Man Shot in Weitchpec

HCSO Humboldt County Sheriff's Office

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available

Beginning around 11:30 this morning, scanner traffic out of northeast Humboldt indicated a man had been shot, possibly by his neighbor in Weitchpec.  According to scanner traffic, he was treated at the clinic while waiting for the ambulance.  He has now been transported to the hospital with a possible head injury.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s PIO, Samantha Karges confirmed a man with a gunshot wound has been reported.  She said the incident occurred in the 300 block of Old Village Road.

Karges also said that a suspect has been identified, but has not yet been contacted by law enforcement.  Law enforcement is attempting contact now.

Karges emphasized this incident is very new and all reports are preliminary at this time.





  • ” . . . has not yet been contacted by law enforcement. Law enforcement is attempting contact now”.

    Just in time. Bearcat to the rescue. Top speed of 70. Whoever can escape, it would seem, in a chase.

    Ah-ha! That’s what it is. More business for the Coroner position ever since the alleged Supes. unlawfully, And illegally, chucked, saddled, added, “Coroner” to a Sheriff’s (Downey), job description. Fox . . .hen house.

    ~speculation of an educated guess.

    • you should also google how many sheriffs are also the coroner in rural counties.

      • I know. I didn’t write the rules.

        • Here comes Central HumCo, makin’ shit up again.

          • I thinks it’s the Hondewbridge chump guy who use to go by Barry Swallowberg too, and other names. He disappears every now and then. I always wonder where he goes but enjoy the long unintelligible rants disappearing too. Definitely some kind of mental health issues distorting his/her reality so ya, he sometimes discusses important issues but with lots of distorted facts and phrasing that the average person doesn’t understand. Prayers to whoever they are!

            • No one could be that much of a *Honeydew* chump.

            • Hey! Honeydew Bridge Chump had some of the best posts around! King Troll indeed…many of us miss that guy. Especially his direct approach to mega-grow eradication….genius almost.

              • HCSO seemed to take his advice by using the bulldozer to remove gardens and they have purchased a military vehicle.
                If they start purchasing battleships and attack helicopters one may wonder if HBC is actually the sheriff.

                Only time will tell…

                Definitely keep those solid gold pitbulls hidden or the Bearcat might show up at your place.

            • I enjoy CH’s input. Sometimes miss HBC. Cuckle every time I think about gold plated pitbulls.

            • Lost Croat Outburst

              Can’t verify anything you say, but it would explain a lot. Good story anyway. HBC actually claimed to live under a bridge where trolls have always traditionally lived. Too classsic.

              • And it looks like he has a bunch of sockpuppets accounts to come out of the wood work to jerk him off. “Trolling” is childish behavior[edit]

  • I trust our current Board of STUPIDvisors about this far !!! Especially Estelle “Getty”!!!!

  • Oops I forgotto include my “measuring stick” for how much I trust the BoS especially Estelle!!! So here it is, such as it is!!!!

    • Hmmk then it doesnt want to show up for some reason & this stupid Piece of … Work is not shwowing all the characters I’m typing on my screen for some reason!!! So I have to proofread even more closely!!! I still have no idea way a left arrow & right arrow with a dash between them is not showing up!!! That is what I was calling “My Measuring Stick”!!!

      • I think your measuring went thataway
        How about < arrow/space/dashes ————————– dashes/space/arrow
        Trying agains with last arrow erased.
        Worked, but the visual & concept is lost.
        I guess it doesn't like both arrow brackets used in the same post.
        <—— not a computer geek and apparently I couldn't even play one on tv if I tried.

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Yeah the board of theiving dictators,what a hideous bunch!!! Whatya do with feces?? You flush it down the shithole!! Cant wait for the citizens of humboldt to have a opertunity to flush the feces!!!!!

    And im in agrreance with most of central humboldts posts!!! I think most of us have lost total touch or are oblivious to what the founding fathers envisioned for us—— especially the filth thats emposing there robbery and stealing our liberty

  • Must concur. Haven’t been this excited to drop a ballot since Obama. Board of Supervisors out. OUT>>

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