California DOJ Issues Consumer Alert for ‘Federal Limits Apply’ Driver Licenses, IDs to Purchase Firearms

This is a press release from the California Attorney General’s Office:

California Attorney General logoSACRAMENTO – [Recently], the California Department of Justice issued a consumer alert to Californians and a notice to firearms dealers regarding identification requirements for the purchase of firearms in California. Recent changes to California driver licenses and identification cards may result in firearms dealers requiring that holders of a driver license oridentification card with the words “Federal Limits Apply” on it provide documentary proof that they are lawfully present in the United States in order to purchase a firearm. This is because federal law prohibits anyone who is not lawfully present in the United States from receiving or possessing a firearm or ammunition.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) currently issues two types of California driver licenses and identification cards: “REAL ID” and “Federal Limits Apply.” Applicants for a “Federal Limits Apply” driver license or identification card are not necessarily required to provide proof of lawful presence to DMV, unlike “REAL ID” applicants.

In today’s consumer alert, the California Department of Justice informs consumers that firearms dealers may wish to consider requiring individuals with a “Federal Limits Apply” driver license or identification card to present proof of lawful presence. This may include one of the following documents:

  • Valid, unexpired U.S. passport or passport card
  • Certified copy of U.S. birth certificate
  • U.S. Certificate or Consular Report of Birth Abroad of a U.S. Citizen
  • Valid, unexpired foreign passport with valid U.S. immigrant visa and approved Record of Arrival/Departure (I-94) form
  • Certified copy of birth certificate from a U.S. Territory
  • Certificate of Naturalization or U.S. Citizenship
  • Valid, unexpired Permanent Resident Card

Consumers should check with the dealer from whom they plan to purchase a firearm to verify the dealer’s identification requirements. Alternatively, consumers can obtain a REAL ID driver license or identification card, which would provide sufficient proof of lawful presence in the United States.

A copy of the consumer alert can be found here.

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  • You also may not be able to fly on a domestic flight with the FLA ID card. If you are a legal resident, when you renew your license make sure you get a REAL ID (has the bear in the upper right corner).

    • JustWantToHeartheEndoftheStory

      Real ID comes into effect on flights on 10/01/20. It was supposed to be this year, but of course, someone filed a lawsuit. So for the complainers, that gives you two years to obtain a passport, with which, no matter what state drivers license you carry, is RealID. Here’s a link:

      • The Whole thing is a mess

        Funny how I have to give out all this “real” info just to get on a plane, train, or just get back from Canada. But I can lie through my teeth with just a signature online and I can vote. And if I want to defy immigration laws? Well just come on over.

      • Dumb waste of time

        It’s a typical clusterf%*k trying to get one. I was renewing my license and thought i brought in all the tax forms/addressed mail, SS# stuff. had to go twice, from 2 hrs away, it was never the right stuff. ( Please note that the DMV renewal telling me to go in, with proof of address, came to my address. W-2s don’t have your complete SS# anymore) I was just renewing a commercial DL. Finally the DMV employee said “oh you can complete your renewal with out it…”
        I was like: “F…..k THAT”. You are better off getting a passport! it’s actually easier to get one.
        The whole concept is stupid, and racist and not based in reality! The “RealId” is mandated because there is a republi[edit] fantasy that there are a bunch of illegal non citizens getting drivers’ licenses. The funny thing is this is now the biggest hold up for old people buying guns! ( though it is optional, apparently, for dealers to ask for the Real[stupid]ID. So it’s a big nothing burger. Absolutely no gun dealer will self limit sales unless mandated.)

      • Correct – but if you are renewing now then that ID will be good for 4 years, so get the correct one to save yourself hassle later.

  • What if you have your own planes?

  • He who tells you , you are free, is your enemy.(Zack DeLarocha) Those who tell you that you shouldn’t own a gun…… are trying to kill you. (Me)

  • The new REAL ID requires you to submit to an eye scan. So they can have that along with your fingerprint in their system. Eye-scanning identification is coming into use in many public places. Does anybody else get an uneasy feeling about all this? Is this making you feel more secure…or less secure? It’s interesting how the joint issues of illegal immigration and terrorism are able to be used to increasingly monitor us regular citizens. And there is little public debate or even knowledge of what is becoming “normal”. And how any possible dissent, even any questioning is characterized as “paranoia” or “conspiracy theory”. It is not. There are very legitimate reasons to resist allowing the government access to such monitoring and control! Again- does this make you feel safer…or uneasy?

  • Such bullshit, this is because this fucking state decided to give driver licenses to criminals from other countries, (yes if you are here illegally you are a criminal), so now we all have to go to the dmv and get different licenses to prove we are legal residents. Thanks again Jerry you fucking loser, just wait till our gas is $8 a gallon next summer, I don’t know if anyone else noticed but my truck registration went up over $250, per vehicle, dmv lady said I can write it off on my taxes but wtf, this state is killing us working people and it’s just getting worse and worse.

