Armed Burglars Steal Cannabis and Precious Genetics

One burglar was holding what appeared to be a large firearm.

One burglar was holding what appeared to be a large firearm.

About 3 a.m. on December 8, armed burglars entered a property in the Dinsmore area and took about 120 pounds of cannabis and a “massive seed collection,” said one of the victims of the crime. The property, which was permitted for marijuana cultivation, is in a remote area behind a locked gate. They reported the robbery to law enforcement and say there was another robbery on the same road earlier that morning that wasn’t reported.

“They came through a locked gate with bolt cutters,” the victim explained. She believes that earlier on the morning of the burglary, the thieves also went to the neighbor’s and took several trashbags of cannabis and “two Honda EU 2000 Watt generators,” she said.

“No one we know recognizes these guys,” she and her partner said in a post they put out on social media.

The partners are particularly saddened by the loss of the genetics stored within the stolen seeds. “[T]his large case of seeds took more than a decade for me to collect, many gems in there will never be made again,” the post on social media stated. “If anyone sees a large lot of archive, seedjunky, cult classic, exotic genetix, in-house, capulator, tiger trees, ONI…[L]et me know please! So many other breeders and personal work in that collection…[W]e’ll always grow more flower…[I]t’s just heartbreaking knowing our genetic library is gone.”

The victims were able to gather images from surveillance cameras and have shared them with us in hopes that the criminals might be identified by someone. We’ve included a few here:

man with hoodie and gun

There appeared to be two men–one with a firearm.

burglary suspect carrying bagsman with hoodie

The burglars both appeared to be white males with facial hair.

The burglars both appeared to be white males with facial hair.

Samantha Karges, Public Information Specialist with the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, stated, “This case and the incident [Dec 18] in Carlotta...are not considered connected with the Dec. 7 homicide at this time.”

If you have any information, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department at (707) 445-7251 or you can email the victims at They are offering a reward.



  • I like stars too!

    Hmmmmm, a great loss for both rock, and roll.

    Pot robberies are not new, I am sure, but they sure have become part of the news landscape.

    Be safe, plan ahead, it can’t all be random!

    • If we ban assault rifles, bolt cutters and high capacity magazines these events might not occur. We need gun control now!

      • Repeat – If you cannot see the irony in having a gun ban enforced by men with guns, then you fail to understand why the second amendment was written in the first place.

        We have four boxes with which to defend our freedom . . . the soap box, the ballot box, the jury box . . . and the cartridge box.

        • Fortunately no one is proposing a gun ban….but stay vigilant in case anyone ever does

        • Central HUMCO, Legal lettuce was being sarcastic. And I’m still laughing.

          • Thank you Kevin for pointing out my momentary lapse of reason. You had a good laugh over it though – good.

            There’s so many threads and ‘attack those who don’t think in the non-creative mode,’ to wade thru – i just now saw your comment.

        • I was being sarcastic. Bolt cutters was the clue. I noticed the illegal high capacity magazine or as I know it a “banana clip” cause it is shaped like a banana! Gotta explain everything to the young nowadays.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          Carried by six or judged by twelve. This is very bad. These folks were permitted. Losing your genetic material after years of research and effort really sucks. Wish the pics were sharper. I feel really bad for these people.

      • Assault rifles are already banned in California, unless they’re registered with the state government…

        • Looks like our “ban” is ineffective. Trying to make a sarcastic whimsy but I apparently am only understood in my own mind. All good though as it is usually the case.

      • Loleta Bull Farmer

        I’m gonna go out on limb here…but that’s a air-soft AR..I’m judging by the size of the receiver an bolt carrier…I’d still duck.

        • Do you even know wtf a bolt carrier is? Nevermind, I KNOW that you don’t know.

          • ohhh i know i know. i will you you mine if you show me yours….. bolt carrier that is . holds the bolt the firing pin and also has a gas port fits nicely into the charging handle which enters the top of the upper reciver.

      • You’re kidding right?

      • Lol well 2 of those are already banned here so it’s time for the cutters to go

  • Is that [edit–Please don’t accuse people publicly. Call the Sheriff’s Department with your concerns.Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Anonymous Tip Line: (707) 268-2539.]

  • Hard to have much sympathy. If your genetics were so valuable then why were they in a place where they could be easily stolen? Your only security was a lock on your gate?! That’s all that separated your valuables from the outside world of thieves? I’m going to make a couple guesses, based on my theory that you’re not a total idiot-1) This 120 pounds – and the precious genetics- didn’t even mean that much to you. You are quite wealthy already and that’s why you leave it open to theft. Unburied, unhidden, unguarded…2) You have a permit? That means you blow up a huge grow “legally” and then sell it “illegally” on the underground market just like every other “legal” grow is doing. The 120 pounds is just the leftovers for now, what you will dump later on into a flooded market before first deps…..Like I said I find it hard to have sympathy for wealthy mega-growers who play both sides of the permit game yet don’t bother with their own security. Your inattention rewards thieves like this and encourages more of the same. And this article acts as an advertisement for thieves to try more, carry bolt cutters and maybe hit paydirt. It’s called the “Hoover Effect”- where you post articles about what you don’t want yet people read them as opportunities and starts doing MORE of that…I’m glad nobody got hurt. Eventually somebody will be and I hope it is the thieves. That would be a good story!

