Cannabis Extraction Lab Out but Future Heavy Industrial Use Okayed at Mercer Fraser’s Trinity River Property

Humboldt County Board of Supervisors.

Humboldt County Board of Supervisors yesterday.

In a packed and passionate Humboldt County Board of Supervisors meeting yesterday, Mercer-Fraser, a local construction company, withdrew their request to build a cannabis oil extraction facility on property they own near the Trinity River. However, they kept the request for rezoning to the “heavy industrial” category which the Board of Supervisors then approved.

A number of community members including a large contingent of Hupa and Yurok people had attended the meeting and spoke fervently against the rezoning.

Hoopa Tribe Councilwoman Vivienna Orcutt articulated the sentiment for many in her community in a letter she sent to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors prior to the meeting. In part, she said,

Heavy industry simply does not belong on floodplains or across the street from our children’s elementary school, no matter how safe a developer promises to be. The Supervisors should not approve a change in zoning to allow cannabis extraction manufacturing and other heavy industry.

In addition, multiple commenters complained that the Supervisors, especially Ryan Sundberg, hadn’t come to the northeastern Humboldt County area to talk to the community about their concerns with the proposed facility.

In the end, the passionate opposition led to Mercer-Fraser’s surprise move of pulling the cannabis extraction lab portion of the request off the table. This seemed to garner goodwill among many in attendance. The crowd applauded after Mark Benzinger from the construction company stepped up to the podium and withdrew the cannabis extraction lab proposal. (See video below.)

There were some grumbles after the heavy industrial portion of the rezoning requests was passed by the Board but for the most part the crowd seemed content.

In the end though, the rezoning approved by the Board allows for future uses of the parcel to include many that would seem to have the same downsides that commenters had seemed concerned about previously.

Councilwoman Orcutt’s letter for instance specifically noted, “This property lies within the 100-year flood plain for the Trinity River and has historically been under water. Therefore, any heavy industry activities will have the potential to negatively affect the quality of water.” The rezoning would still have the same likely impact with or without a cannabis facility.

At this point, no other proposed uses for the property have been discussed.

Nonetheless, many there seemed to feel that a significant step forward had been taken. Councilwoman Orcutt stated on Facebook,

We are so grateful for every single person that called, emailed, prayed, and showed up at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors mtg today to shut down the permit for an industrial hash-lab facility on the sacred Trinity River.❤️

🤗Thank you for being good ancestors who protect our traditional territories, culture, children, and resources!



  • The Entropic Empath

    Since industrial “extraction labs” have popped up all over the state, it seems unlikely that this would have been competitive, anyway.

    The problem with the North Coast “Cannabis Industry”, is partially the cost of transporting the local agricultural products to market.

    How competitive are those pounds of flower, really? Getting the price you want? How much product is laying around unsold?

    In the near future, it appears that many of the production/delivery and overall quality issues will keep prices artificially high, but when the production becomes more stable, the products are grown closer to market and once the logistical and packaging is worked out, it will be like “weeds”, where a package of easily usable product of known quality will be available, very commonly.

    Once again, I hope the focus in Northern CA will become on the Terroir and Niche-Boutique flower, and that competition and taxation will level the field to the point where terrorist and crime syndicate weed will become less common.

    Learning to market and brand your products will require growers to work together, and the constant piracy will eventually cause the group to deal with security, transport and central processing issues to the point where things will become more stable.

    I predict one in five current grow operations will still exist in 5 years.

    It is gratifying to the the level of push-back against the current chaos of the “pot farming industry” by Native Americans and sane/sober persons.

    What will Mercer Fraser propose next?

    • “I predict one in five current grow operations will still exist in 5 years?” More like one in a thousand. And many of those will be the equivalent of moonshiners, with its accompanying lawlessness and occasional violence as a chosen lifestyle.

      • The Entropic Empath

        You underestimate the resolve, of lawless characters, to continue to push into areas where product is still illegal, with their toxic products, produced with no standards of quality, using rape and run methods, and non-existent labor regulation.

        I also predict that blow-back against oil, vaping in general, concentrates crystalline and otherwise, and edibles, will become significant, due to medical issues and psych disorders seen to be caused by these products.

        Cannabis flower is here to stay, however, and we need to focus on sustainable methods, quality, processing, branding and packaging, and marketing of niche/boutique products from the region.