    • Rule of Law not Leftists

      Isn’t it wonderful living in a state of single party politics, with it such gerrymandered now you only get to choose from two Democrats when you vote and no others, the police state government lives off the backs of working people while giving away revenue to illegals and too big to fail corporations like PG&E, the wealth gap is such that there are only rich and poor with the highest levels of poverty in the nation, environmental laws and prop 13 protect the properties of those who got theirs while exponentially raising housing costs so any wage is unlivable, and you have no say or representation in government at the local level up though the state. But you sure get to pay tribute to the the Democrats that live high off the public trough while telling you your a racist Nazi for not allowing criminals into your home and give them whatever they demand!

      • Im si k and tired of illegals coming to my country to recieve free benefits that i cant get. A free prius for every family and rent free housing. The illegals who work at my farm get rent free housing, they have a pool cable wifi and a starbucks in their building.

        • But at least i can pay them less because our stupid government gives out all the handouts

        • You are complaining of illegal immigrants while giving them the work they come over to do…there are a couple of neurons in your brain that are not firing correctly.

          • Oh i guess you will be here at 7 am tomorrow to milk the cows?

            • Nope, I have another job that I am responsible for. My point still stands however, you are feeding into the situation and at the same time complaining about the problem you are contributing to.

    • 🙌💯 totally agree with you

  • We were drilled with the sentence, Driving is a privilege. The fact wasn’t mentioned – Traveling is a right.

    The word Drive comes from cattle drive, as in commerce, using the public roads for profit – Taxis, bus, semi-trucks hauling commodities from one point to another. If you aren’t driving in commerce, there’s no need for a State-owned commercial Driver’s license.

    We have two choices while here on this planet. The truth, or, the lie. Power always remains with the people. Free will choice to not go along with the programming is up to each one of us on an individual basis –every day, all day. The lost word is “No.”

    Jesus, Jefferson, Gandhi, to name a few, didn’t carry identi-fiction cards.

    Exit the Matrix.

    • They also didn’t drive cars on taxpayer built roads. Try that argument when you get stopped by the cops for no reg and no license… bet you lose that fight…

      • Bet i don’t. My first question is, Do you acknowledge that i’m not traveling commercially? Ten years now.
        It’s not a fight. It’s correcting. Get educated.

        Snow that doesn’t melt is a bigger problem than a license

        “The right of a citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, by horsedrawn carriage, wagon, or automobile, is not a mere privilege which may be permitted or prohibited at will, but a common right which he has under his right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Under this constitutional guaranty one may, therefore, under normal conditions, travel at his inclination along the public highways or in public places, and while conducting himself in an orderly and decent manner, neither interfering with nor disturbing another’s rights, he will be protected, not only in his person, but in his safe conduct.”

        Thompson v.Smith, 154 SE 579, 11 American Jurisprudence, Constitutional Law, section 329, page 1135 “The right of the Citizen to travel upon the public highways and to transport his property thereon, in the ordinary course of life and business, is a common right which he has under the right to enjoy life and liberty, to acquire and possess property, and to pursue happiness and safety. It includes the right, in so doing, to use the ordinary and usual conveyances of the day, and under the existing modes of travel, includes the right to drive a horse drawn carriage or wagon thereon or to operate an automobile thereon, for the usual and ordinary purpose of life and business.” –

        Thompson vs. Smith, supra.; Teche Lines vs. Danforth, Miss., 12 S.2d 784 “… the right of the citizen to drive on a public street with freedom from police interference… is a fundamental constitutional right” -White, 97 Cal.App.3d.141, 158 Cal.Rptr. 562, 566-67 (1979) “citizens have a right to drive upon the public streets of the District of Columbia or any other city absent a constitutionally sound reason for limiting their access.”

        Caneisha Mills v. D.C. 2009 “The use of the automobile as a necessary adjunct to the earning of a livelihood in modern life requires us in the interest of realism to conclude that the RIGHT to use an automobile on the public highways partakes of the nature of a liberty within the meaning of the Constitutional guarantees. . .”

        Berberian v. Lussier (1958) 139 A2d 869, 872, See also: Schecter v. Killingsworth, 380 P.2d 136, 140; 93 Ariz. 273 (1963). “The right to operate a motor vehicle [an automobile] upon the public streets and highways is not a mere privilege. It is a right of liberty, the enjoyment of which is protected by the guarantees of the federal and state constitutions.”

        • Thank you, thank you, Ullr rover.

          What happens w/me, is, i get to a point of saturation of dis-information, fake news (Commercial MM Land Use Ordinance -taxation without the consent of the governed- imposed on a specific part of the population), the focus on quoting/reporting the sock puppet’s slaves-speak language – And, i go to sleep.