    • [edit]Instead of kicking people when they are down, why don’t you try and make a shift in your personal existence and start to be a more positive person. Maybe you’ll realize that you are a happier person. It may even lead to being successful.

    • The only way to avoid being robbed is to always keep EVERYTHING you have of any value in a safe. And you must be willing to die before you give them the combo.

      Otherwise you are just asking to be robbed. /s

    • Victim blaming solves nothing!

      • Really? Maybe the next guy up the road will now take more extensive security measures. Maybe the guy up the other hill is looking into safes as we speak.

    • Hard to have sympathy for victims of an armed robbery? Whatever man.

    • I would have to agree. Newspapers & News organizations need to stop advertising that Humboldt is easy pickins.

    • Poor babies comment was the best and most well put comment I’ve ever read on these

      • I slightly agree… I wouldn’t let 120 lbs be taken at ANY time. Dakota alerts?, dogs?, maybe actually be where your money is at? If your legal….. a would have that sh!t locked up in my garage in a safe.

        • Anonymous Humboldtian

          I really hope you never get robbed. You wouldn’t be so smug about how people store their belongings when some creep violates you by rummaging through all your stuff. If you’ve never been robbed you don’t know the feeling.

          • I have. And now I don’t. Not smug. Just advice. Get a good dog and a better gun. On a positive non smug note, I’m glad no one was hurt.ALL legal farms SHOULD have on the ground human security with firearms, sorry, but your just a mark now, a mark worth hundreds of thousands of dollars on a very lucrative black market. Tweeker/theives are thick in this county and are only getting bolder.

        • Unless that safe is buried in the ground it is not “safe.” A gun to the head is the combination of every safe ever made.

    • FIRESTORM of reality Pot growers Should have never made more money than a hard working taxpayer year – to – year to begin with!! THAT is beginning to be the new reality. On average, the most common POT grower is of basic knowledge , should not have been allowed to hit the heights of financial independence overnight!! Look at flying a plane. You start slow, eventually you lift off, then power down. I see with the average pot grower they power down at takeoff doing a 180^ into the runway…

    • [edit] Sounds like you lost your job pulling hoops on an unpermitted farm. Their’s always Subway if you’re looking to make people sandwiches.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Hey, Poor Babies, You certainly have an active imagination and extensive fantasy life. What an amazing amount of fantasy drawn from so little information. What a world of demons and spirits you inhabit.

      Read the story. Locks were cut on gates, this was an armed robbery of a legal business, home, property. You love placing ooooh-hooooo-hooooo cannabis farmers in some separate classification of humanity, not worthy of human consideration.

      What hate and venom drips from your post. These folks had the same expectation of privacy and security behind locked gates that YOU expect behind your locked door. They stored their seeds, the work of many years, on their locked property. Where do YOU keep your valuables?

      Your fear and loathing prevents you from understanding the devotion and effort many of us put into cultivating and appreciating the cannabis plant for decades now. It takes time, labor, and luck to produce any agricultural crop. In farming, you can fail at any time. There are expenses, as with everything else. You don’t just throw seeds on the ground and come back four months later.

      So maybe they have a good year and then what? Ripped off by cretins at gunpoint. And then they have people gloating and chuckling about it? Acting out their hate and envy.

  • Time to start leaving traps instead of cameras !!!! Put some fear into the the public and people will think twice about robbing others !!!

    • 12355. (a) Except as provided in Chapter 2.5 (commencing with Section 12301), any person who assembles, maintains, places, or causes to be placed a boobytrap device as described in subdivision (c) is guilty of a felony punishable by imprisonment in the state prison for two, three, or five years. (b) Possession of any device with the intent to use the device as a boobytrap is punishable by imprisonment in state prison, or in a county jail not exceeding one year, or by a fine not exceeding five thousand dollars ($5,000), or by both that fine and imprisonment. (c) For purposes of this section, “boobytrap” means any concealed or camouflaged device designed to cause great bodily injury when triggered by an action of any unsuspecting person coming across the device. Boobytraps may include, but are not limited to, guns, ammunition, or explosive devices attached to trip wires or other triggering mechanisms, sharpened stakes, and lines or wire with hooks attached.

      but hey do what you want

      • so the only types of boobytraps acceptable are ones that fling poo or paint (could help track them) or some other creative thing that does not cause great bodily injury

