No Annual Women’s March This Year in Eureka

women's march participants

Youth marching and chanting in the Eureka Women’s March January 2017. [Photo by Lynae McCarthy]

Press release from the Organizers of the Annual Women’s March:

Humboldt County organizers and supporters of the annual Women’s March have decided to not hold a rally in Eureka on January 19th. This decision was made after many conversations between local social-change organizers and supporters of the march.

The local organizers are continuing to meet and discuss how to broaden representation in the organizing committee to create an event that represents and supports peoples who live here in Humboldt. Up to this point, the participants have been overwhelmingly white, lacking representation from several perspectives in our community. Instead of pushing forward with crucial voices absent, the organizing team will take time for more outreach. Our goal is that planning will continue and we will be successful in creating an event that will build power and community engagement through connection between women that seek to improve the lives of all in our community.

The group is exploring holding an event in March to celebrate International Women’s Day. Anyone interested in helping organize these events are welcome and encouraged to attend.

The Eureka Women’s March organizing committee encourages local supporters to attend the Martin Luther King Jr. Celebration in Eureka on January 21, Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

For more information, and to get involved, visit the Facebook group email



  • “This year”.
    tsk tsk tsk…. don’t even know what TIME it is

  • It’s a WOMANS March, way to exclude my daughter who wants to be in solidified unity with her gender. This is ridiculous and disgusting. So are you saying Susan B Anthony since she was a woman and fought for our right to vote was lessened since she was White? Your exclusion of a gender dominated March due to color is racist. Disgusting and I encourage you to read Susan b Anthony s speech she gave before sentencing to regound yourselves. You organizers are disgusting and should be ashamed.

    • Only men can be sexist. Only white people can be racist. Soooo if your a white male who voted, your automatically pre judged as a sexist,racist, privileged pig. Get used to it

    • Lets march anyway

    • I agree! They are being lazy! How many activist women of color do you expect to recruit in a predominantly white community!

      Let’s go organizers! Get off your duffs! What do you need done? I’ll help.

  • March will continue when there are more racially diverse participants.

  • A note from the organizers: Thanks for your past support pale skinned women who care and actually live here, but we’re really looking for browner participants who will make our photos appear more inclusive.

    • Haha now we see your true nature human,at least I think that’s what you started off being. 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾

      • There are two women in Panama who were in charge of widening the Panama canal. One was the chief engineer, the other designed the locks to handle the bigger ships. I wonder what they think of the pussy hats running around. Leah Pritchett is the NHRA world champion dragster driver. She hits speed of 320 + mph, covering a 1000 feet from a dead stop in less than 4 seconds. I wonder what she, and the other women race drivers, think of the marchers? I wonder what the women who own their own companies think. These women I just mentioned are successful and accomplished. The women marching for whatever, accomplish nothing, they just waste time and money. Failures. They help no one, especially those who have accomplished so much. Today, the opportunities for women are infinite. What is the complaint? Marchers, grow up and stop complaining. Go do something helpful, instead of acting like little spoiled brats.

        • I never understood this argument. Political rallies are most certainly “doing something,” moreso than operating a racecar for sure. She you say “doing something” in this context, do you mean civil disobediance? Strikes?

    • I’m sure your intent behind this comment was different than I am reading. Is “appearance” the most important thing? Or is it is women standing together, learning, stating what they deserve? If 80% of our country is white, I would think photos would reflect that. Seems artificial to drum up darker skinned people simply for photos.

      • A reply from the organizers: You have a point. We will try to feel less white guilt on behalf of the county. If we can get at least the redheads to visit a tanning salon we may be able to make this thing work. Perhaps we can even do last minute spray tanning prior to the big group photo.

  • What about the economic, political diversity? There are more types of diversity than color. Way to only look skin deep, shame on you organizers.

    • And the difference between groups, when it come to the most important issues of inequality ,come down to economics, not sex, gender, race or religion.

  • Rally cancelled : Too white.

  • And the regresive anti-liberals begin to eat themselves.

    According to the 2010 census Eureka is 79.3% European disporia.

    (1.9%) African American, 1,011 (3.7%) Native American, 1,153 (4.2%) Asian, 176 (0.6%) Pacific Islander, 1,181 (4.3%) from other races, and 1,591 (5.9%) from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino people of any race were 3,143 persons (11.6%).

    But what they actually want is overrepresentation, based on intersectionality. All they have to do is have some of the white ladies go transracial.

    The people they really need are stats teachers of any race to show them that the gender pay gap is a myth.

    • The racial makeup of the county was
      84.7% White,
      0.9% Black or African American,
      5.7% Native American,
      1.7% Asian,
      0.2% Pacific Islander,
      2.5% from other races,
      and 4.4% from two or more races.
      In 2017, 11.7% of the population were Hispanic or Latino according to the United States Census Bureau.

  • This is completely idiotic. The women’s march taking their ball and going home because their photo ops didn’t look diverse enough. Thanks for sabotaging your own movement.

    • Why do a few organizers get to decide that thousands of people in Humboldt should stay home from a popular event?

      It only makes sense if their intent was to shut down a popular movement, and this was a convenient excuse.

      If lack of diversity was a real concern, the organizers that created that issue would step aside and let others take over, or share organizing duties with local tribal members, NAACP chapter and other local orgs.

      Instead, they decided that being inclusive means making everyone feel unwelcome?

      • Yeah, I think this must have been an out for someone who got in over their head. I was at last years rally. It was very diverse. The timing is really shitty, too, doing this on a Friday. Now people will have all weekend to speculate. I hope they issue a clarification soon.

  • I heard they didn’t have a single transracial, differently abled, gender fluid dwarf. F@#king racist.

  • Funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Bunch of white women decide that too many white women are bad juju, and endeavor to become more diverse by canceling an event that draws attention to a lack of diversification. These “local social-change organizers” are liberal puppeteers. The clumsy, marionette marchers all have sad, white faces. The social change organizers beg you, if you are brown, stick around.

  • This sounds a bit indifferent, lethargic, and leaning on the petty side of things. Maybe someone else more representative and responsive should take over and lead the march for ALL women?

    Take a look at the composition of women in Humboldt. We’re all in this together. Maybe that’s the greater value here. Regardless of your ethnicity (note to self: we’re all of the same race), women are still women and women’s issues are still important. Stand up! All of us! Apathy and complacency is not the way you want to go in these times. Silence is consent, remember?

    Maybe we forgot what’s important and what we need to do? Here’s an inspiring video I came across of a young 18-year old standing up for the greater issues only 6 weeks ago, in front of Nancy Pelosi’s office. Although it isn’t women’s issue he’s focused on, his speaking up is a reminder we’re all in this together. Remember when you were young and passionate? After you see the video, then you can read the multitude of mindless, hateful, racial comments people left below it. That is what we’re fighting for and marching against in this day and age.

    • Tweakers suckWell I mean I could just take a walk that day with my daughter and you all could join me…

      Well I mean I could just take a walk that day with my daughter and you all could join me…

  • I agree that this was a stupid decision. (Full disclosure: I’m white and cis-hetero-female.) And motivated by how the photos look. Disgraceful! I believe ANY march or action in support of women’s rights regardless of who’s in it by ethnicity, gender, ability, or whatever, will do good for ALL women.
    But this is NOT the fault of people of color. Blaming any identity group for wanting their rights IS racist. Besides being racist, it gets the individuals responsible for this stupidity and missed opportunity off the hook for their bad decision. Put the blame where it belongs: on the organizers themselves. Do we even know the ethnicities of the organizers? I’ll bet the majority are white.

