Pickup Crash on 101 Near Trinidad

Traffic Accident NightA light blue pickup that was reported several times for driving erratically appears to have crashed on northbound 101 near the Trinidad offramp, according to a report over the scanner.

The CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, reports the accident occurred about 7:22 a.m. Reportedly, there are no injuries.




  • Thank goodness nobody was hurt.

  • When reporting instances such as an eratic drivers one is usually met with a surly dispatcher and not left with the opinion that an officer will be immediately dispatched.

    • Not my experience. Reported a red sportscar on 101 driving erractically recently. No other ID. Saw it pulled over later. Very satisfying.

  • Also in Trinidad in the last week, the pizza place in the shopping center was burglarized on Thanksgiving Day. (broken into and robbed). Cash taken. Newsworthy. At least some stories of incidents in Trinidad have time to be covered.

    Also, anyone with information about that burglary should document it for email to the DA’s office.

    • the real story would be “why would you leave cash onsite when closed for the day”. and if it was in a safe, then it was an inside job.

      • Yep. Inside job. Case closed. Even if it was an inside job, which of course is only a shaky theory, why did not one outlet report it? Newsworthy at least that it happened on Thanksgiving. On the up side, we did get an important story about a fender-bender in Trinidad on Friday the 30th.

        Maybe a practiced burglary thief in Trinidad, like the gal/guy pair that robbed Murphys in May just after they watched employees lock up and leave, might have figured banks wouldn’t be open Thanksgiving Day and a business might be tempted to lock up the cash until the next day at their business?

        She was out just one week…told you.

  • I would have to agree with not leaving cash on the premises it’s just asking to get robbed unfortunately there’s way too many robberies going around I guess everyone’s going to need an alarm and cameras to be safe it’s a sad State of Affairs

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