      • tax payer,

        “The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it.”- Morpheus

        This is for those who are not AWAKE, those who are not AWARE. This has to be said. The “SYSTEM” (no not a computer system), the SYSTEM. The system I speak of is one of slavery, one of abuse, one of total control over humanity and all life on earth. This is for YOU, the slaves, the ones who are fighting to protect THE SYSTEM. Do you know what you are trying to protect? Do you know who is running this flawed system? The system IS BROKEN. It has been slowly breaking down for the last two years. It is breaking not because of US (The awake and aware), it is breaking because it is severely flawed. You are MISSING IT. It never was a sustainable system, it was always meant to break. Non-Complete Plan, The Harvest, The Order does NOT have a plan. They are dependent on YOU, the people fighting to protect the system to “Create”. Create what you may ask? To create a plan to preserve the system of slavery they covet so dear. Why do they need YOU? Because they are NOT the creators of the Universe, they are not the THINKERS on this planet. They have always been “people herders”, “Slave Masters” if you will. The Thinkers have left them and now all they have is YOU. So YOU fight every day to preserve the broken down system without a second thought. Diligently killing people, raping children, stealing money and resources for the masters you believe in. Why do you believe in them? Come on people that work for THEM, haven’t you noticed you are running around spending your own time your own money carrying out plans that YOU created? Have you not noticed it is not working?

      • Could always use 40 weight fishing line with noisy things attached instead of hooks. Paint on a door top. Would certainly put people off balance. …& a few dogs…

        • They also make these little tracker buttons they’re not much bigger than a quarter and they work on a technology that the more and more of them that are out there the more it is easy to track and phones that are hooked up to the system can also help track them

      • I use cactus, its natural and it’s not on the anti list.

      • It was a permitted farm in a sub division? What if youre not in a subdivision?

    • Meth and thievery go hand in hand

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Non-starter. You hurt wildlife, firefighters, police or simply lost people.

  • Just a suggestion

    Next time you buy cameras make sure it’s visuals are 1080p not less. Anything less= unidentifiable pictures. There a great one at affordable price @ Harbor Freight only $300 and pics, clear as the day went night vision.

    • Rule of Law not Leftists

      It’s actually a requirement of legal farms to have 1080p if they are doing on-site processing and self transport. Also required for crop insurance along with commercial locks because product must stay on a farm until transported to a legal manufacturer or distributor. But many don’t implement the full amount of compliance required cause of hesitance or resistance or ignorance. Also required to inform CDFA of illegal diversion immediately. So they get robbed, ain’t nothing can be done about it if there isn’t enough evidence, lost of product without insurance yet still gonna have to pay taxes and fees, and may come with permit/license revocation after the investigation. This ain’t ghetto hill farming anymore and requires diligence to not be put out of business by legal and illegal crooks.

  • Does sweatshirt guy have a glass right eye? Sharp reflection in both pics. Or maybe that’s just tweaker shine. Also, is he wearing all white or does the night vision make black look light ( might have answered my own question as I wrote that)?

    For real, the bud is one thing, but those seeds. If they’re not found they’ll just get popped by their fellow tweakers next spring then not even harvested cuz…meth.

    The nice thing is that high caliber of genetics is appreciated by a relatively small community. If they try to sell em for what they’re worth u could catch em on the seed websites.

    Also, the shooter is soft and one eye is crazy. The shooter hides his face and has all the after market upgrades for his weapon. So he’s a scared poser; he could be a pro but I doubt it he just takes notes during movies and video games. One eye is stone cold crazy; no mask no gun and u can just see it, damn near in his facial bone structure. They been lean and mean for generations.

    Hope it helps sorry for this negativity. Stealing anything besides food is a straight defect, possibly genetic, sometimes u gotta cull the herd.

  • Are there no rules as to how to secure a permitted cultivation facility? Has the county and state not set forth ANY rules? I’m not the smartest grower, but I sure do have a monster safe the can’t be moved or broken into in any amount of time by 2 Mad River dirt bags. Losing that seed collection sucks, but lets face it, they saved you time and money. The seed thing is a scam. The cuts already exist, why try to find them again?

    “about 120 pounds”? You would think that a legal business would have every gram accounted for. If anyone in the county is reading this, this, make these people follow the rules and stop acting likes its just black market with a permission slip. Thats really all this is in Humboldt right now except for a FEW. This is nothing but black market weed being grown and sold with a permission slip from the county. Its all good, they get their tax money and you get to act like this isn’t a legit business.

    F@ck the county for letting a commercial enterprise operate in a neighborhood. Just because we are off the beaten path and behind locked gates, are we not a neighborhood where kids play and people live?? How many grows are next to a county official?? Where else in America does a county allow a commercial business, and mind you a dangerous one, in a neighborhood?? For f@ck sakes, I’m a grower and not a hater of cannabis. I am however pissed that now my neighborhood has been given the green light by the county to destroy my peaceful homestead. Put legal commercial businesses where they belong!

    • I couldn’t agree more, get or keep the grows out of our neighborhoods. Keep the processing out too or put them next to the supervisors homes.

    • “Seed thing is a scam. The cuts already exist…..”

