Fire at Jacobs Educational Center

Fire at Jacobs Junior high

Smoke rising from today’s fire at Jacob Junior High in Eureka. [Photo by Mike Carlson]

Press release from Humboldt Bay Fire:

On November 22nd, 2018 @ 1721 hrs, Humboldt Bay Fire was dispatched to reported Structure Fire in the 600 block Allard Ave. Humboldt Bay Fire responded with a first alarm assignment of 3 Engines, 1 Truck and 1 Chief Officer. The first arriving Chief Officer reported heavy smoke visible from the former campus of the Jacobs Educational Center and investigated further. Upon investigation a working Structure Fire was located in an unoccupied portable classroom in the middle of the former campus. An interior fire attack and search was initiated by the first arriving engine companies. Firefighters suspended the interior fire attack and search of the building when numerous holes in the floor and other hazards to firefighters were discovered. Firefighters then extinguished the fire from the exterior of the building using chainsaws and other tools to open up the building and apply hose streams. The fire was controlled in 30 minutes and there were no civilian or Firefighter injuries. There was no electricity or gas service to the building and a human caused fire could not be ruled out. Firefighters remained on scene for 2 hours to completely extinguish the fire. Humboldt Bay Fire would like to thank the following the cooperating agencies for their assistance: Eureka Police Department, PG&E, Arcata Fire District and City Ambulance.



  • Golly, i am embarrassed by that neighborhood blight! Attended Jacobs during its first three years. Now look at it! Shameful, and i must say hypocritical, that the City of Eureka allows Jacobs to exits under its present condition.

    • Amén. Agreed. A sorry sight for the neighbors…for years. City Council, please bring it up to them. Who is your council member,? Or, is it out if the city limits, I do not know. Buildings like these could be very useful.

  • I’m surprised no one’s bought it and tries to turn it into something useful. Maybe Betty chin could put those PGE trailers there.

  • December 8th the neighborhood is meeting about this place. It is in the hands of Eureka City Schools. They control what is happening there.

  • Curiouser and curioser

    This is another example of the value our community places on our children. Everywhere in Eureka where there is broken, rundown, and old playground and school equipment speaks to that value. But we can beautify benches and utility boxes. We can put in a 450,000 street light for In and Out. However new school or playground equipment ? Nope.

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