[UPDATE 4:09 p.m. from Tribal Police] Hoopa Schools Were on Lockdown After Student Found With Gun

This morning, Hoopa Elementary, Hoopa High, and Captain John schools in the Hoopa Valley were put on lockdown after a firearm was found on campus at Hoopa Elementary. An investigation followed.

“At the conclusion of the investigation, we determined that students and staff were not in harm’s way,” reads a letter posted on the Hoopa Elementary Facebook page. “A student was placed into custody. The firearm was not loaded nor was there an intent to load or acquire ammunition.

Following is the full letter:

Letter sent out to the families of Hoopa schoolchildren.

Letter sent out to the families of Hoopa schoolchildren. [Letter provided by family members]

UPDATE 4:09 p.m. from Hoopa Tribal Police:

Earlier this morning, approximately at 0855 hours, the Hoopa Tribal Police Department responded to a call placed from the Hoopa Elementary School. During this time, the Hoopa Elementary School and the Hoopa Valley High School were placed under lockdown. Upon further investigation, the School Resource Officer and the Tribal Police Officers discovered a replica firearm and a real, unloaded .40 caliber, semi-automatic pistol.

The suspected minor was questioned by school staff. Afterward, the suspect minor was placed under arrest, and the firearm was secured as evidence. Once the situation was given the all-clear, the KTJUSD superintendent issued the order to halt the lockdown and resume regular school activities.

Considering the number of public shootings that occurred in the US this year, we take school-firearm related calls very seriously and aim to respond as quickly as possible. If you have an emergency, please call 911 or the Tribal Police Dispatch at 530-625-4202.



  • At the Elementary school? Are you sure?

  • Yes, at the Elem.

  • A partially eaten pop tart?

  • i met meatloaf on an elevator

    Great parents.

  • Kym, it’s Captain John School.

  • Ahhhhhh and only 50 years ago more than half the students would pack a firearm to school every day, not nesassarly in the classroom, but to school. Not to harm others, but for hunting before and after school and to participate in firearm safety and shooting skills at school. Society nowadays is a skewed and “taught” that firearms are “evil” and a person who owns them is a deranged,sick, and hateful person Thanks left media for making America so much safer. Remember…. guns are evil people….evil

    • Of course, it is easier to blame the media rather than notice that gun violence (suicide or murder) is one of our leading causes of death. That is not true of other countries. The media is pointing out a problem. Please, don’t kill the messenger. And, also, please note that I am not anti-gun. I’m pro facts.

      • That ignores the power of the press, the power of informing or not informing. At least that is what the media calls it when they decide to “influence” for good. When they “influence” for evil, they call it “Freedom of the Press.” In a world of media that includes The National Enquirer and other tabloids, the media should not get a pass on self examination.


        For one thing, the US, with it’s top gun ownership per capita status, is not even in the top 10 in countries with gun violence. For another, murder rates are do not align perfectly with gun ownership rates. Some countries with high gun ownership rates like Switzerland have low homicide rates. Some countries like Argentina have strict gun laws yet high murder rates.

        You know know what the most reliable factor in low murder rates would be? The law abiding nature of the population. Hmm… where has that idea been mentioned before? Oh yes- in discussions on pot growers. Maybe discussions on illegal immigration?

      • The breakdown of who is most susceptible might be helpful. Make that ‘would be’, not might be.
        We know them well. They put their lives on the line every day to protect ours.
        Who are the most bullied? Those who have gone through hell to protect others.
        Why are they bullied? Look no further than ‘fake news’ that spreads hate and division in every country.
        Who is the second most susceptible?
        The 3rd?

        Stop bullying.
        Stop interfering in other people’s lives.
        Stop the insanity that creates insanity.
        Stop reading fake news.

        Love your self, love others, love your God and love your country.

        Help get people back on their own self sustaining feet.
        Knock down the costs of living, not the living.

        Create circles that literally help others to improve their chances at finding a job. Create a business. Create jobs. Create training outlets for those jobs.
        Prosper so that others may prosper. Love so that others may love. Strengthen so that others may find strength.

        Regurgitating-Aggregating fake news does the opposite.

        What, when, where, why… also applies to daily life.
        Question every thing, especially ‘statistics’.

        There is no such thing as ‘gun violence’. There is illness, despair, mkUltra, indoctrination, constant aggregating of fake news, and division.

  • I would point out that the United States is 27th in suicide rates and almost all the countries with higher suicide rates than the US are countries with very strict gun regulations and or aren’t allowed to own guns at all. They also all have a smaller population. People will commit suicide whether they have access to Firearms or not. If you take suicides out of the equation, around 12,000 people a year are murdered with guns, or are killed accidentally (400) which is actually statistically very low for cause of death. Wouldn’t even make it in the top 25.

    And besides a small uptick the last 2 years in mass shootings, overall gun crime and violent crime is down almost 50% since the 1990s.



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