      You wouldn’t have your cuts if someone didn’t do the hard part for you; genetic hunting, breeding, selective breeding and phenotype saving.

      I’m sorry, but your understanding of farming is kind of backwards on that.

      What is now a cut, was only started from seed.

      Seeds are crucial. Way more special than any nug or cut.

      I hope these 2 theiving turds find karma soon.

      • You my friend are way behind the times in farming. Have you not heard of taking tissue samples of the plant? Cool thing is that it can be taken after harvest. To see if you really like the plant. Then with a tissue sample you have an exact copy of the plant.
        A seed is not an exact copy of the plant it came from, unless it’s a hermy.

        • Everything came from seeds.

          Phenotype selections were cuts saved from seeds, learn your history. Do you think Big Bud, or Northern Lights, or Haze, SD, OG, Blue Dream, etc were tissue samples?

          If you have clones, you don’t need tissue samples.

          So you’re talking about taking tissue samples from SEED!

          Stabilizing genetics is the backbone to any farming endeavor.

          But if you use smart pots and buy clones for your “farming” , none of this matters. It’s technical details for professionals.

          • Get with the times man. Nobody cares about stable genetics. Does it have cookies in it? is it selling? Does it have hype? Those are the important things that matter if you are trying to stay relevant. I am being sarcastic and ver real at the same time.

            The cuts people want come from the breeder, not hippie sam choosing a cut out of a 10 pack of seed.

            • “The cuts people want come from the breeder, not hippie sam choosing a cut out of a 10 pack of seed.”

              And that’s not even mentioning a fraction of what seed breeders actually do, but you’re getting there.

              • Ok, now you are swerving. First we/I was talking about a grower finding a cut in a pack of seeds. I know exactly what the breeder does and work it takes to do it properly. No I don’t mean S1 elite cuts or hit with pollen. My initial comment was stating buying seeds and finding a cut is dumb. PERIOD Now talking genetics and seeds and breeding is a whole new conversation. One I’m willing to have

                • My comments are abundantly clear if tou read them.

                • Stuck in the middle

                  I think Brian’s point is that breeders need seeds. Perspective is your point that with tissue culture you can always get the genetics back without seeds? They’re doing this with redwood stumps.

                  I like the off grid viability of seeds. A nice genetic vault that can be stored. And I am a Luddite.

                  But yeah science and all that I hear ya perspective. Just watch red dawn and water world and go down that rabbit hole of doomsday scenarios. And seeds are low tech and accessible to the people. Surely they’re still important

            • Yep. You can sell skunk flavored catnip now days if the marketing is right!

          • Tissue samples only came about recently. You take it from the plant not seed. By the way all seeds are different even from the same plant. So when you find that one plant out of hundreds you are able to keep it by taking a tissue sample. Then you use the sample to grow a plant that is stable and has the characteristics that you want and cross it with other plants.

            So your belief is that all seeds from a plant are the same?

            • I know what I’m talking about bud.

              I can tell that you don’t via your return questions.

              Tissue samples essentially are a form of phenotype selection/hunting.

              But it u still need the seed beforehand.

            • tissue culture has been round for decades. hell ed humes taught weekend semiars on it back in the 80s . i was doing them in the 90s. whwn i got to humboldt and was asked if i could make clones i showed up looking for a scope,racks and cture dishes. instead i saddly saw cuting being made,which any 2 year old can do.

          • Tissue samples make it so you don’t have to keep a mother plant.

            • It’s a miracle humankind has made it this far without playing God. Nature was never meant to be manipulated. Concocted man-made, Frankenplants. No thanks.

              If this is what’s “Legal” and”Licensed” and going to the black market – wholly crap. Do Not mention Humboldt as a sales pitch.

    • Monster safe that cannot be moved…. not an issue when the thief has his weapon pointed at your head or a loved one’s head and asks for the combo key. Bury it, hide it , not in plain sight, out of sight out of mind.

    • …”make these people follow the rules …”

      Haha that’s funny.

      30years of outlaw tactics by an entire community now suddenly turns expert I -dotter’s and T-crossers?

      Good one.

  • Check the Dinsmore trailer park. Most likely they reside there!

  • Hey your on a dirt road.

    What did the tracks say?

    Was it a truck or car? Bald tires or thick tread? Take pics of the tread style.

    Did they look around aimlessly or did they know where to go?

    Any cameras on the roads get a vehicle in that time?

    Did tire tracks head east, west?

    Good luck, i know it’s too late for your seeds and product, but hope these guys get rolled.

    If anyone gets robbed like this don’t expect cops to take the time to figure it out. Do your own work.

  • Great, now we have yahoos out here playing the part and pulling heists. Who drove the van?

  • The marijuana community eats itself alive…

  • Bear traps?
    Another reason to always have someone skilled at home

  • this was just a ma and pa grow. people who operate white market. no corporate enterprise. no rich people. just a couple of people doing their best. in a community that was never robbed before this year. sure, maybe they should have had more security – but they lived in a community where nothing like this has ever happened before. they didn’t plan for it, but this very expensive lesson has been learned. they just need help identifying these theives. if you don’t have anything constructive to say, how about you keep your comments to yourself?

