of honor, finger pointers? –with their endless undefined judgmental words? It’s like stupid on steroids, that must, by its very nature, be unconsciously repeated. Good little programmed slaves –focus their energy on the negative, feed it, don’t stop, and be ever-ready to attack their own shadow.

        If you’re still hovering in the land of make-believe your vote counts, you need to question your beliefs.

        • Democracy is good because the Majority tend to make better decisions than the Oligarchy. The Consitution got better with every rewrite (except the 18th amendment) and was definitely a compromised document when it was written.

          We could use a good campaign finance reform amemdment right now.

          • “Democracy is good because the Majority tend to make better decisions than the Oligarchy???” Really? Majority decisions are akin to mob rule. If afraid, the majority favors war. Nazi Germany was originally an elected government. If poor, it favors handouts. If rich, it favors security. It favors having other people pay for its wants.

            Democracy only has it’s flexibility to recommend itself. Oligarchs rarely put themselves out of office. The people, not being easily eliminated themselves, are free to vote out their prior mistakes.

  • I like stars too!

    No Democrats in Humboldt anyway! Just Eric Kirk and all the other whack-job retired guys who basically have nothing to do!

    Like me!

    OK, OK, I refuse to continue to live in your county anyway, too much complaining, too much blaming, and too many excuses for me, and the constant WHINING about everything… Smoking too much pot? Did you know that smoking weed turns you back into a little baby?

    Lake County isn’t as pretty, but the retired folk here are at least quieter… I guess they all just drink wine, and don’t smoke weed! Poor, but conservative…

    Humboldt County – Phony intellectuals, phony hippies, Trump-loving Republicans, and plant-genetics-experts…
    That’s all you got, and most of the people in Humboldt don’t vote and don’t care, anyway, since they’re too stoned to give a toot!

    • Humboldt dems voted in record numbers the last two elections.

      • Rule of Law not Leftists

        Maybe because they gerrymandered the vote so much there was only Democrats to choose from in this single party state of neoliberalism. It’s gotten to the point where not voting is a statement meaning you don’t support the illegitimate government of California of a single party that represents only the interests of big business while increasing the population with illegals who increase housing costs, decrease income for work, and cost taxpayers that are typically working poor.

    • Lake County has plenty of stoners. Just saying.

  • There is no mention of political parties in the Constitution. They are extra-legal conspiracies.

  • Disgusting supervisors.

    All I know is we definitely need new county supervisors,these treasonous rip off theives need to be ejected as soon as the residents of Humboldt county have the opportunity!!! And there little dirty sheriff (rip off errand boy) needs to go with them. ( Waited till after the election too name a undersheriff.thats stealing an election)

  • When Dwight Eisenhower was President the tax rate was90% for corporations, but they never paid that rate if they invested in new factories and investments in this country. That all changed with Ronnie Reagan ,and trickledown economics. Wages have been flat for the last 40 years, but A CEO’s pay has gone up by more than 200%. The tax bill recently passed by Congress will only add to the inequality in our country, which is the highest of every developed country. We need a government that will look out for the people of this country,not the fat cats and their lobbyists!

    • Wow, that Eisenhower guy sounds like a real pinko Marxist wealth-distributor!

    • No, we don’t need, other than defense, a government that will “look out for the people”. We need people that will look out for themselves.

      • Hooray for that statement. While a small percentage of needs that some people can’t meet on their can be supported by society, that so very many feel they are owed so much drags down any county into failure.

        “And so, my fellow Americans: ask not what your country can do for you — ask what you can do for your country. ” JFK 1961

        • We can thank FDR for forcing the welfare state so many decades ago. The banker’s”Great” Depression guaranteed that the hungry and down trodden would line-up and sign anything. Today, the idea that the government functions only for supporting the needy has become ‘the way it is’. It’s done what it was put in place for -down on your knees licking your master’s hand compliance.

          • FDR broke up the banks and regulated the stock market. That’s, in part, why the depression ended. The depression was caused by rampant unregulated stock market speculation. Hmmm, I guess that’s why we need a government watchdog.

