1940’s Era Logging: No Chainsaws In Sight!

Log train near Albion

Log train near Albion [photo from WikiCommons]

Watch a 1940’s era newsreel on Sequoia Sempervirens logging and transporting practices that’s posted on the YouTube.  If you are an historian, this will be fascinating; if you’re an environmentalist, you may cry.  Either way, the Dyerville railroad trestle is shown filled truss to truss with old growth logs coming down to the mill while the strength and skills required to do these tasks with the tools of the day makes this an impressive video.





  • I may have family in that mill lol
    I enjoyed it 😀

  • My father worked on the railroad (NWP) starting in 1950. There was one train called the Scotia Logger. They made one trip a day from the woods to the mill at Scotia where they unloaded into their pond. As a young kid, he took me with him a few times and it was quite an adventure for me.

    • ~nice. Thank you for sharing gunther. That would be back in the day of AT LEAST check and balance being applied.

      • My dad, a Mendocino Logger told me that the Giants were dying and it made good sense to harvest them. We logged a stand of Giants in 1977 and everyone of them had rot in the center. He disagreed with environmentalist who believed we should save the the dying elders and sacrifice their babies.

        “To everything (turn, turn, turn)
        There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
        And a time to every purpose, under heaven

        A time to be born, a time to die
        A time to plant, a time to reap
        A time to kill, a time to heal
        A time to laugh, a time to weep

        To everything (turn, turn, turn)
        There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
        And a time to every purpose, under heaven”


        James Marmon MSW
        Former Mendocino Logger

  • “But first there has to be a railroad.”
    Ever read the “Bloodlines of Illuminati”
    Fritz Springmeier, 1995
    over at the c ia dot gov site? https://bit.ly/2EIQl9P

    First a Railroad, some investment capital, a plan for future supply and demand, shell games, and more.

    • before the logging rails were built, the tallest trees in the world were cut up and hauled out of the woods to make the smallest wood products in the world.

    • Hmmm, should I click on the mysterious direct download from our local “occult expert”? What are the odds the illuminati documents provided here are loaded with Russian malware?

      • Shak misses again.

        Wish some of those trees were still here.

        We just don’t give a flying fuck about our future, this is evident from past and present actions by ourkind.

      • Goodness, Jack, you have more reading to do than I do if you consider someone at my own level as ‘expert’. I follow interesting links and theories. Links to Admiral Byrd in the Artica held my attention for a day or two, but no further. I like to share the interesting links so that others who truly are interested in any out of the norm subject can enjoy their own journey’s down the rabbit holes.
        Actually, to be honest, I’m more interested in the why’s behind you, LO’s, Brian’s, and a few others using so much energy and urgency in silencing anything that differs from your dictatorshipping narratives. What are you scared of? Why is reading sciFi, spyFi, and other interesting unclassified documents and interviews such a ‘taboo’ with you all?
        Maybe there’s really something behind it all? LOL. More likely, it’s the age old ruse to try to keep the people convinced there really is something to ‘ufo’s’, mammoth’s, underworld God’s, planned resource invasions, green men, orange men, purple men, and whatever is left which is a mountain stack.
        But, it’s really funny to watch ya jump, I give you that.



        • Admiral Byrd link to fantasy land. There are senate hearings transcripts out there too, but I’m already bored despite how fascinating his trip was. It kind of fits into the ‘trees’ theme though, just like the link I already posted above does.
          One is probably closer to the truth than the other. There’s always truths that can be found within. I wish the researchers lots of good fun and luck. Don’t let the spooks spook you though, they have no sense of humor.

          • Shak believes that the Earth is hollow and that cigarettes are good for you. This should be a reminder for everyone to exercise their right to vote, because when shak votes for his favorite anti-reptoid candidate, it counts the same as your vote.

            • There are several things that are still unknown by science. one is of course exatly what the center of earth is. All science on this matter is pure speculation. I find it strange that people would be so certain about things that no one has any facts or proof that their belief is accurate when the truth is still unknown.