        The cowboy and syndicate and cartel grows will have to be eradicated, one by one by law enforcement, and possibly the military, and even then, will be an environmental and social disaster, for years to come…

        I predict that you and I will be gone, before these products and issues are stabilized and assimilated by industry and the general population. Look at how many years have passed since Prop 19 (1972)…

        • Wow thanks Nostradamus. Very enlightening. Good to know that you have our whole future figured out.

        • Right on the mark. The greed continues, no community, ongoing do not give a shit attitude. The youth in this region lack real world experiences and logic. The distortion of economic stability can be contributed to the ongoing manipulation of workforce training funds which have fraudulently been directed to the incorporated areas of this county.
          This county is responsible for creating this crisis. Responsible for empowering the gangster and mafias. So I agree with The Entropic Empath. It is not far off to believe that the military could step in.

          • The military –as far as the land jurisdiction goes– cannot ‘step in’. The Constitution was written in a state of an emergency. It cannot be suspended. (paraphrased Supreme Court ruling).

            But then again – the Sheriff is our last line of defense. Maybe i should get to know Billy . . . don’t think i haven’t tried – well i’ve left him oodles of info., including a Sheriff Questionnaire. ‘Try’ doesn’t work. Prepare, persist = prevail. My double-vision is, i don’t recognize him as a bona fide public servant. Accepting an “Appointment” as Sheriff slash Coroner for nearly 18 months doesn’t set well w/me.

            • That rule is cancelled out during acts of war.
              We’ve been in a war against terrorism. Traitors and Seditionists fall into the enemy category.
              I think DragonFly is closer to the mark than we think.
              All oath taking officials take an oath to secure the rights of the people. That’s why the ballot process was created. We’re supposed to be voting for those who will s e c u r e the rights of dumbass, smartass, and all other clusterf*#k asses there are, with no exceptions.
              As I understand it, any official that promotes the stripping of any rights is an enemy of the people, aka a seditionist. The people are free to promote whatever they wish to promote as long as they are not promoting to harm others literally.
              I would go so far as to say that those who promote violence are acting in criminalistic ways. For instance, promoting to disarm law abiding citizens so that non law abiding citizens have the upper hand, is nothing short of sedition. Selling arms to the non law abiding citizens is considered being a traitor.
              I know, I hear the ‘doh’. Even so, sometimes it needs repeating thanks to the indoctrinating over the years that convinces people of the opposite.
              I could be wrong, but then again…

              • Welp, i could be wrong too. I was just reading Emergency in the Constitutional Law of the United States, and the Federalist Papers, seems to go back and forth. I’d say you’re correct in that Supreme Court rulings wouldn’t necessarily hold if the U.S. Inc. Pres. w/Congress approval could do what they term to be right for certain situations. And, yes, commerce plays a big role.

                • A Fundamental Understanding:

                  When any — ANY — incorporated entity attacks an unincorporated entity, a crime occurs.

                  Pure and simple.

                  When the “United States,Inc.” attacked the Confederate States of States, they also damaged the actual States and People. Thus, a crime occurred.

                  Thereafter, the Vermin responsible (mostly Railroad Barons) bankrupted the “United States, Inc.” so they wouldn’t have to pay for all the damage they caused, and together with dishonest politicians and bankers, fronted the Scottish impostor doing business as “The United States of America, Incorporated”.

                  More crimes perpetuated by incorporated entities against unincorporated entities occurred— fraud, usurpation, breach of trust, etc., etc.,—-all criminal activities carried out by incorporated entities against unincorporated entities.

                  At each and every time that this happens, these corporations are functioning as criminal organizations and are subject to immediate liquidation.

                  The Law is: any incorporated entity that does anything unlawful against an unincorporated (sovereign) entity is guilty of crime and subject to immediate liquidation.

                  That’s why we are still standing and they are not.

                  Please note that the saying, “The meek will inherit the Earth.” may also be interpreted as, “The Miq will inherit the Earth.”

                  The Miq is the ancient Moral Code of Commercial Law. If that Moral Code is followed, all these corporations that have done these evil things must be liquidated and their assets must returned to the people they have harmed.

        • All good in the weed game ..I know people still moving product at 900 a lb for product in state..keep in mind there is a market for quality over the “grey market”will be around for a while the Bible belt helps all illegal prices to stay afloat nation wide legalized would kill it but as long as there buying Humboldt will be selling

      • I disagree, the future moonshiner business model will not be competitive. The cowboys, corrupt orgs, and mom and pops will not be able to turn a profit.