    • Even the negative comment are contstructive. Maybe people need to take their “white market” enterprises more serious. Welcome to the game, both legal and not.

    • friend,

      ” The property, which was permitted for marijuana cultivation . ..” IS a corporate enterprise.

      There are no SIDES in this war, there is only what is REAL and what is NOT. Fighting to protect that which is a FANTASY, is what has brought the ‘home invasion’ thieves into our communities.

  • Hardened steel chain. Ruined my neighbors bolt cutters when he kept forgetting his key and clipping links instead.

  • True fact each cut down the line weakens product. Mom plant getting tired…grow a new mom…mom plant tired….etc etc. The farther you get from the original seed plant in cuts the weaker the genetcis and ultimately thc, cbd levels.
    Tested this out many times at the lab. Seed stock keeps potency levels up. 🌱

  • I think every time something like this hits the news, it gives other criminals the idea to do the same thing.

    • Do you think that crime will go away if the media doesn’t report it?…

      • Trump thinks the same way if he lies enough and then people will stop reporting it then he can get away with anything

          • It’s the sovereign citizen tactic, if I’m annoying enough then the cops then eventually won’t want to deal with me.

            It doesn’t really work unless you have lots of disposable money and disposable lawyers.

            • don’t know Jack jumps in with his usual ‘sovereign citizen’ diatribe, set on replay, that has nothing, whatsoever, to do with my question to Joe Dirt.

              When i need your third-leg input regarding my status w/the corporate gov’t Jack, i’ll rattle your cage.

              For you Jack:

              sovereigns have no use for liars, err lawyers.

              citizens who believe in imaginary external authority, reflect off of each other and in harmony, chant the same 20th century left-over sing-song -‘ get a lawyer’.

              money – faith, spirit and energy.

              The virus is the illusion of communication.

              You and i have nothing to talk about Jack.

        • Still crying over trump. Lol. He won I feel sorry for you 😬😂😂😂😂

    • it also gives people the insight into what is happening in their neighborhood and some people might think twice about their security measures and start a topic to debate, maybe we should make it harder on criminals that get caught to deter potential criminals hmm

    • No, not at all, we need to know. I don’t like being unaware.

      • Aware . . . the latest on Paradise Lost. With no body count (population 45,000), and the vaporized buildings and vehicle remains being loaded-up, military moving in w/PG&E in tow. .

        Possible 30,000 or more, people wiped

        Paradise Lost #50 Ley lines, Chico, Bohemian Grove, Sacramento, D.C., Mason Dixon Line

        • Nope. This is all false.

          Firstly, the population of Paradise was just under 27,000 people…..easy information.

          Why are you so off?

          That video might be inspired by misinformation from Russian or Saudi crooks. I wont watch your links bud.

          • Central HumCo values volume of posts over any kind of basic fact checking. He’s one of these guys:

            • ~and don’t know Jack jumps in with his usual derogating opinion.

              Wikipedia is right beside Snopes – hardly a reference link to facts.

              Some of us are extra-slow on the pick-up, and the thing that is most worrisome, is, these same couple of pesky know-nots, Brag about it, on a public forum. roflmao.

              Repeat for the fifth time – THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SOVEREIGN CITIZEN.

          • “Nope. This is all false.”

            Really? ALL of it? How would you know since you don’t possess the curiosity of a sloth?

            Make it 10,000 – whatever makes you happy Brian.

            The POINT IS thousands of people were murdered. But hey, let’s keep the distance between us local, and display a n y little doo-dinkus thought to keep that imaginary separation in place.

            • No, your off on you basic facts regarding the population, which was highly publicized.

              But somehow your right about “thousands were murdered” in paradise.

              You are the 1 person that thinks “thousands were murdered” in Paradise, but you can’t even get the population right.

              And my sloth curiosity somehow keeps catching your factual errors.

              Making claims like “thousands were murdered”, you better believe your going to get called out.

              86 people died. Something else you got wrong.

              It’s a horrible reality that your just pissing on with your lies.

              *Why, when your talking about being “aware”, and you’re so off about public and publicized information like population, why won’t you just say, “shit, I’m wrong”!

              • Let me help:

                Shit, you’re wrong!

                Of course, maybe your talking about Pleasure? The rake capital of world?

                Make America Rake Again.

              • ” . . . which was highly publicized.” Do wa diddy, diddy dumb, diddy do.

                “86 people died.” Condos on Jupiter are still available.

                “It’s a horrible reality that your just pissing on with your lies.” Insults -the lowest frequency in the universe. This is what people resort to when they’ve run out of ideas. (Btw, the word is ‘you’re’, not ‘your’)

                The reason people awaken is because they have finally stopped agreeing to things that insult their soul.