          Last month there was a meeting in Fortuna to educate the people on D/L. This was where Gandhi began. He freed a country without firing a shot.

          • There’s more than one way to skin a hide. “Freeman in Court” is one of them. Notice Keith has big brass ones. 11Put on the full armor of God, so that you can make your stand against the devil’s schemes. 12For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.…

   2:41 The judge bowing is the best part. Notice also that one of the Bailiffs does not do his duty. And another Bailiff does—receives Keith’s document and enters it into the public record.

  • Thank God California is a gun free, multi gender bathroom, weed is a health food, junkie bum haven, sanctuary state, bullet train to nowhere, taxed to death,wait in line at the dmv for 6 hrs, press “2” for english, pay to park at the beach, 5000.00 a month apartment (with no parking), gang infested, flood, fire,drought, earthquake prone, used needle strewn,human feces on the sidewalk, state. At least the grizzly on the state flag has been extinct for 100 years.

  • The REAL ID Act allows states to issue temporary (i.e., limited-term), REAL ID-compliant driver’s licenses and ID cards to applicants who provide valid, documentary evidence that they have “approved deferred action status.”

  • The feds want every state to have ID upgraded to meet their standards. Some states still have really old school licenses.
    Our state has always planned to give folks til 2020 to get the new licenses after applying for and receiving an extension like Montana, Alaska and many other states. It just gives the states time to complete the transition. Some have by now, i think we are one of 4 or 5 left. The dmv is not our most efficient agency, i dont think the states perfect by any means. Do you really want to try to push a big thing like this quickly through the dmv???
    As of 2016 we are ranked highest state population in country at 39,250,017.
    That’s a lot of cards to issue.

    The program itself is handled by dept of homeland security and theyre a federal not state agency.
    Heres a link to their page, the FAQ page clearly shows the feds changed the date of compliance for some states to Oct 2020.
    It’s called REAL ID program.

    You know its one thing to play the blame game but at least understand there are complexities to this subject so your blame can be directed properly.
    Federal law supercedes state law.

    Yes it sucks to have our dmv fees and gas go up at once especially when everythings so expensive&our economy here is falling. We also pay a county gas tax that most other counties dont. And another road tax on top of that.
    Just fyi i recently found a gas receipt frim 2014&gas was at $4.14/gal bottom end. So its actually less even with new tax.

    Personally i think the county is squeezing us harder than anyone.
    The state gas tax had not been raised since 1999. There have been governors and state assemblies of both parties during that time, the more conservative of whom continually voted down even the smallest gas tax. Had we raised it 1/2 cent every year since 1999 we would barely notice it. Now that our roads and reservoirs are literally cracking we have to fix them.

    Im not a fan of taxes as i rarely feel like its going to service our communities, but there have been actual improvements in roads all over nor cal, the Trinity DOT was posting all the projects they were doing all summer from those taxes. The poorer counties are actually getting some $ for their roads not just state highways.

    Both parties&leaders within them have let us all down by not investing in infrastructure for so long, but there’s nothing we can do about it now, we have to bulk up our roads, bridges, etc.
    Every state does not have the same system for title/registration, some are by weight, some flat rate, some age based, & some like ours are value based.
    Its hard to compare costs in that way.
    A flat rate sounds worse to me, paying the same for registering my 15 year old car as a brand new bmw would suck.

    • i think you are very misinformed

      2.0¢ Underground storage tank fee 9.0¢ Sales tax 47.3 excise tax
      Federal 18.4¢ per gallon California 58.3¢ per gallon Gasoline taxes

      Last year, California’s Democratic-led legislature approved Senate Bill 1, raising the state excise tax on gasoline by 12 cents per gallon, or a 40 percent increase.

      • Fuel taxes in the United States. The United States federal excise tax on gasoline is 18.4 cents per gallon and 24.4 cents per gallon for diesel fuel. The federal tax was last raised in 1993 and is not indexed to inflation, which increased by a total of 64.6 percent from 1993 until 2015.

    • how about all these alt fuel things on the roads,shouldnt they be charged a road use tax since they are evading the taxes on the fuel which is designed to pay to maintain and build the roads ?

  • Gee, we live in the most dangerous time in humanities history because of advancements in weaponary systems, we are involved in multiple wars and the only defense we have aganest WMDs is luck. We just had a bunch of flights come in from some Arab country all carrying disease and California does everything it can to disarm its citizens. Who needs enamies when we have California government doing everything then can to screw us all?

  • Who would have imagined the banana republic of Kalifornia could get so complicated with citizens and non citizens afford some but not all rights….
    Remember 187 passed by the people and overturned by one.

  • One step closer to the ultimate goal. Social credit system. Gee thanks ChiFi.

    Any Govt that can control what you buy …

  • along the same line;

    “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.”

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