Cannabis Industry Supply Chain Mixer on Friday

Water and marijuanaPress release from the Mendocino County Growers Alliance:


Join the members of Mendocino County Growers Alliance (MCGA), Sonoma County Growers Alliance (SCGA) & Cannabis Distribution Association (CDA) for Farm to Market: A Cannabis Industry Supply Chain Mixer, on Friday November 30th, 2-8pm at the Ukiah Valley Conference Center, 200 S. School St in Ukiah.

As our regional cannabis producers experience historic and rapid change, we have found that one of the top issues facing our members is securing safe and legal outlets for cannabis sales. To address this issue MCGA, SCGA and CDA are hosting Farm to Market Mixer, an educational event and industry networking mixer intended to connect our region’s licensed cannabis producers with vetted licensed distributors, and to provide the tools and support to successfully contract with these distributors and compete within the regulated market.

The event begins at 2pm, and will feature up to 30 exhibitors. We are pleased to offer local food for purchase by Zocolo Collective throughout the event, and elixirs from the Mendocino Herb guild. At 3pm we will begin speaker presentations and at 4pm we will begin serving local beer and wine for purchase, and begin our educational workshops.

The Law Offices of Omar Figueroa will present on producer-distribution contracts. Heffernan Insurance will present on the different types of insurance a cannabis company should consider and why. The Mendocino Appellations Project will present on regional branding and geographic indications, Emerald Grown will present on cannabis cooperative associations. For more information about exhibitors and presenters, please visit @MendoCGA on Facebook.

Members of MCGA, SCGA and CDA may register for up to two (2) complimentary tickets and are welcome to invite additional guests for $25 per guest ticket. Contact your representing organization (CDA, MCGA, or SCGA) for member and guest discount codes, and then register online through Eventbrite @

We are excited to welcome new members! Those interested joining MCGA, SCGA or CDA may buy a full-price ticket ($100) to attend Farm to Market, which will then be applied to your first month of membership with the organization. For information about becoming a member please contact: MCGA,SCGA and CDA

The Mendocino County Growers Alliance (MCGA) is a non-profit membership organization founded in 2017, serving Mendocino cannabis farmers and business through education, business development and public policy programs, as well as member support services. MCGA is proud to serve the legacy of Mendocino County as a renowned cannabis producing region of California, through driving socially and environmentally sustainable rural economic development and public policy.

The Sonoma County Growers Alliance (SCGA) helps to educate the cannabis industry on their rights, responsibilities and best management practices. SCGA advocates for the existing local marketplace to integrate state regulations on a local level, and offers workshops and special events to support this transition for Sonoma County. SCGA believes in developing and preserving the highest environmental, social and economic standards to ensure cannabis businesses participate within our community and thrive responsibly.

The Cannabis Distribution Association represents a diverse group of cannabis distributors and several non-operator members interested in helping to guide distribution regulations and best practices with policymakers in California. CDA envisions a well-regulated cannabis marketplace, one that ensures economic viability for small businesses, promotes supply chain integrity, and prioritizes consumer safety. CDA, formerly the CGA Distribution & Transportation Committee, was formed in 2016 as a partner organization to California Growers Association (CGA).



  • Sure be nice if the FBI would show up and arrest these drug pushers.

    Can’t stand seeing drugs pushed like it’s an okay thing when just looking at what drugs have done to America shows differently.

    They missed the chance with Kent State to go after terrorist hippies and look where we are now….

    Snowflakes, vegans, and tree huggers.

  • More nonsense from the purveyors of nonsense. Cannabis mixer -Pfft!

  • I’ll cut to the chase for free: Get out now! If you do not already have your sales end secured then there is no room for you. They (including your representative organization of well-wishers) will bleed you with good intentions and positive affirmations. But it is over. Look at the what is happening in Covelo with CordovaCann and their 200 acre grow. That is the tip of the iceberg. If not already you will be Track -n-Traced by next year, fully restricted to selling within the saturated market of CA. If and when federal legalization hits there will be massive farms in the midwest and imports from Canada and elsewhere taking your anticipated markets. Your strategies were based on wishful thinking, not on hard real data. It is over! Stop spending your money on a dream that is fading fast. Cut your losses and find something else. Good Luck!

