Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office Purchases New BearCat

BearCatPress release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office:

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce the addition of a new Lenco BearCat (Ballistic Engineered Armored Response vehicle) to our fleet of resources that serve the residents of Humboldt County.

The BearCat is an all-terrain armored response vehicle that can be utilized in a variety of life-safety situations, including active assailant incidents, hostage situations, armed or violent suspect apprehension, and search and rescues. As a ballistic resistant resource, the BearCat allows Sheriff’s deputies to enter dangerous situations and more effectively bring about peaceful conclusions. The vehicle allows deputies to de-escalate situations that could otherwise end up in one or more fatalities. Additionally, the BearCat’s ballistic resistance allows deputies to rescue victims or hostages during an ongoing, violent incident, saving more lives and enabling faster care for the injured.

In August of 2016, Sheriff’s deputies investigating an active shooter incident at a McKinleyville apartment complex utilized a Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office BearCat to conduct nearly 17 hours of negotiations with the shooter. Additionally, deputies used the BearCat to safely evacuate 10 to 12 residents who had been ordered to shelter in place during the incident, as multiple apartments were hit with gunfire. The BearCat was essential to deputy and civilian safety, allowing deputies to utilize all resources possible to de-escalate the situation prior to using lethal tactics. Though struck several times by the gunman, the BearCat kept all public safety officers safe during the incident.

“The BearCat is just another tool the Sheriff’s Office needs to keep the peace in a world that has become increasingly unpredictable,” Sheriff William Honsal said. “This essential piece of life saving equipment will greatly enhance our ability to rapidly react to a volatile life safety incident that could occur anywhere in the county or North state.”

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office BearCat vehicle was funded by the Department of Homeland Security and Measure Z.BearCat

Bobby Kroeker, in the BearCat.

Our reporter, Bobby Kroeker, in the BearCat.



  • Disgusting supervisors

    You morons voted in measure o . now they get to spend it wastefully,and frivolously on shit we dont need.welcome to the police state of humboldt!!!! Wont be long this thing will be rollin down driveways for made up code violations!!!! The sword of extortion. This must have been approved by our board of dictators

  • ” rescue victims or hostages during an ongoing, violent incident, saving more lives and enabling faster care for the injured.”

    oh hell no. they use these toys to run over hippies!

  • Save time traveling it to the crime scene, leave it parked out Highway 36.

  • “This essential piece of life saving equipment will greatly enhance our ability to rapidly react to a volatile life safety incident that could occur anywhere in the county or North state.”

    Nope. Now they have riot gear in search of a riot, while most of our crime is drug and mental health related. And there are very few services available locally for drug addiction and mental health treatment.

    Unless this is a mobile counseling van, it’s a few hundred thousand dollars that could have been better spent on other things. The people of Humboldt are not enemy combatants.

    • that is a piece of bad ass military equipment disguised as a community service van.

    • “Now they have riot gear in search of a riot,” – you crack me up Guest. And it would be truly funny, if the purchase of a Bearcat wasn’t so demented.

      Time to issue a Notice to our SlaveMasters:

      Demilitarize – (1883) to prohibit (as a zone or frontier area) from being used for military purposes.

      I’m guessing it’ll set parked somewhere and seldom started up – like the two big white SHERIFF slash CORONER trucks set idle in the mental-help and building dept. parking lot.

    • *More Tax Mony Wasted*

      The Department of Health & Human Services and Danco construction company are partnered to build facilities in Eureka and Rio Dell for the homeless with mental health issues, drug addictions, and some homeless vets, they say. The 26 individual unit locked and fenced facility that Danco is dropping in on a two acre parcel in the middle of Rio Dell, will be next to a residential area of senior housing, low income family housing, and private homes. Not a good match up in my opinion, as I have personally seen the problems that arise from this set up.

      The Rio Dell project will be a $8,000,000 project just to build, not to mention what it will cost to run. These 26 units ( Rigby st.) will house approximately only three dozen people! I can only imagine what the 50 unit housing project in Eureka (4th & C st.) will be costing. As the funding monies have dried up and all been spent on senior and family housing, the last place these big developers can tap are the mental health facilities.

      I have nothing against people with mental health problems, as most of us have a family member that may have these type of problems. I disagree with how these facilities are run and also when they are located in residential housing areas. Especially when they are built where there are no local services for these people. More of your tax dollars spent, where you have no input on how and what the money is spent on!

