[UPDATE: Reopened] Fatal Accident Closes Highway 101 at Leggett

Traffic Accident Day

Around 2:40 Scanner dispatch called to California Highway Patrol announcing there has been a traffic collision at Leggett in northern Mendocino County on the 101 at mile marker 91.21

A reader wrote 2:50:

“Any idea why 101 has come to a screeching halt north of Laytonville? Son is in stopped traffic, ambulances trying to get through, and folks in cars traveling opposite him (he is headed north) are signaling them to turn around.”

Will update as soon as I learn more.  in the meantime, please remember it is the first rain of the season and use caution

[UPDATE 3.06PM] brief conversation with CHP Garberville office.  Officer did not have additional information except that the incident is at the junction with Highway 1 at Leggett.  He, however, did not know whether closed is both directions.

[UPDATE 3:25] a KMUD caller who was in that area explained that travelers can use the 271 that goes from the 101 junction with Highway 1 past the Leggett school and the drivethrough tree to South Leggett exit and get around the accident safely.

UPDATE 5:25 p.m.: Reader Laura Cochrane who took the following photo said this was a three car accident and one person was killed. There were multiple serious injuries, according to Cochrane. She believes that a southbound Toyota Tacoma swerved into northbound traffic hitting an SUV and killing the driver and seriously injuring a passenger of the sedan behind that. The driver of Tacoma has a broken leg, she said, but the passenger is okay.

We want to stress this is not the official final report but the opinion of one person who was at the scene.

Traffic accident

[Crop of a photo by Laura Cochrane]

UPDATE: The road is reopened.



  • You get get around accident by using the 271 thru Leggit. We just did it. South bound being detoured automatically. Looked bad, at least 4 cars involved.

  • Heard there was a fatality and someone had a heart attack.

  • Concerned citizen

    Yep stay off the highway. Ut detour thru leggett town driving past the drive thru tree..white truck is upside down and totalled and theres a fatality but not the person driving the whote truvk apparently

  • Probably one of the worst accidents I think I’ve seen ever somebody’s not going to make it home for Thanksgiving people please slow down turn on your headlights make yourself be seen. It’s better to be there late than not to be there at all sad

    • That was the 3rd accident I saw today, coming up from Ukiah Northbound at Ridgewood there was the first one with a dark blue Toyota drivers side down. As we are slowly passing that one a red jeep cherokee going southbound came flying up the hill caught some air spun half way around, came back across the lanes and hit the center barrier. Luckily no one else was involved in either of those two wrecks. And probably only minor injuries. And then what an hour later, maybe, this one.

      • I came back on HWY 20 from Williams this morning. A few miles east of the lake came upon sedan upside down on the right shoulder. Ten minutes later flares lead to an SUV thats being wrenched up from the lake. Wild and wooly out there and sounds like worse to come.

        • political moderate

          But is not so much wild and wooly out as just lot of people never will grasp that road conditions change when it rains not to mention first rain in forty something days. Moths to a flame.

          • Lost Croat Outburst

            The number one shock to me about California vs. Ohio driving is that Californians often refuse to adjust their driving to ambient weather and road conditions. Rain, snow, fog, sleet, frost, it doesn’t matter; pedal to the metal, devil take the hindmost.

      • I saw a few coming North from SF as well and heard about more. I’m not going to preach since I make mistakes and most people have plenty of sense. It’s just sad and I hope this helps us at some level to either reinforce what we already know or gain more care for others around us.

      • I bet you see a lot truck driver..

    • My biggest problem was trucks driving with brights through the fog. I couldnt see and nearly missed two different turns. Lights are important but please DONT FOLLOW CARS WITH YOUR BRIGHTS ON.

  • Man thats two accidents in recent weeks where a vehicle is sheered in half. It makes more sense in this situation how its possible. That other one made little sense.

    With the amount of baffoonery I see just in the safety corridor, that goes completely unchecked it doesn’t surprise me, but still sad. What a horrible way to spend your time leading up to thanksgiving, mourning or being concerned if family members will pull through.