              • Well said, AC. It baffles me too.
                That’s why American’s absolutely love the Bill of Rights, especially the 1st amendment. Every individual is secured their right to b e l i e v e what they want as long as they don’t try to force others to ex-believe what they want or as long as they don’t force others to believe what they want them to believe. Freedom of Speech means freedom to debate, not freedom to persecute for entering a debate.
                Some will never “get it”, perhaps because they prefer the darkness that light will remove? They are terrified of the light, of the truth?
                Notice how it’s okay for them to insult and to even threaten if they wish? It was Brian who said “We are watching you”. (don’t you dare step out of our narrative). Who permits this is the key question. Why is it permitted is a sub key. So many W’s to follow. Who, what, when, where, why…

                • i think it might have to do with if one proves there is no boogy man than others will have only have themselves to blame and in this day and age passing the buck and excuesses are the only factors of sucess. today we see the larges group of victims in recorded history blameing everyone or thing as reasons for failures yet failing of course to accept tje reality that we are all to blame. blame big goverment uet cry for laws and protections. blame large corperations yet buy goods made with cheap labor from over seas. hate big oil yet live consuming plastics.

                • That makes sense, AC. Taking self responsibility would certainly be an honest and truthful step.
                  Maybe the kids will start protesting their schools for a ‘strength room’ to counterbalance the ‘safe room’ epidemic. Wouldn’t that be incredible to hear the shouts of “I am alright!” “You are alright!” etc.
                  One can always dream.

            • Jack, smoke is a killer due to the particles in the smoke. Tar is the product of combustionables, it is not added to the tobacco. It is the smoke that will kill you.
              Nicotine, on the other hand, is known as beneficial to those who benefit from it. Nicotine is found in tobacco plants, vegetable plants, etc.
              When the Calif motto is ‘smoke em if you gottem’, and Calif’s main economy is logging, I would stock up on particle masks if I were you.
              Clue: Healthy live cells in a Petri Dish reactions when:
              Cigarette smoke is added = dead cells. (at least 1/2 of the cells will die, 1/4 will weaken and mutate..)
              Vapor with just nicotine added = healthy live cells multiply over 100%.
              Conclusion: The Smoker’s Paradox.
              It’s so easy, even a caveman can see it.
              Lesson? Eat your homegrown vegetables, wash off all toxins from all fruit and veggies before using, and reduce all chemically charged products.

      • https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=vQrsEVg63Dg

        Some people call it an alternative reality, some call it fiction, and Still other will understand the biggest hoax of all. What we call telling the truth through fiction.

        • That video was jam packed with info. Thank you, Sid, for sharing it with me. I came away with several thoughts.
          First was, there’s always more to any story, which is why it’s important to always keep an open mind and to refrain from conclusive conclusions. (which confirms what I’ve been stressing to self and to others whenever I run across an adamant post with ‘conclusive’ ‘blame and shame’).
          The second was how right the quote is about the LOVE of money being the root of all evil.
          Everything in the video was over my head, which is a good thing, for then I arrive without preconceived bias. (minus the images of Mork & Mindy every time Nano waves was mentioned).
          Thank you for enlightening me once again, to get more enlightened. It’s never ending isn’t it.

        • Sid, how uncanny! The news tonight mentions the same letters that your video did. (MDA). https://saraacarter.com/clinton-whistleblowers-thursdays-public-hearing-to-reveal-explosive-information/

          • Trickle down flying Fuchenomics.
            Go figure.

            “We now live in a nation where doctors destroy health, lawyers destroy justice, universities destroy knowledge, governments destroy freedom, the press destroys information, religion destroys morals, and our banks destroy the economy.” ~ Chris Hedges

  • He cuts down trees, he eat his lunch
    He goes to the lavatory
    On Wednesdays he goes shopping and has buttered scones for tea

    • This example of great early prosperity led to many great inventions, one being a chainsaw.. I am not sure if this article is to snub wood harvesters in a disregard during a different era of production ? Chainsaws weren’t created until the early 60’s. Man has been very creative over the years trying to earn a paycheck to feed his family, long before Calfresh and D.H.H.S. came along.

      • I wasn’t snubbing, or trolling as the kids call it, the lack of chainsaws. I was pop-eyed at the casual, nonchalance of the physical strength these men displayed. After throwing the heavy cable up around a wide tree at least two dozen times to get high enough to top a tree, the man then took out an axe and chopped it out. It was at that point that i sat back and realized that chainsaws weren’t on the scene yet.
        I did also note, though, that even in the very early 40’s, the environmental cost was on people’s minds.

