Vehicle Vs Bicyclist in Fortuna

Vehicle vs Bicyclist feature iconAt approximately 2:46 p.m., a vehicle struck a bicyclist near the intersection of Rohnerville Road and Kenmar Road in Fortuna. Police are in the area.

The patient has a laceration to his head and is being taken by ambulance to the hospital. He was not wearing a helmet, according to a report over the scanner.

The road was temporarily closed but is now open.



  • Whoever got hit: get a lawyer and go for it! You could get a lot of $ if you play your cards right. That’s what insurance is for!

    • Yes and no. I was rear ended at a red light 2 years ago… luckily he has 100k policy payout, it goes a little something like this. Attorney gets 33%off the top doctors and medical bills and liens get paid off and we the victims get the crumbs that are left. If he only had 25/50 the medical bills would have eaten that alone. Insurance is a huge scam.
      * different cases may be different

      • Yep. Ten years after getting run over and spending a few weeks in the ICU, my husband ended up with $1,300 as his share of the settlement.

    • Unfortunately, there’s no law requiring cyclists to have insurance. And if there was, they’d probably ignore it just like they ignore every single other road-related rule.

  • Don’t automatically assume the driver was at fault. Bicyclists are to follow the rules of the road also. Time after time see bicyclists run stop signs.

  • Things that make you go hmm

    If he was dumb enough to not be wearing a helmet, then chances are….

  • Was the driver who struck the bicyclist wearing his/her seatbelt?

  • If the bicycle was of a suitable size for the rider, it was likely an accident or the motorists fault.

    If the bicycle was a very small bmx style bicycle being ridden on the road, it was likely the fault of the cyclist.

    true story.

  • Hope this cyclist is going to be OK.

  • Tweeker riding stolen kids bike. End of story.

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