        • Just not paying taxes and fees will make enough of a profit. Alcohol isn’t expensive but moonshiners still exist.

          • True dat, had some decent ‘shine a few weeks ago. Problem is nobody pays anything for it. Seems to be more of a hobby craft that a money maker.

            • That works. We gotta rid our lives of worthless green paper w/pictures of dead people on it anyway.

              Congress controls commerce – not trade. If there’s no exchange of I.O.U debt notes/unFederal, noReserve Bank paper – no tax.

              If we are directed from D.C. (District of Criminals), when to sow and when to reap, we will soon want for bread. -partial Jefferson.

    • “The problem with the North Coast “Cannabis Industry”, is partially the cost of transporting the local agricultural products to market. ”

      It is not to the moderation and justice of others we are to trust for fair and equal access to market with our products, or for our due share in the transportation of them; but to our own means of independence and the firm will to use them. Report of the Secretary of State on Trade and Tariff -December 16, 1793.

      ” . . .and that competition and taxation will level the field . . . ”

      For example – there are Carl’s Jrs. next to McDonalds – it’s not a matter of competition, they do fine next to each other. It’s a matter of different food/product/commodity for sale. The people will determine the victors.

      Neither Congress nor the alphabet soup FDA agency, have any Constitutional authority to regulate the practice of medicine in the sovereign states.

      How do you distinguish theft from taxation?

    • I got security ,it will cost.i have the most effective ,legal,security possible.

    • Actually, I think concentrates can be an excellent way for the small farmer to stay afloat. Evapes do not have to be consumed through plastic, you can use glass recycled/ recyclable cartridges and titanium non toxic pens. In fact concentrates are an excellent value added product, and I do believe it could be akin to making a wine or beer kind of…in the fact that you can preserve your harvest for years to come.
      However, it is very toxic if you use cannabis with high heavy metals, from inorganic fertilizers, or concentrated pesticides. They also can be made with out toxic additives, or explosive solvents, if you study and have intent to do it that way. Also, extracts can clean your cannabis from most microbial issues. As, far as I can see, extracts are very popular, and trending. However, projects like Mecer Fraser’s are unsustainable, use vitol solvents, and when done in such a huge way, it’s an endangerment to our rivers, workers, neighborhoods and the environment. Actually in many countries around the world, flower is considered an unrefined, product, and concentrates are preferred.
      I guess I am just an optimist. But I beilive The Triangle can survive this. It is just time for us to get innovative, come together and find solutions that can work, and not let the county, state or anyone else railroad us… stay vigilant triangle!

      • Well said. I think even the so called plastic vape pens are stainless steel elements inserted into a plastic holder. (like a bic lighter for instance, has metal working parts inserted into a plastic holder).

      • Yes siree. The right to self determine and the right to the laws of necessity.

        In the same way that the state cannot plan economy, the state furnishes no machinery for arriving at justice. It ruins lives instead of righting them. It cares nothing about victims and instead makes more of them. The state attempts to make more criminals rather than stopping crime. Making peaceful behavior illegal and doing nothing about corporate crime. This is not about bad policy at work, this is intrinsic to the game of state-administered justice itself.

    • Yeah, LA is so far away from Here. China clearly can’t sell anything in the U.S., it’s too far away too. WTF are you talking about? We live in a global economy , it’s profitable to sell produce for pennies from Chile. These cannabis businesses are doing just fine and so is the free market economy. For anyone that thinks that a permitted state of the art cannabis extraction facility is more dangerous for the environment than a general heavy industrial zoning for the health and safety of the river and it’s surrounding community, you need to think twice about that. Light hydrocarbons evaporate or burn completely in a catastrophic leak. But now someone can just open a chromium plating or a chemical storage warehouse next month. Great job idiots.

  • ‘Crowd at the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors’. Huh?

    This picture is Not in the People’s Chamber, labeled Supes’ Chamber. The chairs and the glass wall on the left, and the screen, top right, are a dead give-away.

    I was there. It was NOT a packed room by any stretch of the imagination. “Packed” is when people are standing at the back of the room and out the door.

    Notice @1:05, two of the cartoons in a cartoon graveyard have deserted their position. Earlier, during the meeting, Virginia Bass was wandering around within the people – how cutsie is that?