                • “Insults -the lowest frequency in the universe.”

                  I insult you, like you insult me. I just don’t care about it.

                  You had just said I had a “sloth curiosity” when in fact I just corrected your blatant error of inaccuracy!

                  The thing is, you’re still wrong.

                  Insults bother me less than the facts seem to bother you.

                  Why do you insist on being so inaccurate with your facts, blatantly?

                • Your doo-wink-ah-dee-nial songs are so cute.

                  It seems to be a defense mechanism for you, I’m sorry if I triggered you.

                  I just care about the facts.

              • just to point out a few things here ,88 bodies were found from the fire ,there is still over 100 people missing . so…. thats what it is. as for wildlife, homeless folks etc no one knows . but hey i am sure that those that died and their families would love to know that there deaths are being argued over

                • “i am sure that those that died and their families would love to know that there deaths are being argued over.” And that is my main focus really.

                  This was a northern California city wiped off the face of the earth, with no emergency warning, and one-way out. To not question mass murder, especially so close by, isn’t an option.

                  This is from December 4 Paradise Lost #20 @50,000 Murdered –with the following comments (there were several commenters questioning the population amount)

                  Chitown Cat 2 weeks ago
                  All agencies are complicit. The death count was in the hundreds two weeks ago, then nothing. This is a test drive, and if Americans do NOT speak up and question their Representatives/Senators, we are doomed. SPEAK THE FUCK UP!

                  Mark Light 1 day ago
                  We got out, my son and his new wife almost died and has many said, they felt that they were being sent to their death. It took my son/wife 5 hours to get out. It was a war zone. Lots of selling of fire shirts. Homes made of stucco and tile destroyed with plastic gas cans w/gas untouched in the garage. PGE turned the power off at 8 am, and the fire fighters could not fight the fire without the power and pressure.

         December 29, 2018 Paradise & Innocence Lost #51~ 52,000 Missing vs. 88 Reported Dead

                  3 hrs. ago (today):
                  Daniel Andre – My dad was in west Sacramento and said he moved w/out telling authorities and he knows so many more people like him and that’s gonna be a reason why so many are missing, but the body count is definitely off by the thousands. People located to family and friends houses some out of state. I couldn’t locate my dad for weeks cause he left so fast and his phone was lost in the fires. But the authorities are lying about the body count and it is by the thousands but not 50,000.

                  If you put Paradise Lost in the Youtube search, it will bring up all 51 documentaries.
                  We can piss and moan in here about the number of people and say we don’t care about this or that, but the media has, and is continuing to do a blackout.

                  Up to ten times the number of deaths in 9-1-1, and we’re just going to brush it under the rug?

                • @HumCo Still getting all your info from conspiracy youtube channels? Embarrassing.

    • Thieves don’t read good!

  • A safe ony keeps honest folks at bay. If they want what is in the safe they will get it one way or another.

  • I know a few farmers that are going to put in 10 acres of hemp next year, is the hemp going to pollinate the neighboring dope farms? Or is hemp removed from pot far enough that it won’t pollinate.Do bees visit pot plants?As you can tell I’m not a pot farmer so I don’t know the answers.

    • This is good news. Protect the forests -plant hemp far and wide.

      Is the hemp going to pollinate neighboring ‘dope’ farms? Are you speaking of growers who plant from seed, outside? Or wanna-be w/their Master’s permission permit, turning out facsimiles while visions of sugar-plum fairies dance in their heads? The latter, i wouldn’t give a second thought.

      Hemp, an Asian herb of the mulberry family, at season’s end, the plant’s destination is mj/cannabis. Now, if the neighbors are planning a harvest of smokeable bud, and haven’t got all ‘manufactured’ up, (unlikely), and your farmer friends don’t harvest before flower/seed time, then i would give it some thought. But what i’ve been reading since the Commercial MM LAND Use Ordinance was imposed by impersonators of public servants, i don’t think your farmer friends have anything to worry about.

      As a side note – i have recorded into the public record my Fee Schedule should an army of agency Order Followers believe a convoy of males, not in the republic, can trespass on my private property w/out my consent.

    • Good questions.
      Here’s one that says he has trained his bees to make honey from cannabis. It might be worth your time to learn more from him.

    • I bet you don’t know any farmers in Humboldt planting 10 acres of hemp.

  • Lawlessness brings scumbag ripoff criminals. Nobody will ever cut your gate chain, with a rifle in hand to steal your (enter name of vegetable here) stuff. Now, if you booby trap your grow, you are setting yourself up for a lawsuit. If you grow dope, you put out the welcome mat for douche bags. Grow enough to get you high, and call it a day. Don’t tell ANYONE, keep it away from prying eyes, and for god’s sake don’t sell dope to anyone, ever, just because you don’t think it is “illegal”, it is not legal. On the fed level, sales, possession, distribution, cultivation, and use, is 10 years in the clink! If you feel that is unjust, change federal law! I could give a rat’s rump about any drug you want to smoke, ingest, shoot up, snort, or shove up your bum, it is you that will be the recipient of said use. But in the end, call it what it is, DOPE! Don’t yell “Medicine!” to justify selling weed (tax free, mind you), just admit you are a dope grower, and agree to roll your dice and take your chances. And by the way, I believe all thieves should be shot on site. And, before you break out the flame throwers, I smoke weed, to get high. I don’t say it’s “medicine” because I want to get high. I say it’s weed, because I want to get high. Call it what the fuck it is, and quit jammin’ yourself…

    • Its legal now. Do you go to the bar and ask for a pint of drugs?