            • Thank you for posting this. I knew that FDR’s supported started the FDIC but I never knew he attempted to break up big banks by prohibiting deposit banks from investment banking. So I did some reading on it. His Banking Act of 1933ndid cause the biggest banks to divest investments from desposits.

              However, while such ideas were popular at the time as it is now-big banks were seen as villains- it did not help end the Great Depression. Seems like virtually all the big banks survived while 90% of the small ones failed and subsequently closed. Having insured that depositors didn’t lose money though restored the public’s confidence in banking. Sounds like a replay of the last recession where the tax payer funded stability while bank investors rolled merrily along.

          • FDR was attempting to take back America from the world bankers. I believe he was shot for his efforts to take us out of the IMF and put us on a silver standard since it was against the law to go back to the gold standard.
            All that said there is good and bad with every leader, just as with women. The more crazy the woman the more fun she is, one just needs to figure out for themselves how much crazy the fun is worth to them.

      • Yeah, people will just pave the highways out of the goodness of their hearts.

        • Ever watch WKRP in Cincinnati episodes? If Lonnie Anderson’s character needed a road, a road would have been built within the hour. Men work in mysterious ways.

  • Disgusting supervisors.

    We need a third party that can contend,a peoples party!!!! These politicians of bolth party’s have and are destroying the dream that was once the United states.corruption and greed has taken hold in politics and has perverted our once great nation

    • We need to ditch First-Past-The-Post elections so third parties have a chance.

    • The “great nation” has a long history of questionable characters at the head of government. Some were incompetent and others were bought and paid for. Trump is a combination of both and his proclivity for lying and tweeting his incompetence is just a new wrinkle.

      • Yup. Everything just sucks. Must be why illegal immigration is so big an issue. “Go to the USA- it sucks.”

        • The wall. I’d wager a guess that we could reach a consensus, that, government lies to us. Always has. We’re used to it -right? The wall conversations, for the most part, revolve around ‘immigration’, refugee, asylum -whatever day it is to apply word 1, 2 or 3.

          What if, the wall is to keep us on the plantation? What if, whoever dares to suggest such an “outrageous” thought, falls on those w/out eyes or ears? And is met vehemently by the oppressed because they can’t/won’t, in this lifetime, step out of their comfortably numb (and boring), mode they have become so accustomed to?

          Plato’s Cave all over again.

          • Yeh, about that wall. It bugs me too. Any wall that can wall us out can also wall us in. But, rest assured, they say. Rest assured it’s just a fence, not a wall. It’s intended to slow the incoming flow, not lock us in.
            It’s unsettling to me.
            I hope the Dems come back and say “ok, okay, we’ll revise the dam legal process to make it faster and easier, just put the money into computers and stations, and it’s a deal.”
            But, I doubt they will.

      • Damn Trump!

        What i can’t see is, what does Trump, or any of the past names of CEO’s of the U.S. Inc., influence people at the grass roots, where change begins? Or is it just a blame game theme to no where?

        • Don’t have to damn Trump he’s doing a great job of that himself. If he would stop acting like a school yard bully he probably be more effective. But I aint sure thats a good idea. He really needs to stop drinking the Hannity kool aid and start listening to the grown ups who actually deal in facts.

    • We need no more party’s at all, like Washington’s Farewell Address addressed.
      The officials take an oath to secure, protect and defend the Constitution. Not trendy politics.
      We’re supposed to be electing those who secure the rights of the people by adhering to the Constitution that limits the govt.
      I know you know this, but feel it’s important to repeat what we all already know.
      We elect the personalities that promise to secure our rights by not treading on them, and who use their podium moments to awaken the constituents to the issues that could use solutions. They’re not supposed to be mandating solutions, they’re supposed to be inspiring the people to create solutions. This is important in many ways, mainly in that it’s easier to correct a solution that didn’t work out, than to repeal-argue-ballotize- and all the other slow motion means that slow the progress of genuine solutions. Often, there are many solutions, not just one. Mandating just one excludes the others. The others would have, could have worked had we not of excluded them.