        • Thank You for replying. I do love local history. I don’t agree with the end of your comment, what environmentalists were living in Humboldt in the 40’s? Why? This comment made me think of a brilliant new website. Ancestry Environmentalism . Com. If your ancestors came to this country and provided for your family by harvesting the land in any way you are to pay reparation. If your grandfather was a fisherman, you will have to work with DFG to re-supply the waters; a forester work with Dept of Forestry to re-supply the timberlands; if in the eyes of some people a person is a villan? Not 1 person could survive on earth without something from it.

          • This film said something about half way through to the effect of ‘dont worry, they aren’t cutting them all.’

            And on the Redwood Park’s history page for Rockefeller Forest across the river from Dyerville,”In 1921, only three years after the League’s creation, Humboldt Redwoods State Park was put on the map.”

          • The timber industry destroyed 99% of the old growth coastal redwood forest. That obviously wasn’t sustainable. Those forests will not recover for 10 or more human generations.

            If you want a list of environmentalists and concservationists from the 40’s and 50’s, just drive down the 101. Roosevelt, Rockafeller, Ladybird Johnson. John Muir, has some redwoods named after him, if you want to go way back. I swear you must be acting dense on purpose.

  • Billy Casomorphin

    Man destroys the oldest living things on the planet. For money.

    Saddest thing in human history.

    I would rather have had the trees, instead of the 2 in a hundred that were preserved.

    • The sick-o part is, for the last 5 summers i’ve watched the ‘murdered’ , be stacked at break-neck speed, on Hwy 36 between Hydesville and Alton. The huge area has tripled in size during those same five years. They wait for their next parade -down 101 to Scotia, or wherever a mill is whirring.

      That this s t i l l continues today doesn’t say much about us as a ‘caretaker’ just passing thru species – as a ‘stewart’ of the land, does it?

      • I advise you to not use anymore wood products at all. Or anything derived from something that used wood products.

        Because we all know that wood wasn’t made to be used.

        Just as an aside, your stupid fucking iphone isn’t sustainable. Or environmentally friendly.

      • I hauled many loads of the last really big old growth in Humboldt. I was not into the politics, but I couldn’t just drive over them either. One day I was dragging a huge ass OG redwood through Arcata and shortly after was getting flipped off by about every third driver that passed. Got to the deck and walked around the back and spray painted on the log was “Hippys Get A Job”. I just couldn’t predict exactly how I was gonna act the next time I saw that landing man. The decks of logs along 36 are nothing more than baling hay. They are replaced just like the fucking pot growers replace their plants. Over and over and over. They are not OG. Nothing to get yer panties in a bunch over, that’s for sure.

        • Hey, I have spray painted that very phrase on many a log and I’m wondering if you displayed some of my work.

          Thank you for your service by helping wood products reach the marketplace and helping America grow.

          Hippies do need jobs because looking scruffy and being high on drugs is no way to go through life.

    • I assume you’re living in a tent then. But one not made from animal skins. Maybe one made from your own hair.

      • Good point Delta. No i don’t live in a tent -but i don’t rule it out either.

        I don’t know what it will take, the combination thereof, or when, because at this place in space in time, being horrible hosts & hostesses, we should exit (you know, the ones marked “Don’t Breed”)- imhumboldtopinion. wop (without prejudice)

      • take a guess why framing lumber is not made out of redwood. there are 2 correct answers.

        • Quality redwood of yesteryear once logged ain’t gonna come back around again in our lifetime.

          The redwood being logged today is comparable to a greenhouse government high.

          Am i correct?

        • It’s shit wood for construction and it’s no good for it either

          • When I had 6 redwood trees, 3-4 ft diameter, that needed to be cut, I had the wood milled. With that wood, I framed one 24′ x 12′ shed with floor on redwood piers, 1 12x 12 shed and one 8×8 shed. I put in about 100 feet of fencing, a 16′ ft 6 ft high double gate and a 4 ft gate. And a 4x 36 length of double sided fence. And I used the fitches in the sheds as flooring for animals to stand on. The limbs were shredded for mulch.