      Mental Health is big business. Follow the MILLIONS of dollars spent and see what happens! There is some information about these projects online. Check it out.

  • Counseling is for WIMPS. Armored vehicles are MAXIMUM ENFORCEMENT. Get those hillbillies in LINE. Militarized police predicted by movie Robocop in 1987.

  • Outrageously flippant use of funds.

    • Toys for the boys!!!

      So Kim how much did it cost? No one seems to know. Is it more than $100,000 dollars? Or does the Sheriff NOT want to say. And who gets to OK the purchase the vehicle. Is there oversite to purchases like this? Why wasn’t the price made public? What’s that smell. OH!! Someone just flushed the Sheriff’s money toilet.

  • Elric of Melniboné

    Ten gallons to the mile.

    • It’s 7mpg, the truck is 45k pounds. get it to 50mph and it’s 6mpg.

      • hrmm and all the idle time …. i bet at 20 gallons of oil 15/40 plus filters it is around 500 per oil change. now lets remember that every hour of idle time is equal to 70 miles of drive time while figuring out service interviles in order to maintain to oe specs for warrenty . if that thing is even still under warrenty that is. lets also figure out shipping on parts for the beast since napa doesnt stock nore can they readly get most parts required for such a hunk of junk. nope you need nine digit national stock numbers to be ordered from who ever won the parts contract at a federal supply level and since active military rigs get priorty for shipping one could have parts back ordwred for years. and that is even if there were enough made under contract.

        • I believe it’s based on a Ford f550 chassis so most parts should be readily available, drive train wise at least. However I bet if it’s ever really needed it probably won’t be operable, just like the 4×4 sheriff vehicle in so hum, when there was a home invasion a year or so ago they couldn’t respond because they didn’t have 4×4, and said the one at the sub station had a dead battery.

          • Did you even do actual math or research? First of all it’s 10/30 oil and 5 gal. About $200 for an oil change and that’s on the high side.

            • none of fords diesel engines use 10/30 oil for heavy duty apps. it requires 15/40 by app. do you even know how to read a lube chart or understand just what the differances are and why they are required ? because as a mechanic for over 20 years plus 10 years active duty i believe i am pretty familiar with such things

          • based upon is not a f550. plus lets be real here ford hasnt had a reliable diesel engine since it used the vt44 or in fords terms the 7.3

      • Elric of Melniboné

        Thanks for that.

  • the 17 hours of hot air ended with the use of a flash boom by SWAT personnel. the guy was mentally ill. the money would be better spent focusing on the real problem in Humboldt, this piece of equipment has no purpose here.

  • Cool Military Combat Vehicle for the new streets of Iraq…Eureka! The politicians need to feel protected from the people after they implement their bad policies!

  • only 40 US Cities have one. are we a city? do the tweakers use IEDs?

  • Does it have a built in chipper?

  • I wonder what it costed us.$$$$$$$$ maybe?
    seriously, what does one of those cost?

    • General Turgidson

      The military dumps this equipment on civilian police department for pennies on the taxpayer’s dollar. Then the military gets to spend more taxpayer money buying new equipment. Its a natural expansion of the industrial military complex. Gotta protect us from dem terists.

      They didn’t learn shit from the Ferguson MO riots. Hit the streets with a huge show of force and the people will burn down the town.

    • Billy says in the video $298,000, and that it is is designed to stop bullets, and can be used to serve search warrants. Meas. Z and Homeland Security bribe, err grant.

      • Honsal the Terminator!!!

        Has the Sheriff’s Office announced when the Iraqi like war will begin? Who is targeting the Sheriff and the community. And what kind of weapons will the Sheriff’s enemies be using. Oh, I know. The National Guard. They are the only ones who have serious weapons to match this tank.

  • Besides high operating cost. What are the yearly maintenence costs? Are spare parts readily available? Need military training to work on it?

    • They’re not tanks, the military dumping them for a reason. Just like any vehicle it has its weak points and can be easily disabled.

  • Thanks to all the pot growing children of hippies goin “legal” for helping further the problems in our world.

  • Measure o money down the drain on a stupid toy for a bunch of cops who wish they were in the army. Statistically construction workers are way more likely to die than cops.

  • Didn’t they get an mrap A few years ago?