  • Its an empty victory, since theres nothing to stop them from re-applying for the hash lab or other messy projects in the future, now that its principal permitted in their industrial zoning. I think we really lost the fight when they approved the general plan update last year. I hope Sundberg will get on that Mercer-Fraser aircraft in January and never come back to Humboldt County.
    The company seems to have more of a sense of decency and shame than the supervisors do. Just hoping that they will stick to the gravel and concrete operations, which although noisy and dirty, are actually a service that the community needs.

    • I was thinking that too. Maybe there are extra limitations on cannabis related industry but it is much easier to get permission for that if they’ve already obtained permission for most of the other requirements already.

      • yep, have industry permit … with a little palm greasing can convert. And that wonderful plane can pack out concentrate. I don’t know why people think everything has to be trucked in/out. There are plenty of light air craft coming and going. Sun Valley flies out product very regularly. Heck, that strip out at Branscombe was part of the Eisenhower landing strip highway plans … so nice and quite and secluded.

    • “The company seems to have more of a sense of decency and shame than the supervisors do”.

      A public servant* will not be corrected by words, for though he understands, he will not answer.
      Proverbs 29:19 (not a religious boook).

      *including persons impersonating public servants.

    • I was there and was very happy that mf pulled the cannabis request. It Definitely was not a good fit for the community.
      It’s not an empty victory at all. You’re mistaken when you stated that mf can come back and request the Hash Lab again.
      The supervisors inserted and passed what is called a “Q zone” which explicitly prohibits any kind of cannabis operations on that site.
      Also, The supervisors voted and passed the industrial zoning designation to match the Gravel mining operation that’s been there and in operation for 60 years.

      • Thank you TriniDad. Sound reasoning goes a long way.

        • Hey, thanks for the additional info. I’m glad to hear that they closed the book on the hashing with kids project. Still a shane about the industrial zoning, who knows what else they might do.

        • I agree also. But it’s not just gravel extraction which I think is a great thing to have there, for the community and roads and concrete jobs or whatever, but a few years ago they rolled in an asphalt plant. Now I can see how that is useful but it really smokes a lot, and there is an elementary school right next door. So that’s not ideal in my mind. But I’m not sure how bad that smoke is, honestly , but it is definitely a noticeable smell when you drive by.

  • Great news for the residents of Willow Creek and Hoopa! But how come I nor any of my neighbors were given a say before the County approved over 100,000 square feet of industrial greenhouses in our neighborhood? How come the 24-hour a day noise and pollution and water theft and traffic and crime was given the green light without concern for the neighbors that were here long before the carpetbagging gro-bros moved in? Thanks a lot Rex! Are you proud of your son and his buddy for wrecking Honeydew?

    • Same story here in my Carlotta backyard neighborhood. No Notice of Commerce washing inland, or the price paid in animal, reptilian and deer deaths -too close to pesticides and/or drinking from the Van Duzen River that these “NOT HUMBOLDT” greenhouses pollute.

      Thank you Estelle, Rex, Virginia, Ryan, Mike, San Diego’s John Ford, and the guns & clubs brigade$.

      • Same here it’s a fucking nightmare, 45 minfrom town behind two locked gates we now have feom 5 to 30 trucks a day/night driving right past my house, every one of them has my combo and I don’t know any of them, diesel fuel being hauled dump truck after dump truck campers vans ect. Ect. County doesn’t care at all because they have an interm permit, a year ago there was maybe two or 3 vehicles a week, fucked! But I will NEVER move it’s my home!

    • There’s still the re-zone to heavy industrial. You could end up with something way worse than sand and gravel processing or cannabis extraction.

    • You have to read every notice published in the newspapers. We were not notified we just saw the notices in the times standard. They think that is enough of a notification. Yes con sider a lawsuit. Read all of the pot laws for your neighborhood and how it is zoned and talk to all of your neighbors.

  • HumboldtBiologist

    The idiocracy from this is almost overwhelming. So we stopped the extraction lab, but the zoning still changed. I am glad the county Supervisors understand the issues…

    • Well they have been doing heavy industrial activities there for many years. So although I wonder about their future plans, the zoning change fits the use of the land. Not that big of a deal in my mind. Am I missing something? Does it mean that they are going to do the hash lab thing later with less of a fuss because of the rezone already dealt with? Hmm

      • The hash lab is off the table. Good thing. It would have been closed in the near future due to economics.

