Three New Dumpster Fires

Humboldt Bay Fire Department HBF EurekaPress release from Humboldt Bay Fire:

On 12/8/18 at 4:11 A.M. three fire engines, a ladder truck and a chief officer from Humboldt Bay Fire were dispatched to a reported structure fire in the alley at 5th and H Streets. The first unit arrived on scene to find two trash bins on fire which were spreading to nearby shrubbery and exposing overhead power lines to fire. The unit on scene extinguished the fire within five minutes, limiting the damage to the trash bins and landscaping.

During the structure fire response, a call was received about another dumpster fire in the alley at 3rd and H Streets. One of the other responding units was diverted to handle that incident. An occupant of one of the buildings had controlled the fire with a garden hose as that fire unit arrived on scene.

A third fire was found by fire personnel in the alley at 3rd and E Street. That was extinguished by fire personnel. The Eureka Police Department was requested to assist with canvassing the area for additional fires or persons who may have information regarding the fires.

Humboldt Bay Fire wants to remind everyone to use caution if they choose to fight a dumpster fire. The smoke from a burning dumpster is filled with many unknown chemicals from trash that are hazardous to one’s health. Many times there are aerosol cans that will rupture in dumpster fires and can cause injury to someone close to the dumpster.

Humboldt Bay Fire is investigating the dumpster fires this morning as arson fires. Any information related to these fires is helpful. Please contact Humboldt Bay Fire at (707) 441-4000.



  • Sooner or later, this obsessed person is going to start a fire that kills someone. It’s more serious than the fire department being harassed unnecessarily. All these incidents and no surveillance footage of the criminal?

  • Seems like catching this arsonist would be relatively easy. Old Town isn’t a very big area.

    • I think he or she is using an old time delay technique or one of some kind to be able to drop it walk away and watch it start from a distance. I’m sure arson investigators have been investigating the crowds that form. If smart take picture’s compare and see who keeps on showing up.

  • “The Eureka Police Department was requested to assist -” That’s like asking a teenager to take out the trash. EPD is clueless. They do not enforce laws on the books. The new law about trespassing in Eureka will go into effect Jan 5th. Will they enforce it? No they won’t. Just like they don’t enforce the recent law about riding bikes on the sidewalk. They don’t cite stop sign runners. Etc etc

    Crazy homeless freaks wander the street at night, howling in the rain, etc. One guy chants Indian songs as he walks through downtown. Nothing is done about these street denizens. No surprise one of them – or their ilk – is an arsonist. Yes, someone could die. Thanks for nothing fine liberal citizens and “community relations officers.”

  • How about some cameras for some video footage.

    Good job 1st responders.

  • Kym, I heard the guy they caught lighting the fires in Gasquette and on ? 299? was let loose almost right away . Is that true? Do you have any idea what the bail was?

    I don’t think the laws take arson seriously enough… Yeah, it’s “just” a dumpster fire, but where will this one be this summer?

    • 299 was determined to be dragging chains. as far as old town goes, I would assume its not the same person each time. anything plastic seems to be the target.

      • You think it’s a different person or group of people doing it?

        • there are a large number of mentally ill self medicating street people that migrate up and down 3rd. they hang out in the brick alcoves. last year it was the NCJ vending things that got toasted. they light flammable things that are easily ignitable on fire. these people literally live on this street. no one is targeting one of these plastic trash cans with nothing around it on purpose. they are just walking by it in route and high on drugs.

  • Most likely this miscreant is using as a time delay a cigarette and a book of paper matches. This gives a delay of 15 to 20 minutes. If they`re desiring certainty of ignition, they most likely use 2 or 3 devices simultaneously.

    Kids, please don`t try this at home. This is for informational purposes only. However, if you do try it at home, please try it on the burn pile or the fire in your stove. Don`t try it on a dumpster or someone`s car.

  • Simply Wonderful!

    Why don’t they lock the dumpsters at night?

    • Plainer than the nose on our face, huh?

      • they have plastic lids. so far, everything torched in old town over the past 3 years has been plastic. its seems no one is remembering anything that happened in the past. this is nothing new, there just more of them.

        • Plastic lids – bummer, and for 3 years . . . good grief.

          This calls for using the word Ordinance in the correct manner.

          The dumpsters behind Safeway in Fortuna are all metal – most of them locked both day and night.

          I don’t really know about the night time.

          • the City of Eureka’s trash cans and recycling cans that were set on fire last week are plastic. an ordinance is the dumbest solution one could present for anything. its like trying to solve the drug problem by going after the supply without dealing with the demand. narrow minds produce failure.

  • I wonder what happened to the guy that lit our dumpster on fire a couple times in Redway. There were also a couple other suspicious fires in the immediate area. One of them could easily have started a building on fire since it was lit under a wooden deck.

    He was hearing voices and really out there. I think his first name was Dylan but we called him Batman because the first time we had any dealings with him he was outside our shop door yelling at us to stop sending vibrations into his head and he was wearing a Batman costume. In mid summer…

    We figured he was now either in jail for arson, dead, or had moved away as we haven’t seen him in a couple years or so.

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