  • Somehow I can’t help but suspect this is in some way the fault of Trevor.

  • “ sorry , can’t do the march, too many white women attend “.

    Please , carry on . This type of behavior and irrational thinking by the
    “ intersectional feminists “ will ultimately lead to their demise .

  • By the way, the more people talk about what is racist and what is not, the more hysteria and accusations and advocacy all present themselves in a whirlwind of perceived correctness, then the deeper the truth is buried, until no one feels compelled to speak honestly, and we find ourselves stranded, without viable recourse, relegated to the corner we’ve painted ourselves into. You reap what you sow, baby.

  • Liberalism is a mental disorder

  • This is humor!! Too f@cking much. Way to be Humboldt, stop that march because its too white!! Awesome

  • Want an explanation? Google “intersectionality” and be prepared to vomit.

    Real, egalitarian, liberals have to speak out against these people.

    • maybe more people of color are now rooting for President Trump. hmm?

      • Yeah maybe. Not being a regressive doesn’t make you a conservative though. Most liberlas are not sjw antifa types.

        Other than misguided “social justice” issues I’m extremely liberal. Actually I think that I am far more liberal than the regressives. For one, I do not believe in using violence to prevent others from speaking, no matter what they have to say.

  • We are going to politically correct ourselves as a nation into being just like Paris, Germany and then on to Joseph Stalin where he’ll take our socialist desires right into …THE IRON GRIP OF COMMUNISM!
    Be not fooled, the police state is already here and in place. All we need now is a real uprising of brother against brother to compleat the loss of essential liberties.

    We never listen to history… ((sigh))

    Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety. ~Benjamin Franklin.

    • Organisers of the Women’s March, this lady supports your decision.

      She thinks equal rights for women are tantamount to communism. That’s the coallition you are building.

      Great job.

    • Socialized medicine and a social safety net are not socialism… They are the very pillars of a strong society that cares for it’s own sick, disabled and those who paid into their retirement at 65, or 70. These special rights every other group is fighting for should not only be given to them, but be the very same rights for all, not just fringe minority groups. Beating killing, or harming anyone is a hate crime period and should be punished just as harshly as the criminals punished their victims. Let all the petty pot criminals out of the prisons so that we can keep murderers, rapist and the violent spreaders terror locked up for at least life.

      • America is a constitutional republic. All socialists ignore this fact. The brilliant founders did not want a “democracy,” for that is mob rule (ie see state propositions, tyranny of the minority). No one has the rights to anything except what these amazing patriots put in the founding documents. All else is privilege. No group is special, any laws to the contrary are unconstitutional (like hate crimes legislation, for instance). Families, friends and churches should assist people through retirement, illness, etc. The society at large owes no one anything. This is why we are TRILLIONS IN DEBT, because of the “soft” socialism that began with that rich, corrupt lefty FDR. Ask your grandchildren if they want a bankrupt nation, a morally void nation, and see them stare at you blankly. This is the legacy of leftism, along with the IRS and the federal reserve. Slavery for all ….

      • i for one do not want the goverment deciding who gets what healthcare. if you want an example just look at our roads…… and then look up which road just got repaved in calusa county …. yeppers jerrys kids browns

      • Socialised medicine is most definitely socialist. So is social security. Pretty much any time the government does something that benefits you, that’s socialism. The alternative is capitalism, like the system we use right now. For-profit death panels.

        • Really? You think somehow that the government will take care of your indivdual needs better than you can yourself? That you think this should be warning enough to raise questions with readers.

    • Modern day Germany is doing many things better than the US. I like their stake based economy over our share based economy. Of course letting real Muslims in was a huge mistake. I say real Muslims because they actually follow their holy texts.

      I wouldn’t want Christians who actually follow the teachings of the Bible as neighbors either. Fortunately the Christian religion came face-to-face with the enlightenment era and really had to make some major changes. We’re still waiting for those reforms to spread through the Muslim world.

      • lol You think that Enlightenment just magically sprang into the human mind like Athena from the head of Zeus? It was the Christain ethics that lead to the questioning of its organizations that lead to valuing individuals. It was the struggles of the religious and frankly the capitalists against church power but that’s another thread)to do right that created the power to do it. That this did not happen elsewhere should make you pause and ask why. Maybe offer their due to the people who gave you such freedoms.

        • No I don’t believe in anything magical. Yes humans have revolutionary ideas that do not come from supernatural sources.

          Christian ethics are abhorrent. Just read the Bible. Jesus condoned slavery.

  • Oh For Fuck Sakes. Who are these people ? Oh, yeah, seems to be the self righteous, self sabotaging, politically correct, CIRCULAR FIRING SQUAD.! You just SHOT yourself in the foot!
    Look at ALL of the past photos of the women’s marches in Humboldt. Yes the majority are white women cause this is where THEY LIVE!
    The message is clear.
    “ we the organizers are canceling the march because there are too many white women.”
    (Plug in another color and what reaction do you think would happen?)
    Wow, how far are you going to take this.
    What’s next a , genetic test before your allowed to march to make sure all women standing in the march are 100% pure and to your liking?

    • I agree that it needs to be Women first…Its a Women’s March! Period! Doesn’t even have to be “American” women. Women …Women!

      • yes because women already do not have more rights then males in America right ? Bah!. Lets take away womens right to vote until they have to sign up for selective service like males do ? Lets force them to have to back up their vote with their lives like males do.
        Lets close womens shelters untill there are also male shelters when abused males can excape with thier children, instead of having to decide if they will stay and be abused or leave their children with a physco raging female.
        while we are at it lets change the legal terms for rape to make it equal for any sex. If i male is forced to penetrate it is just as bad.
        lets give fathers a say in abortions as well.
        none of this will ever happen because it will hold females to the same standards as males, and while they march and ralley for equality they arent looking for it,no they want privledge, but shhh you will be labeled a sexist for pointing this out.

        • Antichrist, I’m all for what you’re saying, but I also think that any and all murderers, rapists, molesters and spreaders of terror.. MALE, OR FEMALE, BLACk, or WHITE.. They should all get a minimum of life behind bars for such crimes.

          • one persons terrorist is anothers freedom fighter ….. who gets to say what is ok ok and who gets terrorised ?

            • Antichrist, if you or I cause anyone great bodily harm, then both of us deserve to feel that very same pain and anguish we caused our victim. A man that molests a boy is just as bad of a human being as a man that beats someone almost to death. Rape of any kind deserves the same level of punishment their victims received from the. Armed robbers, home invasion robbers are all dangers we shouldn’t constantly be hearing about in the news. Lock a few of these violent people up for life without to possibility of parole and the message will trickle down pretty quickly. Now my own personal feeling is that they should all be put to death, but maybe I’m speaking more as a victim saying that. I think men, women, or any race/color should face the very same rules in a court of law.

              • the only reason we constantly hear about such thongs in the news is because fear sells. we dont see stoeies about the 10k grows that each and everyday dont get robbed

                • Antichrist, Please understand… I responded back to you addressing Humboldt news, not National BS News for your sheeple party depending which wing of the same war monger bird you choose to vote for. .

              • An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind. You were talking about revenge not Justice. Torturing criminals only makes you as low as them.

