Arcata Adds Historical Context to Its Interactive Maps

arcata wharf 1908

From the end of the Arcata Wharf looking north, back toward Arcata. circa 1908. [photo from Arcata’s GIS]

This is a press release from the City of Arcata.  You can find the Arcata Historical Highlights page here.

The City of Arcata Environmental Services Department is pleased to announce the launch of their Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Interactive Storyboard Maps.

The new GIS Interactive Storyboard Maps feature information where visitors to the City’s website can find a parcel or take self-guided tours to explore some of Arcata’s world famous locations and event sites, tour Arcata’s trails or take a historical tour of some of Arcata’s historic landmarks dating from 1850 to 1970.

The Environmental Services Department initiated the GIS Interactive Storyboard project within the last few months collecting photographs and data to complete this project. They worked in collaboration with the Wiyot Tribe, Humboldt State University Library’s Humboldt Room and librarian Garrett Purchio to provide culturally significant information and images to share with the community.

“I would like to thank the Wiyot Tribe, Garrett Purchio and City GIS staff Maggie Martinez and Brian Kang who have helped us with this project so far. This is an ongoing project for us, and we will continue to update our maps as we learn more historical facts about our City,” said Mark André, the City of Arcata’s Director of Environmental Services.

For more information, or to view the City of Arcata GIS Interactive Storyboard Maps, visit

brizzards arcata 1910 ish

Brizzard’s Mercantile, now known as the Jacoby Storehouse.  [Photo courtesy of the Humboldt State University Humboldt Room Collection.]



  • Great wake up to morning story Kelley,thank you.

  • Ah! How how a controversy over history look at the start. I wonder if the couple of generations in the future will be so self centered as to be as nasty to the current narrative writers as have been to their predecessors. Probably so as the current ones have decided to reach higher by standing on the bodies they have piled up rather than on the shoulders of earlier generations.

  • Well arcata is a far cry from that now. It’s just socialists from somewhere else that would instantly object to the commercial objects of the surprised they haven’t barred all reference to it yet.

    • I actually often look at turn of the (20th) century images and wonder how disgusted those people would be at the way our society has turned out.

      We’re a bunch of repugnant pussbags, truly.

  • I don’t know. This reflects on white man agenda. Protest now!!! Bring back all the….. ah… wait…. who found arcata? Oh well…. protest anyways!!!!!!

  • Bought my first pair of boots at Brizard’s when it looked pretty much like that, in 1964.

  • The new arcata square statue should be an African American woman wearing a Indian headdress, dressed in a Latino American poncho and holding a sexist,racist white mans head on a pike while riding a rainbow colored unicorn. Imagine that for a moment?!?!?

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