  • “I do not say that democracy has been more pernicious on the whole, and in the long run, than monarchy or aristocracy. Democracy has never been and never can be so durable as aristocracy or monarchy; but while it lasts, it is more bloody than either. … Remember, democracy never lasts long. It soon wastes, exhausts, and murders itself. There never was a democracy yet that did not commit suicide. It is in vain to say that democracy is less vain, less proud, less selfish, less ambitious, or less avaricious than aristocracy or monarchy. It is not true, in fact, and nowhere appears in history. Those passions are the same in all men, under all forms of simple government, and when unchecked, produce the same effects of fraud, violence, and cruelty. When clear prospects are opened before vanity, pride, avarice, or ambition, for their easy gratification, it is hard for the most considerate philosophers and the most conscientious moralists to resist the temptation. Individuals have conquered themselves. Nations and large bodies of men, never.”

    ― John Adams, The Letters of John and Abigail Adams

    • Lying to Americans, never fix the de Facto issue, all government have concealed our rights as Sovereign Ones.

      The press blacking out the thousands murdered in Paradise is beyond compare. Californians who are too busy, don’t care or distracted are in for a rude awakening. That this isn’t our top priority of focus, eludes me.

      No witchcraft, no enemy action had silenced the rebirth of new life in this stricken world. The people had done it to themselves. Rachel Carson

      • Your remark about the Paradise coverup pretty much says it. Just another gloom and doom conspiracy guy/gal. I hope the coming year brings a little light to you in a dark world. You need to stop hanging out in those echo chambers you link to. No answers there just more dark mirrors.

        • He thinks 20,000 died in paradise. If you ask him where he heard it, he will send you to a flat-earth caliber NWO Youtube channel.

          • And he thinks that the population of Paradise is 47,000.

            It’s (27,000)

            Basic facts that don’t fit with his narratives are common.

            If there was fact-based moderation HumCo would have 1/15th the comments.

            • The town of Paradise is 27k, but the fire affected more than 1 town. Redding.com reported that evacuation totals were near 50k.


              “In the days after the fire, evacuees discovered nearly 10,000 homes were destroyed by fire, dozens of people had been trapped and killed by flames and there was no knowing when anyone could go home. California’s deadliest wildfire had wiped out whole towns, forcing the evacuation of some 50,000 people.”

              • 50,000 evacuated, not killed. That’s what HumCo keeps claiming.

              • So then say, up to 50,000 were displaced in Butte Co, or in the fire area.

                Ullr, that’s not the issue and I’m sure you see it too…. A simple mistake once in a while is tolerable.


                He coupled his paradise population exaggeration with the claim the tens of thousands were murdered (by lasers) in the fire.

                Is there a reason to try to defend this?


                It’s not a simple mistake once in a while.

                It’s a blatant misinfo campaign by HumCo

                • I’m not defending anyone. I’m a numbers based person and can easily correct misrepresentation of number based facts.

                  As for the rest: negligent homicide is legally murder. I don’t know the numbers. You don’t know the numbers. We take it on faith that the official agencies make accurate reports.

                  I’ve seen nothing nor have heard a logical argument as to the use of DEW’s (directed energy weapon).

                • Well I would say your missing context, or forgetting it.

                  I corrected HumCo on the population # on Paradise, and he began to say “..call it 10,000, call it whatever you want…”..thousands murdered”.

                  It’s obvious he does not care about truth.

                  “Thousands” were not murdered.

                  Paradise is not a 10,000 or 47,000 population.

                  Can’t we be honest about dishonest people and toxic comments?

                • Oh what a world of ignorance and unforgiving people we are. No wonder they want the population dead or enslaved.

                • @HumCo
                  Where are all the millions of people wondering where their dead friends and family are? Did they ALL get paid off?

      • Wow…you have quite the vivid imagination!