                • an eye for an eye will not leave the whole world blind. think. if that were to be true half the population would have to do something bad to someone (like pluck out an eye). do you really think fifty percent of the population wants to hurt others and if they do, do you think they will act on it? especially if the consequences were equal. they might stop to think hey i dont want to hurt that person because i will be hurting myself.

        • you need to go do some research. there are men shelters (arcata house) that take men with children. men do have say in abortion (in some states). in fact there is a highly controversial court case where a man raped a woman and while he was in jail he had the courts make sure the baby could not be aborted. men can and do get raped (look it up) it is just a lot lower of a rate

          • what is rape for females is not rape for males, look it up. if you add the forced to penetrate number to the rape number you will find that the differance between the sex is marginal for rape. then factor in that child rape under the age of 5 is gender nutural. yet so much attention is given to little girls and women. as for the arcata shelter it is very rare in America, go ahead and look that one up as well. as for the abortion, whst if the male doesnt want the fetis to be born ? what right or options does a male have not to have the next 18 to 26 years suffering for a mistake they have no option to fix ?

            • what do you even mean by that? two or three dudes could stick you all at the same time whether or not if you (rapee) are a male or female

              • go ahead and look up the word rape in a current law book before assuming you understand whst is legally concidered rape and what isnt. a single example is if a male shames a female into sex it is rape. yet a male csnt be raped unless the male is penetrated. that is saying that a female can shame a male into having sex and that isnt rape that is a lessor charge forced to penetrate. still the same in reguards to being emotionaly used to preform a sex act one doesnt want to do or wouldnt do if not emotionally manulipatied

                • have you ever heard of a dildo. a woman can rape a man with one. once again just a lot less common but some people do have sick ways of getting revenge

            • are you implying that if a man were tied down and raped and the mom didnt want to abort he would have to pay child support?

              • yes that excatly how it goes. it gets worse a female can lie tell a manhe is the father and in some states when he finds out and leaves he will still jave to pau child support for a chils that isnt even his

                • i think that only if he signs the birth certificate. plus cant he have a dna test done?

                • another thought, if he could prove he was raped (tied down and fed viagra) and it resulted in a child, the mother would get the child taken away from her and the rapee would get custody of the child and you can put your child up for adoption or drop them off at a fire station up to the age of 12 i believe (no child support). but if you cant prove it then yeah your argument stands

                • You seem to be obsessed with incoherence.

                • That is true. There are many jurisdictions that do not allow either a mother or father’s statement to deny the parentage of a child born within a marriage. It was a way to protect the child from being declared illegitimate because the parents are subsequently battling. Too many people use children as a football and such presumptions were the children’s only protection.

                  It was established as a presumption prior to DNA testing of course and there are plenty of ways to rebut it.

            • Antichrist, I’m not even bothering to debate with these other phallic extension pickup driving idiots here. Men know what rape is, just throw a few of you guys into Pelican Bay for a few months, or try living as a transwoman, gay, or even an effeminate male… Then you too will be always watching behind your back when you walk to the store alone. All hate crimes should be just that: “a hate crime”, When not defending oneself from a great bodily harm, if someone commits a deliberate act ageist any other person that results in great bodily harm to them and or others and regardless of either side’s race, gender, or skin… IT IS A HATE CRIME!

              • taxpayer in the above,that is not rape under current law. that is my point a woman can force herself on a man and concive a child and not only is it not rape but the man will be responsible for childsupport. that is why it is unfair. also in certain states it doesnt matter if birth certifite is signed by the male or not , if he unknowningly supports a child that is not his upon finding out througj dna or otherwise that it is not his. there is no option for him to not be responsible for child support.

      • Please keep in mind that the organizing group for the March is composed of WOMEN (plus a man or 2, sometimes showing up).

    • JUST STOP, Actually I’m not for any of the marches unless it’s everyone agreeing that we all deserve the same rights across the board. Special interest groups is the very reason our nation is falling apart. “From Black live matter” to”BIG MONEY selecting what laws are past. We all need to come together and look at the real problem in the guarded gated communities laughing at us fighting each other while looking down on all of as they feed their guard dogs food you couldn’t afford to feed your child.

      • Bam! Well said!!

      • That’s why I’m an egalitarian and not a feminist. We’re either equal or we’re not. since it’s well-established that the gender pay gap is a myth I’m just wondering what rights women are lacking in this nation?

        • its not about womens rights when they wear pussy hats just to state that they hate Trump and they dont know why

          • I hate Trump but I completely agree with you. They we’re not womens marches they were anti Trump marches and based on the false narrative that Trump bragged that he assulted women. When in fact he was saying that because he is wealthy women are ok with his actions.

  • AAAAGH! The white doesn’t wash off!

  • Who cares if rabid communists don’t get to parade around town with genitalia hats on. Sick.

  • There’s nothing to stop you ladies who want to march from organizing your own march.

  • Divide and conquer.

    It’s our ECONOMIC system that is killing the planet and the disposable people, black, brown, red AND white!

    Deaths of despair are increasing, life expectancy for WHITE FOLKS is declining (Case/Deaton study)…

    This identy crap is just more diversion from the true issues.

    Eat the rich.

    • Diversion from the true issues – ya think?

    • Agreed. Poorly regulated capitalism is a way to ensure that you will not have meritocracy.

      The organizers of this march want equal outcomes and when they don’t see equal outcomes they assumed that is because of some sort of bigotry. If we are given equal opportunity there will not be equal outcomes because of inherent differences between individuals.

      A real liberal should look for equal opportunity not equal outcome. It requires quite an education in statistics to determine the actual causes of unequal outcome. This is where the modern feminist have failed. The soft sciences lack any semblance of statistical rigor.

  • Will our area now have some self realization, and accept ( and celebrate!) ourselves for the 79% white 21% other population that it is?!
    Wanting our demographics to be different than it is, to have a representative group look any different than the community we all see at Winco, at festivals, on the streets, etc. Is just delusional. And sad. And kind of the opposite of what I think is wanted here..
    We are who we are..what’s wrong with that?

  • I remember John Lennon and Yoko Ono years ago giving a press conference where they were inside white bags so they couldn’t be seen. When the reporters asked why, they said it was so they would be seen for who they are inside not judged on appearance. If only we saw each others souls rather than our appearance to decide what makes up humanity and with this viewpoint, unite us as one.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Chicago is not having a march either, due to problems inside the national organizing committee. Read here:

    • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory, Trans woman and white women where typically kicked to the curb in the big march by Black lives matters. I’m always amazed at how many of you cowards talk tall tails of shit, but never show who you are LMAO.

      • I remember when they made Ashly Judd and her groupies walk/ride in the back of the march at one of the marches.
        I remember when Amber was blocked from doing interviews at an antifa march in calif.
        They considered her too ‘conservative’ or some political thing.
        I remember when Patriot’s Prayer were accused of being white supremacists and assaulted by antifa in Calif and Portland.

        There’s a pattern there that needs to be closely examined.
        The marches for the ‘this’ exclude those who are the ‘this’ if they aren’t the ‘this or that other thing’.

        I wonder if they all have the same funder?

      • Hey Coletta. FYI. The organizers of the Humboldt Women’s March also made choices to support the sensitivities of the trans community. One choice was to discourage the thinking that, ‘a vagina = a woman’. And to discourage the adulation of wearing ‘pussy hats’. So. ‘Your community’ (if, of course you consider yourself part of the local trans community) was extended the sensitivity that is/was intended as support.