    • 👍
      I like your honesty.

    • “Now, if you booby trap your grow, you are setting yourself up for a lawsuit.” It’s not a “lawsuit” as you call it, i’d be worried about. I wouldn’t want any animals to wander in and get harmed.

      “On the fed level, sales, possession, distribution, cultivation, and use, is 10 years in the clink!” Speaking from experience, i did 90 days – w/out a traitor Bar Union Member re-presenting me (in the flesh).

      Do you know what you are saying? You are blindly following persons, your Master, and for what? What did they do when they did have control over the money and resources of the world (all on behalf of their masters as well)?? Did they feed the poor? Feed the Nations? Stop War? Stop Crime? NO they feed us poison, they salted the earth so we could only eat their poison, they created wars to make them money, they stole from us and raped our children, created terrorist organizations to keep us in fear, created diseases which kill our loved ones so we would take more of their poison.

      Get off of your knees. Come back when you’ve added 30 or more years to your life and tell us what you know from experience.

    • Good luck with your cancer.

  • I actually saw this guy (Fortuna) arguing & yelling F*** Y** at another guy in Safeway parking lot last night. He & the other guy were really going at it, until a Safeway employee came out & told them to get lost. 12/28.

  • To bad I get shunned for owning a “legal” AR-15. I’m sure the criminal is all in good standing, licensed cal legal AR with a 10 round mag. Lol. This is why I should be able to own ANY firearm i won’t, to defend myself and family from theiving POS like this. Shit….. where’s my 70 mm! (That’s for guest!)

  • Is that a paintball gun?

    • Looks real to me. 40 round Magpul E-mag, one of those shitty grip pods. If it’s an airsoft, they certainly spent a lot of money making it look real,

  • Ya I thought was a paintball gun but let them keep making chit up for news value! Lol As for the rich dope barons screw you! Cause you screw many a worker who got you all those $!

    • I believe the “rich dope barons” have move on. The growers who made millions are not growing any more.
      Just because you grew cannabis for the last 5 or 10 or 15 years does not mean you have tons of money. The more down to earth people are trying to navigate the new “legal ” system. If cannabis makes you a “dope” then I question your intelligence to begin with. F@#k people who steal anything!

  • Did this actually happen on the 8th or is that a typo and it’s supposed to be today’s date?

  • Just for your info…murder mountain on netflix tonight. Cool seeing people and places I’ve been, and worked. Btw, Trump sucks ass! Wake up people. The dude’s a sick, crooked, perverteted being. I can’t even call him a man. Let alone president. Bllaaagh!!! Just a few more days. We got the house!

    • said like a true woman, they always are after the houses.

      • I know somewhere you can go without women, it’s called the YMCA. The Navy lets women in nowadays, no doubt trying to steal people’s houses abroad.

      • 😂😂😂😂😂😂omg. Kym let that through. That’s frickin funny. And we know it’s a joke🧐. See we don’t have to be uptight about everything. Trump couldn’t get away with that now could he. Just saw Pelosi on tv wow you Democrats got yourself a good one there 😂😂😂😂😬

    • Only the names change. Get over it.

    • Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. 🙄

      • excatly the d and the r …. both the same thing.
        To futhers prove the point. all the trump haters forget that until obama trump was a d. infact he was one of the largest supporters of billy clinton. all these ds complaining about trumps life bringing up things from back when he was a welcomed member of their party is down right funny shit. trouble is all these youmgins that swallow the lines they are fed instead of looking to history .

    • New boss meets same ol’ problems, the same Old Guard, the same limitations, the same bastards. However the level of hosility has reached escape velocity and will never be reined in again.

      I never liked Trump. He essentially makes himself hard to like. He is even scary because he is so different that the usual run of politician. It’s hard to know what he’ll do. But his powers of endurance are remarkable and it’s hard not to like the disturbance he has created in the termite nest of politics. The more the termites get all agitated and attack, the more his methods seem like the only solution the sad state of informed opinion, where informed has been lost and the empty space has been taken over by fervent belief.

      So rant on. It gives hope.

    • Is an interesting docu-series. I binge watched the entire 1st season last night. Hope there will be a second season.