        • HumboldtBiologist

          That’s wishful thinking but you can’t say that with any certainty at all. Why is it a good thing? It had no bearing on the zoning change? The subject parcel can still house industrial uses, good thing…

      • HumboldtBiologist

        What are these activities? Maybe those activities were permitted through a use permit and additional conditions? Maybe they were doing these contrary to their zoning and never got in trouble? I have no idea, but these are all good questions when weighing the history of the site. “that is how its been” is never a good reason by itself. My main point is the rezoning is the threat to the river, not the hash lab…

        • It’s been a gravel yard (they extract gravel from the river during the summer) and more recently an asphalt plant. Not ideal for being right next to an elementary school, but waaay better than a hash lab in my opinion.

          • HumboldtBiologist

            Why? I am truly curious what your concern with the hash lab are?

            • As Mark Twain said, it is difficult to make predictions, particularly about the future. My chief concern would be the viability of a BHO plant in this market. Good chance it will fail and the community will end up with an abandoned building.

            • What’s wrong with a hash lab right next to an elementary school in area that already has too high drug use? Maybe because they explode? Maybe because it would leach into the river? It’s also one of the best swim holes around. I’m sure you can understand, biologist

              • Humboldtbiologist

                Product made at this facility would not be sold out the backdoor to local druggies and there is no dispensary in Willow Creek, so there is your first misconception. Second, are you worried about the hash leaching into the river? Most of the products used for processing are gaseous and thus cannot discharge into the river. They likely proposed some amount of ehtanol, the only chemical process agent that is a liquid. The asphalt plant creates a sludge petroleum biprodcut that is dried and usually recycled into the process. This is equally risky to water qaulity although it’s not because the plant is regulated. Third, people using excessive amounts of volatile gases in closed places with open flames are what cause explosions. It is unlikely that this lab would “blow up” given present regulations for hash manufacturing, of course this is not garunteed but neither is stored gasoline in an underground tank at your local gas station. There is a clear difference between regulated manufacturing and illegal drug production. I completely understand the aprehension about the school setback but I doubt if product from this facility would make it on the streets of Willow Creek.

                • the problem with an asphalt plant next to the river is a combination of the spray rack, where every truck gets sprayed with diesel so it doesn’t stick, and the river run sediments below it that allow it to travel much farther in the subsurface than if it was fine grain sediments. MF’s Cook’s valley facility is an open water board site for a diesel release. its been an open cleanup case since 1999 which speaks volumes of their intent to be responsible.

  • Drive through,hopper,lexan safety glass,safe,never loose sight of your pot.5 minute more explosions,too much pot makes you retarded.those have this stuff shouldn’t do this.they are hell for children.

  • New vape pipes of acrylic plastic melt,I find them in gutter,take out oil,before children find plastic is endrocrine disruptive and now I’m growing breasts and thimking of getting checked for breast cancer.

    • heavily moderated guy

      so much for sustainable packaging. puff it 60 times and toss it out the car window.

    • Not to mention the disruption of normal hormonal function and patterns which result from chronic use of cannabinoids! Smoking dope will cause men to develop breasts, will shrivel the testes and penis, eventually contribute to ED and, increase the Estrogens found in a man’s body, due to increased fat stores (from lying around eating everything in sight while high), increase the estrogens due to the contact from plastics (xenoestrogens) found in greenhouses, water tubing and almost all the packages that dope-grow supplies come in! Women who smoke weed chronically will have increased estrogens also, causing disruptions of normal hormonal conditions, breast growth which may lead to the increased presence of estrogenic tumors, and will also have weight gain, infertility, lowered libido, and trend toward masculinization due to impulse control problems and other psych issues resulting from endocrine imbalance, plastic contact etc.


      Smoking dope is medicinal though!

  • Disgusting supervisors

    And the board of supervisors is so worried about the fish!!! Lol. Approving heavy industrial in a river flood plain. There whole spleal is such extortion,Rip off lies !!!!! Counting the minutes till this garbage is up for reelection.

    • Yeah, reelection. Doing the same thing expecting a different result . . .

      We ain’t got time for reelection drivel.

      Experience demands that man is the only animal which devours his own kind, for I can apply no milder term to the … general prey of the rich on the poor. – Thomas Jefferson

      We’ve all been had. If you are willing to participate where the ax meets the root, where unity transforms, please let us gather together and envision steps to-get-there.

      If we can’t self-govern, then why are we here?

  • Why are they allowed to pollute the trinity.

    Poor Willow creek, it used to be so beautiful.