  • What am I going to do with the pussy hat I’ve been knitting? I want to march damn it!

    • you dont need organizers, you go right ahead and just show up there one weekend. or write Kym and organize yourself, i love to see pussy hat protests, even though they are based off of falsehoods

    • Tax Payer, Then wear it everyday for a while, so your snobby neighbors can see who you really are for once.

  • Are white folks being exclusive or are these social imbalances reflective of an unbalanced population?

    • Anaon Forrest, it’s due Humboldt’s unbalanced demographics. If we were in Washington or any other big city it would be the blacks running everything and kicking white women to the curb for their white privilege… But of course only after they extracted the much needed funds from the steady working white women.

      • Oh, my word. Can you offer an iota of evidence that “the blacks” run everything? For instance, with African Americans making up 12% of the US population only two senators identify as black. That’s 2%. Vastly underrepresented. And that’s just off the top of my head.

        • She thinks the women’s march was stalinist propaganda, I’m not sure she has a real solid grasp on reality.

          • She’s a big girl, she can speak for herself. She doesn’t need others putting words in her mouth.

            • “We are going to politically correct ourselves as a nation into being just like Paris, Germany and then on to Joseph Stalin where he’ll take our socialist desires right into …THE IRON GRIP OF COMMUNISM!”

              Her words, Shak.

              • communism, socialism, fascism – collective group-think hive mentality, But the main points are the same—you still have a state-run system for the most part, and a focus on the good of a whole. The Deep State is the modern reference.

                It’s not about the isms.

        • Kym, In the main woman’s special interest groups they do right now. Myself and many other trans women have encountered it, along with cis women as well. It’s not to say they’re running all special interest groups, but I see it marching in that direction. After many years writing marching and shouting for trans equality I kinda stood back in disbelief after Plump won in 2016, so I don’t keep as close track as I once did a year ago or so.

          And yeah that’s exactly right and part of my point… They’re only 12% of the US population, but we only need look at how high their US crime statistics of crime, especially violent crime is in that same the US population In comparison to everyone else. We can see with just those two statistics alone how they could move such a giant angry voice as “black lives matter” that deeply effects the trans movement, LGBT’s and especially women movements with it’s many unseasoned supporters who have never encountered any of this pre Trump.

          Look at own peaceful little Humboldt that once just a few very short years ago had few of these crazy crimes that we’re seeing now. Now we see very young (and clean of drugs) local girls being enslaved into sex trafficking. It too one of these monsters doing this right here two very horrific offences before life in prison was on the table in our local courts. The false flag war in drugs that dates way back into the mid/early 70’s when we were all stating to get along and vote alone the same party and policies. This is how and why those that benefit so greatly from the failed war on drugs keep us from looking at the real crimes that matter to us all that they’re not doing anything about but giving out slaps on the wrist.

          We have been divided by design and that goes much further back than the 70’s.

          Kym, I greatly appreciate your local news coverage. After Plump won in 2016 you became the only news I could tolerate while not feel lie to about the facts. Thank you for your service to our community, Peace.

          • I’ve had conservatives tell me that trans/gay people run everything, too. I think that is just as false a statement as that blacks run everything. Yes there are people in both movements who are angry (who can blame them?) and sometimes irrational but just because some have loud voices, doesn’t mean they have much power. Just as you want justice and a voice so too do others.

            • We both know both side are wings that are of the same bird too. I think we’ve all been duped into accepting very small, but very tasty crumbs from our elected officials. Our various human rights movements… I think it’s all false, none of us are running anything but what those in high places let us. I was an Hopeful, but very angry and loud trans rights activist. But then I began to see many things within our movement that made me step back and ask myself “Who’s really in control here?” And I’m only doing the same thing here… Not enough women of color, so it’s just simply canceled. That’s quite convenient, isn’t it.

            • Loud voices have very much power in creating what the press reports. What the press reports has power to create a sense of victimisation and then it drums up support for them in politics far in excess of the victim’s demographics. Is that not your goal? To right wrongs? Is that not the whole of the power of the press in a nutshell? If the public believes the press, and when are the given the opportunity to do otherwise, does that not make being a victim much more powerful?

              • GUEST, I would agree, but then my mind and heart looks at “Occupy Wall Street”, “Dakota Access Pipeline protests’ (That are very much still ongoing) These were giant cries to stop criminal activities by “We The People” and both are still ongoing. Obama failed us and then Trump silence us. Black lives matter is good for big money, because it helps keep the working class divided, not united.

                Guest, it’s the voice that best fits big money owned media that gets their corporate media coverage. I carefully look at both side… that’s the only way you’ll ever even get a hint at what’s truth in this vast sea of lies.

                • I interrupt this important discussion, to ask an innocent question.
                  How did/does Trump “silence us”? Who is “us”?
                  I stopped watching msm a long time ago, except for OANN and even they’re not without questionable intentions, but at least they televise all the important speeches, rallies, headlines without narrating what we should feel or think. (they save their interpretations for their special talk spots).
                  Why did I stop watching the news? Because what I watched and heard with my own eyes and ears during live streaming sessions on YT, was usually the exact opposite of what the fake news was relaying back to us. The MSM is a bundle of real news and fake news. As far as I can tell, POTUS is trying to stifle the fake parts of the otherwise real news. He hopes the MSM will end the fake on their own, without having to step in and nullify the BHO revised Smith-Mundt act for them. IOW, it wasn’t POTUS that stifled citizen investigative reporters like Amber, it was the march leaders themselves who did.
                  I need to hear, in your own words, from your own experiences, how you yourself have been stifled by POTUS. I trust your candor.

              • I’m not sure what you saying.

          • If you only believe news stories that cherry pick stats to suit while never mentioning stats that contradict their chosen view point, then you will always find comfort in being right. Even when it somehow never works out as it should.

            When you don’t stop at what seems innately right because it satisfies, you might find that you stumble across what improves life while still not fulfilling fantasy. No one who voices opinions in public should have the luxury of deciding others do not deserve effort to be convinced of your perfection. Prove or don’t prove.

            • I listen to both side of news. I just stopped looking at what criminal Trump is doing I’m not stupid.

              • Then prove you are not. Frankly I found Obama to be egregiously tyranical. He deliberately harmed the functions of law to get what he wanted. Of course it did not last as he would not do the dirty, distasteful work of compromise and consensus building that ensures his wants survived. But the press kept their deadly silence out of personal agreement and let him think it would work. He set up Trump’svictory, aided by the press. If the press had said “you can’t do that”, he might have not been so damaging. To abuse Trump because he took a play out of Obama’s book is too little, too late.

                • Mr. Guest, I have found most presidents since Kennedy to be egregiously tyrannical. Your mud slinging only proves your deep lack of understanding in these matters. Throw the party lines out for a moment and then talk to me with your mind. Stop being a parrot for the right wing’s agenda that is just as bad as the left’s. Both wings are of the same bird that want us to fight over stupid stuff while they sell us all out to the highest bidder.

                • Read and check out who offered mud slinging in this exchange. And who offered explanation and who didn’t.

              • Again, I’m perplexed. I hear that phrase ‘criminal trump’ slung around a lot, but so far I haven’t uncovered any facts that back that up.
                Can you provide the documents that prove he’s a ‘criminal’?
                I don’t trust any politician, to be honest. They should all be held accountable, whether we love or hate them. But, allegations are not proof of criminal activity, they’re just allegations. If there’s proof positive, then we all need to be in the ‘know’. What are we missing?

