Woman Medevacked After Being Struck by Vehicle

CHP PRess releasePress release from the Trinity River CHP:

On December 2, 2018, at approximately 5:28 PM, Trina Amore (P#2) was walking across SR-3 to Wileys Market in Hayfork , just prior to the start of the Hayfork Christmas Parade. Abdul-Latif (P#1) from Houston Texas was traveling in his 2015 Nissan Altima, northbound on SR-3 at a stated speed of 30 mph. As Amore was walking across the double yellow lines into the northbound lane, Abdul-Latif suddenly observed Amore and abruptly applied his vehicles brakes, steering to the left in an attempt to avoid a collision with Amore. This attempt was not successful as the right front of Abdul-Latif’s vehicle struck Amore, causing Amore’s right leg and hip to impact the front of the vehicle. Amore was thrown up onto the vehicle, at which time, Amore’s head impacted the right lower corner of the windshield. Amore then fell to the roadway surface. After the collision, Abdul-Latif immediately pulled his vehicle to the right shoulder and began to render aid to Amore until Fire and Ambulance personnel arrived. Amore was subsequently transported to the Hayfork Airport by TCLS, then transfered to Reach 5 helicopter, before being flown to Mercy Medical Center.



  • Wow such vivid detail in the victim impact.

  • A 76 year old woman crossing the road in near dark. Good gods.
    Glad he was only doing 30 mph.
    Sympathies to both parties.

  • Wishing her the best recovery. At least it is good to read that someone stopped their car to help rather than drive off.

  • Hope she recovers well not a fun scenario being hit by a vehicle. I’ve had it done to me not as bad but still.

  • Sadly for these days, the most unusual aspect of this incident was that the driver didn’t immediately speed away but instead stopped and began to render aid. While stopping and helping the person struck *should* be normal behavior, it seems all too often to be otherwise in this region.

  • 2015 Nissan Altima at 30 mph can absolutely stop on a dime. Don’t tell me you were going 30. That’s clearly bullshit.

  • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

    Someone drives all the way from Houston to attend a Christmas parade in Hayfork? Hardly a destination feature on the travel channel. Hope the lady recovers, broken hips are not nice for anyone, especially the elderly.

  • Terrible accident, thankfully the driver tried to help, that will improve the outcome for the pedestrian of a true accident.

  • Did the driver turn on the low beam headlamps, or was he driving with the daytime running lights, or parking lights, or foglights (without low beams)? Was he using the high beam headlights? Were the headlights working and aimed properly? Were the headlight lenses dirty or cloudy? Lots of factors, all under the control of the driver and/or vehicle owner, that affect nighttime and twilight visibility.

    • It sounds like the victim was completely to blame for this accident. For all we know, this may have been an attempted suicide. People do this shit on Broadway in Eureka all the time.

      • I promise u she wasn’t trying to commit suicide and sick comments like this is what makes me sick WTF is wrong with people

  • Eeeks, doesn’t look like a well lit area at night to be just “Walking across the Street” in the dark, no crosswalk? Hope she recovers ok, but next time (hopefully no next time) wear reflective clothing etc. and I do hope the driver was not distracted while driving, just sayin….


    • How was it not her fault? Honestly curious. Seems like most people would know not to walk into the middle of a street in the dark. Cars can’t see you until they’re almost on top of you.

  • Abdul was a champ for trying to avoid hitting her and then stopping to help her after the horrific event. I hope and pray, for everyone’s sake that she will recover and be back to her old feisty or sweet as honey self in no time. There seems to be no loss of honor here in the first write up.
    I take this accident as a wake up call. The roads are slicker this time of year, it takes longer to stop from any speed. The nightfall comes sooner and pedestrians are often caught out without their reflective gear. The tires, windshield wipers and brake pads should be double checked before each winter season.
    A quick search lists some of the braking problems that this particular model has had complaints about. https://duckduckgo.com/?q=2015+altima+brake+problems&atb=v77-3_q&ia=web

    edited to corral a missing ‘t’.

  • You guys are dumb as fuck obviously don’t know how shit is in our tiny town!! We have 1 damn crosswalk and the parade gas been a huge think in out town since the beginning of time! This fool isn’t from our parts he doesn’t know shit about our community and with an event happening regardless of the speed limit no one drives 30 by Wileys!! Im going to see gram tonight I have known her and the can’t most of my life best friends with one of her daughter’s

    • Hey Chellissa, what’s “parade gas?”

      • What, do I need to give you a refresher? Parade gas is very popular in Hayfork, and has been for a long time. Those of us who live just outside of town love to sip it from time to time, it helps with the think in and such. You can pick it up at Wiley’s by the gram. Now that your up to speed, please try to keep up.

        • Is that like the Nazi Marching Powder they sell at the Alderpoint Store?

          • Ohhh hell no. The yarder operator used to give us that s%*t to “keep us productive”. I once misplaced the entire front clip and hood off an ’87 Camaro, I’m like I can’t sleep so I might as well do a little body work, next time I woke up the front half of my car was missing, never did find all of it.

        • I don’t often laugh out loud before 7 a.m. but this makes twice now.

          • 🌜❤🌛

            On a serious note, please keep us updated on Trina’s condition. And yes, city people are tuned different when driving, deer and people appearing in different places than expected, especially at dusk or in weather can be very disorienting. Yesterday in Weaverville I had a person almost just drive into me, another cut me off in the post office parking lot, and I got stuck behind a fairly new BMW suv that was not being driven faster than 5 mph, with occasional, random stops in the middle of the road. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the matrix.

  • I’m just going to put this out there now she was not trying to commit suicide she was crossing the road to go watch the parade with her family and friends she has been a resident of hayfork for well over 40 yrs everyone knows her and loves her those roads are not lit well for one for two there is no cross walks three there was a parade fixing to start I’m great ful the young man stopped but at the same time I wonder if he was distracted or going to fast because I have seen people fly through there because there’s not much law up there. But for all u sick people who think it’s a game to make jokes about Grandma and suicide I hope and pray u never have to see family go through this and have to see sick comments like this like it’s a fucking joke.

  • For the love of God people is there ever anything as such as a simple accident anymore? If the man was not drinking/drunk or in anyway intoxicated then I’m sure he feels like bad enough. I hope the lady which I know will recover very nicely and am deeply saddened this happened to her. However trust me it could have been a lot worse and I’m from Hayfork and I’ve driven past Wiley’s well over 30 mph plenty of times so don’t tell me that you’ve never done the same if you do your a liar!?
    #peoplegetreal #stophating

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