  • Precious genetics? Every “grower” thinks their weed is going to change the world. Even if 99% of the strains were wiped out, there still is an endless list of strains to choose from. The world hasn’t been ruined because banana kush girl scout blueberry cookies didn’t come to the market for a few years before its tossed like yesterdays flavor…

    • Larry Ringo’s Sour Tsunami revolutionized the CBD industry, from a single seed. Also, clone mothers don’t retain their vitality forever. Strains must be backbred occasionally to retain their potency.

      • May Ringo RIP.

      • I personally grew the highest CBD plant ever grown. Rated 20%. (That may have been surpassed now but this was seed stock sun grown outdoor plants. Haven’t checked recently) Ringo was just getting going then. RIP RINGO he was a rrradical guy! And love to Kat. ❤

        Also for many years had outdoor classic East Coast Sour I called SD 2750. Ran consistently 30+-32 THC range. Highest level at EMERALD CUP. Outdoor 🌦, sun 🌞 seed plants never made clones!

        YES! Much earlier in the thread mentioned weakening with cuts over time. The inevitable need for seeds. 🌱

        Now after 35 of years growing regulation, taxes, risks, and general concerns over federal cosiderations I’m OUT of the industry on a large level. Personal only. Many past customers heartbroken. 💔 I dont like lawyers, cops or jail too much so I sit aside…swallow my pride and YES 100%…

        ❤ HELLO NO SEEDS, NO WEED! ❤

      • Lawrence, not Larry.

    • I sure hope we didn’t lose the “Panty Dropper” strain.

    • An endless list of strains ? . . . more like a product of their environment. Unless of course nature is forced indoors where off-again, on-again lighting, temp and anti-nature additives are being applied. Oh wait, that’s the Legal ‘Humboldt Made’ garbage.

    • Kitty I love it when words are funny and true.

  • I have some observational questions based on the pictures.

    They are mostly unimportant, because I understand all the owners/victims want is an ID – and I dont know who they are.

    That said, it seems there may be more pictures not posted on this article.

    Also, for reference there are 5 pictures in this article top to bottom. The 4th and 5th are the same just zoomed in….So:

    The 3rd picture has the man in white with something flung over his left shoulder. Is this another gun?

    It is not evident in the 2nd picture, where we see a man bending down using a light. The left shoulder is visible and not carrying anything. Also, zooming in on the face, it’s not clear that there is facial hair. (It’s not clear there isn’t facial hair either though.)

    The man in the 3rd and 4th photo obviously has facial hair.

    Further, and it might just be lighting, the 2nd picture with the man bending over – his clothes seem dark. Hard to tell but it also seems like it might be a jacket he is wearing, not a white hoodie.

    Maybe other pictures the victims have could clear that up.

    Was it 2 crooks with 1 gun or was it 3 crooks with 2 guns (visible)?

  • awww come on a little pot doesn’t hurt anyone you said. its medicine its totally safe you said.. now look at the crime and murder its brought to southern humboldt . yeah its totally safe

  • Cannabis/mj isn’t a question of criminality, it’s a question of education. Blaming a plant for people being willingly ignorant is a moot point.

  • A blue dye mouse trap booby trap would have worked and it’s not on the anti list either.

  • Whichever Nation State, or collective of states, adheres to Natural Law the most, will attain the most Security, Health, and Prosperity. Interesting that all true assets, in some measure originate from Nature herself… The value exchange among “people” has long been gamed into a mass of illusion, contradiction and manipulation — yet the ultimate of all assets “health, sense of Security, and Personal Optimism which can be acted upon” always originate from non monetary sources. In the end it is wise to dethrone finance of its lofty perch as a “thing” unto itself and recognize it only represents human effort and Nature’s ongoing Creations… Right the ship and Nature’s inexorable wrecking ball will bypass without direct hits. In the end, do Good.

  • Just the beginning. Probably folks who were abated and lost their source of income. Desperate people do desperate things. Just saying.

    Does the County really think Canna-Tourism will offset the economic impact of legalization? How many farmers are going to open-up their farm to complete strangers, especially those small farmers who live on the land? Plan “B”? Troubling times!

  • Surely these low-life’s will be identified and apprehended. They always say its the 20th day after the crime was committed that is the most important in capturing the criminals. It’s why that one show is called “The First 20….Days”.

  • I lost keys once, totally sucked

  • Does anyone else think that the closeups of these burgulars looks kind of similar to Troy Allen MCcoy on Trinity’s Most Wanted list?

  • Central Hum, um, no dude. I don’t need any more years to do anything, thanks. I imagine the time you did for weed was state time, (jail) not time for a fed offense (prison). I am, and have never been “on my knees”, thanks again. Just saying you should call a spade a fucking spade, dude… Put down the bong, get a legitimate way to sustain your 72 trips around the sun, and quit pushing your bullshit around like you know more than the next guy standing in line in front of you. Respectfully, of course.

  • One advantage of patenting genetics is, that you have a second avenue of recourse against thieves, and the ability to recover monetary damages, which is generally not available through criminal prosecution. And “thievery” can be perpetrated by corporations.

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