                • Shak, Trump asks for mud in his face every time he tweets. And since 2016 Trumps always been in the news for some kinda underhanded crap. Even the repukes are backing away from this sinking ship.

                  So tell me… how’s all these great jobs going that Rump promised everyone LOL?

                • He asks for mud every time he tweets? Did/does he attack you personally or something? If so, that would seem criminal to me, for sure. Did you document it and hire a lawyer?

                  The Dems have tried to impeach every gop President in office. That’s just business as usual to most of us who have to wade through all the incredibly boring BS. I haven’t found anything other than typical accusations. I’ll take it that your answer means No, he’s never been convicted of a crime.

                  All Presidents have changes of staff, changes of the old guard. He has a healthy crew of those he can count on. Many who recently left, were finished with the short term job they were hired to do and now they’re off to other jobs waiting for them.

                  Why do you doubt there are jobs? That reminds me, IPhone is building a few new complexes, one in Tx and one in Calif. Employment hasn’t been this high across the board for decades.

                  To sum it up, he’s a criminal because your opinion of him says so? Okay.
                  I expected more from you, like real concrete evidence and documents, not just opinion. But, like they say, it is what it is.

                  Did you know that some of his tweets are coded? That’s why he misspells and capitalizes at times. The last code was letting us know the trip he had planned a year in advance was happening.
                  Sometimes the mud splatters when it hits the mirror.

                • Why, just why would DT need to let his readers know that he was planning a trip but not tell others? He’s the president of the United States. He doesn’t have to use Twitter Code to speak to people. He isn’t being held hostage.

                • LOL, he DID tell everyone, but the media chose to smother the real news with it’s fake news. People love their confirmation bias, even when their confirmation was created by the same sources that created the bias.

                • Kym it is a complex game. he just pulled the raise he made for federal workers so that dems (nancy and chuck) could give them the raise and claim the glory but they will have to give him his wall. it makes it appear to be a compromise but in reality Trump is still going to sign the raise he is just giving the dems the credit and the news will report it that way

                • Tax Payer, the funny part is, he already has the money for the wall, thanks to that last omnibus bill he will ever sign. He’s already rebuilt the decrepit fencing, which has reduced crime in the 90%’s range. The battle is not for the ‘wall’, it’s to give the sleepy heads time to come to their own realization that the dems only want the rhetoric. They know it’s been a campaign rhetoric for decades and now they don’t want it because somebody else is literally doing it. People aren’t stupid, they’re just hypnotized.

            • Also “guest” I proudly put my name and face to what I say… Makes it just a tad more valid, ya know.

              • No it doesn’t. You have only to worry about what I, an advocate of law and reasonability, would do to you. I, on the other hand, have to worry about you, a person full of agenda, insult, anger and light on reasonability, would do. You are scary. I am not.

                It is all part of the common mistake of thinking WHO says something is more important that what is said. Which is why it took reading the text of a few of Obama’s speeches to convince me that what he didn’t say – and he would take an hour of saying nothing in the first place- is the very thing most likely to be true and what he will do. While it’s sort of an opposite with Trump. What he says is just a position from which he is likely to compromise and you have to look at what he does in the end to know.

                • Guest, A most likely lame story, but clever at least lol. And by the way my life to me is worth just as much as your legal bs is to you. I’m not the kind to us violence or threats to hurt people, or get them see things my way. However, on the other hand I’m sure your pen is quite deadly. Besides anyone with brains to think knows very well that a man with a briefcase can steel and cause far more human suffering than any man with even an automatic weapon ever could. In conclusion of my lil note back to you… I support nether Democrats, or Republicans, I vote and speak for what will help and hurt the least amount of people and what I do I do for free as my service as citizen of this country of ours.

        • To me it reads that she was saying, inside groups like these, the minority that is viewed as most oppressed has the greatest virtue and run the show.

          And I agree.

    • it simply doesnt matter what demographics show up to a pussy hat event. the people that show up, are representing who believes in this sorta thing in their area (why try to fake the representation). like i suggest i think more black people are in favor of Trump now #blexit

  • Simply Wonderful!

    Too funny and totally predictable. The culturally diverse members of this society are too friggen lazy to get off their asses and March for Womens rights!!!! This says volumes. Easier to bitch and moan about how entitled white people are. There were a lot of women, men and children at the last March. Why didn’t anyone representing the different cultures up here step up to be involved in this March? Because it’s easier to point blame at the whities. I cared once. I dont care anymore. If my wanting to be a part of the solution instead of the problem as a white woman isn’t good enough for the culturally diverse of the area, then the hell with ya. Good luck getting anyone to take you seriously. Simply pathetic. And for those who were in charge of putting together the Women’s March, shame on you for playing into the bullshit.

  • TRIPPING! Those of you who made the decision to cancel march are profoundly unenlightened — the sort of juvenile “progressive”s that make a thoughtful liberal cringe. WOW — when you manage to gather the correct and approved assemblage of perfect marchers, let me know, and piss off!!!

  • Why would women want to lower their stance in life and become ‘equal’ to anybody else, especially to men?
    Why would men spend their money on surgeries to make them ‘equal’ to women instead of rising above and anonymously donating to a women’s shelter or maternity ward?
    Women are held on pedestals because they can do things that men can’t. (unless the men undergo surgery).

    More importantly, why aren’t ALL women considered important in a ‘club’ that promotes that ‘all’ women are more important than they realize?

    Lost in the northcoast fog.

    • Shak, Surgery or not, men could never do what women do. I’m a trans woman and I know from life experience.

      • 👍 I love your honesty.

        Those of us who aren’t in the know are easily confused by the propaganda out there. I feel so bad for all of you who’ve gone to sleep as a private citizen only to awaken to find themselves being paraded like a pawn in some Alice in Wonderland game of political chess.
        It’s a rare person of any gender that feels fully comfortable in their own shoes. I admire all who reach for the comfort zone they dream of having.

      • And women can’t do some of the things men do , what the heck’s your point ?

      • What can’t men do that women can? Other than give birth? Being trans does not mean you know what females experience.

  • The first march where they protested against themselves?
    Funny as hell now matter how you slice it.

  • Time for everyone to pull their heads out of their asses. I have a tractor to help.

  • Concerned Citizen

    There are lots of good concerns following this article – well articulated. As a person of color, please let me educate you that some of “us” are NOT ABLE to publicly stand up for ourselves in the current climate. As it was back in the 20’s, it HAS TO BE the “White Women” who take a stand for all so that we’re all recognized by the powers-that-be. Also, it’s not that hard to reach out to all the tribes, tribal agencies, and other diverse places – we usually can get it together quite quickly. Further, if the “White Women” want to march for a cause, they shouldn’t be held back by anyone else’s opinion or participation.

    • i dont know where you have been , but i dont see any whites only drinking fountains , schools, resturants or anything else for that matter, but i do see a black congress, black colleges and black entertainment tv. so imo we have come along way from the 20’s.
      please provide facts or proof that black women are as oppressed as they were in the 20’s and i promise you, you will have my support.

  • What a whiz bang opportunity to spew hate. Neatly packaged story to push all the buttons to spew hate of feminism, misogyny, all races, liberals, conservatives, liberals and, at all times, other posters. A virtual al la cart menu for those who live to hate in the comment section.

