[UPDATE: 9:35 p.m.: Interview with Fortuna Police Sgt and Photo of Suspect] Ski Mask Wearing Robbery Suspect With Gun Sought in Fortuna, According to Scanner

Armed robbery

Suspect image taken from surveillance video. [Photo provided by Fortuna Police]

Just before 8:30 p.m., a Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputy joined Fortuna Police searching for a robbery suspect in Fortuna wearing a ski mask and fleeing on foot with a handgun, according to the scanner.

The suspect was reportedly last seen heading northbound on Fortuna Boulevard towards Newburg Road. The suspect was described as being of medium build, missing teeth, and wearing blue sweatpants.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 9:35 p.m.:  Sgt. Charles Ellebrecht of Fortuna Police said the suspect fled with an undisclosed amount of money after robbing a store.





  • Good luck with that, description sounds like 80% of the population here 😂 if he makes it to garb they’ll never find him! FYI next time get a mask without a mouth hole Gumby!

  • political moderate

    Good thing a CCW holder wasn’t present like the Ukiah incident mighta had a sore rear end.

    • Polimod, you’re still on that?

      • Beat it into the ground until libs understand the second amendment.

        • ….. do you really think people take you seriously when you cry about the second amendment? Or childishly complain about ‘libs’?

          Especially when it’s clear you think the commitment of any crime warrants shooting someone… why even have police then? We have civilians who can fire wildly in a crowded store to stop all crime.

          Bravo. You convinced no one.

    • I agree! Enough dumb sh!t, I’m going to get mine!

      • You will need a better reason than that, you can’t just go get one, it takes time money and training as well as a thorough federal background check, 3 legitimate reasons for needing one, and an interrogation by the local sheriff, that being said you should get it if you feel you need it and are competent enough, you will learn through the training when you can and can’t use Lethal force, if you want one to be a vigilante you will never get one.

  • What store did the missing teeth bandit rob?

  • And I get edited every time I comment. Disappointing. At least I’m honest and comment with my real name. [edit]

    • Shawn, I appreciate you using your real name. I do have rules that I ask people to follow. I edit people when they don’t. Here are the rules.

    • And you’re pleasant.

    • Shawn,

      The NAME that phonetically sounds like the one you go by, isn’t you, or yours. State of _____owned from cradle to casket. The last name makes you a dead man walking.

      freeman in court – judge bows to Sovereign – Canada
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzjv20sC5CY&t=2s 2:41

      • That makes sense!

        It’s like your comment; you think it means something, but really, it doesnt.

        • Have you ever thought that ”recognizing” the man in a costume AS a judgy wudgie, you are placing yourself under the mercy of a merchant?

          • If you live with Admirality law as your fear, you are living in fear.

            If you live with Admirality law as your reality, than it is your reality.

            You may have 14 hours a day to be a black belt in YouTube paranoia, but it really isn’t worth most our time.

            Seriously: many videos on YouTube are produced by people with mental health issues. I hope we all find the help we need.

            *Furthermore, YouTube is a useful source for information such as; how to change a bike tire, how to put on chains for snow, why you shouldn’t drive in Russia.

            But to form your worldview from it is beyond questionable. You make every little event or comment into a worldview conspiracy theory. I highly recommend you take a day off, than 2, than 3. You’ll feel better in a year no doubt!

            • Uh, no, you haven’t got it yet. There can be no freedom in an Administrative @System@ Whole generations have lost their narrative foundation.

              • If only more people knew about the magic words used to mind-control police officers. Oh, wait, they’re called lawyers. I think they will give you better legal advice than InfoWars.

                • COULROPHOBIA: The “fear of clowns,” circus clowns in particular as a psychiatric condition. This is what most people have when they go into the Court “circus” rooms of Foreign and Anti-American “BAR” JESTERS/CLOWNS; because they are not going to receive true justice only a circus show. They are only going to receive a clandestine circumvention of the law, so that the Clowns can make a concealed or illegal profit for their foreign circus showing.

                • You’ve been duped by professional charlatans.

                  Sorry you think that what you think makes any sense to our collective world.

                  Your life could be richer, more full of life, if you didn’t foster these paranoid world views.

                  They are truly signs of your needs. You feel a need to be important. A need to be a part of something, something different. You want us to sympathize and learn.

                  But here’s the catch, we won’t learn what doesn’t make sense.

                  You can’t make sense trying to impose a worldview when commenting on someone’s given name.

                  Do you really not understand how completely ____ you sound? Try a different approach.
                  But also be open to the fact that you may actually be 100% wrong.

            • You two sound asleep and tooting your horns about how proud you are of it, do realize that you’re the only ones reading my posts who react with vile hatred?

              How do you figure you two aid our ailing society by attacking me?

              How do you two breathe with your heads so far up your rectal orifice?

  • I always thought it would be cool to have some kind of trap door right in front of the cash wrap. you be like, sure, no problem, I’ll get that cash for you, hit the magic button and whoosh, gumby falls into a bulletproof metal holding cell and the doors fold back up at lighting speed. kind of like those live traps for rats that they never fall for. the police wouldn’t even need to come by until after hours to pick up the bastard, so minimal interruption to business processes and customer service. you could even have barry manilow playing at half speed to calm the perp down until help arrives. Now imagine if, later in the day, a second robber shows up a gets dumped in with the first guy. Imagine the kinds of conversations they would have, both standing there, in the dark, holding their pistols, wearing their masks, with Barry drawling away in the background. These are the kind of thoughts that make me happy.

    • Wonderful idea!

      If I ever go into retail I’ll have to install one of those.

      Efficient and humane-and if Manilow isn’t enough to subdue the perp hit em with some opera.


    • Uh oh, now you’re stepping on Virginia Bass’s toes. On public record (NCJ), she stated that she went to a B.M. concert. Maybe at this year’s annual collection, collusion and conferring of CA Inc’s county $upe$ they can get Barry to perform!

    • Yes! with alligators! Or sharks with frickin lasers!

    • I like this idea. It would be worse than being winged by someone with a ccw permit.

  • It’s alot better photo than the Chevron.

  • Not a real handgun. Texture is plastic and no front sight. Fake

    • I have a nice lil polymer S&W Sigma .380 with no front sight and looks plastic but it’s real. You never know these days..

  • Must be that gas station at Safeway mall

  • Looks like to me all the shootings robbery’s , mabey marijuana was better outlawed now everyone’s broke or tweeting. An how sad this economy is Les Schwab alone is down 1 million dollars in fortuna. Say what you want not this many stores in Fortuna were robbed nor were this many people murdered an we’re caught before what a cr**p hole humboldt has turned into. A guy who owns a club in eureka marijuana club is bankrupt but owns a Audi 8 this is funny to watch 😂😂

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