            20 years on the double fence needs the posts replaced but everything else is doing fine. It may not have the close grain of old wood but it is perfectly fine dimensioned wood for many purposes. Better than other options for outside.

        • Actually, most houses built on the Redwood Coast prior to the seventies, and a huge number of houses all across California during the post-WWII building boom were framed with redwood. That was old growth, though.

          The second- and third-growth, hybridized wonder trees they’re logging now produce a weak, brittle wood that is susceptible to rot and bugs, tends to split and twist, and has no beauty whatsoever.

          I think that’s more than two.

  • Pretty cool! Destruction of natural world to make millionaires out of greedy bankers and investors. Using the workingman to get there. Similar to what’s going down with weed now that “legalization” has opened up “wonderful investment opportunities” for well-financed scumbags. Concentrate the wealth and exploit the people actually doing the labor. That’s ‘Merica, boys!

    • You nailed that part. The world’s richest man, from Paris, played a huge role back then like the family branches do now. I didn’t think there was anything to that until the Shills came out strong against me posting the baloney link from their site, but then I realized if it’s from their site, then it’s for sure phony baloney propaganda.
      But, we can be oh so educated about that rich man from Paris now, whether it matters overall or not.

    • I worked for several millionaires for over 40 years. Yes, they did well, but in exchange for getting up and going to work every day for the man, I fed and clothed myself and my family, paid taxes, educated my child, bought and paid off a nice house, got a nice social security check every month, and he took all the risk. I wish my millionaire boss the best. Long live America!

      • Long live you too, gunther.

      • gunther,

        Your millionaire friends, most likely, came from families whose land was stolen from Americans and handed to them by the government. Or, possibly, from already stolen land whose value was only known to those who had inside information about railroad routes.

        They then sent workingmen (and, perhaps during WWII, workingwomen) out to risk their lives felling the trees and working in the mills, while they lived in luxury. They were too greedy to stop at a quarter of the trees; they were too greedy to stop at half the trees. Together with their millionaire friends in other industries, they resulted in a huge wave of extinction that will damage the lives of many, many generations to come.

        So if you want to say they took the risk on your behalf, feel free, just know it’s a lie. Long live the enlightenment ideals on which America was founded, once the slavery, other exploitation of workers, fraud-based gains, racism, sexism, nationalism, and Trumpism are stripped away.

    • A number of them were not millionaires when they started but became millionaires in the business. Of course those who took the risks to open a market didn’t always succeed. Many did the work, failed for a variety of reasons and millionaires snapped up the leftovers of their work.

      The old saw about hindsight being 20/20 is not correct. Logging the redwoods must have seemed at the start like the tech market does today to many- an unlimited way to get rich. Cut a tree and another dozen are just behind it. Make a device and there are a dozen more to sell just behind it. And about the same percentage of people now see the damage and limitations in tech as people saw the damage and limitations of logging then. For all the posturing, the exact same greed applies. People love what they get from other people’s risks, labor and the environment’s damage as they sit in sanctimonious safety. Now and then- no different for all the carping on the past.

  • So beautiful taking those trees, wonderful to see North California long before hippies started spreading nonsense.

    Imagine a world without the hippie, it built America.

    • this is what this area looked like before hippies. looks like a concentration camp.

      • Nice! Tiny Houses! Those loggers sure were ahead of their time.

      • Looks like FEMA was around back then too! Great pic!

      • Those hippies hate private property and American values, they grow their hair out and build track row housing, with roads, and a place for concerts and dope deals, or the selling of grilled cheese and NO2.

        Actually, allowing that in has wrecked everything.

        Stupid hippies…

        Mark David Chapman tattoos are more popular than ever.

        • The reason the logging industry is a shadow of its former self is overharvesting. Reducing the number of hippies would not bring the old growth back. It would, however, garentee the destruction of extant old growth.

          • Going back in time and using the air force to turn back the plane carrying The Beatles to America would be wonderful.
            History could be rewritten and the hippy deleted from existence before it began.

            The government is working on this which is why The Mandela Effect grows larger each day.

