[UPDATE 2:37 p.m.] Serious Motorcycle Accident on Hwy 36

Traffic Accident DayA motorcycle went off the road at a high speed (90 miles per hour, according to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page) on Hwy 36 between Grizzly Creek Redwoods State Park and Swain’s Flat Outpost at mile marker 18 about 2:17 p.m.

The CHP page reports there are “numerous injuries.” The dispatcher reports this accident may “possibly be [major injury] with multiple broken bones.”

The roadway is clear in both directions.

Please remember that information gathered from initial reports is subject to revision as more facts become available.

UPDATE 2:37 p.m.: Scanner traffic indicates this is a 28-year-old male with chest pains and shoulder pain.




  • Well Crap…crotch rocket passed me on double yellow just past Carlotta, Post Office…black jacket green hood…driving like crap, was hoping NOT to here sirens. His own fault, yet hope he recovers …they go by here SOOOO fast, in a 45 zone

  • The 36 will kill you if not paying attention

  • He was riding a Harley if you can believe it!!

    • I was wondering how 28 year olds obtain Harleys… I have been working my ass off for 28 years and still don’t have one! Maybe it was the punk ripping up and down Rohnerville Rd riding wheelies blaring 60’s music and saddlebags. I heard he was mafia. Really isn’t a wheelie tough to do on a Harley? Anyway who even cares I hope I don’t hear that bike again. Poser idiots running amuck!

  • I hope the rider makes a full and speedy recovery and LEARNS from the mistakes made. Having been riding for over 57 years, most all of which were on what people call crotch rockets, I have to say “Never Ride Faster Than You Guardian Angel Can Fly” and some basic common sense helps a lot also . . .

  • I have the same number of years on all sorts of cycles. Been to Canada, D.C. on one. The guy involved in this wreck is just stupid. I have no sympathy whatsoever. He chose to ride like an idiot. Hope no one else was hurt.

  • I have to agree “Me” most times these kids ride like idiots, they have no riding skills what so ever and very little sense.

  • I always had PLENTY of fun doing the speed limit on my bike!

  • Hoping for a full recovery as always, would also like to put a foot in his ass, my friends and family live right there in that exact location and could have killed any of them. Been riding over forty years and there’s no reason whatsoever for this stupid behavior. Grow up kid it’s not funny

    • As he discovered! He’s lucky to be alive.

      And why do I say he you ask? Because I’ve never seen a woman rider be that dumb or even close to it..

      Frankly, even going the speed limit can get you hurt. The wildlife doesn’t look both ways before crossing…

  • Thoughts are with you. FTW.

  • Regardless of the way you perfect people feel, please have consideration for the family at this time.

  • I wonder if this lucky gonad realizes that being bad ass nearly cost him his life? If he was dim enough to try high speed on 36 he’s not likely to have learned any lesson.
    Must have been late coming back from the toy run.

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