    Please take a deep breath and be considerate on the road, at least for the holiday weekend, if that is the best you can do.

  • so the southbound driver that swerved into the northbound lanes had a heart attack?

  • Either that ,or he was tailgating thru the narrow road and couldn’t wait to seconds for divided road…

    • Yep, you got it , see many impatient drivers use north bound turn lane as a passing lane, sooner or later there will be a north bound using turn lane, only 500 ft to the passing lane ,south bound racers ,respect others and wait patiently, thank you

      • That northbound left turn to S.R. 1 is how I get home. Downhill 101 north to the junction is steep! Bad enough tailgators Nbound, but impatient Sbounders using that lane OMGawd.

  • 2nd one this week. Please be careful coming through there. Its dangerous.

  • 1st significant rain in 6 months, lots of oils on the road. Drive slower than normal, brake easy. Prayers to all involved .

  • Took the detour about a half hour ago, 101 is still closed. Cal-trans and police were still on scene.


  • At 7:30 PM, the tow trucks were driving away with two vehicles involved. Detoure still in place.

  • Triggered. 😭😢😭😢
    RIP SUV driver heal fast sedan passenger and Tacoma driver, may the fallout be not more than you can bear. A broken leg pales in comparison to civil litigation .

  • I was kinda shocked at the pics, then I started to get angry, but I don’t even know the story, but regardless our society is thrown together as a mass group of people, who knows who is who? One person holds the torch, one person derelict. One yellow line separates your life from theirs. Last night I read that scientists discovered marijuana impedes response and learning in rats. They say rats have 90% of the human genome. Today I watched a stoner trying to clear an isle with another cart in the way. He was oblivious pushing his cart through a stack of wine bottles at the grocery store knocking down cases shattering on the floor.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      What stoner? You sure? On what? Hadda be weed. Are you medicated right now? Seems like it, so it must be. I said so. “One person hold the torch, one person derelict”. What is that? Are you drinking and typing?

  • Firefighters wife

    What store?

  • Hydroplaning?
    Excessive speed for conditions , poor tire inflation and worn tread all contribute to hydroplaning..

    I see the shittiest condition, and grossly under inflated tires on some rigs, honestly ? Please starve yourself for 3weeks if it means driving a truck that has good deep tread!!

    In humblt, if u live in the hills your tires get thrashed ,and you basically need new ones EVERY YEAR . Not saying this guy had crappy tires but c’mon . If it means you can take someone’s life and destroy that of their loved ones you better deal with it.

    • A car can hydroplane at 45 mph, with good tires, and on a straight road, during early rains. Happened to a friend of mine on southbound 101 just over the bridge crossing the Eel where you turn off to Honeydew (or Founders Tree). Everyone here knows the place. Between the bridge over the Eel, and before the overhead bridge just south. Those redwoods along the bank were only 20-30 feet tall at the time, so it was awhile ago. A ten year old girl died that day. Doubt she was wearing a seatbelt. Believe it was 1967.

  • I knew I’d be driving for the holiday and would have my mother in the car…bought new tires 1st thing last week. She lives at that intersection, we’re from Leggett and I have to say amazing as it seems, there have only been a handful of accidents at that intersection over the 40 years we’ve been around, a few of them having been over the last few years.

  • Time to trade those summer slick tires in for some safe winter tires. Roads are slick with oil from all summer and spring, many people have
    old bald tires,

  • The first storm of the year and CHP warns that the roads are wet and slick with oil, ect…Slow Down!

  • I saw the minor accident today..Spyrock/101. I had ominous feeling…driving easy,got to bottom & I see all these cars lined up on both sides. There was a wreck & car was on its side up against cliff face..hugging wall..idk how far it slid before getting there.The weirdest part was there was no emergency services there,but realized it was that recent. Scared shit out of me,I drove under speed limit all the way to Willits to see family. Most other drivers were actually doing same,so that was good..it was raining heavy n u r supposed to drive according to conditions. It was amazing all the people who were stopped & helping..people are still good.

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