[UPDATE 2:27 p.m.] High Speed Pursuit by Weitchpec on 96; Suspect Throwing Out Items

Vehicle PursuitAt speeds of over 80 miles per hour, a vehicle has been fleeing law enforcement on Hwy 96 near Weitchpec. The incident began about 2 p.m. around mile marker 15 and has continued for 15 minutes.

The occupant of the vehicle appears to have jettisoned items from the vehicle.

The vehicle was at mile marker 40 around 2:20 p.m.

Law enforcement has requested air support and to notify the Siskiyou County Sheriff.

UPDATE 2:27 p.m.: The dispatcher announced to all the units that had been notified that the pursuit had been cancelled.



  • No, they just backed off like fine community service representatives. “Can I get you some milk with that tea, Mr. Criminal?”

    • Totally. Would’ve been better if they had kept chasing til they crashed into some innocent family killing everyone. Better that than let someone get away that had some weed in their car. Good thinking

  • Near Weitchpec, or pursued by Weitchpec?
    Just checking😊

  • I read where something like 60% of high speed chases end in a wreck with injuries. The percentage of drivers in these chases that have committed a serious crime is less than 10%.

    Good judgement and congratulations to the CHP for backing off. The tweaker at the wheel with 4 pounds of reefer and an “outfit” isn`t exactly a dangerous criminal and he`ll get caught soon.

    It may be you, your spouse or child who is entrained in the wreck with injury if this chase continues.

  • I’m sure it’s a hard call.
    The shame is when they
    Get away twice

  • They’ll get away twice
    So what’s the point
    Let em go lock em up
    Law ride

  • A truck on 96 went into the river up there today and landed in the river on its roof. It was on ch. 3 news. Probably the same vehicle, I would assume..

  • An example of why Law Enforcement needs all weather helicopters to compliment the BearCat.
    A Comanche helicopter could have ended the chase fast and safely.

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Glad they got away wish more law enforcement crashed during these pursuits. Hope the bearcat crashes next!!!!

  • Escape is easy these days

    So the message they are sending is” just go over 80-90 or switch into an oncoming lane and we will let you go” seems to be encouraging the criminals to do just that, it’s how all their buddy’s have been getting away so why not. Obviously if they are willing to risk their life to get away that should tell the police that there’s a real good reason to catch them, people don’t run for no reason

  • They do if they are stupid!

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