Multiple Attempted Carjackings, Armed Robbery, etc. Before and During High Speed Chase From Humboldt County to Crescent City

This is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Jeff CLair GatlinOn November 17th, 2018, at approximately 0859 hours, law enforcement officers responded to a call from a Yurok Tribal Officer who was following a stolen vehicle northbound on US-101 in Klamath. The driver, [Jeff Clair Gatlin age 49 of Salinas] was wanted in connection with an armed robbery and carjacking that occurred in Humboldt County. CHP Officers and Del Norte County Sherriff’s Office deputies attempted to stop the vehicle. However, the suspect failed to yield. In an attempt to safely end the pursuit, Officers deployed a spike strip on US 101 north of Sandmine Road.

However, the suspect swerved to avoid the spike strip and ran off the roadway. The armed suspect exited the vehicle and began walking along the northbound shoulder of US-101. As he walked northbound on US-101 he encountered several vehicles and attempted to carjack them, but was unsuccessful. He continued to flee on foot and entered the Crescent Beach Motel. The suspect raised his weapon in a threatening manner towards a civilian bystander and law enforcement personnel. Officers fired at the suspect giving the civilian bystander time to safely flee the area. The suspect then barricaded himself inside the Crescent Beach Motel. After a lengthy standoff, law enforcement personnel made entry into the motel and were able to take the suspect into custody without further incident. The suspect was not injured in this incident and there were no injuries to law enforcement personnel.

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  • Thank you law enforcement for not giving up and apprehending this bass turd.

  • Anyone notice that most of the people in these mugshots are bald?
    It’s really got me wondering if bald people are more prone to criminal behavior.
    The mugshots are always long hair or bald.
    This should be studied so people have a better idea of what someone may be capable of.

  • My husband and I saw this guy! We were coming back from Sacramento. He was just south of confusion hill. He flagged us down with a flashlight. We stopped because the vehicle was facing south off the right hand side of the road had its hazard lights flashing and was right up against the steep bank. We thought it might have been an accident. He said he ran out of gas and asked for a ride to Garberville.
    We said no and drove away. You can’t get gas that time of night in Garberville. We didn’t believe his story.

  • One can get gas any time of day or night in Garberville.

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