Zanes Ranch Bridge to Reopen This Evening

Zanes Ranch covered bridge from Humboldt County Dept of Public works

Earlier today, the Zanes Ranch Bridge was closed due to structural damage. It is expected to be reopened later this evening.

According to the Humboldt County Department of Public Works,

When the road is reopened, vehicles weighing over 3 tons are prohibited. No commercial vehicle traffic is allowed until further notice.  Updates will be posted as they become available.



  • Muddy Black Dodge

    No idea where the bridge is. Could you enlighten me/us… My guess Elk River…

  • Beetle Juice bridge?

  • Beetlejuice, beetljuice, beetljuice!

  • Hope people realize “no commercial traffic” means no pickup trucks allowed over the bridge anymore due to the fact that all pickups in Ca have commercial license plates..Plus 3 ton limit is only 6000 pounds, most pickups are close to that.

    • It needs a sign with a growdozer carrying bags of dirt crossed out.

      See how long it lasts….

    • I have a pickup truck that is fairly new with no commerical license plates. Could not find that in a current DMV handbook. What did you read for your info?

      • Commercial loads are an oddball area of the rules, unless your use to it. If your carrying loads over 2 tons your often considered a commercial vehicle by the ca dmv and chp. Small trucks without a cover on the back are often considered by the law to need to pay commercial weight fee’s and have commercial plates on them. But are usually not required to be treated as a commercial vehicle for certain types of enforcement, like weigh stations. (though those rules change when towing, often if your loaded correctly its not a problem. but if your improperly loaded your still going to get in trouble)

        if you have a truck with camper or shell on the back, you can then apply to the dmv for passenger plates for your truck (in between certain weight limits i believe). Which lowers the cost of registration and insurance. I am not 100% sure of the downsides of doing this, your insurance company may require you to sign something say you will not haul over X amount or at least not at high frequency. I am not 100% sure on this part since i have never tried to register my truck as a passenger vehicle.

      • If you have a State-owned identi-fiction drivers license, you are commercial ready to turn profit using the public roads – as a taxi or bus driver or semi-truck driver. There’s little to no reason to have a commercial plate on a pick up truck.

    • Not all pickup trucks are consider or licensed as commercial vehicles. If one has a permanently attached camper shell, it can be licensed as non commercial. Plus my 3/4 ton 4WD pickup truck has disabled plates on it! My insurance carrier has no restriction for full coverage on my pickup truck either…

  • My cousin from the east seen his first wooden bridge up Smith river last week He didn’t know we had a few around heae

  • Any half ton 4wd pickup with 2 people and groceries wieghs well under 6000 lbs. Any dogde with 6 bulgarians, 100 gallons of diesel, 20 gallons of eagle 20, and a pallet of miracle grow is definately over weight.

  • I like walking though it. Back east I’d take pictures of them.

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