Possible Package Thieves Sought by EPD

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Jeremiah Jerel Wilkinson and Amy Elizabeth CardozaOn 12/12/2018, the Eureka Police Department responded to a package theft call in the area of Harris and K Streets.

Upon contacting the victim, they explained that a package was missing from their porch. The victim reviewed their surveillance footage, which showed a female exiting a SUV and removing the package from the victim’s front porch. A male was seen in the driver’s seat of the SUV. The female returned to the SUV with the package and the SUV fled the scene.

As a result of the investigation, two persons of interest were identified. The Eureka Police Department is seeking the public’s assistance in locating Amy Elizabeth Cardoza (44 years old) and Jeremiah Jerel Wilkinson (37 years old) for questioning in the matter. They are associated with a blue 2005 Toyota Forerunner, bearing California license plate number 5LXV067.

Anyone with information regarding this theft or the location of Cardoza or Wilkinson is urged to call the Eureka Police Department at 707-441-4300.



  • Eeewwww glad they didn’t grab my package!

    • the misadventures of bunjee

      You might need antibiotics if they did.

    • stop and frisk. take their drugs, money, and phone, send them on their way. No court, lawyers, and, it helps the druggie because there is no record. All the cops know who these speeders and heroin honeys are , they know what cars they drive to make their deliveries, shut them down. So simple. So effective. But we know some asshole will be saying it’s a violation of their rights. They are violating all our rights by stealing our stuff, shooting us, breaking into homes, wrecking our cars, hurting us and themselves. Take all the profit out of their enterprise, I bet a lot of the trouble they cause would go away when they cannot do business here.

  • scabs on the face, blank eyes, deranged look, ………drugs.

    These are perfect examples to share with your kids to show them what happens when you do drugs.

    These two have both topped out, going nowhere fast now till the end. SAD.

  • I would like to know what brand surveillance camera that had. Please and thank you.

  • Homeowner prolly says that mutants are everywhere and marijuana caused this theft…

    My guess anyway.

    • We’ve already gone thru this. The thieves are Not stealing to purchase mj.

      Unless the mutants knew there was mj in the package and could wrangle a trade for snort.

      • I don’t think the point is that druggies steal in order to buy drugs, pot included if that was what was wanted at the moment. The basic point is that, if anyone thinks that the instant gratification of chemical manipulation of their body is happiness, they both will fail at doing the hard things of life that interferes with that pursuit, like going to work sober each day, and will not be much bothered with the details of how they come by the purchase of more “happiness.” They have an endless belief they are owed this happiness simply because they need it and the hell with anyone who objects.

        • i suppose that is why in the military when you have missions that require long periods without rest they give you go pills right ?because chemicialy enhanced preformance is not the best ….. also why they test for enhamcing chemicials in sports because they dont really give a person a unfair advantage over those they dont use substances ……. dang the coolaid must taste great !.

          • These two definitely look like peak performers. If this is “enhanced”, I’d hate to see what their baselines are.

          • Yeah. Like that is the result these two expected- stealing at the speed of Usain Bolt. You tell me how the KoolAid tastes.

        • Well said….

          Casual opinions regarding marijuana have brought so much destruction to lives and communities.

          Nancy Reagan knew what she was talking about.

  • Meth Mongrels at their finest. Batten down the hatches. And you thought Zombies were just on TV! Just went outside to view the meteor showers and had to wear my respirator so I could stay out awhile. I’m real sick of this. Well, since I don’t want my anger to take me over, I wrote a little ditty awhile back about these folks you might enjoy.

    The Methster Family

    They’re sneaky and they’re tweeky, they creep around the county, they don’t have a bounty, the Methster family. They’re after your possessions, there brains are not in session, they’ll never learn their lessons, the Methster family. They’re cooking on the run, their minds are all undone, they hate the rising sun, the Methster family. The police can’t check their ride, cause the chemicals are all inside, they’ll just have to step aside, for the Methster family. You’ll see them driving by, going who knows where or why, they’re always on the sly, the Methster family. So let this be a lesson, always keep your brain in session, don’t let the Methster’s come a messing, with you or your family!!!

    • Heroine.
      Not Methamphetamines.

      • We’ll be sure to let you know the drug combinations that have eaten these addicts brains as soon as the results come back. Wouldn’t it be nice if druggies like this would just destroy themselves instead of everyone else they prey on? Be prepared, it will likely get worse because Humboldt County has become a haven for these hard drugged up criminals. Very light penalties and selective enforcement means continued criminal behavior from these bottom feeding low lifes!!!

  • was this package delivered by the usps or other means?

  • I need to pick up the dog poop from my yard this weekend. I think I’ll box it up, leave it out front, and see if I can get a tweaker to take it away for me. 🙂

  • i once knew some homeless people that would use other peoples addresses to jave packages shipped to them since they did not have one. i found out because i saw them going through my mail once. they walked up opened the hox tok out the mail went through it and placed it all back. the next day the same. i approached them and demanded to know what they were doing. turns out one of them had ordered a copy of their birth certificate and used my address. and they were waiting for it. that day i found a shoe box and placed it by my front door and anytime i recived mail for them it went into the shoe box. they never checkes my mail again but every day i had a thank you note from them in mine for about 2 months . i stopped seeing them after the notes stopped and never recived mail for them after that either. i often wonder what happened to them.

    • Most people without an address use general delivery. I’ve seen the post office deliver to strange locations if they had a good reason- such deliveries as the “corner of (two streets) where I’ll be waiting.” The PO used to be such a human organization in many rural places.

      • I had my neighbor’s girl friend use my address because it was the only house with a number. After a month she came over and demanded her mail! I told her, you doesn’t live here, didn’t ask if I would hold your mail so it was Return To Sender. She was outraged. I had never seen her before.
        Every time I get a new carrier, about once a month, I have to retrain them to put my mail through the door slot (everyone has them on my street, why they can’t get mine in is beyond me). I pick my mail off the banister, the steps, the porch rail, the chair. My newest one puts just a tip in the door flap so every passing tweeker can sort my mail or in some cases, open it and leave it spewed about.
        So is it a generation thing or just a stupid people problem? IDK.

  • the ny police are putting out fake amazon packages with tracking devices in them and catching crooks that way

  • Forerunner. That’s funny.

  • I have had this happen a few times in Arcata. So I put up a surveillance camera (Arlo brand- at Verizon store) and caught these creeps trying to pop open my front door in daylight, then later grabbing a few packages later in the day. For a good laugh, look on YouTube for ‘porch pirates exploding package’ it’s hilarious.

  • So Amy. Life has brought you to this point…… stealing Christmas presents on the holidays!?!? You have almost one upped Ms.Wilson on this one…. but not quite , keep working at it!

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