Multiple Illegal Marijuana Grows Cleaned Up on National Forest Land in Hayfork Burnt Ranch Area

A delighted team following a successful reclamation operation on National Forest Lands.

A delighted team following a successful reclamation operation on National Forest Lands. [All images from the Integral Ecology Research Center]

Nine separate marijuana grow sites were cleaned up in the Shasta-Trinity and Six Rivers National Forest recently, reports Mourad Gabriel from the Integral Ecology Research Center. Gabriel said, There was “over 6 tons of trash removed and close to 6 miles of irrigation line removed from streams being diverted.”

Marijuana Grow cleanup.

Left: One of several irrigation pipe loads, which were diverting streams.
Right: This trash was cleaned up from one site. [All images from the Integral Ecology Research Center]

The sites were located in the Trinity River and Hayfork Creek watersheds and were areas where a number of species needing protection were located, including Foothill yellow-legged frog, the Pacific fisher, and steelhead trout, as well as chinook and coho salmon.

According to Gabriel, “[A]ll of these sites were either impacting critical habitat for federal and state listed species or directly impacting species of conservation concern due to their footprint.”

Since January 1, the IERC says it has been involved in cleanups of 83 different marijuana cultivation sites. Gabriel says, they have a goal of cleaning up 170 sites.

Gabriel wrote,

This success would not have been possible without the support from the California Department of Fish & Wildlife (CDFW) Cannabis Restoration grant awarded to IERC, and assistance from reclamation partners like the CDFW Law Enforcement Division, The Watershed Center, California Conservation Corps, Trinity County Resource Conservation District, Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, United States Forest Service Law Enforcement and Investigations, and the California Army National Guard.

In addition, all of these sites were either impacting critical habitat for federal and state listed species or directly impacting species of conservation concern due to their footprint.




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  • this kind of tax money is well spent
    gov. grants come from taxes
    well worth it to try to get back to normal in some of those hills

  • Keep up the good work! Make the illegal growers pay for the clean up (rrriiiggghhhttt).

  • More like the legal growers are paying for it, glad to see some of the money used for this!!!!!

  • Wait a second, I thought weed WAS legal… Might as well sell all the shit you just hauled out with that Bell Long Ranger back to the dirtbags that dumped it there in the first place…When weed is outlawed, only outlaws will… Ummm , something like that…

  • Where is the Forest Service when all these people are setting up house? I thought they were supposed to protect public property. Don’t they patrol? Stevie Wonder could see what’s going on.

      • the senate has the power of the purse. but if a bird crapped on your car it was probably President Trumps fault

      • So, there were no illegal grows on Forest Service land while Obama was President? It has nothing to do with money. All you need is a pickup and be awake while driving.

      • Actually forest service funding has remained flat for the last twenty years as each President had other priorities.

        What has happened though is that Trump signed a bill to separate and fund independently a fire suppression fund. “The solution included in the omnibus provides a new funding structure from FY2020 through FY2027. Beginning in FY2020, $2.25 billion of new budget authority is available to USDA and the Department of the Interior. The budget authority increases by $100 million each year, ending at $2.95 billion in new budget authority by FY2027. For the duration of the 8-year fix, the fire suppression account will be funded at the FY 2015 President’s Budget request – $1.011 billion”

        So despite the knee jerk reading reporting of liberal press, the funding has not been cut and there is a plan to separate and increase funding for fire fighting in addition. Under Trump.

    • USFS Law Enforcement would rather sit on the highways, in a turnout, waiting for a truck and trailer full of weed and/or cash.

  • Thank you IERC

  • >”Integral Ecology Research Center”

    Eh ? Lotsa’ questions.

    Who are they ? Receiving tax monies ? Did they ‘bid’ on the job ?
    What salaries are paid to their ‘directors’ ?
    Are they able to rent a Bell Jet Ranger helicopter ?

    Where are the California ‘conservation crews’ ?
    Would be a good job for them, would save taxpayer… er… funds.

    Also, what is happening to the stuff that they ‘take out’ ? Garbage dump ?
    Might make some money back… maybe $5,000 of plastic pipe.
    $25 for each propane cylinder.
    $10 for plastic drums.
    Put it back to use.

    • In the napa knowhow

      This was a grant-funded project, which means scientists at IERC wrote a scientific proposal, but in hard work in pilot data and were awarded the grant based off merit and qualifications. This is not a “contract” where folks bid on a solicitation. Yes, anyone can rent a helicopter and if you are qualified, certified and trained to work under it, then folks can use it.

