‘Housing Funds Available to Keep People Sheltered For Winter,’ Says DHHS

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services:

As the days get shorter and nights get cold, the Humboldt County Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) reminds residents of housing programs that can keep many of the county’s most vulnerable off the streets.

“We’ve had several nights already with temperatures down to freezing,” said DHHS Director Connie Beck. “I want to make sure we get as many people as we possibly can out of the cold.”

Beck went on to say that there is funding available to assist eligible families, disabled children and adults, young people and the elderly with housing support. There is some funding earmarked specifically for winter sheltering. There are no housing supports targeting people considered to be able-bodied adults.

Families can be screened for a variety of services available through the California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) program. Services include temporary and permanent homeless assistance. Funding is also available through CalWORKs’ Family Stabilization and through its Housing Assistance Program, both of which help families secure housing and work toward self-sufficiency.

Other programs focus on families involved in Child Welfare Services (CWS), on emancipated youth and on transition-age youth participating in the Independent Living Skills program. These funds assist with rent subsidies or other short-term housing assistance to prevent young people and families from becoming homeless.

DHHS also partners with the Redwood Community Action Agency and the Betty Kwan Chinn Homeless Foundation to work with homeless families. Both organizations provide limited-time housing and case management services to families referred by DHHS.

The county also has funding from the Mental Health Services Act to provide rent subsidies or housing vouchers to clients who meet certain criteria, as well as supportive housing funds through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development that aim to prevent homelessness among youth and adults experiencing severe mental illness.

There is also funding available for temporary shelter and care for some clients in Adult Protective Services, as well as DHHS’s General Relief program, which provides eligible indigent county residents with supports to assist with deposits and rent.

“Even if you’ve applied for housing assistance before, come back and see us again,” Beck said, adding that new programs and funding sources have come online in the past few years. She acknowledged that housing stock remains a challenge, both for temporary and permanent housing, but said staff are working diligently and creatively to get people off the streets.

Residents are encouraged to apply in person for housing and other services at Social Services’ main campus located at 929 Koster St. in Eureka. Offices are open for regular business hours Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.



  • Health and Human Resource Service bribes “The County” with millions in Grants each year. Health and Human RESOURCE Service takes up 75% of every county Agenda, and leases offices from “The County” (self-stroking). To no surprise the paid-for media dictates this to the public as “good ol DHHS.”

    We, the peeps, are the source of all currency.

    • [edit]It’s that time of year to show a little heart.🕊

    • Once I applied for a grant for a non-profit. The list of contributors was three columns wide on three sheets of paper. None of those listed were local organizations. Unless you or the public made donations to religious organizations or to one of the many fondations you and your public are not the source of the currency.

      • All money comes from labor or selling resources (which also is extracted by labor.) So if you buy a product, part of the money you spend by your labor is used by the company when they choose who gets a grant. If any government gives a grant, all their money comes from taxing someone’s labor directly or the profit made from other’s labor. And non profits also do not earn their money, so it’s either the donor’s money based on their own labor or the profit the donor has derived from other’s labor. No matter how many hands it travels through on the way, it is always someone’s labor providing the funds.

        Wouldn’t it be great if more of that money remained in the laborer’s hands for them to use as they chose rather than as someone else chose? There might be less need for subsidizing others if more of the laborer’s work was left to them for their own needs. Just a reminder that no one, even government, has a magic money tree.

  • Let’s see what the County does with 2 allotments it will get from Senator Maguire

  • I wonder how long all those double wide office trailers will sit empty down on Hilfiker street before they let someone convert them to housing? They’ve been sitting there over a year rotting…

  • No funding for “able-bodied”adults. Bureaucrat speak for “If you are a single male without dependents, whether underemployed or unemployed, FEND FOR YOURSELF.”

    Meanwhile, manhaters like Beck send needy men who cannot find work or work only part time to the wolves ( and the freezing streets). Single welfare queens who keep having kids they cannot afford get hundreds of dollars in Calfresh a month, free medical (for more babies), free bus fare, clothing and housing assistance, etc etc.

    The Evil County of Humboldt at work.

    • Cough…Those Virgin Mary’s are pretty darn impressive popping out kids without any help from men. I’m assuming that they must be virgins because otherwise, you would rightly place at least half the blame on men.

    • I suspect that a parent of either sex with minor children qualifies. Liking to assume that prejudice resides in the law may be satifying to a person’s sense of universal outrage but that would be confusing happenstance with intent. The large majority of children end up with women because mothers tend to accept responsibility for them while the fathers frequently don’t.

      Then again too the article says adults, not men or women.

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