            The rednecks will win this one and soon will come a day where the entire planet exists without ever hearing the word hippy.

            It’s going to be a brave new world…..

      • Sharpen your pencil

        And it would look worse had a fire swept through. Can the hippies stop the fires from destroying more land than developers could imagine?

        • railroad grade north of Fieldbrook road, looking north after the fire. not a natural fire but it burned the entire valley and into Trinidad. you can click on it to zoom.

    • Rather imagine a world without the straight laced short haired right wingers.

  • Great video

  • I guarantee a pot grower never put in a day of work like these men had to do. How have the times have changed.

    • No, pretty much modern human with any sense would balk at the appalling labor conditions that existed in the mid 19th century. You might find people willing to work in those conditions in central Africa or southeast Asia.

  • One of the most embarrassing chapters in human history. The scars won’t be healed even In a thousand years.

  • I saw a 2 log load with “Spotted Owl Mobile Home” painted on the back. Gee, that was funny. And then it rained…

  • https://www.nps.gov/redw/learn/nature/spotted-owl-and-barred-owl.htm

    “However, after nearly two and a half decades of protection under the Endangered Species Act, the spotted owl is not showing signs of recovery and, in fact, its situation has worsened. This is due to the arrival of an unforeseen player on the scene, the barred owl (Strix varia.)”

    Life is never so manageable as humans like to think.

  • Another video that may be of interest to some. A train ride down the Eel River Canyon in 1914.


  • these trees grew all over in places that were once warm but are now cold such as alaska …… so maybe climate change was happening then only cooling….. and now with the warming maybe these trees will grow again in all the places that used to be warm but are still cold once they warm back up

    • That was over 100 million years ago, before flowering plants evolved. It might not work the same way next time.

      • maybe not but who knows what wonderous life could come of it. seems those cheering for change (read alt engery sources) are the most fearful of change.
        The idea that we as mere humans have the power to control the planet and the natural order of things to include life cycles is so very conceded there are no words. The planet will surive with or without us. infact not just the planet but the entire universe is changing. little talked about is the fact that this planet along with every one of the known planets in our solar system is not only moving away from the sun, but is speeding up as it moves further and further away from the sun. And to top it off no one knows why or even how this is happening or where the engery is coming from.

    • Good point, climate is always changing. I wonder who caused the Ice Age?

  • The prehistoric redwoods were Dawn redwoods (Metasequoia glyptostroboides) totally different animal, er, deciduous vegetable…

  • So far this has been a great thread. You know it’s a good thread when you don’t even remember wtf the original post was about, something about big a55 trees I think. I’m sleepy now, to lazy to scroll all the way back up to find out. Actually, I kinda feel like I’m coming off acid or I just watched American Beauty. Or maybe the brain-eating amoebas I got from using canyon creek water in my neti pot are just in an active reproduction stage, I don’t know.

  • The Camel’s Eye Treaty 408 A.D. -excerpt

    Now we continue the sacred knowledge of Our Tree Of Life Kanabosm: There
    isn’t one thing you need or desire here upon Grandmother Earth that cannot be
    made from the “Kanabosm Plant”. In some parts of the earth she can be grown
    to produce up to three crops per year. When the “Kanabosm Plant” is left alone
    she grows into the most beautiful Tree Of Life on Grandmother Earth and
    provides the purest form of natural medicine known to exist for true healing
    and longevity of life for us all. One acre of Kanabosm produces the equivalent
    of four acres of tree used to make paper pulp. It takes at least fifty years for
    these four acres of trees to grow and mature enough to be harvested. It is
    pure insanity to prevent anyone from growing the very plant/tree which causes
    our salvation.

  • I wonder why the weather is warming up every year i mean i would not think all this wood harvesting sould have any thing to do with it. Save the forests my ass them politics took every dam thing they could before people started going brock is when people started bitching about trees thank god for the green rush now that that allmost over what is are God going to do know what ever it is i hope be makes it fast

  • “All of the worlds history since Christ was born could occur in the life of a single redwood. Insects and fungi don’t hurt it, and it actually resists fire.”…Then people came along and destroyed them in less than a century! 😒

  • Elric of Melniboné

    Destructive little bastards, those humins.

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