Supervisor Virginia Bass Elected President of Statewide Association

virginia bass

4th District Supervisor Virginia Bass

This is a press release from the California State Association of Counties:

SACRAMENTO –The California State Association of Counties® (CSAC), the statewide organization representing all 58 counties, elected Humboldt County Supervisor Virginia Bass to serve as its President for the next year. She was officially installed Thursday night at the CSAC Annual Meeting in San Diego County.

“California’s counties are as diverse as the many programs and services they provide,” said Supervisor Bass. “I am so grateful for the role that CSAC plays not only in advocacy, but in bringing counties together to share expertise that better enables us to serve our communities. I look forward to an exciting and productive year working on behalf of all of California’s counties.”

“Supervisor Bass has an extensive record of service with CSAC — having served on our Board of Directors, and most recently as Second and First Vice President,” said CSAC Executive Director Graham Knaus. “I am grateful for her wealth of experience and commitment to county governance as we begin a new year with new challenges. As we move forward in representing California’s 58 counties in Sacramento and Washington D.C., Supervisor Bass’s insight, experience and ability to reach out and connect all counties will play an integral role in CSAC accomplishing our priorities.”

Orange County Supervisor Lisa Bartlett was elected to serve as First Vice President and Supervisor James Gore of Sonoma County was elected as Second Vice President. Kern County Supervisor Leticia Perez becomes CSAC’s Immediate Past President.

The California State Association of Counties is the voice of California’s 58 counties at the state and federal level.



  • Disgusting supervisors

    Hey Virginia bass can we get a response to the official recall for the shamed and hated theif supervisor from southern went to the election board and has been approved?????? Congratulations state of California / Sacramento loves a good extortionast of the people !!!! The bigger the theif the higher you rank !!!!! Next they’ll be rolling out the red carpet for humboldts supervisors at the franchise tax boars annual circle jerk!!!!!!!

  • The California State Association of Counties®

    With Estelle as cannabis queen and 20-some year poly (many) tick (blood sucker) Virginia Bass as Prez. of a Registered trademark fiction, how can we lose?

    Men, like the fruit he eats, has his period of ripeness. Like that too, if he continues longer hanging to the stem, it is but a useless and unsightly appendage. Thomas Jefferson

    Experience hath shewn, that even the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny. Thomas Jefferson

  • wonderful, gooOOOO SQUEEKY !

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Central humboldt stay down brother,or sista!!! Another intelligent patriot with his eyes open. !!!!!!!!

  • CH…I am far more concerned with the perversion of tyranny in the white house than any local pols.

    • Dave Kirby,
      You appear to be stuck in the 20th century’s pyramid ‘top down’ belief.

      Act locally – ring a bell?

      Change begins at the grass roots – ring a bell?

      Perversion of tyranny is like saying wet water.


  • Disgusting supervisors

    Its perversion,corruption,and treasonous from the bottom all the way ☝ up

  • The damage that can be done by a local supervisor is minuscule compared to what this jack ass in chief is capable of. If you are a trumpkin you’ve got a lot of nerve challenging anyones intellect.

  • The 100 year black out ended in 2014. The meek are waking , yawning and rising. …..

    The whole scam is obvious to over 60 % of the furious hard working proletariat class. Its not funny any more and the day of reckoning is here. The debt is illusion as usury is forbidden. Modern Money Mechanics explains the scam. A lot of pseudo industries are thriving because of this fraud but the working poor are not working so much any more and are wondering why? They now know why.

    Old ways of public servants morphing to private members must stop. No more doing politics in a “pragmatic way ” as opposed to a “constitutional way “.

    The awakened are in excess of 60 %….very awake. Very furious.

    The day will come when the prosecution will start and it may not be and probably will not be the Templar current crowd of compliant BAR members who will be doing the prosecuting….that whole echelon of evil is in serious trouble.

    Trump is gold, not orange. Time for the seventh Trump-et to blow. Watch out when that happens. Do chartered accountants know the law ? How about a lonely MAYTAG repair man ? Bad management apparently.

  • “California State Association of Counties
    The California State Association of Counties is a lobbying, advocacy and service organization representing the state’s 58 counties at the state and federal level. Areas of focus include the state budget, health-care reform, corrections reform, transportation funding, water and climate change.” -Wikipedia

    Where dictators unite and plot? Where dictators receive their instruction manuals from their dictators?
    I’m sorry, but I see nothing good about a bunch of lobbyists officially gathering to plot out the fate of the people.
    Just one more thing to put onto the list of crap things to learn more about.

    • I think they trade Bonds at their annual holidaze gathering.

      Ironic, the public servants must record their Oath and Bond into the public record before commencing office –
      none to be found in The County records – we are the bonded ones, and they’re not.

      Hard to get a Bond for public office when you’re in fraud up to your eyeballs.

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Its time for some younger people ideals in this county!!!! The old shriveled politician thing has played itself out. The older crowd of supervisors have become to complacent of there pushy theiving ways,theyve gotten comfortable taking there kick backs from would be farms,they dont batt an eye when they lie claiming its all for the fish and environment. When they steal millions from the very people that hired them to work for them. Lets see a fresh batch of faces in the next ellection !!!!!! These ones are becoming too hideous and despicable to evan look apon any more

    • I know right. I’ve never seen young people plotting to feed their greed.
      They’re really good at demanding free stuff too.

  • When Mueller and the New York AG get done with Trump will all you patriots join us in chanting “Lock him up”.

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