Suspect in String of Dumpster Arsons Arrested

This is a press release from the Eureka Police Department. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Paul AguilarOn 12-11-2018 at about 7:39 pm, Eureka Police Department (EPD) and Humboldt Bay Fire Department (HBFD) personnel responded to a dumpster fire on 3rd St, just east of Commercial St. As fire personnel extinguished the fire, patrol officers began scouring the area for possible suspect(s). Detectives were also notified of the incident.

As part of the investigation, businesses in the area were contacted and surveillance footage was reviewed. A possible suspect was quickly developed. He was described as wearing tan pants, a blue hooded jacket, black baseball cap and light colored shoes.

At about 11:37 pm, a subject matching the suspect’s description was located on 4th St at N St. The subject was identified as Paul Allen Aguilar (36 years old). A records check of Aguilar revealed that he was on active probation. Aguilar was also found to be in possession of drug [paraphernalia]. He was taken into custody and transported to the Eureka Police Department to be interviewed and for evidential processing.

As a result of the investigation, enough probable cause was developed to place Aguilar under arrest for the fire at 3rd and Commercial Streets.

Aguilar was transported to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility (HCCF) and booked on charges of arson, possession of paraphernalia, and probation violation. Aguilar is being held on $55,000 bail.

Due to the similar nature and method of this fire to the string of recent dumpster fires, EPD Detectives will be working in collaboration with HBFD personnel to determine if Aguilar is also connected to those fires.

Anyone with information regarding the recent fires is urged to call the Eureka Police Department’s Criminal Investigations Section at 707-441-4300.



  • Looks like the poster boy ,for psychos R Us

  • People refusing to respect other’s property, safety, and ability to sleep deep, shouldn’t be allowed in the mix.

    If this guy is convicted, he should feel the weight of The People on his shoulders, taking the most precious thing we all have –


    • Aren't we all a little mental?

      I have seen this guy numerous times sitting at a picnic table behind Shamis. He talks to himself occasionally yelling at someone who isn’t there. The guy is obviously mentally sick and needs to be treated at a facility. Putting him in a prison will not help him change. When Reagan was the Governor of California he shut done all of the State funded psych hospitals because they cost too much. The mental people were thrown out to the streets with NO services. To this day there are minimum treatment programs available for people like him. And he is only one of many like him roaming around the city. Most are not dangerous, but a few cause serious problems like starting dumpster fires or worse killing a priest or abusing a daughter at a beachor the Sheriff’s deputy’s killing a known guy with mental probleme because he was threatening them with a plastic wood handled rake or a person being shot and killed by EPD officers because she had an empty flare gun in her apartment. They are in our community and they are not going to leave. Putting them in a prison is just a case of out of sight out of mind. Releasing them from a prison without treatment just adds to the community’s problems at a higher level. Mentally they are no different than our current President.

      • You pegged the Flaming Orange Satan Chump trump.

      • [Edit] Close the borders first. He or his parents would not be among us.


      • "Danco" to the Rescue!

        ” Aren’t we all a little mental?”, I don’t think you are aware of all the projects that will be built by “Danco”, in the coming year in Humboldt County. They will be dropping a 8,000,000 26 unit locked down housing facility in Rio Dell and a 16,000,000 50 unit homeless & homeless veterans facility in Eureka. I do hope they help with our housing problems for the homeless, but I’m afraid of the outcome, do to past histories in other counties for these types of facilities! Didn’t the homeless camps in Eureka all just get closed down recently? Hummm, I wonder what’s up? Keep your eyes open and aware. Danco, may be dropping a homeless shelter in your neighborhood soon! Please make sure you will be paying all your taxes on time! Because we need your funds.

      • And misinformation never dies. At least not when it is so satisfying. The hospitals were closed because they were already emptied by 2/3rd under the Lanternman-Peris-Short Act that allowed patient to petition for their own release. In the year that law passed, prison incarcerations of the mentally ill double.

        In truth it was another one of those liberal social ideas “One mental health professional who helped draft and move the original legislation said, “In our zeal to move people out of very restrictive, very inhumane places, we forgot that there were a whole variety of supports that were being provided (by institutions) and we neglected to find adequate ways of replicating them . . . we had a simplistic notion that basically what you could do is take people out of the institutions, move them into the community and provide outpatient mental health care. But what we forgot is that institutions provide people shelter, food, health care and a whole variety of other basic human needs.””

        “… the bill was pushed primarily by a group of young, liberal activists on the Assembly Office of Research staff…”

  • Looks like he has something to say, 🤬🤬🤬.

  • Billy Casomorphin

    Whoa… Dude looks upset!

  • I hope that they have the arsonist in custody and he stays there. Sooner Or later it was going to cause a real tragedy. Thanks go the police and cooperating businesses.

  • Drug Paraphernalia, imagine that. Undoubtedly a pot pipe and a baggie of that green shit, you folks try to pass off as medicine.

  • Senator Mike McGuire’s “great redwood trail” maintenance chain gang will “tough love” this subversive back into line right quick!
    Or maybe we should heartwood it, circle up, hear him out his yawning houseless chronicle. We could crowd fund a down payment for him so he could publish his autobiography informing all us ignorant racists of his profound and moving life story.
    A true visionary indeed, like Mohamed, Jesus, Pelosi, or Chuck E. Cheese

    • Glad you’re not my direct neighbor. You’re not helping your argument with your sarcastic slurs but revealing your true self and maybe affirming what others have obviously accused you of. Some words of advice, maybe go outside, volunteer a little, maybe at a veterans hospital or senior citizen home. Make your time more productive then hating on people, you’ll never meet behind the keyboard, instead of just focusing on yourself.

  • Good job Leo’s, they did their job.

    Anybody know what the active probation was for?

    Whoever is in charge of keeping him in, should make sure he stays in, the active probation did not go well, he looks scary, if he did it he should not be let out, dangerous.

  • Let’s set him up in the spare bedroom at” Aren’t we all a little mental?” house, Then little mental can show us how it’s done!

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