    I picture these women dispersing, covering the town, and hunting down the elusive other races, ethnicities or sexual orientations and dragging them into their secret lair to program them for action. That or their organizational meeting had one very, noisy opinionated voice that carried the day.

  • Micheal oboma is the most raciest, sexist, women in america!

    • Michelle Obama is the sexiest woman in America? I think she’s sexy but that might be a step too far…

      • Michael, sexist, racist, bigot, and yeah he is a sexy man maybe that is why women are attracted to him

      • Kym, She really was a very beautiful first lady though. There were many thing that I loved about the Obamas. It was nice to have a youthful white house. Many many things they did wrong, we saw that and we still can. But Trump takes the cake when it comes to deception.

        I would gladly welcome either of the people in this picture back into the white house, just to get rid of mad man Trump’s ego policies.

        • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

          Dear, do you have a life outside of posting on RHBB? Seems you spend all your time and energy spouting “progressive” ideas, as if no one is entitled to believe otherwise. Really, go outside, the sun is shining. Or is that a Republican plot to distract you?

        • In many posts, you’re against tyrants.
          In other posts, you’re embracing the tyrants that others are against.
          I’m confused.
          A tyrant is a tyrant.

    • Thebigdeal’s above comment shows that anyone can make comments that have NO basis in reality, yet are allowed in our free (if not very misleading) media (and comments on blogs).

      PS: Very funny Kym!

      • NO basis in reality? Michael is a male name. Michelle is a female name. What’s to figure out? This was a known from the get-go. Adopted kids was a big give away.

        • Look, I believe in free speech but please attempt to be factual. Not that I care if she was transsexual but she wasn’t. Here’s photos of her as a child. Here’s a story from her prom date: Her siblings and neighbors have been interviewed.

          • Me too, i don’t care if Michael is tri-sexual. Let’s just agree to disagree.

            • We’ll definitely keep disagreeing if you make up information.

              • Yeah Kym that’s what i do make up information.

                • If you are saying that Michelle Obama was born a man, yes, you are making up information. That isn’t a difference of political opinion. That is demonstrably incorrect.

                  And beyond that it is an ugly way of attacking both transsexuals and a woman that you disagree with politically. I am appalled.

              • You’re taking this way around the bend Kym. Passing judgment on me, from your conclusion, from your perspective, that i’m attacking my same species in an ugly way. What would be my motive?

                I have no problem with lesbians or gays -one of my daughters prefers women. Some of my best friends are gay. I don’t know any transgenders, or maybe i unknowingly do. I wouldn’t cross off a friendship just because someone revealed their sexual orientation to me. I don’t pass judgment on people based on gender, party politics, religion, or skin color for that matter.

                Equal means equal.

                • Bigotry and racism are the only two explanations I can find that explain someone taking a huge body of evidence that a prominent person is a black woman and trying to pretend that somehow she was born a man in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

                • WHY is it important to you to label me? I don’t label you. And i posted recently that one of my son-in-laws is Mexican, thus i have grandchildren that are half Mexican. Do i love them less than my other grandchildren? Of course not. And just to make sure you got it, i repeated it w/I don’t pass judgment on people based on gender, party politics, religion, or skin color for that matter. –Where does your racism judgment fit in?

                  Initially i was pointing out to you your error in response to Thebigdeal’s comment:
                  “Micheal oboma is the most raciest, sexist, women in america! ” Not noticing, or thinking it a typo, you reply w/ “I think she’s sexy but that might be a step too far… ”
                  NEXT: tax payer even included a photo, and said: “Michael, sexist, racist, bigot, and yeah he is a sexy man maybe that is why women are attracted to him.” You still don’t get it, and reply w/”I started to argue but I realized that we have such different ideas of what constitutes beauty and classy behavior that it was pointless.”

                  Tax man must also fall under your judgment of bigotry and racism. Right? And anyone else who doesn’t agree w/you on this pointless, boring, waste of time, subject. Joan Rivers didn’t exit the hospital after her remark about Michael. Uh huh! Joan Rivers was a bigot and racist.

                  So if you desire to judge me with more inane labels that only serve to divide us, i can’t stop you.

                  Btw, Michael and Barry’s last name is Soetoro. Wanna go a couple of rounds on this too?

                • It is important to label facts vs opinion. Your facts are wrong. And my grandfather who loved his grandchildren who are Mexican still was a racist against other Mexicans. People are a mass of contradictions.

              • My question was, why are you labeling me and not the other posters who posted the same before i did?

                You say your grandfather was a racist with Mexican grandchildren. Therefore, i must be labeled a racist because i have Mexican grandchildren – opinion.

                • Wait, what? Why is Ch labeled all those things just for agreeing with a poster that certain optics just don’t add up?
                  Add the optics up in logical fashion, but for goodness sakes, please stop insulting and insinuating things. Allow CH to post their optics perspective too.
                  In today’s world, one would think it would be a compliment to be misidentified as someone who is special class trendy.
                  Why do you, Kym, feel it’s an insult to identify someone as a trans? Why do you, Kym, feel it’s all about skin color when color wasn’t even mentioned?
                  Why do you, Kym, feel it’s all about racism, when race wasn’t even mentioned?
                  Any day now, I hope Michelle/Michael, takes the mic to thank everybody who considered her/him worthy of being the opposite sex. That would be pretty awesome.

                • At this moment, I am ashamed that my website is being used to spread so much hate. I believe in free speech but the way you and the others have warped free speech to exclude facts means that you don’t consider evidence in the same way I do. Given the way you fail to respond to hard evidence, any person could be anything you decide because you apparently don’t use facts to reach conclusions. There is a preponderance of evidence from credible sources that Michelle Obama is a woman who gave birth to children. But because of what appears to me to be a hatred of her politics at the very least and most likely her color and her strength, you all have decided to take that evidence and pretend that you get to say she is whatever you want. You could say she is a little green man from Alpha Centuri with the same evidence you have that she is not a woman. And by extension that means that you could try to deny the reality of any other human that you don’t like.

                  Once the preponderance of evidence is thrown out in favor of twisted imaginings, there is no rational discussion.

                  I can’t read this kind of crap so frequently and stay sane. Opinions are allowed. Hate wrapped in lies isn’t. If this particular lie is repeated again, I will put that person under moderation. If I have to, I’ll ban them. I believe as a whole that free speech is important. But I don’t have to host hate speech. And I will no longer host this particular brand of it.

                  There are lots of other websites that encourage hate speech. Go there and say whatever you need to but don’t repeat that lie on here again.

  • The factor that is not generally considered in the comments (that I have read above) is that the visible actions of the ‘left’ are generally organized and participated in by white people. I believe this is historically true in the US. So. Some on the left are sensitive to this image and are trying to find ways to create more inclusive movements.
    This decision is likely borne, at least in part, from that concern. I don’t think I would have agreed with this choice, yet I wasn’t at the meetings where this final decision was rendered. I do know that this choice, and other options, were explored, for weeks, in order to find a way to become more inclusive.

    • They should make the march public and invite literally everyone. 😉

      • In 2016 and 2017 they DID invite everyone to participate in the march. Speakers though, were chosen women, each from a different community/group, to offer varying points of view.

        • And yet they chose to not march as the result was not good enough with simple invitations? The next tactic will be the typical one deployed these days of shaming attacks on non diverse people, shouting them into silence, even if what they have to say is helpful, while refusing to shame diverse people for the most off the wall, self centered, self aggrandizing and destructive speech. Even worse is the shaming of diverse people because they disagree with other diverse people who advocate continued hostility.

