Suboxone Program at Redwoods Rural Health Clinic

Redwoods Rural Health Center has begun a Suboxone Program to help local residents avoid the worst aspects of an opioid addiction.



  • There’s alot of people that need this. Thanks for the info.

  • I just got in this program two week ago its not that bad you see a dr. Tell him whats up then they want you to not use any thing else which is all good then you go to a group evey week till you prove yourself because every time you go to group ypu give them a piss test the better you do with no dirty teat the longer it is between group if you do good and dont f–k up they only make you come in evry three months for group and test and one more thing tou have to see a counselor one a year if you realy want to quit chasing drugs and try something different to help its the place to go its kind of like going to NA and afterwards they right you a perception

  • The doctors themselves should go thru educational therapy. They push these addictive drugs like candy. TRUE STORY: I had a fairly routine- tho open abdominal- hernia repair, and I was prescribed two (2) 40 tablet bottles of oxycodone! I threw up the two that they had administered post op, and just soldiered on with ice and ibuprofen for the remainder of my recovery , which was uneventful. Avoid those as much as you can people! Research it. They fix your head, not the pain. Instead of believing an opiod pill will fix it try to reduce inflammation thru diet (no meat, dairy sugar,gluten or fried foods) and lean on icing the affected areas and liberal use of NSAIDS, (to get it under control, less to maintain) and get active ASAP ! That is the escape route from acute or chronic pain.

  • When I was 17 I was working in a pear shed. A man caught his arm in a conveyor belt and a woman screamed because he didn’t and they stopped the belt and it had pulled the flesh from his arm and he didn’t let out a peep. As he passed me as they were leading him out to take him to a doctor he was smiling. I knew I had to talk to this man and find out why he didn’t come unglued when it happened.
    Need to tell you at this point they took him to a catholic doctor and two other doctors showed up to assess the damage. He was sitting up in a chair with his arm on the table and the other two doctors were stating that he should be taken to a hospital to have his arm removed. Being that the doctor was catholic he believed that he was suppose to do everything he possible could to save the arm. The man was wide awake and didn’t want a pain killer. The doctor was able to save his arm with just the loss of two fingers.
    Two days later he was back at work. I waited until lunch time to talk to him about his ordeal. He said he had not been in any pain because he put his mind over it and the flow of the blood. He was from India and had been taught from an early age to use his mind so he was able to do what he had to do when this happened.
    I always wondered why this country didn’t look into the mind and what we could learn from it.
    This all happened down in the Delta so there was no hospital anywhere near but apparently he didn’t need one. He said everyone should learn to exercise their brains as well as their bodies.

  • The suboxone program also works for people with chronic debilitating pain. I had multiple major surgeries, including low back and neck fusions. While the surgeries fixed the problems they left me with alot of pain. The doctors put me on Norco first, and when I hit max amount they added on methodone. I was on this regimen for a couple of years, and then it wasn’t working anymore. About that time I had switched doctocs, my new dr. office ran the suboxone prg and they got me involved with it. They were just starting with a new group of chronic pain subjects as they discovered that suboxone worked for them too. Note: I have never used heroin, but I did become an opioid addict with the help of my drs. So if you are in a similar situation, ask your doctor about getting into this program. It works!!

  • I had a compound fracture of my rt humerus set without any anaesthetic or pain medication of any kind. It wasn`t that bad and when they have you tied down there`s not much you can do anyway.

    Humans are such a bunch of pansies now.

  • For some dumb reason its easy for doctors to hand out pain pills but to provide the medications that help people get off those drugs they need to apply for special permissions from the feds. Much appreciation for the doctors and patients and families who are doing the hard work of recovery

    • It’s not strange. It’s two sides of the same coin. Is there not a chance that people get addicted to these too, if they are offered freely? Just as doctors do not bear all the responsibility when their patients demand unreasonble amounts of drugs.

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