        • TQM,

          Looks like your reply, “Wow…you have quite the vivid imagination!” is for me. If so, thank you.

          If we all think alike then none of us is thinking very much at all.

          • Okay, Thinker, let’s think for a second. Lets say 47,000 people died in the Paradice fire. That would be millions or tens of millions of relatives as aquaintences asking, “where did they go?” How would the government silence tens of millions of random people on social media? How about foreign media? First responders, firefighters, rescuers, army personnel? Do you really believe a conspiracy of tens of millions of totally random people was whipped up ovenight in response to a fire? That’s not a conspiracy, that’s a parallel civilization! All whipped up overnight.

      • CH, the news has reported that PG&E might be hit with murder charges. If that’s true, then the discoveries from the court hearings will finally disclose things that might be of ultimate interest.

        • I hope they give PG&E the death penalty and hand the infrastructural reins over to the state. My experiences with SMUD in Sacramento were much better that those with PG&E, and as far as I know they haven’t killed anyone lately.

        • Shak,

          If super duper secret blue-laser-planes had an ounce of merit, don’t you think other corporations, say like SPI would be suing the shit out of some people for discovery?

          I mean, there’s so many reasons why there aren’t super duper secret blue laser planes, but the money that is lost by many powerful people should be one that created some logic-based critique of these crazy-fancy paranoid thoughts.

          • well just to point out . Yoy do not have clearance to know if we do or dont have such planes either.
            All that being said direct lasers were installed in 747s in the early 90s for the us goverment. And incase you were wondering i had a clearance. so kindly if you do not know about such things your comments have little to no bearing on the truth as you arent entittled based upon clearance to have or know the truth

    • That is why we do not live in a pure democracy. We got to have some limited form of long term dictatorship in order to keep things stable and get shit done. This would not be the case if we were really living in a democracy. A real democracy comes from anarchist principals.

      • There’s nothing more consistent – select and dogmatize certain words. It is the last desperate frenzy from the anti-civilization group . . . It’s been done for thousands of years. The Pharisees and scribes did it to the Torah, against whom Jesus rebelled. Later, clever Constantine the Great did that to the teachings of Jesus. The Scholastics did that to the works of Aristotle.

        Ideologies – communism, socialism, fascism, democracy, etc., are all tools to move wealth and masses of people. Understanding the creation of money as the factor in comprehending the control mechanisms which our civilizations are structured around . . . all of the big ideologies of the 20th century were funded by the same banks.

        Make no mistake about it – enlightenment is a destructive force. It has nothing to do with becoming better or being happier. Enlightenment is the crumbling away of untruth. It’s seeing through the facade of pretense. It’s the complete eradication of everything we imagined to be true.

    • They were so well educated and profound back then. The new world learned the hard way that socialism doesn’t work. Everybody wanted the benefits but nobody wanted the labor that produced the benefits. The starvation that happened because of it, was a huge eye opener that the Founding Fathers held close to their hearts.
      They then made sure that the Constitution would not only delete “democracy”, but also legally penalize any who dared to force it upon the new Republic. Some of those penalties are harsh, due to the harshness of the criminal intent.
      Today, the kids think it’s a walk in the park to discuss and demand ‘democracy’. They haven’t a clue that it’s considered an overthrow of govt, an overthrow of the Constitution, and an overthrow of Liberty. They don’t know or even care to know that the label they seek is a felony offense. Military Tribunals can officially begin tomorrow, New Years day. I hope and pray the gullible are not on the list of indictments, but that only the snake oil salesmen are.
      Happy New Year ULLR, thank you for blessing us with the words of a hero.

      • The founding fathers kept slaves, practiced bloodletting, committed genocides and began the deforestation of America. They practiced a form of democracy that recognized only white landowning males. They ran an inefficient, sexist society that ignored half of its available workforce. They had no educational system and a poor literacy rate. They did not have everything figured out yet.