    • They aren’t changing any practices on the site. It’s been a gravel site for many years. Learn the facts before clutching your pearls

      • Emily, “its been a gravel site for many years” and that makes it OK and justifies the operation? Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. The MF instream gravel mining and processing operation is within the floodplain of a state and federal listed Wild & Scenic River, e.g. Trinity River. I don’t believe seasonal instream gravel mining and processing compares to the outstandingly remarkable fisheries values of which the Trinity was nominated and listed in 1972 (state) and 1981 (federal). Both the state and federal Wild & Scenic River Act affords protections. You need to lean some facts too…

        • Well I am personally not against each and every commercial operation that occurs in our area, like it seems you are. This stretch of Trinity River is not ‘Wild and scenic’ .. it’s beautiful and it’s my home but I happily coexist with other people who are carrying on their livelihood in my area, as long as they aren’t causing harm. First of all, it’s private property, second of all, it’s a valuable local product (we all use concrete and drive on roads right?) so what’s the big fuss? Almost all asphalt operations are on the river floor, right? I like that their are people like you who speak for nature exclusively, honestly. I Guess I just think about things more practically.

          • Emily, why do you keep trying to justify this operation like Exxon Mobile does?


            However, you are correct, the Trinity River’s Wild & Scenic designation is from its headwaters to the confluence of the Klamath River, which is also Wild & Scenic. So I guess, according to you, its ok to degrade everything down stream?

        • Check out earth explorer> willow creek> data set> aerial photo single frame.
          See aerial photos of willow creek in the 70’s. It’s an almost complete clearcut, like a checkerboard. If you are fighting any and all commercial activity you are in the wrong decade. This is what ruined the fish runs. It’s very clear.

          • Emily, we are not living the 1970’s, its 2018, everyone should know better, some more than others…

            • You like to insinuate that others aren’t as smart as you. I seem to get from you, that you immediately decide, without considering facts or evidence, your opinion on a subject. If it’s anything to do with people making a living (ie industry or agriculture or whatever), you are against it. Lack of ability for critical thinking…its a quality I observe mostly in religious conservative types but also in the knee-jerk far left. Like I said, I support advocacy for the river because it is our lifeblood and the most treasured thing in our community. But we need things to survive in society, like gravel, sand and I would say probably asphalt. You need to consider these things before you label something as bad, in my opinion.

              • the MF Cook’s Valley plant is still an open cleanup case that started in 1999 with a large diesel release from a 10,000 fuel tank. here is the entire public file. enjoy.

              • Emily, Thank you for putting words in my mouth. If as you say:

                I support advocacy for the river because it is our lifeblood and the most treasured thing in our community.

                However, you are willing to see it all waste away because “we need things to survive in society”? IMHO, when you say “need” do you mean; the needs of the many outweigh the needs for the few?

                We shut down the MF Cooks Valley operation on the South Fork Eel River many years ago, both in Mendocino and Humboldt County. It wasn’t as much their gravel extraction, the big issue was their asphalt batch plant that created the adverse and significant degrading effects for both air and water.

                I speak from experience, facts and proactive actions. We don’t get paid! We are trying to protect, what you called “our lifeblood and the most treasured thing”.

                We go to meetings, submit public comments and if needed, enact stricter laws, rules and regulation. Its not an issue, as you claim, being “smart” or not, its common sense and adding a voice to species that cannot speak for themselves!

                There needs to be a equal and level playing field, we are all connected…

                Let me ask you, who’s best interest is MF only concerned with?

                • I’m saying, there is a balance. I said before, I appreciate people who speak only for the rivers, much more than I respect people that speak only for commerce. Buuuut…. I am a working man. I very much believe that people on the ground, working on the land, are much better environmentalists than people who sit behind a desk all day. I have a strong contempt for pencil pushing ’enviros’ who criticize all economic activity of any kind. Have you ever needed sand/ gravel for a concrete project? Where do you go? I go to Mercer/Frasier, they fill up my truck for free and send me on my way.
                  We need people protecting the environment, so I can appreciate what you do. Honestly. But listen more to the people on the ground, be practical, and don’t be so dogmatic. Take a position that would surprise people. I tell my trump friends the same thing. Never happens.

                • Well Emily, not to sound too cliché; you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

                  Glad to hear you’re a “working man”, me to. I don’t spend to much time behind a desk, either, working mostly outdoors.

