More Than 13 Tons of Food Gathered in 3rd Annual Humboldt Holiday Food Drive

food drive

Yesterday’s food drive. [Photo from Senator Mike McGuire’s Twitter account]

Press release from Senator Mike McGuire:

Horse trailers, trucks and vans overflowing with cans and boxes of food donated by high school students from across Humboldt County were dropped off yesterday during Senator Mike McGuire’s third annual Humboldt Holiday Food Drive — an incredible total of 26,000 pounds of food, more than 13 tons, will go directly to Food For People, Humboldt County’s Food Bank.

“Words alone can not express our gratitude — we were overwhelmed with the generosity from thousands of Humboldt County High School students and residents,” Senator Mike McGuire said. “The students of Ferndale, Fortuna, St. Bernard’s, Eureka, McKinleyville and Arcata High Schools stepped up big time and gave the gift of generosity this holiday season. The students are the stars who make this entire event possible.”

For three years, Senator McGuire has partnered with Food For People on this annual Food Drive, and every year the donations have increased in size. In 2016, just over 3,000 pounds of food was donated. In 2017, 3.5 tons of non-perishable food was donated. This year, the Food Drive smashed through Senator McGuire’s goal with over 13 tons (over 26,000 pounds) donated.

Food for People would like to extend our deepest gratitude to all of the amazing local high school students who have shown us what compassion in action looks like! Everyone I talked with said that while the competition between schools was fun, they were most proud of the fact that they were making a difference in the lives of people in need in our community. We should all be very proud! We would also like to extend our warmest thanks to the parents, teachers, businesses and community members who supported their efforts, and to Senator McGuire and his team for engaging our future leaders in the fight against hunger. The Senator’s investment of time and energy in the food drive made all the difference and is very much appreciated. He walks the talk!” said Anne Holcomb, Food For People Executive Director.

As part of a friendly competition — the school that collects the most canned and dry food items wins the Humboldt Holiday Food Drive Showdown. The winning school gets its next dance paid for including DJ, appetizers and refreshments, and most importantly, wins the coveted Golden Can Award. Based on early results, St. Bernard’s — the 2017 Golden Can Award recipient — is the clear winner again, bringing in an estimated 11,000 pounds of food!

According to Food for People, all of the food donated Wednesday evening will help feed thousands of families, kids and seniors all the way through April or May of 2019.

Senator McGuire’s annual Humboldt Holiday Food Drive is now one of the largest and most successful food drives on the North Coast!



  • Elric of Melniboné

    Thats Excellent!

    I wonder how many tons of toys were collected in the Toys for Tots drive?

    Purely for research purposes, of course.

  • food for people gets 20% of their funding from the government i.e. mike or whoever hold the position that day

  • So great to instill these values in our kids!!!! Thank you so very much to the students, you make us so proud!
    Many teens ive talked to whove gone off to college elsewhere are surprised how many people arent used to a strong community, & what a unique and pertinent perspective they bring to their classrooms and those they meet.
    Its awesome. Normalizing helping one another&being grateful.

    And maybe just me but im glad to hear FforP gets tax money, thats something im glad to have my taxes go to.
    The free farmers markets there are incredible.

  • What a great effort by young men and women!

    Well done everyone!

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