Around Twelve Marijuana Pounds Stolen and Man Receives Multiple Injuries During Carlotta Area Robbery

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Icon HCSO Humboldt County Sheriff's OfficeOn Dec. 18, 2018, at about 5:45 p.m., Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies were dispatched to an area of Highway 36 east of Carlotta for the report of an injured male on the side of the road.

Upon arrival on scene, deputies learned that the 36-year-old male subject had reportedly been the victim of a robbery and an assault.

According to the victim, he and two suspects had arranged to facilitate a cannabis transaction with an unknown subject. The three loaded the victim’s approximately 12 pounds of unprocessed cannabis into the suspects’ vehicle and drove to the intersection of Church Lane and Highway 36. While parked at the intersection, one of the suspects reportedly struck the victim with a metal object, causing the victim to fall out of the vehicle. The victim sustained multiple injuries as the vehicle fled the scene.

The victim was transported to a local hospital in stable condition.

This incident is still under investigation and no arrests have been made at this time.

Anyone with information regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at (707) 268-2539.

Earlier Chapter: Robbery Victim Ran Over by Fleeing Vehicle



  • Did someone drive by and find him or were other people involved?

  • Sounds fishy.
    Shady happenings.
    Desperate enough to work with strangers.

  • groba dude trustafarian osnt

    Another fine example of why black-market drug deals should not be attempted.

    Marijuana should be grown by cooperatives, under security, in an organized, businesslike manner!

    Cowboy operations, backwoods grows, family pot farms, you are all at increased risk of piracy during your ordinary lives, and, during sales.

    Marijuana should have a warning label: “Selling drugs to people you do not know, can result in injury or death!”

    When you grow illegally, and sell to the black market, you give pot-farming a bad name. Also, clearly, you run the risk of wasting the time of law enforcement, emergency services, and the limited resources of local healthcare operations.

    Use some sense! Protect yourself and your people!

    It is time to band together, sell through distributors, process centrally, and lend some good sense to the future.

    Stupid-drug-crime in Humboldt County has degraded the lifestyle you want to the point where your county has become a cesspool of druggies, Sinaloa Gangsters, and desperadoes of every ilk.

    Humboldt County is not a fit place to live, probably hasn’t been for 20 years, and never will be, again.

    Sorry you got jacked, fortunately, you may have learned something…

    • “Black market” – is brokering debt instruments -counterfeit currencies and “derivatives,” that cause unnecessary suffering. It has been so insurmountable that it has served to quash business and growth.

      It is a fact that no paternal government, whether ancient or modern, ever shrank from regimenting its subjects’ minds, beliefs, and opinions. If one abolishes man’s freedom to determine his own consumption, one takes all freedoms away. The naïve advocates of government interference with consumption delude themselves when they neglect what they disdainfully call the philosophical aspect of the problem. They unwittingly support the case of censorship, inquisition, religious intolerance, and the persecution of dissenters.

      Dissent is the highest form of patriotism. -Jefferson

      • Query: do you live in a cabin, in the woods, all by yourself?

      • Central Humco, regarding your diatribe posted above, please quote the original author and cite the title of the text. The words are obviously not your original words but rather the results of a google search. I am sick and tired of people on here stealing other people’s words to be used as their own. Is your real name Melania Trump?

    • “you give pot-farming a bad name”. Seriously? Do you say that to people in real life too?

      Karma’s a btch dude… She generally gets her due.

      Most licensed growers I’ve met try to be polite about it. I can’t see why you get off making people who have been farming here for over 20 years furious unless you’re a paid shill from Altria. You DO have a knack with triggers- all several posters here who are maybe the same person.

      How do they pay? Is it by the post or by the hour?

  • It’s long been time to deploy the might of the US military against marijuana growers.

    Their out of control violence should be labeled terrorism and every terrorist marijuana user brought to justice.

    Regular, sober people have suffered enough from these terror driven gangs, and the military should be deployed to stop the terrorists.

  • That’s why they call them crossroads demons.

  • Who carries a water pipe?

  • And this kids is why you don’t sell your shit on Craigslist. .

  • political moderate

    I hate thieves.

  • From the article it sounds as if the injured person was working with 2 “suspects” that they may have known and were going to (supposedly) meet a buyer unknown to the injured person.
    To me it sounds like some of his buddies set him up to rip off his pot.

  • How many armed robberies and home invasions are we averaging everyday now, I lost count?

  • Go catch a jay-walker or write a few parking tickets. The cops should not waste taxpayer money investigating criminal-on-criminal crimes. A bonk on the head over 12 bos of scrap weed is hardly cause for rolling a deputy.

  • Typical event these days. How many go unreported? Sigh…

  • Raise your hand if you have multiple accounts for the same forums and use them to talk your same shit over and over! You know who you are.

    The “black market” is why you see lots of truely local businesses in this county. Legalization as it has been deigned is hurting the businesses non-smokers frequent. You can put that fact in your pipe and smoke it.

    • UGH I gather from the tone in your post that somebody pissed in your Cheerios this morning. ❤

    • Keep smokin –
      I’m the weedman, I’m the weedman, I’m the weedman
      Keep on chokin – I’m the weedman, I’m the weedman;
      Yeah boi, wear corduroy
      I’ve gotta keep on smokin –
      I’m the weedman, I’m the weedman, I’m the weedman
      Keep on chokin – I’m the weedman, I’m the weedman;
      Yeah boi, wear corduroy

      -bizzy bone

  • This guys a theif and a tweak. The only victims here are his neighbors. The story sounds fishy because it’s BS. Say no to crack kids.

  • CuriousHumboldtian

    Do not do transactions with people you do not know.

  • yea they live in a cabin, alone in the woods for sure!! avoid eye contact when ya see em the market this week! They might rip your ear right off your head! Thanks Kym! Happy Holidays!

  • Do a search for “six people run over in hit and run and a dog has died in Langley bc Canada”. Seems that it is being swept under the rug now as fast as they can. We are at war.

  • How in the hell does the wonder “medicine” relate to crime? That was supposed to go by the wayside upon legalization! You mean to tell me we were lied to? I’m shocked! SHOCKED, I tell you! Meh, yawn… Whatever…

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