CHP Releases Information on Last Wednesday’s Fatal Accident; Leggett Man Arrested for Suspicion of DUI

Traffic accident

[Photo by Laura Cochrane]

Press release from the California Highway Patrol:

A woman from Alameda was driving her 2001 Ford Escape, northbound on US-101, just south of State Route 1, near Leggett, CA.  David Gosselin from Leggett, CA., was driving his 2007 Toyota Tacoma, southbound on US-101, also just south of State Route 1, near Leggett.  For reasons still under investigation, Gosselin lost control of his Toyota Tacoma which spun out, and traveled into the northbound lane, directly into the path of the Ford.  The Toyota Tacoma and the Ford collided within the northbound lane.  The Toyota Tacoma then collided with a northbound Toyota Camry, driven by Ivan Romero, which had been traveling behind the Ford.  The Ford and the Toyota Camry traveled off the east roadway edge and collided with the embankment.  The cab of the Toyota Tacoma became separated from the chassis and both the cab and the chassis overturned and came to rest in the lanes of US-101.

The driver of the Ford succumbed to her injuries at the scene.  Her passenger, Barry Greenburg, Rhiannon Chavez Miramontes, the passenger of the Camry, and David Gosselin were all transported to Howard Memorial Hospital in Willits with major injuries.  Ivan Romero was treated and released at the scene with suspected minor injuries.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) assumed and maintained incident command.  US-101 was closed for approximately five hours while the CHP conducted an investigation and to allow for scene clean up.  Traffic was diverted on to State Route 271 by Cal-Trans, and motorists experienced only minor delays.  Personnel from The Mendocino County Sheriff’s Department, Cal-Fire, Leggett Fire, Laytonville Fire, and  Piercy Fire, all responded to assist with the scene.

Gosselin was evaluated and placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs.  He was released at the hospital for treatment of his injuries.

This incident remains under investigation by the California Highway Patrol Garberville Area. tc report



  • After David Lockheart Jr got off with just 18 months for being drunk on the 101 between Garberville and Redway, and ruthlessly killed Hannah Baker and permanently disabled her son, destroying a once loving and vital family unit, I’ve lost all faith in our legal system. This is bulls***.

    The blind eye that folks turn to fellow community members getting behind the wheel drunk is appalling. Like NBD! Everyone does it.

    Fuck booze.

    Pic attached is mugshot of this douchenozzle arrested last year for weed sales.

    So remember, drunk & brainless guys like him are on the road today and could kill destroy your/your life .

    Some countries immed revoke driver’s license for DUI . I can’t help but wonder if consequences were greater there would be less of these 100%avoidable tragedies.

    • It’s not that I don’t agree with your assessment but revoking licenses only seems to mean that people drive without it. And without insurance. Are there any other countries that have more success keeping people off the road? And if so, how do they do it?

      I once sat on a jury in a DUI case. Someone actually said that in the jury room- “I drove all the time drunk and nothing ever happened.” It took 2 1/2 days to get people lined up to vote “guilty”, not because anyone thought the accused wasn’t but they didn’t want to harm the accused.

      • Most European countries have very strict DUI laws. They also have outstanding mass transit they everyone uses. When I went out with friends in Germany, Norway, England, and Ireland, there was always a designated driver or we tools cabs or buses. But, America is all about “individual” freedom.

        • America also has greater distances for instance the country of Germany has about the same area of the state of Oregon. Another factor is the amount of taxes paid in those countries. They tax sales on top of the over 60 percent income tax have a value added tax on items that are concisered durable on top of luxsury tax.

    • What is there to investigate? Why isn’t he in jail for manslaughter? He drove drunk and killed someone.

      • Why arent the CEOs of pg and e facing manslaugter charges to date over 100 people killed by their practice of defering required maintanice of their lines in the last 2 years alone. If drinking impaires judgement how can anyone be responsible for actions made while impaired ? and if we are so certain to judge those actions because of the way they are impaired over just being impaired say from mental health or the like how can one say just how impaired is the right amount to still know better verses clearly not having the presence of mind to know better? as when one is guilty of impairiment the actions cant be judged as those who are not impaired.

