Why Did a Grinch Steal a Christmas Tree in Ferndale and, More Importantly, Can You Help Get It Back?

Empty corner where the tree stood

Empty corner where the tree stood. [All photos provided by Ferndale Music]

Sometime between Saturday evening and Sunday morning, a Grinch stole a Christmas tree from in front of the historic 115-year-old Methodist Church on Berding Street in Ferndale.

Stolen ornament stamped with the handprint of the young son of Ferndale Music's owner.

Stolen ornament stamped with the handprint of the young son of Ferndale Music’s owner.

All the thief left was the Christmas tree stand and an extension cord.

“We’re most upset about the ornaments,” said Paul Beatie, owner of Ferndale Music Company. They were handmade by the two and three year olds at Ferndale’s Children’s Center. One special ornament was decorated with the handprint of his son.

Of course as we know from the Dr. Seuss story, this Grinch can’t stop Christmas from coming but he has dented its luster for the small ones whose ornaments decorated the tree and their families.

May the Grinch or someone who has information about the stolen tree have their heart grow three sizes today. At least return the ornaments to their small owners.

If you have any information, please call the Old Steeple at (707) 786-7030.




  • What a sad state our county is in. Seriously this is about as low life as one can get. Probably find it up in the woods in the homeless camp behind the cemetery.

    • Wow a homeless camp in Ferndale incredible I thought homeless in Ferndale is foribidden well I guess they will get him to move along now can’t keep that one guy and his stolen shopping cart that’s for sure he probably needed that Christmas tree I hear he’s got a big collection of them back there and he needs every one of them to camouflage the town from the rapture guess you don’t need him the church will protect you

  • Maybe someone thought that the physical symbol of a pagan ritual that further has become a commercialized greedfest of self absorption and materialism shouldn’t adorn the entrance of the house of God on his son’s wrong birthday. But then I would side with the folk who would like to see this scum who stole Christmas cheer meet an accident.

    • There is nothing pagan about Christ’s birth, and we celebrate His birthday on Dec 25th, because it just turned out that way. If you cannot handle it, there is always Festifus for the rest of us. The one thing pagans do not have is the love of Jesus in their hearts. It is tradition to exchange gifts, which supports capitalism, the superior form of economy in the world. This tradition began with the three wise men from Persia, who came to pay homage to God on earth, Jesus. They presented the Holy Family with gold, Frankinsense , and Muir, all very valuable and economically substantial to the family. Of course, they were not ever homeless, nor poor, nor destitute. They are royalty in the house of David, full filling the prophesies from the old Testament. Merry Christmas!

      • There are many stories & religions to passionately believe in. It seems they all preach love but dislike each other’s beliefs????

      • We dont celbreate christmas cuz of jesus we celbrate cuz of mushrooms. And it arose not from three wise dudes in a desert bringing gifts to a rape vicitm. It all got contorted by christians later on
        . maybe jesus was a mushroom.. Even if he was a real a man the holidy of christmas is really now an awesome conglomeration of humam history. Mushrooms magic gifts gods sons family stories. It can be anything. Every parent is santa and the magic lives on ni.matter what u believe

        • You would be correct Swine.

          In the land of snow-covered yurts, the village shaman would go into the forest and gather the red mushrooms w/white dots – placing them around on the branches to begin drying. Being the deer’s winter appetizer, the shaman had to scurry to get the shrooms before the deer did.

          The shaman spread the mushrooms throughout the village. The only entry into the yurts in the winter was thru the chimney. Eat dried mushrooms from the shaman the morning of December 25 – and i bet you would see the reindeer fly!

          December 25 is ‘on the third day’ the sun (not a type-o) rose, from the three days when the sun stalls on the horizon before going towards spring. January 1st is a Hallmark day. July 26 is New Year’s – Mayan calendar based on the motion and movement of the planets.

          That’s what i’ve read.

        • Mary was not a rape victim, but a willing servant of God. You will find this out when you pass on, and she is there for you to see. What you say here is heard there.

          • Well then id apologize for being wrong and shed forgive me. And all will be well cuz i can accept that i dont know shit. Unlike religious types. You think youve got it.. But ya dont. None of us do

      • The tradtion began because giving gifts makes u feel good and getting gifts makes u feel loved. The gifts under the decorated tree though? And stockings drying over the fire? Clearly these were derived from pre”pagan” cultures devoted to muhsrooms and stories and natures gifts… Or its however the hell you want to take yourself cuz magic is magix is magic.

