[UPDATE 1:29 p.m.] Windy Weather Dropping Trees and Power Lines Across Humboldt County; Several County Roads Closed

A tree crushed a car in Arcata this morning.

A tree crushed a car in Arcata this morning. [Photo by a reader]

High winds are knocking down trees and power lines this morning.

There are multiple power outages and closed roads. See here for power outages. The roads closed as of 10:09 a.m. are:

  • Kneeland Road by Greenwood Heights Drive. There is a tree down and power lines down. Fire started.
  • Maple Creek Road east of Blue Lake. There is a tree down.
  • Murray Road by Central Avenue. There is a three foot diameter tree blocking the road.

There are other roads with trees down but it isn’t confirmed they have been closed. Check the CHP Traffic Information Page for the latest information. (Make sure to select Humboldt under Communication Centers)

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office tweeted, “We’re already receiving reports this morning of downed tree limbs and power outages due to high winds. With more wind and rain expected later today, make sure to take caution when traveling to and from your destinations today.”

Fortuna Public Works tweeted, “It’s windy out there today. Remember you can call us at (707)725-1471 with reports of downed trees or tree limbs. @FortunaPolice can dispatch Public Works as well if you call (707)725-7550 (this is especially handy for after office hours)”

If you see problems on County property, try calling Humboldt County Public Works at (707) 445-7421.

UPDATE 10:48 a.m.: The wind is also attacking Del Norte County. A tree hit a vehicle on 101 a few miles south of Crescent City.

UPDATE 1:29 p.m.: All the earlier county roads that were closed are now open. However, Bald Mt Road at mile marker 3 is closed due to down trees. But, crews just got on site and expect to have the road open soon.




  • Um, hello, purple PT Cruiser? Aren’t we supposed to be on the lookout for one of those from a high speed pursuit in Eureka last week?

  • Another yuppie unable to drive their fuel guzzler to the Co-Op. All hail Taranis, Celtic thunder god!

  • That damage will buff right out…

  • Huge-ass branches — Comin Down!

    Fortunately the larger ones missed my car. Just minor damage to the plastic sunroof guard.

    Can’t get out of my driveway. Going to go find a man-neighbor to help me move the branches. Took out part of my fence. Telephoned first – he passed away Saturday. Visiting in Oregon, went to his truck to leave and that was it. Another one of the good ones 🙁 (I managed to swivel the heavy ones to the side).

    Scary just going outside to empty the ashes.

    “Create your plan for extreme weather” – says the enclosure in the dirty-electric provider’s envelope.

    The controllers with their fingers on the stop, start, stop, start, stop, start, wind button. Lights flicked three or four times.

    I think we’re doomed for a different reason, that has nothing to do with poly (many) ticks (blood suckers) – did i just say that?

    Or even We, the people, getting it together from the chasm of distance we’ve allowed to grow between us.

    shak, on the other thread, last night, where i left a link to the radiation levels – i wasn’t looking for something. I was pointing it out. Underground 15″ thick cables, mercury light bulb replacements in the elementary schools . . . . we’re so far off base.

    “Take a look around you boys, it’s bound to scare you boys; we’re on the eve of destruction”. The Byrds.

    ~concerned in Carlotta

    • Why thank you festus, i never thought of that. I’ll write your words of wisdom down right now and tape the note to my monitor.
      ~what a waste of keystrokes~

    • CH, thanks for pointing that out. I knew the under is the data collectors, but I never once connected the radiation samwhich effect. Makes sense. I’ll try to learn more during the weeks ahead, so I’ll know what the buzz is all about when the good guys take out the bad guys.

      • You’re welcome shak. I hadn’t connected that part of satan’s cocksucker’s* maneuvers either. Being next up on the devildoer’s agenda, can you imagine what’s in store for us ‘useless eaters’?

        Not to worry, Brown called it for us – the new normal. At least CalFire took their hideous sign down on 36 just before the north entrance to 101. It was a colorful ditty on a board about 4 x 8 – WILDFIRES ARE COMING! (i could almost hear trumpets blaring), GET OUT NOW! w/a sketch of a van, full of family, leaving their home – in flames.

        *comedian Bill Hicks

    • Betsy,

      How did you come to think the way you do?

      What would happen if we focus less on what separates us and more on what brings us together?

  • Any news on fire from downed lines up greenwood heights/kneeland rd?
    Green Diamond had workers not only start 3 fires this summer on greenwood heights&did not report them, neighbors saw flames, but just demolished the redwood forests up there. The trees left are used to protection from trees around them and are extremely susceptible to wind.
    Not to mention all the folks who did 3 acre conversions to sell redwood. It looks like bombs went off, my friend on g.heights had 7 neighbors do 3 acre conversions within a mile and now it looks awful and trees are coming down all over the place, her barnyard is now too gusty for her critters and wild animals coming way close to house looking for cover. CDF is blowing it big time. It costs us all a lot.

  • Loving the wind!

  • The wind seems to have died down. Time to do a quick survey to see if all the trees are still upright.

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    Fun typo in the 1:29pm update: “But, crews gust got on site and…”

    A Freudian slip is when you say one thing, but mean your mother!

  • just a note, ‘eve of destruction’ was by barry mcquire, not the byrds

  • I was once asked by a sweet little old lady why a giant tree crushed the living shit out of her house… I dryly replied,”Gravity, mostly,” and then I fired up my saw…

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