        • But they had the wisdom to understand that they were flawed and that everything humans did was imperfect. They understood that perfection was a pursuit, a journey, not a destination. Most of them assumed that this great experiment would fail under the weight of human greed and hubris, but here we are, still clicking along.

          • I have no fear that the result of our experiment will be that men may be trusted to govern themselves without a master. -Jefferson

            You don’t see perfection in nature?

            We Are nature.

          • I’m not saying that the founding fathers weren’t the best thing happening in their own time. But constantly invoking founding fathers quotes the way these guys do robs them of any historical context. The founding fathers were the start of a dynamic political system, not prophets speaking holy scripture from God’s lips.

            • Hooray! The thing I would add is that their original intent, since it proved remarkably durable in comparison to most systems of government, deserves respect. Not slavish adherence but respect. If current Americans change it or even push it around, they should do so carefully and not as a matter of fashion or style. And certainly not dismiss it on the basis the Founders were imperfect.

        • Thanks for balancing the narrative!

      • Happy New Year Shak.

    • Says the guy who tried to shut down the media critical of his Presidency. Just saying.

  • This is BULLSHIT! There should be a location to vote for delegates in EVERY county! WTF!

  • Rule of Law not Leftists

    Oh boohoo cry me a river that wannabe Bay area Marxist leftists have to travel to vote for their single party of neoliberals. Kinda funny, being that these are the same people that call others racists, Nazis, misogynist, and other name calling that they like to do to make them feel good about themselves. Then there’s their AntiFa terrorist soyboy branch beating people up in the street. Plus they gerrymandered the last election where there was only Democrats vote for. Seriously I’m supposed to feel sorry for a bunch of leftist Democrats? Hell, there is no representation in the state of the plurality whatsoever instead we got one party of neoliberalism that is running a show and a bunch of leftis who are trying to take over. What’s really hilarious is they go around telling everybody how they should live their life because they’re so righteous yet the Democrat party is the party of the KKK, the civil war, segregation, Tammady, and a lot of the other evils for the last couple hundred years. But now they are so-called progressives and fighting against so-called the evils. A single party is not representive of millions of people. I’m glad these progressives have to travel to push their leftist beliefs in this state of single-party neoliberalism.

  • Not PC, but often correct anyway

    If the “progressives’ actually get power it will be the final nail in the coffin of freedom and liberty. These folks are totalitarians masquerading as liberals. Extremely toxic. They need to be resisted at all costs.

    • That’s still too close. Make them drive further. They could carpool and go out to eat together and split the bill equally. Mabey clean up some needles on the way. Donate some time to feed the junkies.

    • Keep On Dancing 🕺💃 🎼

      NEWSFLASH: Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Again! 🇺🇸👍🏿

      Awesome.😎☀️ Trump’s Impeachment is right around the corner… It’s almost Mueller Time! 🍺⚖️

  • Solve the problem. Don’t vote for a Democrat

    • That ship has totally sailed with this year’s new legislature. There is most likely going to be a rush of social legislation with big price tags attached and more of laws enshrining the recent ideology of the cancelled women’s march where it is not only a social spending bender but one that mandates “diversity.” There will be plenty of shouting down the few remaining voices saying they can’t do something and much rejoicing until the bills come due. In 15 years I wonder how stressful it will be in California. Can a single State become a Venezuela since its citizens can run to other States in the same country?

  • Keep On Dancing 🕺💃 🎼

    For a so-called conversation about the Democratic Party, there were remarkably few Democrats in this thread apparently, especially considering the diminished decrepit state of the local Republican Party. If we want to know what the far-right thinks about the Democratic Party, there are already no shortage of media sources for that. One would hope a Humboldt blog would be more interesting and informative than pill-popping junkie Rush Limbaugh 💊, etc., etc., etc. Fake FOX “News” 🦊 📺 already has the media market cornered on blatant stupidity. 😜👈🏼🧠🚫

    Where did all of the liberals/progressives go? (As far away from this comments section as they can get, by the looks of it. Or, right-wingers simply have no lives.)

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