    • That was epd and they gave it back, if they got this one for free or really cheap, cool, if we had to pay for it then WTF! There’s no way to justify spending the money on that thing here, Chicago maybe. .

  • I support the sheriff and his deputies, that they are safe to do their jobs, but this vehicle was not what measure o was for.

    Measure o was meant to help: maintain rural ambulance services and service victims of child abuse, maintain fire protection services and provide mental health services for children and to continue 911 emergency response times and repair of deteriorating roads.

    Can the vehicle be returned, and the money be spent on roads and ambulances?

    • It says measure z but who knows

    • Well if anybody bothered to read the expenditures for measure Z they would have seen thats not where the money was going. The majority of its going to pet projects for the cities around the area. The bulk of the rest goes to the sheriff department. Less then $40,000 got used on emergency services and just over $1.3 million was given to the fire department. Out of the what the 11 million + it generated?

      • Pet projects – like replacing the light bulbs in Ferndale Elementary schools with mercury lighting? Approved by, my fave, the Redwood Coast Energy AUthority.

        Or two ‘guards’ policing the Arcata elementary school?

        Or, Maggie’s extra 7 District A Deputies?

        The cost of Public Theater must be horrific. Times Standard. The North Coast Journal. The Humboldt Independent. Dancing Deputy video, the video of the “growdozer” re: Guest, Friday’s video of Billy and his armored 7 mpg., always plugged in to keep the battery up, paid for by the labor off of our backs, military tank.

        Z theft transforms a minimum of a million-a-month mostly into “whatever” doesn’t add value to society. Butterfly(s) to cocoon(s).

  • How many patrol deputies jobs did that hunk cost???

  • It never ceases to amaze me but it’s basically boys with their toys. I mean really folks, aren’t the boys in blue and tan able to make a goal for themselves, the purchase of this military tool for citizens, and then when they get to use it, it’s play time with hard snacks of adrenalin, along with several former citizens disposed of, amongst much jubilation and awe considering their toys, worked so well to get them in a point blank arena so they couldn’t Miss the shot that saved our communities. Don’t any of you know how safe they are now that they are ensconsed in the embrace of a truly militarized gadjet such as that? Well shoot I’m so proud that my cominity got to vote on this purchase in the name of safety. And since my tax dollars paid for it and them I think we shuld all get do a ride along so we too can feel that warm fuzzy all enccompasing safety that it will give us. Any one else want s ride.???

  • Could have hired an officer for the dept.

    • I could be wrong, but wasn’t that the narrative the fluff articles narrated? Needing more man power to man the posts to save innocents from psycho druggies on every corner. The community yelled ‘hell ya, book em Dano!”.
      Enjoy the fluff idiots. (not you, per say, but the general masses that voted with their emotions instead of with their heads).

  • Have they even needed or used the first one yet?

  • Apparently they used it once but I think County government is starting to get a little paranoid after the way the screwed over it’s citizens.
    Deploy the assets to the Board of Supervisors and or Planning Department!

    • it looks like they are going to pull a Wisconsin on McKinleyville. I am having a hard time picturing a car dealership at Steve’s Septic east of Central on Murray Rd. I thought Mck had enough on Central, but “car dealership” might be code word for good ol boy extraction lab.

    • ‘Deploy’. Like the ‘Recruitment’ sign on the wall by the door to the Personnel Office that has jobs listed with “The County” – the infant-ry. Military jargon.

  • Elric of Melniboné

    They’re giving them away, if that tells you anything.

    • Well in that case I’ll take 7, I need them to drink and drive, if I get pulled over I’ll just lock the door till I’m sober! You keep a knocking but you can’t come in- cheech Martin

    • I’ll check it out on Graigslist.
      We should all get one as safe room in case of home invasion.
      The perfect bug out vehicle for the apocalypse.

  • I Believe this is a case for good vs bad. 1 LEA good; keeping society in line; and offering assistance in emergency; 11 LEA BAD turn MILITANT towards public. 111 Pot Farming good, small farm helping family and community ; 1V Big International pot farms BAD! Turning on public; violent crime, mafia, deaths!! I care, but I don’t care.

  • WTH! Is Humboldt county at war with somebody? Total waste of resources.

    • The County of Humboldt (fiction), appears to be preparing for combat against Humboldt County (fact), you and me and us and we.

      “No permit” – bomb them! “You doonkoffs didn’t get a permit, you are Not in compliance with our rules, and therefore, are a criminal .. . (wait for it) . . . for planting and growing Mother Nature”.

      Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in
      which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

  • What are they preparing for… the Zombie apocalypse? Or ‘Do you have a permit patrol?’… Or.. ‘ We promise we won’t hurt you lil hippie.. it’s just a ‘Bearcat’ that wants to drive over you today…’ Brought to you by the county of.. ‘Give us all your $ so we can spend it on war toys..’ SoldoutBoldt

  • “The County” does not have a life of its own. It functions on Delegated Powers with respect to us, and it is quickly losing those Delegated Powers as a result of its own mismanagement.

    The situation is not hard to understand. You hire someone to mow your lawn, but “whatever” happens and he can’t do it. Is this the end of the world for you? Hardly. You have to find someone else to mow the lawn or do it yourself.

    The County naturally thinks they are going to just keep skating, re-assume the service contract and do whatever they like to their employers.

    Decline their “services” as we are not well-served by them. They continue to steal our personal property, and via theft, labeled taxes, we’re paying for our own demise. Call for an immediate and permanent liquidation of their parent corporations and all their municipal subsidiaries as criminal organizations and criminal-linked organizations.

    The source of all this misappropriated money at the local and State of State level is an even bigger “Kickback Program” hosted by the Federal Government. Don’t miss the forest for the trees.

  • hrmmm all rifle rounds huh ? lol lol lol. line up on that nice turn signal light on the mirror with a hollow point russian hunting round 7.62×39 and i bet it will be like a hot knife through butter. seen those rounds punch holesin 2 and 3 inch steel plate

    • Better figure out your “Russian hunting round” a little better. Armor piercing is the only round that might take on 3 inch thick steel plate and I doubt you will find 7.62×39 AP that will touch 2 or 3 ” armor, or 7.62×54 for that matter. Check your facts. A hollow point is intended to flatten on contact. Not much good against armor.

      • It depends on the type of Steel thats used in the armor. A lot of Russian ammo actually has steel cores. Well after a little reading, it doesn’t look like that would be a viable option lol

        In 2010 in Athens, Texas an armed offender fired more than 35 rounds from a semi-automatic AK-74 rifle at tactical police. Not one round penetrated the Bearcat.

        • I have been reading and Can’t Resist a Comment!! Old fools,,,, 303 British Enfield with steel FMJ WOULD do any task…The Citizen knows how to defend itslelf! Look up the term “Citizen” It is what defines us from “subject”

      • well have you checked the old russian surplus sold as hollow point hunting rounds ? they came in those old tin cans packed in grease ?those happen to be the ones i have been refering to and useing since the 90s when i bought mine by the 1200 rnd case for 120 each . bought all i could get my hands on .

  • At last everyone agrees on something 🙂 Total fucking waste of money 🙁

  • This is a great tool for driving marijuana growers out of the area.
    It can be driven through unpermitted shacks while firing the machine gun and dropping tear gas into grow scenes.

    This is a major step in the right direction, just hope it is used daily to fight the war on drugs.

  • Well, with the above mpg stated, does it have to be on a flatbed, or towed somehow to the “Event”?

  • Looks like they’re spending some of this summers confiscated dough!

  • They could have bought 4 (N, S, E & W) new Jeep Gladiator pickups and outfitted them with emergency gear in the out reaches of the county. Fire fighting tools, tow chains, super long ropes to reach down cliffs, repelling gear, first aide, portable generators, tents, …
    To be helpful until the helpful first responders arrive to help.

  • Don’t worry this thing won’t work half the time;>) apparently it does run off A power stroke diesel engine LOL. Depending on the model they got. I’m hoping for their sakes it’s the LE Medevac model and not the SWAT or riot control model.

    • It looks pretty fun to drive and I like the breaching bumper it can be upgraded to.

      It really should be used every single day to pay for itself.

      The machine can shakedown every last dime from dope growers, and bring in lots of cash for the sheriff department.

      I’d like to see several driving around disrupting the lives of dopers.

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Theyve declared armed robbery on the citizen’s of humboldt County and got them a new intimidation tool.!!! But what they fail to see or realize is the end game or result of there actions will mean for our beloved home.its gonna be sad too see in a couple of years the results of a few greedy,treasonous,theiving politicians have had on our communitys/citizen’s. This rip off trash needs to be replaced before its too late!!!!!

  • Uber transport to AP

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