[Update 9:19 a.m.] Arcata High Off Lockdown After Reported Shooting Nearby

Gunshot shotArcata High was put on precautionary lockdown this morning following an incident on nearby Heather Lane off of  Foster Avenue that began around 8:10 a.m.

One person received a gunshot wound to the leg, according to a report on the scanner. The suspect who was in a red Chevy pickup with two others was detained.

An ambulance responded to the scene.

According to reports from parents, the high school is not on lockdown as of 9 a.m.

Arcata Police have not yet responded to inquiries.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

Update 9:19 a.m.: According to Arcata Police Lt. Bart Silvers, Arcata High school has “been notified to lift the lockdown.” He said the incident occurred several blocks from the school.

“Several people are detained,” he said. Then added that officers are still sorting out what occurred.

One person was injured and taken to the hospital. “It does not appear to be life threatening,” Silvers said.


NOTE: Heather Lane was first identified as Heather Avenue in an earlier version of this report.




  • changing it up in Arcata today they are feelin shooty

  • I lived there in the 80’s, it was so peaceful back then. 🙁

    • In 1980 The wold population was 40% or 3.5 billion smaller than it is now. Would you say crime has risen by about 40%? Not retorical, I’m actually asking. I fail to believe that we can keep diminishing resources and still stay peaceful. The middle class is almost dead, you can not work 40 hours a week and support a stay at home wife, the average person my age has to work two jobs just to avoid being homeless. This wasn’t the case in 1980. We can’t keep depleting resources and expect people not to go into survival mode and survival mode leads to more crime. Murder is never understandable (self defense is not murder), but we must accept high crime, more natural disasters and the end of days or stop overpopulating by having 0-2 kids only. There are zero other options, unless you count the selfish, illogical plan of trying to move on to another planet to destroy.

      • Lock and load!

      • I totally agree. It’s unacceptable that the discussion about population control and population problems has been removed from public debate! It was a relevant and discussed topic in the 70s and is critically relevant today! All environmental problems stem from human over-consumption which is directly linked to human overpopulation. And most social problems are directly linked to the ill effects brought on by human overpopulation- as you stated above. It is a crime that this issue of basic survival on our planet has been buried and ignored….If we continue to fail to address this issue- it will be addressed for us, with very unpleasant terms.

      • It is not discussed because the magic word in the world economies is “growth” . . . capitalistic economic growth depends completely on this magic word “growth” . . . and this is because the economy must support hordes of “non-producers”, and by this I mean I not the poor, homeless, helpless, but those who actually do not produce a real durable good. Manufacturing and Farming are the basic driving forces of any solid economy and we have far too many folks who cut coupons and rely on others for their income. Too many bankers, too many boards, too much “management”, too many billionaires. A thousand millionaires is far better than one billionaire.

        So, like a yeast in a petri dish, we will “grow” until all resources are exhausted and then collapse into a sludge of waste.

        Whatever happened to “do more with less” and “small is beautiful” and “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”?

        And ultimately it boils down to Greed, the Love of Money, the Root of All Evil.

      • 50 years no antibiotics, bam, population reduction. We need to breed people! One of us may spawn the human who saves humanity from the future global plague.

      • Just need another world war. Trump is working overtime in that. It’s at the core of maga.

    • As it was in the late 60’s & early 70’s when I went to high school there!!! WTF happened???

  • Somebody had commented that if mj were legalized, this type of thing might happen up here since some made their living that way up here, and now they can’t rely on that so much, don’t know if Arcata had that type of thing so much, but it does seem there’s more crime since it’s legalization.

  • How come everybody that talks about overpopulation, never does their part to reduce population? America’s birth rate have been below replacement levels since 1971. Our population would actually be shrinking if it wasn’t for immigration which is solely for economic reasons. Without a young Workforce to make money and pay taxes, we would be unable to sustain the welfare and social benefits for our older population. Even though they payed into especially Social Security their whole lives, that money has been squandered. Unfortunately immigrants, legal or not have been using more social benefits the natural born citizens. Unchecked socialism just doesn’t work because of this exact same problem, look at France right now. Apparently paying over 60% of your income in taxes to support people coming from other countries to live off your social benefits isn’t all Kumbaya like Everyone likes to think.

    • i personally dont believe in overpopulation and btw there will always be wars to kill people

    • Humanity will die if we do not produce! We need more production not less. Marriage is killing humanity by reducing human spawning which we will need when antibiotics have no effect.

      • Your circle of thought left out the diseases the babies will be born with when too many donors donate to the spawnee. Without the antibiotics, those babies don’t stand a chance to survive.

    • The world is bountiful and we are more and more efficient at producing staple resources. Despite population growth we produce more calories per person year after year.

      Difficulties arise when apple tries to sell everyone an IPhone and Toyota wants everyone driving a car.

      And that is because of our economic system. It is built on the idea of infinite growth, yet we live on a finite planet. Along those lines something will come to a head, eventually.


    • I’m surprised that number is so low considering we are a nation of immigrants. Only true citizens are descendants of Native Americans and descendants Mexican Indians.

      • Lol, so it’s okay that the Incas and Aztecs were conquered by Spain and turn into Mexico, but it’s not okay that Native Americans were conquered by Englishmen and turned into Americans?

  • While I do believe that overpopulation plays it’s part, I do not believe it is the sole cause of catastrophe. I do believe economic hardship, and overextension of everyday working people is driving people into survival mode for certain. However, over-consumption, and inequality is what I beilive is making the word a hot mess today.
    I do beilive this planet has enough resources to support everyone.. however, extreme greed, hoarding of the wealth causes huge rifts in our society. For certain, the death of the 40 hr work week is upon us. When you have Huge corporatations making massive profits, and then not even paying people enough to eat or keep a roof over their heads, this is nothing short of modern day slavery! And now with massive corporations moving in on the profits of cannabis, and corruption at the highest levels of the Humboldt County government, and the state government, The triangle is quickly escalating into a poverty stricken dump.

    • That’s similar to what the riots are about in Paris, Belgium, Germany, etc. Some are so sick and tired of corruption they are fighting back until it stops. Others, fortunately, are using their voices to awaken the others. I wish there were more out there like this guy. America could use a bullhorn on every corner, for sure.

      • For certain. It’s interesting we hear very little about this in the mainstream media. I really hope the Emerald triangle takes a step to fight back against erroneous regulations, and corporate dominance before it is too late.

  • There is so much more crime in Arcata now a days. I feel the city of Arcata thinks it is immune to the cannabis Economy that is falling apart due to the university, but how it it going to react when enrollment falls considerably because of the all the escalating crime statistics in part because of the failing economy? Serious, what did the supervisors think was going to happen by enacting all these erroneous, excessive, and expensive policies?

    • They were lobbied heavily by CCV-H to pass grow regulations that would allow big grows. There was also some cash being donated to certain supervisors to help them understand why it was a good idea to issue certain permits for certain players. The supervisors did not “think” much- they reacted to pressure. When CCV-H presented themselves as “the voice of the growers” despite the dismal turnouts at their “community gatherings” other than Willow Creek…well, they bamboozled the supervisors too! So now we have permitted mega-grows that sell on the underground market, high taxes and fees and abatement proceedings to beat up anybody trying to stay out of the scam permit scene. Again- the supervisors were being fed slanted information and were reacting to pressure while trying their best to line their own pockets. No thinking about the county’s best interests was involved.

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