                  I don’t have one “dogmatic” bone in my body, however, I do like to surprise people with my position, just not in the way they wanted. And I do listen to people on the ground, like yourself, even though they have a conflict of interest and use one fallacy after another, because they cannot argue the facts.

                  Must be nice though, getting truck loads of free construction material from MF, it makes sense, and I’m sure it doesn’t sway your opinion either.

                  To answer your question: “Have you ever needed sand/ gravel for a concrete project? Where do you go?”

                  Never needed one, my current 180 foot driveway is recycled concrete crushed into 3/4 class II road base. My home, shop, garage and carport are not on a concrete slab either. But hey, I don’t have “trump friends” either, go figure.

  • political moderate

    WTF? Had to rub my eyes twice. Mercer Frazier getting into the dope business?

    • Hooven and GRS are in the Biz also. Hooven’s hash lab proposal on Central didn’t go well either with Dow’s behind it. It looks like GRS is getting their way, possible something to do with a family member helping push that thru. all 3 of these companies are banking on free or next to nothing shake which is a short sighted business plan but what would you expect from a bunch of local entitled republican businessmen.

  • California’s problems are out-of-control greed and apathy.

    If you don’t have something nice to say . . .

  • Elric of Melniboné

    Oh No! Does this mean Rex and Estelle will have to take a cut on their kickbacks?

    • IFF and when my Declaratory Judgment kicks in – that was my main remedy – No CalPers or benefits. Not the same as kickbacks, huh? I could amend it. I’m open to suggestions.

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Last i heard slimy fennells recall was at the board of supervisors awaiting approval.all legal and official. Wonder how long that will take to get addressed. That theif will probably suck off our tax money and make it disappear as long as she can!!!!!!!

  • Thca in Cannabis is not psychoactive till activated by decarboxylation through temperatures above 150 degrees Celsius to Thc and it is much less poisonous than ethanol. Brewery’s in the neighborhood is a no go?
    Cannabis is one of the safest drugs on earth.
    I will help to make sure the prices drop under the price off the cheapest tobacco..
    No more crime but happy people 😉
    Knowledge is the key to power and freedom!
    Don’t build walls, no border no nation.
    We are all brothers and sisters.
    Sharing is caring! Plant trees, all we need is food, love and a shelter.
    Stay thankfully and care for your environment.

    Happy Nikolaus Day from Germany

    • Physiologically speaking, it’s hardly safe. The harm from weed, in the US, mostly has been from the effects of money!

      Taking drugs, well, it’s fun, but it doesn’t get you anywhere, and it won’t improve your life!

      Marijuana should be growing everywhere. It should be completely free. You can grow as much as you need, almost anywhere. Plant some “public weed” today!

      Hopefully humanity will exist peacefully, without intoxicants, someday, but there is plenty of evolution required that won’t happen if everyone is stoned.

      Also, the worst drugs of all are human greed, cash money, power and ignorance. Religion should be mentioned, also…

    • Holiday Greetings from the Great Pacific Northwest,

      I agree with what you say Growyoown. Plant trees –well, that’s not happening here. They’re logging like it’s the 90’s. When farming 10,000 acres of hemp provides as much paper, building materials, and pulp as 4,100 acres of forest – and hemp is an annual crop – the continued deforestation is like a non-ending nightmare. Not like it’s being used state-side, but most of it shipped to countries – THAT GROW HEMP!

      Yes, stay in gratitude as stewards of the land.

      • Look at aerial photos of the 70’s and ‘80s. It’s available to check out on earth explorer (really cool site) The clearcuts are unbelievable. The whole trinity valley is Basically cleared, and I am relatively sure that the river and fish probs we are experiencing now are a direct result of those wild times. Compare those pictures to today’s tame three acre conversion grow scenes, and see for yourself.

  • What has been overlooked by all these nimwit comments. Is there is a vineyard across the street from Trinity Valley. That vineyard folks isn’t for table grapes. It’s made into life destroying, family destroying, DUI causing , wife beating , shit talking , liver destroying ALCOHOL. All you whiners are hypocrites. Those children have to look at those evil grape vines daily. What kind of example does that set ? Our sleepy little hamlet doesn’t have the most educated folks obviously.

    • Nice try Jorge.. Swing…. and miss.. If you really were a member of this community you would know that no one wants a butane hash lab by their children. I for one hope there are more vineyards and less idiot growers in our community in the future.

      • groba dude trustafarian osnt

        Wine is actually a food. It does contain alcohol, so don’t drink too much!