          When did unity become a crime? When did success become less welcom than vengence? When did truth become less important than feelings? Oh well. The watch words have become “Never forget a slight and never remember a courtesy and never accept a solution that allows healing.”

      • Regarding, “They should make the march public and invite literally everyone. 😉” …

        Who needs an invite to a march? Just show up. Let Allison understand she’s no shot-caller.

  • “Up to this point, the participants have been overwhelmingly white, lacking representation from several perspectives in our community,” the email release from Allison Edrington stated. “Instead of pushing forward with crucial voices absent, the organizing team will take time for more outreach.”

    – Excerpted from ‘Organizers cancel 2019 women’s march over diversity concerns’

  • Geez all the marches and BS could stop if everyone of all colors and genders would just choose to be kind to each other.

    Since that’s not likely, in these gender fluid days why not just have color & race fluid marches….a be whatever race & color you want.

    Didn’t this really start over that Anti- Semitic article??

    Ms. Mallory, meanwhile, who is now co-president of the Women’s March group, has been criticized for attending an event by Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam who has been widely reviled for making anti-Semitic remarks. Ms. Mallory has called Mr. Farrakhan “the GOAT,” or “greatest of all time,” on social media.

    Love is all you need…..The Bible & the Beatles!

    As for me I’m a Old White Female been that way all my life (except the Old part) and plan to stay that way.

    Thank you Men & Women for all you do we are all needed.

    Thank you Kym for allowing us a place to spew this junk.

    • ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
      Well said.
      If it weren’t for ‘politics’ we’d be good neighbors.
      I think I just pinpointed the problem.

      • I agree….Never saw so many people loose it over politics before. Everyone always had their preferences but not to the point of being hateful, in some cases even to other family members….sad!!
        Lets hope for better in the New Year!!

  • One more thing….

    I promise you during the fires this summer, no one cared what gender or race the firefighter was that came to save you and put the fires out .

    priorities are important folks!

    • There is a very specific reason why politics has become so volatile over the last 20 years, Divide and conquer. if there’s one thing that has been proven so fare in the Russian investigation, its that their intentions were not solely to elect a specific person, their intentions were to divide the country and weaken us. The same thing the Chinese have been doing for decades. The same thing we have been doing to a lot of other countries for decades. (just look at the Middle East) Just look at who produces the majority of our medicine, the majority of our crucial infrastructure parts, the majority of our technology. Look how fast American went from being the number one producer in the world, to the number one consumer. I think this is one of the main reasons Trump catches Flak from both sides. Yes he is egotistical, he’s very childish, he’s a spoiled rotten person thats had everything he’s ever wanted his entire life. Yet he’s very different from the politicians we’ve had over the last 40 plus years, he’s not a globalist Elite. ( I think he would like to be and is one of the main reasons he’s so pissy because he never was) Both the bushes the clintons and the Obama we’re all globalist Elites. They all had something very much in common, pushing globalism. America was never supposed to be, we were supposed to be another arm of the British colonies. The people and royal families that have controlled the goings-on in the world for thousands of years, have never forgiven us for winning a battle against the biggest army that ever was at the time. There are much grander things at stake than who can piss in who’s bathroom. As America became prosperous and people became lazy because of overabundance, we lost sight of the truly important things…

  • The March organizers failed the community , not the other way around More so they failed in a spectacularly clumsy, stupid and divisive way that basically sabatoged everything to which they purported being in favor . Enjoy your jeering from the Fox bots Alison , you’ve earned it this time …

    • Personally I don’t watch Fox myself, Yet Fox News has higher ratings then msnbc and CNN combined. Must be another Russian conspiracy;>)

      • More people eat sugar than spinach, too.

        • I eat spinach AND listen to FOX. I also read CNN (to laugh at their biased reporting) and pay attention to what Louis Farrakhan is saying. Eventually I grow weary of ALL the agendas and remind myself that being kind and helpful to others is the best course to follow. Point being, echo chamber news network preferences are poisonous to one’s very soul, and if we are not careful, we find ourselves dancing like monkeys to the tunes written by people we will never know.

        • Really? That you are so dismissive of Fox viewers and not of CNN’s is telling. Fox has its agenda favored by some but so does NBC and CNN. They all chose or ignore stories based on that agenda. They all spin as hard as they can. And resort to ‘pot calling the kettle black” insults towards opponents. They are all sugar for their fans.

          • To be fair, I don’t watch MSNBC at all. And CNN pretty rarely. But yes, I trust both of them more than Fox as a whole. But neither of them as much as the Wall Street Journal, a conservative paper so make of that what you will.

            • Buttin’ in with my 2 cents worth.
              WSJ has been known to pump out fake news like the rest of them.
              There’s only a small handful I trust at this time, and I’m always expecting them to sell out eventually too.
              John Solomon from The Hill. (I don’t trust The Hill, but I like Solomon).
              Sara Carter (she’s an independent that Fox publishes).
              The Epoch Times

              All of the above try their best to uphold honesty over hype. (most conservatives find a lot of truths in their articles).
              Both John and Sara have an uncanny ‘insiders’ feel on some of the issues.

            • Why do you trust them more than Fox if you don’t really watch any of them? Where does that higher level of trust come from?

              • MSN and CNN are more reliable with the facts. However, they tend to highlight what they think their readers want too aggressively. And their wording and slants often (in the case of MSNBC) and too frequently (in CNN’s case) show their liberal leaning.

                Fox’s record with the facts is bordering on ridiculous (not all newscasters and news from there is suspect but I only have so much time and I spend it with quality sources.)

                The Media Bias Chart is a reliable attempt to quantify the bias, the original research, and the trustworthiness of news sources. In my experience, I find the chart holds true.

                I tend to spend my reading/viewing time on those at least touching the 40 line and above.

                • I have subscriptions to the Washington Post, the Sacramento Bee, the Los Angeles Times, the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times. I want to add the Christian Science Monitor.

                • So you agree that the majority of new media is left leaning? But since I certainly disagree with the idea that the Financial Times, Business Insider and few others are anything like neutral, it made me think of why the media is so damaging. I consider NBC far left of neutral. About equal to Fox for inherent bias when politics is involved.

                  Basically it is not that they include incorrect information, which seems to be the basic data in this chart, but what stories they choose to ignore and what they don’t. And how they word them is not neutral despite being neutral on this chart. It may be fact, for example, that Trump made off wall statements but repeating that, in endless variations of generalized accusations , while never mentioning of anything concrete that he has actually done that is supported by his constituents, creates even worse bias than outright lies. It’s pandering carefully crafted half truths that are intended to mislead.

                  For example there was some Fox pundit that made the headlines recently in the Washington Post that he said immigrants made the US dirtier. I didn’t know who Tucker Carlson is but I thought it was odd enough and by a news source that I have found irresponsible on reporting, so I decide to try to find a transcript of what he said. It was not possible but I did find a more extensive quote and what he said was to the effect of the Democrats do not want the public to know that their immigration policies cause harm, even if those policies make the country dirtier. It is a fact that he used the words immigrant and dirtier in the same sentence but the point he was making was he thinks that Democrats are less interested in protecting the US than in frustrating what he thinks is development of a good immigration policy. The point is not whether he was right or wrong- I don’t follow any pundit as I can make up my own mind. The point is that the reports on it, while it was factual that advertisers canceled support for him, the media reports deliberately chose words from what he said to leave a specific bad impression and to carefully exclude information that might be seen as damaging to Democrats. They never mentioned that fear of their own attacks are what lead to the advertisers leaving. That is as much a lie as making up facts yet I don’t think your chart gives that any consideration.

