Major Injury Accident on 101 This Morning

Major injury Crash traffic accident crash

This morning about 2:30, a jeep crashed into the center divide of Hwy 101 just south of the Hookton exit.

According to the CHP Traffic Incident Information Page, an ambulance responded to the scene. Later it was learned that the patient received major injuries.



  • Darn it all. Used to be I dreaded the first snows because people had lost their snow driving skills over the summer. Now, with the sudden flurry of crashes, I guess that the extra long dry period has done the same to the skills needed for rain driving too.

    I hope this driver recovers well.

    • I’ve seen that slowing happening over the last couple of years.

    • People still use use SKILLs for driving? I was under the impression most folks now get in their car, start texting and half-assed try to make the car go somewhere while they facebook friends and watch reality shows. They certainly drive like this is the case.

      • You ain’t kidding. They give out driver’s licenses to anybody no matter how stupid they might be.

      • This is why the county needs better/faster/more public transit. It is FINE to Facebook and watch TV on your phone while you’re riding the bus!

        • People would drive their vehicles far differently if they were forced to walk or ride a bicycle/motorcycle for a couple of years and not be able to drive a motor vehicle during that time, in that their situational awareness would be greatly increased for the rest of their lives.

  • Jeeps have been the majority of wrecks over the last few years near me. they’re designed to move slow over rough terrain. people buy them then drive fast on pavement.

  • Pray the driver will be okay. Not a very good way to start your Friday.

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