    • I hear you ‘ Farce’ and in some respects your right.. but people have been telling us that this was an impossible dream from the very beginning. Maybe it is..’wishful thinking’. I maybe a Dreamer.. but I am not the only one. I have confidence that the triangle will overcome this hurtle.. The struggle continues…

      • Okay Small Fry! I wish all the small fries success. I’m very disappointed in the corporatization model we have accepted and I don’t like the wishful hype that misleads the mom n pop dreamers- many are good and decent locals. That’s why I lean towards the bitter side- needing to balance those who would sell you happy thoughts while emptying your pocket! Best wishes to the small fries and the non-ballers, the hard-working rural folk and the true medicinal providers! May you find a hole in the matrix and escape the trap…

  • It’s not as if these mixer workshop Public Theater indoctrination displays draw a large crowd. The one the State Water Boards (yep, plural), put on in Fortuna few weeks back, had rows and rows of chairs set up with very few attendees filling them. There were more “presenters” (25), than there were attendees (20) -rough estimate.

    Mendo’s day-long cannabis-related “POLICY” questions on November 16th in Ukiah reminds me of “The County” (of Humboldt) Supes. absence. Dan Hamburg couldn’t be bothered to be there. Hasn’t been present at a county board meeting since October 16. Same here. October and November meetings had three maybe four of the five present.

    I think they draw straws – too ashamed to show their face in public. Wishful thinking?

    • when you use the word “indoctrination” I think of Jim Jones. you and shak might want to spend some time researching that guy because more than half the stuff you both type and suggest also came out of his mouth. try not to repeat history, thanks.

      • At least i’m in genius company. To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment. Ralph Waldo Emerson

        The only division is between those who are awake and those who have yet to awaken.

        • “The only division is between those who are awake and those who have yet to awaken.”
          I love that quote. Mind if I steal it? I’ll give you the credit of course.

      • Jim Jones had a Socialist dream and his dream was backed by big political power players like Diane Feinstein and Willie Brown.

        • his dream was no different than every other cult leader. its the all of me dream which includes sexually abusing the women followers. he wasn’t backed by anyone which is why it turned out the way it did.

          • “At the head table sat Mayor Moscone, District Attorney Freitas, and Assemblyman Willie Brown, who acted as the evening’s exuberant master of ceremonies. As he introduced the man of the hour to the overflow audience, Brown reached new heights of shameless, ass-kissing puffery. “Let me present to you,” Brown roared, “a combination of Martin King, Angela Davis, Albert Einstein . . . Chairman Mao.” By the time Jones rose to tumultuous applause, he seemed likely to walk on water.”


            “But collective amnesia over just who aided and abetted Jim Jones is much easier to explain. The same influence used on Jones’s behalf during his life helped after his death to erase the causes and candidates he supported.

            “Such greatness I have found in Jim Jones’s Peoples Temple,” Harvey Milk gushed. Yes, that Harvey Milk.

            Willie Brown, later speaker of the California assembly and mayor of San Francisco, compared Jim Jones to Martin Luther King and Mahatma Gandhi. Dianne Feinstein joined the rest of the San Francisco board of supervisors in honoring Jones “in recognition of his guidance and inspiration” in furthering “humanitarian programs.”

            Jerry Brown, California governor then as now, actually spoke at Peoples Temple. George Moscone, who owed his position as mayor of San Francisco to Jones, appointed Jones to San Francisco’s Housing Authority Commission, where he quickly became chairman.”


          • I am responding because your ad hominem on shak and Central HumCo demonstrated that you don’t understand from where they come. Certainly they can defend themselves, but their position, political and social, seems to be diametrically opposed to the thinking of the likes of Jim Jones and his ilk… in my opinion. For what that’s worth. Cheers.

            • keep searching. I was referring the rhetoric, which trump has used and many others like Jim Jones. as we all know all of Jones’s political supporters fled quickly and he moved his following to Africa. do you guys even read what you type. trump is using the same method as Jones. Jones studied stalin, hilter, Gandhi, and other similar leaders of masses for a reason.

              • I don’t know their personal position on Trump, but the overwhelming majority of their posts focus on trying to get people to understand our relationship to our government and the government’s limits, as prescribed in the Constitution, in how it can legally interact with us, We the People, and how those limits have been usurped through continuous pressure by the bureacracies and lazy and uninformed response by the People.

                Trump is a public servant.

              • South America is not Africa. Your depth of knowledge about Jim Jones is clear.

                • Guyana sounds African to me. I could care less where it is. I only studied the man’s intentions. he even tried to get the Soviet Union to help him near the end.

            • Thank you ULLR. You got that straight! Feel free to continue.

      • “Jim Jones – Marxist, atheist cult leader. Jim Jones’ The Peoples Temple became a place where atheism was blended with seeing Jones as a Christ-like figure.[13] Under his direction, his followers committed mass suicide (see: Atheism and suicide).

