[UPDATE 7:33 p.m.: Fatality] 101 Closed South of Crescent City After Accident

Traffic Accident DayA vehicle and a motorhome collided on Hwy 101 about 2:30 p.m.. according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page. Both northbound and southbound traffic is completely blocked about mile marker 18.99 in Del Norte County.

There were injuries and an ambulance responded to the scene.

UPDATE 4:54 p.m.: The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page reports this was a fatal accident. One way traffic control is in effect.
UPDATE 7:33 p.m.: The roadway is now fully open, according to the CHP.

UPDATE 11:16 a.m. MondayOne Dead in Crash Near Crescent City



  • Seems pretty near where a single car went down the embankment yesterday afternoon.

  • Until you started this service, I had no idea how many fatal accidents there are on 101. Crescent City has its tight spots, but the two-lane around Laytonville, OMG who knew. Thanks for giving me a better picture of what’s around me.

  • It`s been my observation that many motorhomes are driven by people who are in no way qualified to drive them. These things are really trucks. I`ve driven enough trucks of all types including log trucks to know a much higher level of skill is required for larger and heavier vehicles. Sadly, many motorhome drivers appear to have a skill level that would be marginal for a Toyota Corolla in dry, daylight conditions.

  • Believes in the right of privacy

    It hasn’t been determined what driver was at fault. Don’t condemn the RV driver before it’s proven.

  • It looked like the little car crossed over from northbound lane and hit the motor home head on and spun hitting the motor home drivers side before coming to rest between north and southbound lanes. It was ugly.
    Condolences to family of deceased.

  • Terrible,
    the road can get so slick so fast.

    Condolences to all.

  • I am a full time rv’er on the move. I toatally agree with you.
    Many discussions about this on the rv sites.
    We think there ought to be a special license.
    I believe over a certain weight there is.
    But many truck drivers now days are terrible drivers.
    Just sad this had to happen.

  • First off..it gets really old seeing people argue as to who was at fault and how this person shouldn’t be driving or doing this or that. ( the above debate about motorhomes.) Someone lost their life tonight. Someone’s loved one….show some compassion!! What if was your loved one that people were pushing fault on making speculations about? We live in a crazy sad world and don’t need to make it worse. If more people showed a little more empathy and compassion….the world might just be a little better. Now, that being said..I was coming back from Eureka and passed the aftermath of the accident. It was horrible! There was so much standing water all the way home. It was raining so hard that the windshield wipers on high were not enough at some points. I had loved one’s traveling home and the first thing I did was make sure that they were all accounted for and ok.

  • I was the third person on scene before emergency services were even called. There was a women we were performing cpr on that still had a pulse despite the front passenger without one, who was pronounced dead on scene. I would really like to know if the young lady pulled through. If anyone knows please let me know it’s killing me.

    • My family and I were also one of the first families at the scene helping and trying our best to assist. There is still no updates on the younger lady they were assisting we are still very concerned and send our prayers to both families. 🙏

    • no, she has passed away as well

  • I was I’m the vehicle behind the RV. It happen so quick, I can’t tell you who’s at fault. I was the first one to approach the car and give help. I can’t tell you who was at fault. Have some Sympathy for the family in the car. As for the driver of the RV, he was devastated. I believe it was nobody’s fault the ring was just way too heavy. May all the people involved in this accident get through this incident. I’m sure they are all devastated and traumatized. I know I can’t cope with what I see when I approached the vehicle. Please restrain from posting negative comments about the families in the RV or the vehicle.

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