Rowena Brown: Musician, Editor, Animal Lover

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Rowena Brown

Rowena Brown (1946 high school photo)

Rowena Brown passed away quietly in Sea View Rehab in October of this year.

She came to Eel Rock in the 70s to with her aged father who needed care. Although in her 50s she built a house, cabin, pergola and shed on the property her dad bought.

Born in Yucatan she was on a mañana time clock. An editor and collector of articles and books, she wrote a newsletter that she sent out annually to over 100 people. Becoming ill as a child, her father left Yucatan to bring her and her mother and brother to the state’s for medical care. Her father lost his job for doing that and they lived in the back of a Model T car while picking fruit. This was in the early to mid 30s and times were hard after the depression.

Rowena was a musician, accepted onto the Juilliard school of music, she became angry and resentful when her mother refused to move there for her to go to school. An animal lover, she fed wildlife and cared for cats and dogs until they dies from very old age.

One day early after purchasing the property in Eel Rock, a grower was found with a stealth grow on her property. She ran him off and her friends harvested and sold the plants so she could have a little money, which she invested in a CD so she could earn interest.

She was very interested in world events, politics, prophecy, history, and people.

She is very much missed.

Note: Rowena Mercedes Brown was born August 15, 1926 in Merida, Yucatan, Mexico. Her father was Gearhardt G. Brown and her mother was Lavina Lerene Conner Brown. She had a brother George.



  • She was a wonderful presence in our community. Kind, and taking care of business in her straight forward manner, she met the world.

    I often saw her at Fir Haven (now the glass blowing shop near Miranda). Later she shopped at Chautauqua.

    Thanks for the story. I didn’t know her background.

  • RIP Brownie. What a nice and strong woman!

  • my grandma’s name was Rowena

  • Rowena was a powerhouse of person…she was small ; with strength of will and physicality. Her mind kept finding new areas to investigate and she would report back to share with friends and extended family. I think Rowena found her natural home in Humboldt County…but she was always a citizen of the world….and the universe. I am so glad that I knew her and she will be missed and held in memory.

  • I loved Rowenas ability to accept people whatever their background.

    She was, and still is, a big influence in my life.

  • Wow cool life story. Sounds like she was leaps above her time! I have been to Merida
    Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. The circle pic in my profile pic is actually the Mayan calendar from the downtown of Tulum, Yucatan in Mexico. ( Which is on the opposite side of the Yucatan from Mérida.). But Mérida is an awesome place! Rowena sounds like she was an amazing person! She will be missed by all I am sure.

  • Ran them off & sold their weed! I LOVE IT!!! R.I.P.

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