                • I would agree that the slight majority of the media depicted on this chart are left leaning. I would argue that was because most fact based intelligent people are but I suspect you wouldn’t like that argument. (And lord knows, it certainly doesn’t hold true on this website in which people of all stripes fling wildly crazy crap from both sides of the political spectrum with no logic or thought behind a large part of what is said.)

                  That all said, the chart does attempt to take into account just the sort of thing you describe in your comment. Here’s the methodology description:

                • I have found the Sacramento Bee and the Los Angeles Times to have good websites. The New York Times can offer thorough articles but they allow quite a bit of partisanship too, along with a heavy dose of East Coast arrogance.

                  I don’t subscribe as I spend too much time on news as it is. And nothing gripes me more than to be lectured by those I pay to only inform.

                • Being as how I make my living from writing the news, I tend to favor paying people who create something I use. Much like I pay the restaurant even when I’m not thrilled with the way they cooked my eggs. I can choose not to come back. But if I come back over and over and eat their eggs, then I’m gaining value even if I don’t always like the way the product is produced.

                • Guest, December 31, 2018 11:36 am , I couldn’t agree more.
                  Well said.

                • What if you paid 30,000 for your heath insurance as I do you think you would lean left further? What’s calpiers cost 400 bucks for gold plate . Then there is your pension. Just saying perspective may change your mind . You do know Ruppert Owns the WSJ he can be trusted right?

                • I’m not sure what you’re saying. But I think you are saying that because my husband has a good job and Calpers insurance (Over $2000 is deducted per month from his check for that not counting dental insurance, etc.) that we don’t understand the struggle that others go through and I should lean further left?

                  I’m pretty far left and I definitely would vote for Universal Health Care.

                  The Wall Street Journal is owned by Murdoch and is conservative but it still has an excellent reputation for being factual. The New York Times isn’t owned by Murdoch and it has an excellent reputation for being factual though liberal leaning. I like to read my news from a variety of sources.

                • Kym Kemp states, “I would agree that the slight majority of the media depicted on this chart are left leaning. I would argue that was because most fact based intelligent people are but I suspect you wouldn’t like that argument.”

                  Not a matter of “liking” an argument. More a matter of reaffirming what I have come to believe is true of most “left leaning” individuals… they think they are more intelligent than people whose political opinions they disagree with. A smug and self-important group if ever there was one.

                • Or possibly a joke that apparently you missed…

                • Ah, a joke missed, but certainly not poorly told, in other words?

                • A jokester always has to take responsibility of their humor misses its mark. In my defense, I thought mostly only Guest and I were reading so far down the comment thread and days after the post went up. I tend to reply to him with my rather twisted sense of humor because I like him even though politically we are quite different. I rather forgot that others would be reading. {I was raised by a father that thought teasing was a form of expressing love. When I relax with someone, I forget that other people don’t have my same sense of humor.)

    • Fox is corporate owned too, but a few journalists there and at a few other stations have actually stayed independent enough to be able to do their own investigative reporting.
      Those are the only ones worth following, while the following is good, imo. (they haven’t sold out yet).

      They name their sources, link to important documents, try hard to keep confirmation bias on the back burner. They are the first to retract a story when proven off base. (not when accused of being off base, but when proven).

      The small handfuls of honest journalists seem to change in any given blink of an eye, and it’s our job, as viewers/readers, to constantly keep a discerning eye on them. That’s the hard part.

  • My take on Trump is….He doesn’t drink or do drugs. He’s voted for and contributed campaign funds to both Dems & Repubs.

    So does he know the secrets of both sides??

    Is that why most Dems & many Repubs want him out?

    Just a thought.

    • Yes, he’s a top-tier American businessman. He had to grease everybody’s palm to play( which really pissed him off) because that’s how crony capitalism works. Which is what we’ve been slowly reverting to over the last hundred plus years. All you stringent anti-trump people should really go back and listen to some of his interviews from back in the early 80s all the way through today. I’ve never thought very much of the man myself personallyn. I scoffed at him when he talked about running in 2008 and went right out and voted for Obama because I bought into the hooey of the whole change movement. Pretty easy to do after George W dipshit. However about halfway through his first term I started to really wonder, wonder why Amy Goodman had nothing but good things to say about him on Democracy Now even though he was doing the exact same things that bush did. Wondering why the mainstream media did nothing but encourage everything he did even though he was doing the exact same thing as George W Bush did. My opinion of Trump changed quite a bit after watching a lot of his older interviews. I still think America could do way better, but when it came down to him or Hillary Clinton, there was just no other decision I could make.

    • I believe you’re on to something there.
      Plus, he’s now the one in charge of the data bases that the past administrations unconstitutionally beefed up against the people. Poetic Justice? Same crap, different day? Only time will tell.

    • I’m not here nor there on Trump. NO One is going to turn this ship-of-states around any time soon. It took us 150 years of fraud, deceit and illusion to get here. Plus, you guys are still looking at a corporation stealing the rights and wealth of the People. What you’re delusionaly seeing is government.

      Maybe Trump is wondering why in the H We, the People are so dumb and docile. Why want laws when we have power? as California national non-citizen. A citizen is a ‘subject’ -it’s a personal choice. Elected officials must be State Citizens – they are ‘subject’ to us.

      I just want to add here what came across my screen – Trump shut-down. Wait a minute. I’m undecided about satellites. I was going to say – Trump shut-down six satellites during the Paradise Mortacracy: A type of political system that habitually and systematically murders large numbers of its own citizens.

      PG&E shut-off power, but not until after the second day of the Towering Inferno . . .when the fire trucks came in -and couldn’t pump water from whatever was left of any hydrants.

      9-1-1 has been talked about ever since. We were told 3,000 people were extinguished that shameful day. Paradise California had a population of 26,218. For more reasons than one there are nobody counts. The bodies were vaporized to dust -like the Twin Towers and Building 7. And, humanity can’t handle very much reality.

      We must NEVER STOP talking about Paradise California. You and Me, my friends, are next on their Agenda.

      • CH quote: “Trump shut-down six satellites during the Paradise Mortacracy:”
        The only satellites I’m so far aware of being taken down were the ones taken down a few months? ago. Hal’s Radio Show had a blurb about them. It was during the same time that rumors were circling about missles being used to try to take out AF1 and other targets. (if I remember correctly).
        Got a link to these others being shut down?

  • I just hope they cancel it altogether! I do not care if you are white, black, yellow or???? I am woman, and you do not need to hear me roar. I am ashamed of the “Pussy Hats, And vulgar pics” Would your Grandmother be proud of what you are displaying in Public? To heck with your Grandmother, what about your mother? Dragging young girls and boys into your March to be heard is not the way Ladies. And I did say “ladies” Lightly. Perhaps you have not been taught how to be a Lady? Sad, but true. What is the definition of a Lady you ask?

    Urban Dictionary: lady

    a beautiful female (no matter age) that has respect, morals, goals, ambition and much more. one … Top definition … Self-Controlled, Poised, Charming, Accepting of herself and others in a balanced light, Merciful and tactful when dealing with …

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