Holiday Theft Prevention Tips From the Humboldt County Sheriff

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This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff

Protect your home from holiday theft

The holidays are almost here! While we enjoy the gifts that come with this season, they also bring an increase in theft activity. Protect yourself from theft this holiday season by taking a few simple precautions. Holiday Safety Tips (all information on this image is in the article text)

Protect from Package Thieves

All year round, but especially during the holidays, law enforcement receives reports of packages stolen right off the doorstep. To make sure your holiday gifts are safe, monitor when your packages are expected to arrive and don’t leave them on your porch or in your mailbox. Many delivery services allow you to sign up for delivery alerts and may even allow you to schedule a drop off time for when you are home. If possible, you can also ship your packages to your workplace or have a neighbor who is home during the day collect your packages for safekeeping.

Protect from Car Prowlers

Whether out shopping for gifts or loading up for a holiday party, be sure to keep the interior of your vehicle clean. Never leave gifts or shopping bags in plain sight. Lock valuables in your trunk or remove them before exiting your vehicle. Also, be sure to remove all gifts and items of value from the vehicle when leaving it overnight.

Protect from Home Burglars

Having your Christmas tree in the front window may look great, but it’s also an invitation for burglars to check out what you have under the tree. Consider setting up your tree in a location not easily seen by passersby. If moving your tree to another location is not an option, be sure to cover your windows with blinds or curtains overnight and while you are away from your home. Another option is to wait to put presents under the tree until it’s time to unwrap them.

After those presents are opened, be sure to break down all boxes and place them in the garbage or recycling. If packaging is too big to fit in the receptacles, drop it off at the dump. Do not leave packaging materials outside your home for garbage collection. Leaving a box for a brand new TV, or other gifts, outside your home alerts thieves to high-dollar items inside and puts you at an increased risk of a home burglary.

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office wishes you a safe and happy holiday season!



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