      Bear in mind that ALL of the folks working on this project are non-profits, so no money is made from these efforts and this SAVES the taxpayers TONS! In addition, the press release has the CCC on it, so they appear to be involved. Win Win, no need to complain.

      All parties have tried to reuse or recycle the pipe. Can’t do it. As for trash, yes that goes to the landfill, but this is a reason why these efforts are needed. This needs to stop polluting our forests.
      Good job all!

  • Billy Casomorphin

    “Legal flower” sells at the dispensary for $135/oz. That’s, let’s see, still $2160/lb… Flow Canna, of course, and profits to several pockets on the supply tree, but still OK right?

    If they want the outlaw grows to disappear from the forests, somebody is going to have to grow a shitting-big load of weed.

    Pot should be free, plant some “Public Pot” today! And grow your own! It’s legal now!

    Remember, when the money is out of weed, the harm will be truly gone!

    • It would certainly help the bare nakedness in front of the Emperors Wear No Clothes courthouse.

    • That’s not true there are two billboards on the freeway in Santa Rosa advertising 50 and sixty dollar ounces, which means they are buying it for half price or close to it. So 400 per pound.

    • Capitalism, lol, legal flower at a permitted dispensary sells for 30-40 an eighth. Traditional flower sells for 160 to 200 an once in the parking lot of that same dispensary. These are the true numbers in California.

      Cross state lines and the number doubles. Hit the right coast and it triples. interesting fact, Humboldt’s brand means something to them they prefer. Yep, I gotta go to New York to be appreciated as a grower of some amazing buds. Sad you negative ninny’s continue to stand in the way of an industry we can and should dominate.

      • Power to the People! Right on.

      • I generally pay no attention to unintelligible comments, be like arguing with my dog.. but as for the Board of Saps goes, you’re right= You tried to reinvent the wheel and left us in the dust.
        Vote everyone of those Neg Nones out PLEASE>!

        • I like arguing with my dog. She always makes valid and articulate points. Plus if the debate gets to heated she’ll lick my face to ease the tension.

      • Nothing whatever against Humboldt County, but the notion that the area should dominate the market seems a bit backwards. If not for the remote location and the fact of years of prohibition Humboldt County would barely be known for much of anything other than redwoods, beautiful scenery and nice people and perhaps something, something by John Steinbeck..maybe.. (He should have written about the Emerald Triangle, eh? It might have made for interesting fiction.)
        No, the places that really should be dominating the markets are places where farms truly thrive like the middle of Iowa or Illinois where corn stalks grow 20 feet high or the Mississippi Delta area, but prohibition and our governmental nonsense for far too many years pushed the market to remote locations where people had to basically hide their businesses to make ends meet. Marijuana grows in most places very well where there’s plenty of sunshine, great soil and flat ground. Perhaps it’s why you don’t see too many fields of amber grain in mountainous areas? Just a thought..



  • Off topic, but does anyone know about Bell Springs power outage?

  • Welp, take too many REGULATIONS.. and add exorbitant TAXES.. mix that with an insatiable DEMAND and growers already accustomed to 100k plant grows….. PFFFFT. Go Black Market Grow Go!

    Oh oh.. throw in some abatements threaten peoples homes and Go Go Gorilla Grow! I seen it coming…

    Damn,, these politicos and their deep pocket cronies want in on this weed money soooooo baaaaaad.

    • Fear & Loathing In The Belly of the Beast
      Earth Changes Bulletin December 14, 2018, MW Mandeville (Black Canyon City, Arizona)

      Phoenix Five Report Item: The majority of France: “It’s over, this globalism, this absurd EU…Macron government must go”.

      A very interesting conversation about what is going on with the French. CE ‘s Joe Martino makes many excellent points which are worth pondering even if you disagree with some of his views. which I do. He does understand the essential story…..

      Essentially, the Yellow Vest movement in France is a movement supported by 70% of the population and is expressed increasingly aggressively as their collective statement: Enough is Enough, this Globalist crap must go. An excellent summary by a Yellow Vest protester is shown from about minute 15.30. It is well worth catching at least that.

      ONE OF THE KEY POINTS TO GRASP : The media is hyper on showing chaos and violence in Paris and focusing on property destruction and fires in a small section of the city..

