Man Found Dead In Eureka May Have Been Struck by a Vehicle Thursday About 7 p.m.

Death investigation continues even though the rain keeps falling hard.

The death investigation continued through the rain today. [Photo by Mark McKenna]

Eureka Police Department is searching for a dark SUV after a man was likely struck and killed about 7 p.m. yesterday near 5th and V Street. In a press release they state,

As a result of evidence analysis and interviews, the collision may have occurred on 12-13-2018 at about 7:00 pm. The suspect vehicle is possibly a dark colored 2000’s mid-sized SUV. The vehicle most likely has passenger side front end damage.

Anyone with information regarding this vehicle is urged to call Detective Richard Bise at (707) 441-4109.

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  • Slow down&stop tailgating

    Man, even if you dont stop at least call 911. That person could have suffered for hours. Awful.

  • It’s sad that the driver of the vehicle had plans that were apparently more important than someone’s life. Did you even slow down afterwards, are you the person that phone it in? THIS MORNING, what!?! Find your conscience last night when you couldn’t sleep?

  • I wonder if this could have been a drunk driver that was on Broadway last night that came over my C.H.P. Log on Lost coast outpost? I get notifications on my phone as they happen…

  • I wonder if this was a drunk driver who done this who was driving on Broadway last night according to the C.H.P. Log that pops up on my Phone from Lostcoastoutpost.

  • Prayers to who ever this man may be and to his family and friends. R.I.P. So sad the person who done this didn’t stop.. Please who ever you are, Do The Right thing and Turn Yourself In, It’s better then living with this on your Concious

  • There is a dark colored mid size suv near laytonville 101 about quarter mile from north 101 restroom area the vehicle with front end damage and abandoned. Check it someone

  • There is a blue tarp tent in the background of that photo. I can see how this went down. That’s a rough game of frogger someone was playing to crawl into their bramble pile each night. When that light turns green at V street its like a Nascar start. Not victim blaming here so sheath your swords.

    • NASCAR has a rolling start… Oh, 5th and v. , there is a rolling start there too. You are right, people do rolling stops waiting for the green light there all the time. Rolling thru the crosswalk to get a jump on the competition, especially in the far right lane. RIP sir.

  • They may want to consider adding a reflective coating to the crosswalks, flags on the stop signs, more lights and some yield to pedestrian signs; wouldn’t cost anything.


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