Raid on Trinity County Property Today

ConvoyAbout 1 p.m., a number of vehicles belonging to different government agencies congregated by the Douglas City Fire Department in Trinity County, according to several readers.

One reader described this group as 15-20 vehicles with no chipper. Another  reader described them as going to the Blanchard Flat area south of Douglas City about 3 p.m.

One unconfirmed report indicates this may be related to the Weaverville raid on November 26.

UPDATEOver 1300 Marijuana Plants Seized in Raid Tied to Earlier Bust in Weaverville, Says Trinity County Sheriff’s Office



  • There’s a brand new sheriff in town.

  • They should just find out who is here from Ohio and go bust them all. Ohio immigrants are all growers and druggies, well 98% are at least!

  • Not just from Ohio car plates here . I see lots of out of state plates all summer .. lots of growing going on…

  • Fools…. What do u think supports our county….!??? No one will be here soon if they don’t change the county codes and allow people to grow … Many if when spent almost a million on a home and property and each one contributes over 200k to our economy!!!! Idiots!!!! If they push the growers out this county and it’s home values will drop back down to about 80%. Many are already moving and the avg. Home dropped 75k in just 6 months.

    • You sound like that’s a bad thing. If a person lives here because they love the mountains, wildlife and oceans, they don’t care about the inflated values of the house they already own. If they want to buy and are not growers, they sadly might not be able to afford the inflated house values. If this wasn’t a place that glorified a drug culture, more people who just want to live in a good place might choose to come here to live for healthy reasons, not because of easy access to drugs. Love of money and pot seem to share the same small horizon of interest.

    • Support, meth, heroine, and pot along with deadliest county in California. Hmm can’t imagine why the market has gone to xxxx there. Bring on the ghost towns(reality).

      • if you spend the time researching the criminals like feather brow or pimple face we see in the news, you will be left with the conclusion that they will remain and only get worse when cannabis migrates out of the area. every year EHS and MHS crank out fresh graduates going nowhere in life. the longer we blame weed for everything, the longer it will take to bring correction to the problem that plagues humboldt.

      • Last year Kern County had #1 spot for the most deadliest. . . that is Police shootings. I’d wager “The County of Humboldt” as the most corrupt. How many lifers did Downey leave behind for us peasants to feed?

      • Just go to Kim’s recent post says it all parents with child with food and meth in the same box. Stop making excuses for your community, and grow up and make a change for your future and existence before everyone around you has no teeth and no veins left. Oh sorry I forgot healthy lungs.

  • I require Proof of Claim;

    To the powers that were: “What is the one thing you have in your possession that would lead you to believe that i, a living woman on the land, seek permission from pretend external authority, to express my rights”?

    No contract = no jurisdiction.
    No Oath and/or Bond (to cover lie-ability), recorded in the public records = no jurisdiction.
    No injured party = no jurisdiction.
    No agreed-upon-value words = no jurisdiction. (essential, ordinance, industry, attorney, insurance —for example).

    Equal means equal.

    • Hahaha! That sovereign citizen mumbo jumbo is a bunch of BS. Try explaining that to a judge and you’ll end up explaining it to your cellmate.

      • FYI mister smarty pants, i’ve disqualified six of The County’s black-robed pirates.

        If you continue to cause division . . . they will continue to concur and control the people.

        FYI #2, there’s no such thing as a sovereign citizen.

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Central hum your alright im pickin up what you’re laying down !!! Your just as disgusted with this theiving scum running the county as i am i feel ya !! On a positive note the official recall for extortion Estelle has been submitted and the taxpaying,voting citizens of so. Hum are waiting for a chance at justice for our communitys. Be the change

  • Thats odd cause I was just in weavor today didnt see anything but a couple of CHPs 1 at store parking lot & 1 on 299 half way to Douglus it had a truck pulled over,but nothing unusual,I had to get back over 3 to hayfork.every body seemed slow and steady.

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