Four Female Elk Killed by Poacher; Fish and Wildlife Wardens Investigating

Elk doe

Elk cow from 2017. [Photo from Lynn Harrington]

Press release from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife:

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) is seeking information about an elk poaching case currently under investigation in Humboldt County.

On Sunday, Dec. 9, 2018, CDFW wildlife officers responded to a poaching report in the Maple Creek area, southeast of Blue Lake. During the investigation, officers discovered four dead Roosevelt cow (female) elk. An examination showed the animals were recently killed with a firearm, and one of the elk was pregnant.

CDFW closely manages the state’s Roosevelt elk herds. A limited number of hunting permits are available for this species in Humboldt County, and some hunters wait more than a decade to be successful in the drawing. Elk hunting season was not open at the time these animals were shot.

Officers are continuing their investigation, including processing evidence left at the crime scene. CDFW asks that anyone who has any information regarding this poaching crime to contact the statewide tip hotline, CalTIP, at 1 (888) 334-2258. Tips can also be sent via text to CALTIP, followed by a space and the message to tip411 (847411). CalTIP (Californians Turn In Poachers and Polluters) is a confidential secret witness program that encourages the public to provide CDFW with factual information leading to the arrest of poachers and polluters.

Earlier Chapter: Officers Seeking Public’s Help Finding Person Who Poached Roosevelt Elk Using Arrows



  • Catch whatever pos did it please.
    Thank you f&w!!!

    • I killed two this year with a 12 guage shotgun with open sights… Then took them home and butchered them. You get 100-120+ pounds of packaged meat from an adult cow elk.

    • What losers. You’re supposed to drag it home and eat it after you kill it. I got two this year with a 12 guage shotgun… then took them home and butchered them. You get 100-120 pounds of packaged meat from a large cow elk.

  • Morons n dipsticks.

  • I’ll have to sign up on a free speech forum like 4ch to say all the expletives I am holding back here. Disturbing.

  • These punk ass poachers killed and left these animals in the middle of the road. They did not take meat from the animals, just shot them and left them in the road. [edit]

  • Did they chop them up for food or just kill them for perverted reasons?

  • Report says one elk was pregnant. I was told all 4 animals were juvenile to adolescent size. Whoever did this is low down dirty piece of shit.

  • does, seriously?

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Probably did it too keep f&w busy instead of out extorting the poor rural folks of humboldt. Still sickening !!! Or maybe they already got extorted!!! Speaking of extortion has anybody heard whats up with [edit] fennells RECALL??????

    • Maybe it’s time Kym started charging for advertising, being that no article, no matter how unrelated, escapes this political message.

    • Pay attention. This is about a massacre of majestic animals.
      Put down the mirror and think about something else.

  • Is it poaching if they are killing and leaving? I would look at the neighborhood; the elk walk through many fences and sounds like someone is frustrated. That is sad that they just killed and left them!

  • You know, if fish and game wasn’t so busy trying to over regulate and be a nuisance in the permitting process for local cannabis farms, they might be more effective in doing their real job which is to prevent this shit from happening. Lol

    • Sad but true.
      For years and years we’ve asked for more wardens to go after poachers with no results. Somehow they have $ for wardens to do pot inspections. Id way rather have them out catching idiots doing crap like this.

      • Yep! They’re charging incredible fees and fines and saying you’re good, only to have a different officer come back and say it’s not and who said it was. They are not on the same page and don’t want any permitted farms in the hills and have verbally said they will do everything in their power to prevent it by making it difficult. Screw those guys. Go back to protecting the animals and not regulating building permits for private property!😡😡😡

  • Sounds like ole buffalo days..

  • Disgusting supervisors

    For real your spot on — not living up to there real position to protect fish and Wildlife.too busy being extortionast

  • Automatic rifle… works like a charm… Real sportsman here. Hang em!

  • These animals were amazing, amazing, incredible, edible animals. Really. We will build an amazing wall between these amazing edible animals, and the poachers. An amazing, incredible, anti-poaching wall, really amazing. The wall will be the biggest, most amazing anti-poaching wall, and we will send the bill to……China………. Amazing. Really…

  • There are growers who care about the environment and the scum that don’t. The ones that leave garbage in the woods, divert water illegally and dump chemicals into rivers and streams make everybody pay. So fish and game have to regulate everyone. You sleep with the dogs your gonna get fleas. To bad about the elk.

  • It isn’t right that this happened. But, nobody seems to care when wolves kill a herd of nearly 30 and leave them laying just the same.

  • I was off on my recollection of how many elk it was. It was 19. There’s an article by National Geographic about it. They called it a surplus killing. And I think it happened in Wyoming

  • How selfish and self centered does a person have to be to kill 4 cows and then *leave them to waste*? How absolutely disrespectful. I would think (and hope) a rancher would at least eat them. Electric fences should definitely keep elk out if the top strand is high enough. Those fences can keep grizzlies out, never mind elk. Regular fences will keep elk out too- I’m pretty sure they’ve used regular heavy duty fences in Orick for a long time.

    Someone should have heard those shots. Hope they catch whoever it is.

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