      That misses almost all the phenom. People throughout France are grouping at intersections and standing in the roads. The truckers are stopping their rigs in inconvenient places, further blocking the roads. Masses of people are simply shutting down the country with no violence. French groups have used this tactic before, esp. the farmers. They do intend to oust the Globalist government and I would put a big bet that they will default support the military to physically kick Macron out of the country if he does not resign.

      Yellow Vest groups in Brussels have actually attempted to also storm the EU buildings. Belgium, which houses the EU, might end up kicking the entire EU government out of their country.

      Why is this happening? There is NO honest political communication, discussion, and interaction in the European news media and political/governmental institutions. It is all severely repressed. Meanwhile, the Iway has given people the perspective that they mainly feel the same way about the tyranny and have spontaneously decided to kick it in the ass.

      While the rather timid British continue to wrangle over how to “exit” the EU, the French and the Belgians may kick it so hard it no longer is breathing.

      A major concern at this time is the huge Trojan which sits in France. There are apparently a few million Muslim “refugees” in France, a great many of which are military age young men. Can they be activated by the Globalist crime cliques to physically oppose the Yellow Vests? If so, they could end up making the entire affair in France quite bloody indeed. At the moment, however, I doubt the Globalist plotters are stupid enough to set that in motion. I guess it highly likely that they will try first to starve the French economy into a deep depression.

      I suspect that the Germans and Swedes will awkwardly and slowly begin to follow the French out of the EU Bubble.

      • Rule of Law not Leftists

        You’re speaking stuff the average American is clueless about. Most can’t even get out of their illusionary beliefs concerning politics and it’s just about their team winning. Further, the dumbing down of Americans education and the constant propaganda from the parties and media make it so the majority are divided by extremist beliefs. So unfortunately the Globalists have won here and can control framing the message such that ignorance abounds. Just look at the protests going on here, if you’re not with those authoritarian calling themselves antifascists or some other leftist media darling then your a right wing extremist like the media is calling the Yellow Vests, and our useful idiot countrymen are doing is protesting immigration and other stupid stuff like statues which is meant to distract the general populace.

        • I know. History repeats itself because too few are listening. But you can’t blame a girl for trying.

          • Try thinking about what victory looks like. If victory is making everyone look at you in awe over your astounding rightness and saying so, well, good luck with that. You’ll never see it. If, on the other hand, victory is actually nudging a few individuals a bit in the direction you want or at least making them a little more cautious to go in the direction you don’t want, then that is within the grasp a poster to the comments section of a local news site. You just have to be able to recognize a victory when you get it, no matter how small. It doesn’t include someone crying “uncle.” And it should be celebrated with silence, not doubling down until defeat is snatched from the jaws of victory.

            • I applaud your stance Guest, and will add – to adopt an attitude of defeat before freedom loving men and women have exhausted all potential remedies for this mind-control is inexcusable. The people will decide victory or defeat.

      • Belgium’s PM resigned. (after signing the treaty).
        Shills are trying to convince readers that any treaty, law, or bill that is not in pursuance of their constitution is the law of the land lol.
        The protesters are pretty smart, though, they’ll educate those shills and their gullible followers in time.
        If their constitution doesn’t preserve, defend and protect their constitution, then they’ll be quick to amend it so that it does. Enuff is Enuff they yell.

        • I was glad to read this yesterday shak. Did you see where queen E. is stepping down?

          Not the quote i’ve been searching for, but just as good:

          The American Founding was the last act of civic humanism.22 The Founders
          confronted what Pocock termed a “Machiavellian moment,” in which
          consciousness of the mortality of a political order emerges and either choices
          are made to address the order’s instability or the problem is ignored with
          deleterious consequences.

          • No, CH, I haven’t read any ‘official’ reports yet, but I’ve certainly heard many rumors that she will be handing over the reigns to Prince C.

            The list of those who will not return is long.

  • Last I checked the Redway dump requires water line to be chopped down a lot smaller than that.

  • Not much diversity in that cleanup crew. I think we have a problem.

    • ignorance is bliss

      Yep, one photo and I sure can make an informed decision regarding these efforts. I mean, look at the websites for IERC, CCC, and the Watershed Center, they don’t have no diversity (facetious). Don’t dirty blanket a good effort with your ignorant comments.

  • The 4 seaters were Jet Rangers, the 6 seat version was the Long Ranger, still a jet (turbine), still a Ranger, but longer.

  • This week’s trinity journal scanner reports say that on Dec 11, 1048 lbs were seized on highway 36.

    On Dec 12, “several thousand” pounds were seized on 299 @ Douglas city after a k9 alert during traffic stop.


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