        Marijuana is just a common weed. Makes you stupid to smoke it, but it has no other value.

        Marijuana should be free! Either grow your own supply, or, just give it away!

        Using marijuana to make your living, will become a thing of the past.

        Plant some “Public Weed” today!

          • groba dude trustafarian osnt

            Cannabis use, will not cure you of anything at all, except sobriety. Cannabis is a well known gateway drug, and, the main effect of Cannabis is, it makes you think you are just fine, and that everyone else is stuck between channels!

            If you think pot will cure disease, then you HAVE a serious disease! Psychological, that is…

            I am most amused by this “High Times” garbage masquerading as science!

            The ONLY FDA approved Cannabis based “medicine” is Epidolex, which is used in rare cases, for a rare condition.

            All other alleged “medical” uses are bunk! Period.

            Smoke all you want, I don’t care. Don’t call it “medicine”…

            • More opinions. Where’s your facts?

              When smoked it makes one not conducive to mind control. Perhaps you should give it a try 😛

              The ol crony 20th century repetitious “gateway drug” babble -that IS funny.
              Driving is a privilege. Driving is a privilege. Driving is a privilege. I’m guessing you buy this too.

              Epidolex – FDA approved. Woohoo! Run out to the white coats and get your BigPharma drugs.

              I didn’t say smoking the flowers is medicinal in a physical body manner. Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t, idk. I’d try Mother Nature ANYTIME before i’d run to trained prescription writing, organ removal dock-tors.

              • groba dude trustafarian osnt

                The “doctors” in your video above, advocate juicing the raw plant. I have no direct evidence through personal trials that this is effective. Calling raw cannabis a “dietary essential” is an idea that I find to be less than fully baked…

                In my experience as a 40 year everyday pot smoker, the fact is, it was a gateway drug, and not much else. I sometimes think I should use it for improving sleep, or for malaise that a “doctor” would label depression and prescribe large quantities of drugs designed to interfere with neuro-chemistry in unpredictable ways! I actually find that exercise and sunlight work as well as cannabis for sleep and malaise, and that’s a fact!

                I choose the fact that many physicians do not appear to understand their job at all, and are thoughtless beyond prescribing pills and advising patients they do not understand to “see a specialist”… Screw that! I used to respect physicians, but now I know that they are quite educated, but often in a situation where they are “just learning”. I see myself as educable, as well, and heck, we are all “just learning” here anyway…

                Of course, I have as much pain and anxiety as any other human over the age of 65. I choose to ignore it, rather than make it into a “condition needing treatment”.

                “Professional patients” exist. People with numerous complaints, vague “immunological conditions”, folks with long lists of their “diseases” and “conditions”. The use of Cannabis in raw form is interesting, but will need study. If evidence is convincing, hell, why not? I hope that experimental evidence, and a body of colloquial evidence, will point to new uses for your favorite plant, but don’t expect anyone to ever again pay $5000/lb for flower.

                • All right then. I knew we could come to a favorable understanding groba dude.

                • groba dude trustafarian osnt

                  Also, when a Medical Doctor advocates the use of a certain “essential nutrient”, as in the case of Vitamin D, a few years back, as well as currently ( I agree that sunlight is essential and beneficial, and refuse to use sunscreen), usually when a heartfelt advocacy by a physician is presented, it is fairly certain that this person is being paid to advocate, and while he may believe the evidence, his testaments may or may not have veracity or be backed by conclusive scientific study.

                  In many cases, substances and medications prescribed by medical providers, especially for older patients, the effects are measured by how much improvement results from the perception of persons other than the patient.

                  Also, if people report that something makes them feel better, the effects often taper off over time.

                  My feeling is: Only take what you need. All drugs wear off, many lose effect with long term use, some are addictive, and many are measurably harmful. Some dietary supplements interfere with medications, like St John’s Wort and Thyroxine, etc.

                  Be careful what you believe, and be careful what you consume. You are expected and required to be the primary advocate for your own health! Don’t let “experts” shove anything down your throat!

                  It’s your body, I hope you understand it!

                  As always, it’s a pleasure having a discussion with a scholar of your standing.

  • groba dude,

    “As always, it’s a pleasure having a discussion with a scholar of your standing.” Likewise.

    Mostly, and i waited too long the three or four times i experienced excruciating pain, i swallow a clay capsule. Bentonite. This is the only thing i took thru four pregnancies.

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