Humboldt Center for Constitutional Rights Hosting ‘HumRights Bar Debate’ on November 30th

This is a press release from the Humboldt Center for Constitutional Rights:

Arcata, California – The Humboldt Center for Constitutional Rights will host its first-ever “HumRights Bar Debate” to help foster civil dialogue in public spaces on Friday, Nov. 30 from 6 to 7 p.m. at Rita’s Margaritas and Mexican Grill, 855 8th St., in Arcata. The free event aims to bring the community together and build awareness that open dialogue is possible, especially on divisive issues.

The topic for the inaugural event will be housing development in Arcata. Community members Chante’ Catt (pro-development) and Joshua Sales, (a seasoned HSU student debater) will argue the reasons for and against building more housing. The conversation will be moderated by Paul Pitino, Arcata City Council member.

HumRights board chair, Marcy Burstiner, says the project is important because public dialogue and communication has broken down in recent years.

“People have stopped talking and listening to each other,” Burstiner said. “The Bar Debates are HumRights’ attempt to demonstrate that we can dialogue. So that we can be less polarized and find some middle ground.”

This housing topic is important and timely because Humboldt County has a high percentage rate of homeless people, and unfortunately that includes some of our friends, students, colleagues, coworkers, and professors.

HumRights will present this event in a comfortable space at a local venue, where people can have fun and be a part of discussion. Towards the end of the debate the floor will open up to allow the people to have a chance to participate with questions, concerns, or even voice their opinions.

The HumRights Bar Debate is free and open to the public. RSVP on HumRight’s FaceBook event page. The topics are hot, but the drinks will be ice cold. Arrive early to purchase happy hour food/drinks.

HumRights is an Arcata-based nonprofit committed to bringing positive social justice to Humboldt County through civil liberties advocacy and education.



  • I’d go but I dont drink. But thanks for the info.

  • Alcohol powered debate?

  • Well crap. At first glance, with fingers crossed, i thought, ‘All right. Finally”! Throw the BUMS (Bar Union Members), out. The court self-licensed BRITISH Registry Accreditation/allegiance to the Crown, revenue generators, trespassing on American soil with their foreign jurisdiction. Foreign to the law of the land. Three million of us Americans are caged -until each Prison Bond account is zeroed.

    Identity theft – the creation of incorporated “personas” to entrap and enslave living people together with the practice of personage, barratry, and the subtle or armed “takings” that goes with it, is the rankest kind of substitution fraud known to man.


  • Homeless professors?

    What is the salary of the lowest paid professor at HSU?

  • Blah blah blah
    Social justice bs!

    Get educated
    Become gainfully employed
    Live your dreams…
    Squander your opportunities
    Mootch off the rest of us
    Blame society…

    Your life is your own responsibility!!

  • There is no such thing as Constitutional Rights!
    We have Inalienable Rights that our Govt SECURES for us abiding by our Constitution that LIMITS the Govts.

    Too many people are wearing out the phrase “Constitutional Rights”.
    The Constitution doesn’t give us our rights. The Constitution SECURES our rights.
    Every individual is born with their inalienable rights

    Nobody has the right to force others to feed them, shelter them, transport them, heal them, educate them, … But they all have the inalienable right to seek shelter, food, transportation, education, etc.

    It would be a privilege to donate to a worthy cause.
    It would be a criminal offense to force others to donate to a/my/your cause.

    • One of the very reasons Madison was wary of drafting the Bill Of Rights… and the reason for the 9th and 10th amendments. .. not to mention the 2nd.

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