      • Jesus was born during Passover. Maybe you should google when Passover takes place

        • You’re right about the standard western Christian date for Jesus’s birthday not being correct. Pretty much every culture had a much beloved mid winter festival already because in mid winter humans needed a lift to get through a hard time of the year. So the early church father’s, in order that people could continue their previous traditions without being unreasonably hectored, blended Christian celebrations with earlier traditions. Pretty much everyone over the age of being considered a child knows this and most don’t find it important enough to throw out all historic traditions.

          What is surprising is the number of people who claim to be non believers and delight in pointing it out as if they, and only they, are not fooled by this non conspiracy to pick a day to celebrate a religious holiday. Congratulations. You are not fooled by those lying celebrants making merry. Seems sad to need to try to spoil it for them but ok. I’m just happy for all who can find a time to join together in happiness.

      • Wow so taking care of homeless mary was ok but not our homeless?? I actually see more pagans and atheists help out in our communities in real ways. Jesus is cool in my book but none of you do what he says. No money in the temples. Are you buyjng no presents and giving that money and time to the poor? Prob not. Jesus would be pissed at you based in his teachings.
        Christmas is a smack in the face to that big time.
        Plus all your christmas traditions come from what you call pagans, youre welcome. The solstice is the celebration welcoming back the SUN not the son. One letter changed made the difference. Jesus was born in april (proven over and over thru astronomical records) and the only reason you even have Christmas is because the solstice celebration could not be destroyed even after 400 years of torturing&burning women. So they had to make some kind of celebration to steal the holiday which was actually holy day back when. Every one of your christian holidays is just an attempt to destroy a pagan one. Easter is surprisingly near the equinox. Halloween is Samhain.
        Plus its so boring to only have one story for this time of year esp one lije santa that left out krumpus. And jesus story. There are all sorts of interesting myths about the dark time of the year, greek roman native cultures etc etc. Read some of them. Youll see how the jesus story came to be as it echos thousands of myths about this time of year.

        Its really sad that christians seem to think theres is the only way and they have the right to push it on the rest of us. Your tone of well the rest of you suck is so anti-jesus, why cant you have your faith and i have mine, why do you care so much? Focus on your own faith and stop assuming its best for everyone.
        Christmas to me has nothing to do with love just money and high expectations and everyone just uses it as an excuse to drink tons and overeat. Way to be like jesus hypocrites!

        • Again, Mary was not homeless, nor was Joseph or Jesus. It has been on the 25th for a long time. Everyone who works in the private sector earning money is giving to the poor. The govt takes our money we earned and distributes some of it to the poor. But, there are those who give even more, like 90% of the poor are helped by private Christian organizations, like the Red Cross, the Shepard’s Purse, Good Will, Salvation Army, and others. I do not care when Jesus was born 2018 years ago, or what day or month. It is what it is, more fruit cake please. Merry Christmas. Q17

      • I think it unlikely that the three Magi brought a gift of a 19th century Scottish environmentalist, but it’s a nice thought. And as to the Magi themselves? Well, this article explains some if why “it’s complicated.” https://www.christianitytoday.com/history/2016/december/magi-wise-men-or-kings-its-complicated.html

      • BTW is “Frankinsense” a new book of wisdom from the former SNL writer who became a Minnesota Senator? Oh wait, that would be FrankenSense.😄

      • Denominational Christian I see. The contemporary “Christmas” is mainly Catholic (stolen from Yule and Saturnalia, both pagan holiday festivals), with Dec. 25th the obvious proof (as shepherds do not reside in their fields in winter), this date decided upon hundreds years after Christ. The magi were not Persian (or from the pagan East), that is a medieval artist’s invention (I would give you a reference for this, but the website is not “kosher,” so I won’t prove this point). It SHOULD be about giving (of love, mistranslated into “charity” in the King James). Instead, it is about consumption (especially alcohol), and gluttony, and greed. Christians SHOULD love each other, and take care of the helpless, but instead they speed their giant SUV’s through shopping mall parking lots barking into cell phones in one hand while swilling $5 coffee drinks from the other hand. Stealing trees is sick. Denying true brotherly love is worse.

