It’s December and We’re Not Hibernating…

“The black bears should be hibernating,” reports local tracker Kim Cabrera. “It’s December and it’s cold outside. But, they are out and about, wandering the forest, eating whatever acorns that remain from the fall.”

Cabrera compiled the above video of bears in the wild from video taken by game cameras she has strategically set up in Humboldt County.

Cabrera explained that eventually, the bears “will find a den and settle down.” But, as can be seen on the video, “for now, they seem content to wander about,” she said.

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  • I have a bear I would love to see on a game camera. Can I invite her to set up one?

  • I didn’t know bears in our area hibernate.

  • Have trail cam pics of our black bear. Has been up wandering around lately. North west of Willits

  • Still out in Ruth Lake area too. Ate all my chickens right out of the coop.

  • It’s kinda back and forth people think bears hibernate here and some don’t with our area making it a yes and no answer. This isn’t Alaska right… where there’s true hibernation going on… the difference obviously is winter conditions black bears or grizzly bears? I’ve seen fairly active bear activity year round here and some years are different with it being conditions, warmer colder etc bears are amazing so many people see bears a threat and or a problem which is fine… depending on the situation overall here in this area there’s not a distinct plan for bears every year is different let them do there thing unless obviously certain citations where something has to be done. Do your homework and people not knowing facts and info start learning they are the true beasts of the wild!!!

    • I know, some people believe the world is flat so it’s very wise to not listen to just anyone! It’s far to warm during our winters even before climate change. Bears don’t curl up and hide on a 50 or 60 or 70 degree day, they have huge coats and lots of fat, they are very warm at 50°.

      • ” . . . it’s very wise to not listen to just anyone!” Definitely.

        Every individual is at once the beneficiary and the victim of the linguistic tradition into which he has been born. Aldous Huxley

        Ya might want to question the mockingbird “climate change” lingo.

  • The beautiful black bears in Ca don’t hibernate.

    This has always been my understanding.

    I would say some people will alarmed by the slightly misleading title of the video/article.

    On another note, there is 0′ snowpack right now in Trinity (minus the alps). It’s looking like another drought year so far….

    • Well, actually they do and that’s especially true of the females that give birth during hibernation. The cubs are born blind, without fur and require a safe hideaway with mom. Come spring, out into the world to start their 2 year learning process.

      • Yeah, i don’t see any good information on hibernating black bears in CA.

        I dont trust people’s words alone, do you have some info you can link for what your saying?

  • Do Not Feed Garbage

    I don’t want to disagree w/ Kim Cabrera! I think Kim knows a lot more than me but…I’ve seen bear all year long for many years. I have been told that around here- lower coastal hills around 2000-4000 foot elevation- that they don’t truly hibernate but may go into a state of “torpor” (sleepiness, very low activity) for a few weeks depending on environmental conditions. So they aren’t responding to daylight hours as much as the weather. Please somebody correct or add to this if you know different?

    • Hibernation is governed not so much by weather conditions as the food sources. In winter, at least in many places, there are very limited to no food sources left, depending on the climate. Bears in these locations are genetically programmed to enter hibernation, the time of year dependent on typical food availability in the region. In Florida and Mexico, some bears may not hibernate at all, with the exception of females that will give birth that year.

  • The bears in western Trinity County seem to hibernate. They are however known to come out mid-winter on occasion. The weather has been mild recently, and food for bears is still available, but there has been no evidence of bear activity around me for over two months. Bears are pretty cool animals; big enough to eat you but rarely do. Strong enough to subdue you but rarely do. Pretty much gentle creatures as long as you don’t get between them and food. Still dangerous though, and always will be. Here’s a good place to learn about bears;

  • These local bears will move to lower ground like the elk do when we get a good layer of snow but they do not hibernate.. sorry 🤓

  • maybe they don’t call it a day until all the red berries on those twiggy bushes are all gone. that is one popular bush, the deer love the leaves and the bears love the berries. I don’t even know if that ruby red berry is a berry or a nut but the bears love them. I don’t really care for them.

  • We have beers here along the Eel river where I live. I have not heard any of them since the beginning of fall. This situation with the beers makes me worry about global warming and the deep impact we’re having on the planet. I hope the beers get some sleep soon 🙂

  • If you go down in the woods today
    You’re sure of a big surprise
    If you go down in the woods today
    You’d better go in disguise!
    For every bear that ever there was
    Will gather there for certain
    Because today’s the day the
    Teddy Bears have their picnic.

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