        • Concerned citizen

          Well then, to fix this impairment confusion, we the ppl, could just pass a law that states anyone that is the sole driver of their vehicle before consuming alcohol or any other illicit substances is guilty of a first degree murder charge (presence of mind) as soon as they willfully make the decision to consume alcohol or substances without first securing a designated driver (specific intent). 🙂 but until then, there is no way to solve the extent of impairment question which is why we cannot sentence for presence of mind and specific intent. We can fix this folks!

          • ok but if one does secure a driver and then said driver leaves their assignment and the impaired person drives then who is charged the impaired or the driver? as the impaired obvously had no intent at the start however was impaired to the point where in the impaireds mind there was no other way.

            • Impaired or not ,he killed someone due to his poor choice or poor driving ability , death penalty please,next

              • however if ones actions are excuessable due to state of mind, then if one is impaired they can not be held accountable fully for their actions. You are demanding his death, yet where are you demanding deaths for other loss of life for actions based upon greed ? or treason or any other ? your self rightous beleifs seem to be biased upon personal hate for the manor of impairment not for the loss of life itself, unless you are claiming that this life lost is somehow more valueable than the others.

                • The point at which they are fully responsible is when they kept access to a vehicle and decided to impair their thinking. If they had a designated driver who later turned over the keys to an already impaired person, then that person may also share responsibility but it does not absolve the drunk from their initial choice to get drunk and rely on a questionable person to keep them from murder.

                  Frankly there is always a point at which a drunk driving death could have been prevented. There is always a point where a sober assessment would say “Don’t get drunk and put others at risk.” The rest is lawyer diddling with justice to make it all ok for their client. “Everybody does it” is a very shabby excuse for playing Russian roulette with other’s lives on a continuous basis.

  • Does arrest for DUI mean intoxication by alcohol or cannabis or both?

    • Huh your right they did not specify but due to his past I’d give it to alcohol.

    • DUI- Driving under the influence (alcohol)
      DWI- Driving while impaired (drugs or sleepy)

      • Actually…
        DUI 23152(a)(b)VC refers to alcohol, driving with a BAC over .08%.
        23152(c) VC states “It is unlawful for any person who is addicted to the use of any drug to drive a vehicle”
        23103 VC is a Wet Reckless.

        • Just read already

          Actually… the press release does not state which criminal code he is being charged with.
          It does state, ‘placed under arrest for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs’.

    • What a surprise. No mention of his arrest for DUI

    • Why aren’t people calling him out on this shit via this Facebook post?

    • I can work up a tiny mite of sympathy for the man’s physical injuries and pain… no matter what he did or didn’t do, physical suffering won’t do any good but make him love those painkillers. But trying to get our sympathy for the truck he destroyed? Cry me a river. If the truck had survived, i’d say take away the keys for good.
      That is, if it’s true that he was DUI or DWI.

      Doesn’t seem they’re even considering the legal bills yet.

    • The fund raising ended just over $200 — closed because of all the negative comments. Interesting as she was angry that people were saying her dad was driving drunk. I think people did speak.

      • She even said that God played a part in her dad not having worse injuries. I was pretty upset when I saw that, because of the life that was lost, it seemed like one could infer that God was not present for the poor woman who died. I am so sorry to the family of the deceased. Please know that people do care.

  • political moderate

    Dirtbag. Innocent folks driving down the road and taken out by an impaired driver.

  • If you drink don’t drive. It’s a heart choice. My daughter was hit by a drunk driver with no insurance. Totalled her car but her good driving skills at 20 saved her life. Because she braked and swerved he drove completely over the passenger side of her car rather than the driver side. We were so thankful she was alive. That guy was lucky the cops were there. When they cuffed him my dad her gpa and her dad my husband had to be held back. It was so intense. At the hospital 2 hours later his blood alcohol was .15 by a blood test! He got an attorney so he got a slap on the wrist. We have to get an attorney to get any compensation for her vehicle. The system is broken. I’m so thankful every day I see her beautiful smile. My heart goes out to those injured and the family of the woman taken from life. Another reminder that any day can be our last we can only control our own choices and how we treat the people we come into contact with and love.

    • True. It is simple and true. It only gets complicated when trying to twist an excuse out of something society knows is wrong but prefers to indulge in anyway.

      In prefernce though “If you drive, don’t drink.” Maybe the carnage will end when autonomous vehicles take the choice of being an idiot in this particular fashion away from humanity.

  • Bulgaria, first offence, Permanent lifetime licence revocation. Second offence, firing squad. Not alot of DWI’s over there, Iv’e heard…

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