  • We cut the small ones once a year, drag them indoors, hang all sorts of things from their branches, sing in front of a dead tree and eat candy out of a sock. I no longer go all out for Christmas for more reasons than one, but i nevertheless enjoy the holiday spirit that comes along this time of year.

    The big trees are falling around here, as i speak. Nearby the empty Martin & Shirley’s on 36. When i go out for another load of wood, i can hear the toooot, toooot sound guiding the dead tress onto the logging trucks. Thursday and Friday’s winds and rains were no exception to the deforestation.

    • Cut or burn. I choose to cut. The natives here deforested every day. They needed to eat.

      • Yes, i can see how the origines didn’t have any respect for Mother Earth. They were out there clear-cutting every day.

        • As they walked their trails from one place to another, they pulled all fir and cedar trees, to prevent them from, as they have now, over grown the oaks, which was a staple in their diet. They also burned large tracts of land to kill the growth they did not want. Of course, by doing these things for thousands of years, they kept the forests clean and healthy. Respect Mother Earth? The Natives had no fish and game people to bother them, and they harvested as they wished. Studies show evidence of Abalone harvesting right down to 3″ to 4″ size shells. They harvested deer, elk, and other game animals. not to mention the salmon, thousands of them in their nets. They actually had no word for starvation. That is for the natives who lived here. An Apache in Arizona 500 years ago was not so fortunate. Merry Christmas. Q 17

  • Wow two humbuggers in a row,must be Republican.

  • I really hope the police will find the Grinch that stole that special tree. Just put him in jail for Christmas where no tree is allowed or gifts. Scum bag!!!

  • WHY??? Bother to take a Xmas Tree??? I swear ANYthing not nailed down or if they can get a prybar under it or otherwise steal it somehow, CAN & WILL be stolen when someone is not looking!!!! Disgusting AF a New Low for HUMBUG County!!!

  • looks like some meth dealer needed a Christmas tree

  • If this holiday offends you don’t celebrate. If you love this holiday then celebrate it. Dam people its not rocket science, from the sound on both sides I guess all of you can’t figure it out. GOOD LUCK

    • I re-read the above comments. I think they are stated as their truths, and discussion wrapped around that. I don’t perceive any of the commenters as being offended by celebrating the spirit of the holiday joy together.

      ~just sayin

  • It doesn’t matter if it was a Christmas tree or an anti-Christmas tree. The fact is, Personal, Private Property was stolen. That’s the crime.

    I hope their ornaments are returned and the pos caught.

    In America, we have the choice to make. Be good and follow the rule of law, or be bad and face the consequences.
    Robbery is bad. (thou shalt not steal).

    • Unless you belong to the government or big money and then it’s okay.
      you can just call it taxes or imminent domain.
      bend over we’re running this pipeline through.
      maybe we should just hang the Grinch because he is green not like me I am Orange and that truffula tree belongs to me
      Merry Christmas

      • It often seems that way, because the thieves planned it that way. Truth is, we the people planned the opposite when we wrote the DOI and the Constitution.
        The constitution is the supreme law of the land, and no amount of whining about it being stole in the middle of the night will ever change that fact. Thieves will be brought to justice. Justice will once again be served.
        I hear there are over 11,000 sealed indictments in Calif atm. I not only hope the worst of the thieves are in them, I trust they are in them. There are thousands, if not millions, of people who are fighting to take America back from the thieves who stole and sold it.

        • #1 cause of death in the last 100 years
          http://www.youtube.com/embed/0sujnvIV4g4 2 mins. or so

          The warriors in this battle are unseen and pissed off big time.

          “I champion an economic order ruled by free prices and markets…the only economic order compatible with human freedom.” Wilhelm Röpke

          • Wow, that video covers it completely! Bravo!
            The sad thing? According to those who’ve been digging into the past .. those same democide leader’s listed in the video also exist in the family histories of many of our senators and ex-Presidents, CEO’s and movie (& music) stars, who are hell bent on taking down America. It’s a small small world.

        • The documents that you are talking about are only pieces of what the Iroquois Nations what Unified the tribes the United States government Benjamin Franklin Thomas Jefferson left out a lot of things that gave women rights and other human rights and I know God’s law be good to each other take care of my things. Seems like a lot of people don’t understand doesn’t have to get all complicated maybe we could start a GoFundMe to buy a new tree and supplie so the kids can make new ornaments

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