Big Waves Force Closure of Humboldt Bay and Noyo Harbor

Waves continue to be very high today. Please use caution when on the beach.

According to a tweet by Humboldt County’s Office of Emergency Services,

According to USCG, due to weather conditions exceeding USCG rescue capabilities, Humboldt Bay is currently closed to all traffic.We will update as soon as conditions improve and USCG opens Humboldt Bay for traffic.

The Coast Guard closed not only Humboldt Bay bar but also Noyo Harbor entrance in Mendocino County because of the large waves currently buffeting the area.



  • Well, yeehaa!

  • Good move on the Coast Guard’s part.

  • Anyone have any good links to see the waves breaking?
    Really want to see but assume better to stay away 😀

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  • I’ve seen boats waiting outside the harbor for a chance to run in but I’ve never heard the harbor was ever closed before. Is this ordinarily done? And how the heck do you “close” open water anyway?

    • They closed Humboldt Bay last January too. Not sure how it is enforced. Hopefully common sense among boaters prevails.


      The Coast Guard has established a safety zone in the navigable waters of the Humboldt Bay Entrance Channel to promote the navigational safety of all vessels near Humboldt Bay when extreme environmental conditions are present through March 31. The safety zone prohibits vessels from transiting the Humboldt Bay Entrance Channel as a result of extreme environmental conditions.

    • It’s been years since I crossed the Humboldt bar, but yeah, closing the bar has happened before. The Humboldt bar is notorious on a good day. We were getting towed in (along with a bunch of other boats, each waiting their turn, after a huge storm caught the trolling fleet off guard, our heat exchange system had gone down from the bucking against the storm)… and the Coastie radioed us as we were already in between the jetties that the bar was closed and told us to hang on. He was awesome btw.

      Up here in Oregon, the bar gets closed on a fairly regular basis. And the Coasties will often escort boats in when it’s sketchy. And will fine any boat that disobeys the closure.

  • Speaking of psychobabble.

  • I myself went to South Jetty to see the swells, and YEP they were incredible!!!! I normally park on sand by the jetty, but after seeing water down there, and it wasnt rain water, but water from the surging surf, i felt much safer parking up on little bluff heading to the bathroom. Good thing i did, as a surge came in and swamped where I like to park. I looked across to North jetty, didnt see anyone up on the bluffs watching the action. Maybe Coast Guard closed the gates by their compound since I could see with naked eye, these huge swells were rolling right across the North jetty up to the bluffs early this morning. Got some incredible photos safe up on the bluffs from South Jetty

  • Photos please! 🙂
    The coast guard is friggin amazing ive seen them practice in these types of conditions at the jetty.
    I think we have a few coasties specifically trained to deal with these conditions, pardon my ignorance but is that what a local coastie was just in the news for accomplishing? I remember years ago reading that we have the first woman captain trained for these swells, ya?

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