        “I was an atheist even then, and at that funeral parlor they held me up to look at her, and when I got down, I was bitter.” – Jim Jones [14]

        “So on down the road, I became even more alienated by that event. I decided, how can I demonstrate my Marxism? The thought was, infiltrate the church.” – Jim Jones

        “Communist Party members were constantly working in the interests of the Soviet Union, and at the dictates of the Soviet Union, while lying to and manipulating their friends and co-workers about their motives. They misrepresented their political positions as independent radical opinions when in reality those positions were dictated from elsewhere.”
        same link as above

        You seem to be confusing HumCo and I with someone else.
        I’m neither atheist or Marxist or Communist.
        I can’t speak for others, but I feel confident that HumCo is very passionate about the Constitution and freedom of religion too. I really appreciate HumCo’s educated posts.

        Maybe you’re projecting your own views which scares you? If so, that’s a good thing! Question everything, especially self.
        Here’s an online Constitution to help you sort things through.

        • he also liked his amphetamines just like Hilter. Jonestown was on sundance again last night, I got to watch the parts I misses. his excuse for wearing dark sunglasses all the time should have set off a few alarms for his followers “my eyes have so much of the lords light that they will burns your eyes if I look at you”. in reality he was just another tweaker con artist. his reasoning for having sex with all the women followers is just another line of evidence to support tweaker con artist assumption.

        • Ahh shucks shak -thank you for your kind words.

          And on we trudge . . .

          • and thank you for yours!
            It’s a walk in the park with the right people beside you. We have the best of the best.
            Lift your voice, oohrah, it’s the year of JUBILEE.

            • Well that was pure heart pleasure.

              Another O’Brien – da ja vu. “Only two defining forces, have offered to die for you:Jesus Christ and the American soldier. One died for your soul, the other died for your freedom”.
              SGT. Dennis O’Brien, USMC

              Many are working their fingers to the bone bringing the Jubilee, the rapture, in the twinkling of an eye – -heaven down to Earth.

              Those cycling in the dense tone frequency of commerce will not be able to survive in the highest frequency -love.

              • Wow, three guys [edit]all posting vast tracts of easily refuted gibberish is identical styles, citing dubious propaganda mills like conservapedia, which lists the Earth’s age a 6000 years old.

                I wonder if these guys are related.

                • I didn’t know Salon was considered “conservapedia”… assuming i’m getting your meaning.

                • Here is conservapedia which lists the age of the earth as 6000 years.

                  Shak quotes it earlier when talking about Jim Jones.

                • Jack, saying something is easily refuting and actually refuting it are world’s apart.

                  Thanks for the link Kym.
                  Time is a funny thing: we humans are more than willing to tell everyone what was happening a billion or 4 billion or 14 billion years ago, but we can’t really say what humans were doing 10k years ago.

                • Jack, there were several articles saying the same thing, but with a lot of words. I felt the Conservapedia site would be the easiest to read and understand. I thought wrong. Oh well. You’re more than welcome to do your own search, nobody here is stopping you.
                  Add MKultra to your search while you’re at it. Interesting stuff!

              • I’m glad you enjoyed it HumCo. It resonates with me too. There’s just something extra strong and beautiful when the body, mind and spirit are ready for any challenges that lay ahead.

  • Love the stoners and druggies here making a buck off addiction excusing themselves from moral responsibility, to society and humanity. Very sick.

    This website does two things:

    1) re-post poorly drafted LEO press releases (that is not journalism, folks)
    2) promote drug use and drug business people

    • Damn, you got me.

      I never post about fires, police corruption, traffic accidents, issues with roads, the environment, the puppies who need homes, heroic people, the beauty of our local nature, and problems with the cannabis industry. (Or perhaps you might have missed a few stories? You do know I have whole sections entitled Good News and Handfuls of Home? My guess is that you only selectively remember those that raise the most emotion in you. You are absolutely right that press releases aren’t journalism but I think you missed a few stories that go beyond those.)

    • press re·lease
      an official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter.

  • For the froggies when they leap out of the hot water they voluntarily jumped in:

    No state shall pass any bill or law impairing the obligation of contracts. Article I Section 10.

    Common law contracts are not commerce. Private contracts supercede jurisdictional influence . . . they walk all over the commercial process.

    You cannot join something formed in fraud without being engaged in fraud. The Commercial MM Land Use Ordinance is fraud – ALL OF IT.

    Woe to attorneys and their enablers.

    • Maybe you should consider a different forum than an internet comments section. You just keep posting and replying to yourself.

  • Christ on a crutch, you gotta be kidding? Covelo on google map shows every square inch of soil that could possibly have a pot plant stuffed to capacity. One more grweed grow is a pimple, on the boil, of the ass of humanity! How much more fucking weed do we really need. Fucking greedy stoners will finally kill the goddamn river, for good. Shame on you all…

  • Disgusting supervisors

    Bbbllllaaaaa. Hhhhhhhaaaaa. Hhhhhgaaaaa hhhhhhaaaaa. Suckus!!!!!

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